AN: The modern AU version of this story.

"Where are you going?" Elyan asked his sister as she stood in front of the hallway mirror and applied mascara.

"Cinema; we're seeing 'The Woman in Black'. Supposed to be a good film." Gwen replied as she put the lid back onto her mascara as a car horn beeped outside. "That's Arthur, see you later."

Elyan watched his sister get into Arthur's idling car. She quickly kissed her boyfriend before they drove off down the street. Elyan could only hope Arthur was a better boyfriend for Gwen than Helios. Helios had been possessive; demanding and treated Gwen as little more than an object until she finally dumped him. Ever since then Elyan was protective of his sister, he didn't want her to get hurt like that again. Therefore when the idea came to Elyan; it was clich├ęd admittedly but it was his duty as a brother. Elyan pulled his phone out his pocket.

At five different parts of town, five mobile phones buzzed with the same text message.

"Code B. Be at my house in 2 hours with essentials."

Gwen and Arthur chatted away as they drove home from the cinema. 'The Woman in Black' had been terrifying with almost the entire cinema jumping out of their seats and screaming at different points. Arthur was gently teasing his girlfriend over the amount of times she got scared but Gwen was able to comment that Arthur wasn't exactly sitting calmly at the rocking chair scene. Arthur shook his head with a grin as he pulled into her street.

"You tell yourself that Guinevere but I'll have you know that I am not afraid of anything." Arthur claimed but the grin fell from his face as he pulled up outside Gwen's house and kissed her. As they kissed, they were unaware of the figures approaching the car until one of them tapped on the window. Arthur and Gwen pulled apart to become face to face with six different boys. They seemed to be about the same age as Arthur and arranged in a line. The two at the end, Lancelot and Merlin were holding a baseball and a hurling bat; the two next, Gwaine and Percival were calmly smacking their right fist off their left palm and in the middle Elyan was lightly resting his hockey bat over his shoulder the way one would rest a shot gun and Leon was leaning slightly on a shovel and smiling calmly at an embarrassed Gwen and a stunned and slightly scared looking Arthur. The clubs, fists and shovels were a silent but fierce warning that Arthur needed no explanation for whatsoever.

"Going to introduce us to your boyfriend sis?" Elyan asked Gwen who attempted to smile at Arthur who now looked as though he'd rather be locked in a dark room with The Woman in Black than be sitting in his car.

"I did tell you about my five almost-adopted brothers didn't I?" Gwen asked.