Well, really REALLY short chapter.

Also, it's the END!

So… hope it's amusing and/or entertaining.

Ended: 8/9/2012

Our Benny and Ethan, along with the other Benny and Ethan and the other Sarah and Rory, all sat in Benny's living room while waiting on his grandma, who swiftly entered the room, carrying the mirror.

"Alright, let's get you all heading home," she said, setting it up. Turning, she frowned. "Where's other Jesse?"

"His bracelet fell off so he went to hunt early this morning when it was still dark," other Sarah explained with a shrug. "Don't know where he is now though."

"Well, I'll go ahead and send you-"

"I'm here!" other Jesse called out breathlessly as he ran into the house. "Sorry about that. Lost track of time hunting."

"It's fine. Well, since everyone's here, are you ready to head home?"

"Yes," everyone (except our Benny and Ethan's of course) said.

"Well then, line up in front of the mirror." The teens did as they were told, making the mirror begin to glow.

"Thank you for all your help," other Sarah said to our Benny and Ethan, who nodded and smiled.

"No problem. We know you all would do the same for us."

"Of course we would."

"Get home safely!" Grandma called out as a strong wind came out of the mirror. "Stand back boys." Taking a few steps back, they watched as their counterparts and their friends counterparts get pulled into the mirror.

"Well… now that that's over with… what do we do now?" Ethan asked, getting a smile from Benny.

"I have an idea…"

Ethan gasped as Benny slammed him against his bedroom door, attacking his neck with his lips, biting every now and then.

"Benny, we really shouldn't- oh!" he gasped again as Benny's fingers swiftly undid his belt and pulled it from the belt loops.

"We really should," he whispered against the slighter boy's lips, kissing him roughly with a smile on his face. "We really, really should." With that, he hoisted Ethan up and dropped him on his bed, quickly following him.

"What's come over you?"

"I'm a 16 year old possibly gay boy with a hot boyfriend… Are you that surprised?"

"Possibly gay?"

"I don't know if I'm gay or bi, and frankly, I don't really care. I just know that I love you, and that's enough for me," he said, peppering Ethan's face with kisses. Ethan tried to squirm away but Benny held him down. "No. You're staying right here."

"Benny," Ethan whined, making Benny smirk.

"Now I definitely love that sound," Benny said, quickly undoing the button on Ethan's pants. His fingers had barely grasped the zipper when a yell was heard from the other side of the door.

"YOU BETTER NOT BE DOING WHAT I THINK YOU'RE DOING!" Grandma yelled out, making Ethan laugh and push Benny's hand away.

"Better luck next time," he smirked, fixing his pants and sitting up.

"Ugh, cockblocked by Grandma."

Well, like I said…


Hope you guys somewhat liked it, and sorry if it sucked. I tried.