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Hermione lay down on her bed again that night. Her face was streaked with tears she had long ago stopped being able to shed. When you go numb how can you continue to cry?

Her hair was sprawled out on the pillow in complete disarray, desperately in need of a good brushing. She hardly cared though, her mind floating elsewhere. She could remember their last encounter. It had been sexually painful and mentally terrifying.

"Ron! Ron stop your hurting me!" She struggled beneath his body, kicking her legs wildly in an attempt to get him off her. He had her arms pinned above her head, eyes dead of emotion as he stared down at her.

How could she have let that happen? Hermione Granger, smartest witch of her age, had been overpowered by her boyfriend after telling him she wasn't ready for sex. She had watched in surprise and fear as his eyes grew dark with rage, and he screamed at her that they had been dating long enough! she needed to stop being suck a prude and have a little bit of fun!

She shuddered at the memory, pulling the bedsheets closer to her.

They had been yelling in her Head Girl bedroom, Ron having come in after Hermione opened the door, thinking that they would just hang out like normal. But in his angered state, choosing that particular room had been bad judgement on Hermione's part. She knew she should've made him walk back out into the living room, but hadn't thought about it.

At first, she was merely surprised when he jumped on her, pushing her back onto the bed and landing on top of her. Her voice had sprung to life then, telling to to remove himself from her person at once! His throaty voice had cut through her's as he tore open the school uniform top she had been wearing, telling her to just relax and enjoy herself already. His hands found her breasts, and pulled down her plain bra, fingers immediately latching onto her nipples with a rough grip. She howled, and it was then that he held her arms above the her on the mattress.

"Ron! Ron stop your hurting me!"

"Come on 'Mione. You just have to relax and enjoy it." He bent and licked the skin from her cheek to her ear, leaving a wet burning trail that made her fear spike.

"Ron get off of me! This isn't you!" She squirmed, hoping to deter his determination and make him realize how foolish he was being. Instead, he chuckled and bit down on her ear, obviously hoping for a better reaction. Instead, she cried out and tore her head away from him, her ear bleeding slightly. He gave her a disappointed look.

"Ah but 'Mione," he said, grinding his hips into hers, "I'm having fun." His dark eyes stared up into her terrified hazel ones, and she felt his chuckle again against her free hand slid down to her skirt and hiked up the hem, his fingers rubbing against her barely covered clit. He was disappointed to find her dry.

"You're not even a little excited by me," he growled, shoving the cloth aside to rub clumsily against her opening.

"Stop!" She moved under him, hoping to be able to kick him, but to no avail. She wanted desperately to lose her head and just cry, but it would do her no good. Whatever was wrong with him was beyond her knowledge, and she didn't want to give this new, horrifying boy the satisfaction of her tears. He was becoming too turned on by her begging as it was. "Stop Ron just stop!" She struggled to move away from his hand, desperate for him to get the hint and return to the boy she actually knew.

"Come on Hermione," he said angryly. He glared down at her, removing his hand to unbuckle the pants he was wearing. "Stop being a bitch and enjoy yourself already." She felt the bile rise in her throat as she fought harder, hoping to come up with some keen thing to say that would stop him in his tracks. The only problem was, panic was taking over and she had no idea what to say.

As she heard him pull the zipper down, she couldn't stop the first tear that slid down her cheek. This couldn't be happening. After a bit of adjustment on his part, she heard the awful sound of him literally tearing her panties from her body, something hard and invasive touching her most private spot.

"Ron stop!"

Her upper body was tender from all the bite marks he had left on her chest and most everywhere else, sickening marks that would mar her skin for days. The bruises would form by tomorrow from the beating he was giving her with his lips and hips. She hadn't wanted one fucking thing like this. She had been in her dorm, minding her own business until he showed up, expecting things from her. He began to rub against her and she felt the tears building again. "Ron you can't!"

"I can do whatever I bloody please Hermione," he snapped, pushing roughly into her dry channel, groaning as she let out an involentairy yell of pain. The friction he had caused from that stroke alone had sent pain waves through her, and she whimpered lightly.

Hermione had never wanted Draco Malfoy to return to their dorm as much as she had that day, since he was the only other person who could possibly help her. She buried her head into the pillows as the memory continued.

She could scream but the walls had been cast sound proof to anyone outside the dorm. Ron obviously did not expect Draco to be back for several more hours. So no matter how loud she screamed it wouldn't matter till he came back. And by then Ron might be long gone.

If she had her wand she would've hexed his dick off, just for even attempting between the waves of pain she knew if she had the opportunity, she could manage that. But her wand was several feet too far away, and as he began to thrust in and out of her, her mind blanked, reveling in nothing but the amount of pain he was conflicting on her. He was supposed to be her friend! Her boyfriend, who loved her and would never hurt her like this!

He continued his onslaught, ignoring her pleas to stop. She barely registered the dorm door opening, and the rushing footsteps into the bedroom seconds later.

Ron wasn't even out of her before the pale hands were gripping his shoulders and pulling him off. Through the slight mist in her vision she could make out his terrified expression as he looked up at the blond. She didn't even bother turning her head. as he was jerked off, an unusual warmth filling her seconds before.

She closed her eyes, hearing Ron yelp as Draco hit him, the same noise sounding several times more before she heard two sets of feet departing the room.

She groaned, the space between her legs sore as she heard the portrait slam shut, and the sound of hurried footsteps back into the room. She panicked, fearing who it was, until she saw Draco's blond hair in her vision again.


Draco had put her in his bed that night and left her there to calm down. Her mind had been dazed and he'd cast a short spell to try to ease her thoughts. There had been no sleep that night, and her sobs had at some point stopped when she dehydrated herself. She drank from the glass of water by the bed until morning, but Draco himself never dared to come in and check on her. The next morning he'd brought her some clothes and left her to dress. That was all.

It was now three days later but she still felt like shit. She could drink however much she wanted but she normally passed out after to much alcohol. So she could never drink her pain away permanently. It would only fade till the next morning and the cycle would repeat itself.

She hated her weakness in the aftermath of her situation, but she hated him more. She hated what he had done, hated him for not using a contraception spell or a muggle condom, but mostly she hated him for betraying her in such a way. She hated the fact that she now trusted Draco Malfoy more then the redhead she had grown up around.

Hermione had yet to return to class. So far, she had made people believe that she was sick, but Malfoy knew better. He kept looking down at her with uncertain grey eyes, like he wasn't sure whether or not it was alright to speak to her, even touch her, but Hermione instigated that herself. She had thrown herself against him the morning following her rape, right after he had come in to check on her, and she had cried against his chest, a numb feeling overtaking her. Instead of offering the comfort of a hug, he had stood rod still, completely thrown with the entire situation.

Hermione had yet to thank him for his uncharacteristic thoughtfulness however. Her mind was other places; the rape, the possibility that he had indeed intended to get her pregnant with that rape.

She refused to start any night with a dreamless sleep. She was determined to make the nightmares go away on her own. And each night when that failed she would finally take Draco's assistance, with him coming in during the early hours of morning when he couldn't take her screams. Bull headed and stubborn, that's all she was.

She never understood why Draco dealt with all this-and kept her secret after she begged him to. He helped her-but they were not in debt to one another. He'd seen her naked and he could've very easily joined Ron-the whole student body knew his reputation with girls yet he helped get rid of a rapist for her, and had then carried her to his bed and left her there without even letting a stray hand touch anything.

She clutched a blanket over her form. She'd skipped going to town with the other students, and thrown her music out the window-plus bought brand new bedding and a bed-though she hardly ever slept in her room. For the first few days when she hadn't moved she'd slept in Draco's room, on his bed in his warm sheets, till she began faking an illness and he took back his bed. It had never been offered that she sleep in his room again but Hermione knew as well as Draco that it was an open option.

She knew that he would help her, for whatever reason. Draco Malfoy was nothing if not a strange, complicated character. He might have something against rape, but she still had friends who could just as easily take his place. He didn't exactly have to stay and watch out for her.

Sighing, she leaned further into her bed. The problem was, she seemed to favor his presence above all else. She blamed it on his heroic efforts the day Ron violated her.

Ron. Her eyes snapped to the door. It was locked and sealed, right? She shook. "Ron can't get in." She wrapped her arms around her knees, picturing blond hair and mysterious grey eyes. Eyes that could only be Draco Malfoy's.

Draco wasn't her boyfriend-he was a friend that saw her getting raped. They were more distant then even her and Harry or Ginny now because of what he saw. They hadn't seen him having sex with her! But that factor wasn't important, Hermione hadn't been close to Harry, Ginny or any of her other friends in a long time.

Not since Ron changed, not since Neville stopped coming to school, not since Ginny started acting weird, and not since Malfoy saved her. The day that everything changed.

Somehow, the tears came again. She didn't know how they continued, but they did. Draco offered her food every night then left-probably disgusted by her. But she lost weight remarkably fast-so she needed the offered food-though it mostly went untouched most nights. He was trying but Hermione was almost positive she was a lost cause. She didn't want to eat, she just had no longing to, although she felt like she was completely starved if she didn't eat something every few hours.

They lie to you on television. They say rape is the worst part-when its happening. They're dead wrong.

Rape only lasts so long. Eventually the man tires and leaves.

No, its the after affects that will kill you.