AUTHOR NOTE: This is a write up of a NUZLOCKE Run. The rules for this run are:

1. If you lose a battle your challenge is over. You must restart from the beginning.

2. A Nuzlocke run is successfully completed upon the credits rolling for the first time.

In Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh this means defeating the Elite Four and the Champion for the first time. In Orre this means defeating the main leader of Team Cypher in the final battle. In Unova this means defeating Team Plasma in their castle.

3. You can only capture the first wild Pokémon encountered in each new area.

A: Unless you have yet to obtain any Pokeballs. In which case you may return to the previously traversed route and capture the first wild Pokémon that appears once you have Pokeballs.

B: Unless you are in Unova and are required to capture 2 Pokémon on the first route to continue.

4. If a Pokemon faints you must either release it or place it in a box labelled 'Dead'. Any Pokémon that 'dies' cannot be used again during the duration of the Nuzlocke run.

5. You may trade Pokémon under 2 conditions:

A: To evolve a Pokémon that evolves using trade. It must return at the same level and with the same move set.

B: To trade across Pokémon that survived a previous, recorded Nuzlocke run. You may only trade across your main team and they must be at the same level and have the same moves as when you finished your previous Nuzlocke. This can only be done once you have the correct Gym Badge to allow you to control them.

6. Gift Pokémon are usable even if you've already captured something in that area.

7. You MUST sell any Revives, Max Revives or Revival Herbs that you obtain during the game at the first available Pokemart.

8. You may NOT carry Sacred Ash at any time.

9. You MAY use legendary Pokémon.

10. You MAY use Repels, Super Repels and Max Repels to avoid running into any wild Pokémon in order to get to a 'once-only' Pokémon, but you may only fight that Pokémon once. If it flees or faints, you MAY NOT reset your game and try again.


The activity on the Ranch was winding down for the day by the time the three of them had grabbed snacks and settled on the roof of the largest barn, watching as the last of the Pokémon below gathered for their evening meal. The three friends sprawled over the thatch roof, relaxing completely for the first time in weeks, slipping into a comfortable silence as the sun slowly slipped below the horizon.

"Tomorrow's finally the day." The pale skinned, black haired guy amongst the group spoke first, brown eyes watching the proceedings below sharply over the rims of his glasses as the owner of the Ranch, Lilith Green, the retired Champion of three leagues, fed her prized Pokémon, those who had gotten her through the leagues of Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh and defeated numerous legendary Pokémon and evil teams.

"I know..." One of his companions, a brunette haired girl with blue eyes who had fed her ponytail through the hole in the back of her cap the moment that she'd been able to put it on, nodded, "It's been a long time coming."

"It could have been worse." The irrepressibly bouncy, blonde haired, blue eyed girl who was the most relaxed out of the three of them, "And we only had to wait as long as Mara did."

The brunette grimaced. While it was true that her mother had made both of her daughters wait until they'd finished school to leave for their journeys, she was quite sick and tired of hearing about Mara's journey. Her older sister had left two years before and had managed to clear out a league with just Ryouga, her ever faithful Emboar, and Bingo, her trusty Stoutland. She had yet to stop hearing about it.

"What's the matter Errah?" The guy poked the brunette, "I thought you were looking forward to tomorrow."

"I am, Cheren, I am." Errah sighed, brushing her grown out fringe away from her eyes, "I just can't wait to get going. Start my own journey, actually get out of the..." She trailed off only to get hugged by her blonde friend, "B, let go. I'm fine."

"Nuh uh." B, or Bianca to everyone but her brunette friend, shook her head, "You need a hug. I won't get to give you many once we leave."

Errah sighed again but Cheren started chuckling. "Come on Errah. It could be much worse. At least tomorrow we'll get our starters. Do you know which ones your mum's planning on providing?"

Errah huffed but it was Bianca who let go and turned to glower at the black haired teenager, "Honestly Cheren, anyone would think you only like Errah cause her mum breeds the Pokémon Juniper gives out to new Trainers."

Errah watched Cheren carefully. She had often wondered about the same herself. She and Cheren had very little in common except for the fact that they both enjoyed looking after the Pokémon on the ranch. That he didn't deny it hurt, but she'd kind of come to accept it long before now. This was just the first proof she had.

"Errah, you're my friend." Cheren said slowly, realising that he had to work his way out of this problem, "But you know that my goal in life is to be the best out there. That means defeating everyone in my way, even if that includes you, Bianca and the rest of the Green family."

"Just as you know my goal is to prove myself to be the equal of anyone in my family." Errah told him, trying not to feel used, "I won't let you beat me, but you're my friend, so..."

Bianca watched the pair as Errah trailed off. She'd known things had been strained between the pair of them for weeks, but she hadn't expected there to be a row. Her own goal wasn't anything like those of her friends, she didn't wish to be the Champion and she had no one she wanted to be considered equal to. Her goal was simply to get out from under her father's thumb and live her own life.

This wasn't an auspicious start.

"It doesn't matter." Errah sighed explosively, "After tomorrow we probably won't see each other again unless we manage to keep up with each other."

A silence fell again. A different kind. Not a comfortable one, but one of those who had to accept an awful truth.

"We should get going." Bianca split first, unable to stand the depressing atmosphere. "See you tomorrow Errah, 9 am right?"

The brunette nodded. "That's right. Mum's going to feed the Pokémon before she hands them over so there's no point coming over before then." Errah's eyes flickered over towards Cheren who was picking himself off of the thatch. "You will be there, won't you?" She asked, wincing mentally at the hopefulness in her tone.

"Of course. I waited for this long, didn't I?" Cheren replied with a snort, "Besides, I want to see you try to convince your starter that it's not crazy and you can actually understand it."

"Shush!" Errah hissed at him, glancing around furtively even though there was no possible way that anyone could hear them. All three of them were special, all three had powers that they'd kept secret from everyone bar their closest friends.

Cheren was a Healer. He could heal any injury given enough time and energy, though he would occasionally drain himself too far to fix a problem.

Bianca's power was a lot more subtle. She could locate any Pokémon, no matter where they were, as long as she'd met them before. It had come in useful when there had been escapees from the Ranch.

Errah's, however, was the least obvious. Hers was a passive ability. She could understand the speech of any Pokémon, her mind translating it into human speech. It would be useful when she started her journey, as long as her Pokémon didn't think they were crazy.

"See you tomorrow, Errah." She was snapped out of those thoughts by Cheren waving to her before he climbed down the ladder they'd used to climb up onto the roof.

"Bye Errah." Bianca followed him.

"See you tomorrow Cheren. Bye B." Errah watched them go and then hurried down herself. She needed to make sure that she had everything packed.