The Little Brown-Haired Girl

By Shiloh "Pixierumor" Rumor

Chapter 1: The Little Brown-haired Girl

"A multiple personality is in a certain sense normal." George H. Mead

The night was dark and dim. But the street lamps lit the cold dark night. The cement was cold, dark and hard. Her heels clicked against the cement, echoing a different yet similar tone each time her heels touched the ground. Her shadow followed close behind her. Now her shadow was the only one she trusted. He told her who she really was. She didn't believe him. They succeeded in what they had done. Or so they thought. She was trained to be an assassin. One who would obey and never question. They tried to program her like a robot. Following all their orders. No questions asked. They were wrong. She was different than the other pawns in their little "game", she was much stronger, bolder and more aggressive. She never took no for answer. She stood up. She held herself high, above everyone around her. When she learned both sides of her life, she couldn't accept either one. She didn't know who to believe. Who was right. Who was wrong. Who she could trust. Who she couldn't trust. She hated the term weakness. She never ran. But this time was different. Memories from her past life were clouding her mind. Had he done this to her in an attempt to bring back the woman he lost? Was she really the other woman he told her about? Or was she the woman she was now? Her mind was filled with two unique sets of memories. Some good. Some bad. Some Sydney. Some Julia. She was confused. She was scared. She was afraid. She didn't want to run. But she didn't want to be caught. She disgusted herself when she ran. Julia was strong and brave, she never ran. Did she? She wasn't really sure who she was any way. The other life she had supposedly lived, the one with the little brown-haired girl, was she strong or weak, happy or sad, brave or a coward? She felt as if she knew this girl. But why was she so mysterious to her then? Julia. She believed she knew who Julia was. Born a normal child, raised as an assassin. But was that a lie? She couldn't tell if she was the brown-haired girl or was she the little blond-haired girl? Or maybe she was neither. She continued to walk down the dank alley way gun in her right hand pointing towards the ground. She could hear his heavy footsteps behind her. They were coming closer. She could hear him breathe heavily. She remembered him. The brown-haired girl remembered him. She recognized the way he walked. His heavy voice. She shook the thoughts from her head. She wasn't going to be the brown-haired girl. Not today. She continued to walk. The same pace. She was Julia now. She wasn't afraid of any one. She wasn't afraid of any weapon. Not a knife. Not a pistol. Not a bomb. If there was one thing she had to be afraid was the human mind. The way it could play tricks on you. She was more afraid of her mind than the gun the man behind her carried. He yelled out the little brown-haired girl's name. She ignored him. Trying not to think harder about who that girl was. But he called out to her again. "Stop." He yelled. And her heels struck in place. She stood not facing him. She didn't budge. "Turn around." He said pointing the gun at her. She didn't move. She didn't say anything. She looked down at her own to feet as she watched the blood drip from her right hand. "I'm sorry." She cried. He couldn't hear her. "I warned you to stay away." She cried out. "I said turn around, look at me, let me see you." He yelled. He was getting angry. "I told you they would stop at nothing." She cried. Her legs began to tremble. Her hands began to shake. The blood stopped dripping from her hand. It puddled on the ground below her hand. "I can help you Sydney." He said. 'Stop calling me that." She yelled angrily. "I just wanna help you." He said. His voice was softer this time. She could hear him move closer to her. "Don't." She said. "It's too dangerous, once you run, you can never go back." She said. "I told you, they know where I am they are going to kill me." She cried. "That's why I wanna help you." She smiled slightly. "You can't help me. They'll kill you too." He had finally stopped walking. He stood behind her. His gun was facing the ground now. So was hers. "I'm trying to help you. I won't let them kill you. I won't let them hurt you." He said. A tear fell from her eye. "But you already have." The brown-haired girl said. She turned around and looked him dead in the eye. "But you already have." She repeated once again. He looked in to her eyes with sorrow and tears. He wanted to hold her and hug her, tell her everything would be alright. But she wasn't the brown-haired girl he was and was still in love with. She was the little blond-haired girl. She wasn't Sydney. She was Julia. "I'm sorry." She cried. She lifted up her arm and pressed the gun to his lower abdomen and pulled the trigger. A boom of thunder struck her ears. Lightening flashed across the sky. And the rain began to pour down on both of them. She watched him fall. Everything was in slow motion. The drips of rain. Him falling to the ground. His gun dropped to the ground as his body slammed into the cement, causing her to turn her head and close her eyes. Blood poured from his wound, but the rain washed it away. She stood there. Standing over him. Crying. "I'm so sorry." She said. She bent over him and kissed him on the lips softly. She didn't know why she had apologized. She didn't recognize him. But the little brown-haired girl did. She broke form kissing him. Wiping the rain from his face. It fell back again. She stood up and walked away pulling a phone from her pocket.

She once heard that "A multiple personality was in a certain sense normal." But right now she felt anything but normal.

The End of Chapter 1

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