AN: Ok, so as a result of so much demand, I did a quick follow-up epilogue to this story. I felt the ending may have been a little rushed too, so I did a short, lighter follow up to try and give you all the better ending you seemed to want. This is the end for now, as I am really trying to focus on writing and posting my next story soon. Thank you for all the support!

"JJ! Reid! Are you guys ok?" Emily asked as she rushed over with Morgan and a few members of the swat team.

Emily grimaced when JJ turned around to face her, also unblocking her view of Reid as she did so. Both agents were bruised and bloodied, although Reid looked ten times worse than JJ did. He had no doubt taken the brunt of the abuse protecting JJ.

"Oh my God you two look terrible!" She exclaimed, her eyes taking in the sight of them both.

"I'm fine Em, really. Spence is the one who needs the attention." JJ said, nodding to her friend.

Emily leant down beside Spencer, helping him lean on her shoulder.

"Can you walk Reid, or do you want me to have the medics get the stretcher?" She asked with concern.

"I can walk. I want to walk. Just give me a minute." He breathed through labored breaths.

"I was starting to wonder when you guys would show up." JJ said as she stood gingerly, turning to Morgan.

"We just got back to the station when it came over the APB that there was a riot at the prison. We came as soon as we could." Morgan offered, taking in JJ's roughed up appearance.

Grabbing a piece of cloth from one of the arriving medics, he applied it to her bleeding forehead where it had split open a little from the head-butts. Morgan tried to be careful when he applied pressure, careful not to touch the bruises that were beginning to form on JJ's face.

"I knew you guys would come if we just stalled them for as long as we could." JJ said, smiling her appreciation as she replaced his hand with hers on her forehead.

"You both did well all things considering." Emily looked up from where the medics had begun to assist Spencer.

"Yeah I have to say, you both held your own by the looks of these three compared to the two of you." Morgan added, toeing his boot at one of the unconscious men on the floor.

"It was…all JJ." Spencer choked out quietly.

"Excuse me?" Emily turned to him, not quite sure of what she had just heard.

"JJ…she took down all three of them." He said more firmly, staring at them through his one good eye.

Morgan smiled and chuckled.

"Yeah, ok genius whatever you say. I'm having enough trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that you both took down these three larger, strong men hand to hand as it is. I mean don't get me wrong you're both trained to some extent…but they all outweigh you both by a rather larger margin."

"She did it." Spencer said immediately.

"JJ?" Emily turned back to the younger woman, studying her.

JJ felt her cheeks turn pink a little.

"Spence is giving me too much credit. I couldn't have stopped them without his help." She shrugged, brushing her tangled hair behind her ear with her free hand. She licked her bottom lip, cleaning the blood from where it had split open.

"But you did do this to them?" Emily pressured, her mind struggling to wrap around that thought.

Morgan's jaw fell open when JJ shrugged again and gave a slight nod.

"I did what I had to do to protect us. They kind of got the jump on Spence while he bought time for me to find a place to hide. When I heard what they were doing to him, I had to do something."

"So you beat the crap out of all of them?" Morgan was incredulous.

"I got them to drop their guard a little, and when they did, I took down these two, before finishing off the last one when Spence wore down from his injuries. I couldn't have done it without him." JJ said simply, acting as if she hadn't just accomplished something incredible.

Morgan and Emily exchanged looks, they were both speechless. JJ pulled the bloody cloth from her now clotted forehead, watching as the swat team slowly picked up and carried away the three offenders.

"Where are Hotch and Rossi?" She asked in an attempt to change the subject.

"They're with the police chief, apprehending our unsub. The case should be over soon." Emily said absently, her brain still trying to process what her eyes had seen.

"JJ I can't believe you really did all this. You are one badass woman." Morgan patted her on the shoulder, speaking for both him and Prentiss.

"Thanks, Morgan." JJ smiled. She winced a little when she did, the forming bruises bringing back the reality of how sore she felt. Emily noticed and looked at JJ sympathetically.

"You should go with Reid to the hospital to get checked out; swat can deal with the rest from here." She offered.

"So the riot is definitely over?" JJ asked.

"Yeah it ended pretty quickly. One of the guards radioed it in immediately. That allowed swat to respond quickly and as soon as they showed up to help, those prisoners didn't stand a chance." Morgan confirmed.

"Glad to hear it, I don't know how many more of them I could've fought off."

"By the looks of it, they didn't stand a chance JJ." Emily smiled.

"Not to sound too mushy or anything, but we're both very proud, and impressed with you JJ. Are you sure you don't want to do this more often?" Morgan bumped her playfully, teasing her a little.

"I think I'm all set, thanks anyway."

They all turned when they heard a groan off to the side. The medics were helping an insistent Spencer to his feet.

"He keeps insisting that he'll walk to the ambulance." One of them said.

"Here, let me help him." JJ moved swiftly to Spencer's side, allowing him to lean his weight on her sore shoulder.

"Don't hurt yourself, JJ." He mumbled, wiping some dried blood from his chin.

"I won't Spence, don't worry about me."

The medic led the way as she began to limp down the hallway, her arm wrapped around Spencer's waist to help support him. Morgan noticed her limp and immediately walked up beside her.

"Here JJ, lean against me."

"What?" She asked surprised.

"You might feel like Superwoman right now J, but trust me when the adrenaline wears off you're going to be sore."

"Morgan I'm fine, I don't need to be babied."

"Stop acting so tough. You've done enough, now let me help you. I know you haven't seen a mirror yet but trust me, you look pretty bad."

"Oh gee, thanks Morgan." JJ bit back defensively.

"He's right JJ, quit being so stubborn." Emily chimed in, leaning Spencer's free arm on her shoulder to support his other side.

JJ sighed and relented.

"Ok fine."

"It's not like you had a choice." Morgan smirked.

"Hey, at least I fared better than Reid did." She turned to Spencer, a gleam in her eye.

"Thanks JJ, real kind of you. Did I promise to make it up to you?"


"Yeah well you can forget it now." He chuckled.

"Hey, genius, I'd be careful if I were you. She just saved your ass and proved she may be tougher than all of us combined. I can't believe she's been holding out on us all these years." Morgan answered.

"Wait until Hotch and Rossi hear this!" Emily exclaimed.

"Guys…please." JJ pleaded.

"Relax, JJ. We'll try not to over-embellish too much." Emily smiled.

JJ simply shook her head. As they reached the exit, a place that had seemed so far away not so long ago, both JJ and Spencer took a long, deep inhale of fresh air. It would take some time for their physical wounds to heal, but emotionally they were as close as ever.

JJ was glad she could be the one to come to Spencer's rescue for once, that she had proven something to her team, and herself. Spencer was happy that JJ had shown to be the tough girl he knew she was, and he felt like the luckiest man in the world to be able to call someone like her one of his closest friends.

The End