Hello everyone! If you've read my story It's not gonna be pink (or the in-order version I Like Purple Better) you should be familiar with the way I write certain characters. If not, here's what you need to know: In my verse, Kurt and Jeff are carriers – able to get pregnant – and have a unique friendship, where Kurt is a pseudo-mom figure to Jeff (read the Mama Dalton chapter for why). There are characters that are mentioned here that are part of my original story, as well.

This takes place when Kurt, Blaine, Jeff, and Nick are finished college, so about 5 years from where Pink is at the moment. I am leaving the details on where they live and went to school unknown for now because I haven't decided if they are staying in Ohio, moving to New York, or somewhere else entirely. Only thing for sure is that Klaine and Niff live near each other.

Zoe is almost 5; RJ and Kaylen are almost 6; Casey is almost 10.

This is a one-shot for now, but I may add to it as the mood strikes me. In the meantime, enjoy. I suck at thinking up titles so for now, this is what I'm going with - I'm open to suggestions.

Pink, Blue or Purple?

Jeff had pulled into Kurt and Blaine's driveway five minutes ago, and was trying to work up the nerve to go into the house. He had freaked out at the doctor's office, was ignoring Nick's phone calls and texts, and was having a borderline panic attack. If Kurt knew Jeff was here, he would've been dragged into the house when he'd arrived, if not by Kurt, then by Zoe.

Eventually he got out of the car and walked to the front door. He knocked and waited for Zoe to pop her head in the window. She'd been taught to never open the door unless she knew who it was, and as time went by she had gotten better at taking sneak peeks in between the blinds. However, hers wasn't the only head he saw.

He forgot Kaylen, Casey and RJ were here too.

Jeff was biting his lip but trying not to show his anxiety. He put on a fake smile when the door opened and he heard the kids yell his name. RJ and Zoe jumped up and down for a few seconds, until Casey told them to calm down. Jeff followed the kids into the living room, where Kurt was curled up on the couch.

"Hey Jeff, I didn't know you were stopping by. As you can see, I've got the kids today - yay for half-days. Lucky for me, they know how to entertain themselves." Jeff took a good look at Kurt and saw how drained he looked. Usually when Kurt had all of the kids, they would spend the day outside playing.

"Kurt, what's wrong? You don't look so hot."

Kurt sat up slowly, but still kept himself curled up. He saw the kids poking their heads around the corner. "Casey, can you handle lunch today? Mac and cheese?"

"Sure. Come on fellow rugrats. Time to pick a shape." Each of the kids was voting for a different blue box before they even made it into the kitchen. Jeff and Kurt laughed at the kids' enthusiasm.

"Don't worry about me Jeff. I'm just not feeling great right now. So what brings you here? You know I don't mind you stopping by, but you usually call me first. No offense, but you don't look all that much better than me. Casey will keep the younger ones occupied. Come here."

Jeff sighed and took a seat on the couch. Even though Kurt felt like crap, he tugged on Jeff's shirt until the blond was tucked into his side. He started to stroke Jeff's hair, feeling the tension fading as he did it. If Kurt was honest with himself, it was actually making him feel a little better as well.

"Are you feeling better now?"

"A little...thanks."

"You're welcome. Now, care to tell me what's wrong? You're worrying me, and that's not a nice thing to do to your mama." Jeff let loose a few giggles before answering, "No, I guess it's not. I have to ask you something first though."

"Okay and that is?"

"Do you remember that party we had when Zoe was born, and you said that if I got pregnant, it better not be for a few years?" It took Kurt a second to decipher what Jeff just said.

"Yes. I believe I threatened to kick Nick's ass if you got pregnant too soon…why?"

"Is it safe to say that it's been long enough so that if I was pregnant, you won't kill Nick?" Jeff bit his lip and was afraid to look at Kurt, who had stopped stroking his hair. Jeff was beginning to panic again.

"Jeff, look at me. Are you trying to tell me that you're pregnant?" Jeff gave a hesitant nod and pulled out a picture from his pocket. He only had a moment before he got a tight squeeze and a kiss on the forehead. He immediately started to relax.

"You're not mad?" Kurt looked at Jeff with confusion in his eyes. "I just found out an hour ago. I haven't told Nick yet; I came straight here."

"Why would I be mad? This is fantastic! I'm so happy for you. The two of you will be great parents, of that I have no doubt. How far along are you?"

"About 12 weeks. I'm pretty sure it was when we spent spring break at Wes's house. With all the finals, our internships, and graduation, we didn't exactly have time anywhere else to have fun." Jeff was surprised when Kurt started laughing. "I'm glad you find our lack of sexy time amusing."

Kurt shook his head. "That's not why I'm laughing. You're not the only one that got knocked up that weekend." Jeff didn't get too long to process that when he was given a picture to look at. It took another minute for it to sink in that Kurt was pregnant too!

"We're both pregnant, at the same time? This is awesome!" Jeff was ecstatic. "You'll help me out though, right? I read the books when you were pregnant with Zoe, but I don't know much else."

"Well to be fair, a lot of what you learn is from actually going through a pregnancy yourself. Have you been sick or tired? Does Nick have any idea?"

Jeff almost missed the questions, as he was comparing his photo to Kurt's. He knew logically that no two sonograms would look the same, but something about Kurt's seemed strange. He'd say something if there was a problem, he thought, maybe I'm just in shock of it all still. "Does Blaine know?"

Kurt smiled before answering. "Not yet; I only found out yesterday. Don't change the subject - back to you."

Jeff sighed, "I don't know if Nick has noticed anything yet, to be honest. I didn't notice at first. There was those two weeks I spent living in the bathroom, but that was legitimate food poisoning. Otherwise, I haven't had morning sickness. I figured the fatigue and headaches were from finishing college. I was due for a physical and routine blood work, so I went last week. Matt called me and asked me to stop by today. I didn't believe him when he said I was pregnant...he was actually surprised it took so long."

Kurt snorted, "He said the same thing to me yesterday. I just gave him my bitch glare and told him that just because we have sex, doesn't mean we still don't use protection. It's not like I can take birth control like women can. You know: I tried it three different times, and it's easier to wear a condom as we need it. It wasn't worth it to spend a week a month sick. I've heard too much information from the girls over the years."

Jeff shuddered, as he thought about the birth control pills. There was a version for carriers like them, but the side effects weren't worth it. Kurt had the balls to try it three times, but after the last attempt put him in the hospital, enough was enough.

"I agree with you on that one. I was so worried for you after that third try. I'm kinda glad they realized I was allergic to it the first time around." Apparently the combination of hormones and the coating on the pills didn't agree with Jeff's system. He wasn't even able to get through the first cycle of the medication.

Kurt rolled his eyes, "With our track record, we should write a book. We both found out late that we could get pregnant in the first place; both of us are anemic; both of us can't take the birth control; and our doctor/friend was just surprised we waited so long to have kids. I think we have enough material to work with, don't you?"

"I'd say so. It's pretty funny when you think about it. You'd think we were related for real...although I wouldn't mind that," he said with a smirk. Kurt laughed with him and agreed.

"So how do you plan on telling Nick about it? I'm still trying to decide when to tell Blaine."

"They'll be done work in a few hours right? Maybe we could tell both of them tonight. I for one would love to see their expressions once they realize that we'd both be pregnant at the same time."

Kurt saw the evil grin on Jeff's face and had to agree. "You know, I could start us off by reminding Nicky about what I'd do to him if he got you pregnant. If he's as worried about my little threat as you were…" Kurt's grin now matched Jeff's. "Blaine will think it's hilarious. Then we can politely inform him that he's in the same boat."

"That sounds good to me. I can give Nick the picture after you remind him, before we burst Blaine's bubble."

"How do you think he'll take it?"

"Knowing him, he'll probably jump around like an idiot before passing out once it hits him that he's going to be a father."

"What about Zoe? That's the only other thing I'm worried about. What if she doesn't like the idea of a sibling?"

Jeff shook his head, "You've seen her with the other kids, right? She's like a big sister to RJ and Kaylen, and she gets along great with Casey. She lights up when they're around. And you can bet that she'd help you out a new baby, too. You can't tell me she hasn't asked for a sibling yet."

"No, you're right. She's been asking for a while now. A lot of the kids in school have brothers and sisters, and she's asked why she doesn't. I can't exactly tell her that Blaine and I haven't thought about it, and you've seen how Blaine is with the kids. I want to have a baby with him, you know, from the start."

"Well now you are. Kurt, I know you're still on the fence about telling Zoe about her biological father, but if you haven't noticed, she's yours and Blaine's. Even strangers wouldn't suspect anything different.

"How about this? We tell Nick and Blaine tonight, and then the two of you talk about it together. Then you talk to Zoe. Believe me; she'll be thrilled at the whole idea. She'll probably be more upset with the fact that she has to wait for a few more months. No offense, but your kid can be very impatient when she wants to be."

"She gets that from Blaine," said Kurt, "though, I claim her stubbornness and ability to make herself stand out."

Jeff laughed with Kurt and was thinking about how tonight would play out, when they heard chairs scraping in the kitchen. "Sounds like they're almost done with lunch. You up to playing with them?"

Jeff looked at Kurt. While he felt much better, Kurt still looked to be in pain. "We could watch a movie or do a puzzle...why do I feel better and you still look like crap?"

Kurt sighed and explained, "I've suspected that I was pregnant for a while. Only difference this time around was the morning sickness. It's been pretty bad the last two weeks, but with Blaine working crazy shifts, and Zoe either sleeping or at school, I've been able to hide it. The cramps made me go see Matt; I was afraid something was wrong. The headaches started before finals, and I've been so tired since we finished classes. It wasn't this bad with Zoe."

Jeff was still holding the sonograms and looked at them again. He noticed that there was something in Kurt's picture that wasn't in his. Jeff sat up and glanced at Kurt, before looking at the pictures again.

"Um, Kurt...is there any chance that there's more than one in there? Aren't symptoms usually a little worse with multiples? And no offense, but you've got a noticeable curve already."

Kurt looked at his belly and then at Jeff. "Matt is pretty sure it's twins, but I'm still hanging on to the idea that maybe I'm just gaining weight early. He said that the cramping could be a sign that my body is trying to adapt to a second baby, or that it's getting rid of one. So much can go wrong with one baby. So much more can go wrong with more. I'll know for sure at my next scan, but I'm afraid to tell Blaine. I don't want to get his hopes up in case we lose one."

"We're almost done our first trimester already, so you'll know soon enough if your body can handle more than one. Personally, you should tell Blaine regardless. He'll be behind you either way. And if I recall, you managed to gain, what was it, 45 pounds with Zoe, and managed to go way overdue. I'm pretty sure you can handle carrying twins. That actually makes me a little sad."

Kurt raised an eyebrow, "What, pray tell, makes you sad?"

"Unless they decide to be as lazy as Zoe, we won't be in labor together." Jeff just laughed as Kurt threw a pillow into his face. "I'm kidding Kurt. No need to get violent."

"That isn't funny, Jeffrey. As much as I enjoy our time together, I don't think I could handle not going into early labor. Multiple pregnancies usually don't go to term, close but not quite. For the sake of our family and friends, me going a little early would be in everyone's best interest."

"That's true...you were a miserable person to be around the last couple weeks. Besides, I don't think Nick and Blaine would be able to handle it if we were both incapacitated."

"They never do. Those two are worse than the kids sometimes."

"And yet, we still put up with them." Jeff and Kurt laughed at the expense of their partners, not hearing Casey walk back into the room.

"Hey Kurt - is it safe to come out of the kitchen now?" she said with a smirk.

Kurt smirked back, "Yes it's safe to come out. No problems, I take it?"

"Unless you think choosing which box of mac and cheese is the most important decision of your life, it was fine. Are you two alright?" Casey wasn't dumb - she was almost ten - and could tell that something was up.

"We're fine for now, Casey. Tell you what - let the rugrats to pick a movie or a game and I'll play with them in here." Jeff tried to play it off, but could tell she wasn't totally buying it. He had to give her credit when she just looked at them before following the kids into Zoe's room.

"She knows something's up. If you don't mind handling the younger ones, I'll talk to her. Otherwise she'll get ahold of Blaine and we can't have that." Jeff agreed and slid onto the floor in time to meet Zoe, RJ and Kaylen as they came in the room, each carrying a movie or a game. Casey left them to it and sat on the couch next to Kurt.

"I'm not blind, Kurt. What's going on? Jeff looked like he'd seen a ghost earlier, and I don't like that look on either of you."

"You're very observant Casey, though some would say you're nosy." Casey blushed at that. "Believe me when I say Jeff and I are alright. We just have some news we need to share, and we just needed to cuddle and talk it out. Nothing bad," he insisted, at the look on her face, "we just needed to discuss a few things first." Kurt glanced at Jeff, who gave a slight nod.

"Casey, do you want to hear a secret?"

Blaine was so happy to be home. Nick was in the passenger seat, and sighed in relief as well. The duo had gone to school and ended up majoring in business, with a minor in music. They had gotten part-time jobs at a local music store as freshmen, when the store was in danger of closing, and now they owned and managed the place themselves. Not only did they sell music, but they also gave instrumental lessons and had worked out a way to incorporate digital media into the business, which had inadvertently helped to save the store.

They had spent the last few weeks taking care of the paperwork that finalized the change in ownership, as well as doing a massive overhaul in the store setup and taking inventory. Today was the grand re-opening and everyone that had come was impressed with the new layout. All that hard work led to two very tired guys, who were a little confused about what their boyfriends had planned for them.

All they had to go on were some text messages.

Blaine and Nick got out of the car and went into the house. The first thing they noticed was the smell of dinner. Then they noticed the lack of noise. Jeff poked his head out of the kitchen and motioned for the two to come in.

"Jeff? Where's Kurt and the kids? It's really quiet in here."

"Laura picked up Kaylen a while ago. Neal came and took Zoe with Casey and RJ at Kurt's request, so it's just the four of us for dinner. Kurt will be back in a minute - he's upstairs." No sooner had he said that, Kurt came down the stairs. Blaine became upset that Kurt still looked so sick.

"Baby, you still don't look all that great. Do you feel any better?"

"A little bit. I spent the whole day doing absolutely nothing. Casey was in charge of the rugrats and did a very nice job. Jeff played with them too. I was pretty useless on the couch." If he was being honest, Kurt did feel a little better after that last bout of throwing up. He just hoped he could stomach dinner.

"If you say so." Blaine still looked skeptical. "So what's going on? We obviously got your texts to come here, but I didn't realize that Zoe would be missing from whatever this is."

"Well, Jeff needed some moral support, so he came over and I volunteered for him and Nick to have their talk here. Zoe was having such a good time that Neal didn't mind taking her for a little bit." Blaine stared at Kurt and moved his gaze to the other couple. "Is everything okay?" Kurt just nodded.

Jeff had made some soup for Kurt and chicken pieces for the rest of them. When dinner was finishing up, Jeff looked at Kurt and nodded.

Game on.

"So Nick, Jeff and I were talking earlier and he reminded me of something I said a few years ago."

"Oh yeah? And what would that be?"

"Oh you know, just a friendly threat about kicking your ass if you got my son pregnant." Nick promptly choked on the water he was drinking. Blaine's jaw dropped, while Jeff was trying to contain his laughter. Nick eventually got control of himself and looked at Kurt.

"Um, yeah, I think I remember that...um, but what does that have to do with anything?" Nick decided he could be a little cocky, "And I believe that was just so that we were careful until we were ready for kids."

"And do you think you're ready for kids, Nicholas?" Nick stared at Kurt for a moment, then turned to Jeff. This has to be a trap, he thought, or a trick question. "I'm ready whenever Jeff is ready. We've spoken about it before and we know it might take a while to get pregnant, but we're prepared to handle it together."

Kurt mulled over his response before nodding in approval, "Good. In that case," Jeff handed the sonogram to Nick, who just stared at it in shock. "What - when - huh?"

Jeff took pity on his boyfriend, "Congrats Daddy - we're having a baby!" Nick was a statue for all of a few moments when he jumped out of his chair and grabbed Jeff, spinning him in circles in the middle of the kitchen.

"Oh my god! We're having a baby! Are you okay? Is the baby okay? How far along -" Jeff cut him off with a kiss. "We're both fine and I'm already 12 weeks pregnant, give or take a day."

"Not for nothing, but I had a feeling something was going on. Food poisoning doesn't usually last two weeks."

Blaine laughed at the look on Nick's face, "Well someone enjoyed themselves during spring break. Congratulations you two." Jeff smiled at Kurt, who had pulled out his picture.

"Not so fast, Blaine. We weren't the only ones getting lucky." Blaine snorted at the look on Jeff's face. "What are you talking about Jeff?"

"I believe this belongs to you." Blaine turned around and took the picture Kurt was holding. He stopped laughing entirely and stared. He almost thought that Kurt had handed him Jeff's, until he saw Kurt's name in the corner.

"Kurt - what -"

"That's your job well done, Blaine, although you should be proud of yourself. You managed to knock me up twice." It was Nick's turn to watch Blaine's face, and he would've laughed too, except Blaine started to tear up instead of jumping around like he would've expected him to.

"Kurt, you're - we're - twice?" Blaine's mind had shut down and he was currently incapable of making coherent responses. Kurt was starting to get worried, until Blaine pulled him into a tight hug. Kurt felt the tears on Blaine's face and was seriously starting to freak out. He looked at Jeff who was as confused by the reaction as he was.

"Blaine, honey, you're worrying me here. I was expecting you to jump around or pass out, not cry."

"You're so amazing Kurt. I love you. I'm just overwhelmed by it. I was so worried about you with Zoe, and I'd be lying if I said that I never thought about this." Kurt was slowly getting the picture.

"Blaine, how long have you pictured me being pregnant, with your children?"

"Promise not to get mad? Since you were pregnant with Zoe." Kurt was stunned, while Jeff and Nick were wondering whether or not they should leave the two to talk. "I just started wondering what it would be like to have kids with the person I love. Don't get me wrong, I love Zoe," he quickly said, "but the idea that I could help make a child of my own has been a dream of mine for so long. I never thought once I came out, that I would find someone like you, Kurt. I was resigned to the idea that I'd never have someone who would call me 'daddy'. Then I found out some guys can get pregnant, you had Zoe, I had both of you - it was like a fairytale."

Kurt started crying too. "Blaine - you've never told me this. How come?"

"I never knew how to bring it up. I was afraid to say anything, considering how Zoe came about. I didn't want to make you uncomfortable or feel obligated to do anything with me. If we never had any more kids, I wouldn't have a problem with that. I didn't want to mess up what we have; I don't want to lose you."

Blaine kissed Kurt with so much passion that Kurt didn't know what to think. So instead, he didn't dwell on it and said the first thing that came to mind. "And you talk about how I zig when you expect me to zag. You're never gonna lose me, Blaine Anderson, and never let anyone tell you different. You are the love of my life, and now we're expanding our family together. Whether you listen to me or not, you are Zoe's father. I'm sure by now, we've proven that genes don't mean anything. It's what you do with them that makes all the difference. Never forget that."

Blaine pulled Kurt into another tight hug and finally stopped crying. Nick and Jeff were still in the room, trying to keep themselves composed. They were all quiet until Nick spoke up.

"Hang on a second. You're both due at roughly the same time? So you're gonna be pregnant, together?" Two nods. "So we're going to have three new babies to look after?" Two more nods. "Okay then. Just checking." And with that, Nick passed out in the middle of the room.

Jeff laughed, "I told you he was gonna pass out."

Blaine on the other hand, was slower to process it. Kurt pushed him toward a chair, and watched amused, as his boyfriend caught up with the conversation. He looked at Kurt and asked, "Will you think any less of me if I pass out?"

"No honey, I won't. However, I would prefer you to pass out now and/or have another panic attack and get it over with. You are not allowed to pull a Kevin move when I'm in labor, or so help me, you won't have any problem hitting the high notes that I'm naturally capable of reaching." Blaine could tell Kurt wasn't kidding so he took his chance and gracefully fainted.

Kurt and Jeff looked at each other, before bursting into laughter and taking seats next to their unconscious boyfriends. "I wasn't expecting Blaine to react like that. Were you?"

"Not like that, no, but sometimes I forget about his insecurity issues, especially when he holds them in for extended periods of time. That's why I never complained about his boxing - it was a way for him to deal with stuff when it got too much. Did you or Nick know about any of that...about him wanting kids with me?"

"I didn't, but I wouldn't be surprised if Nick did or at least suspected it. Seriously, Kurt, if Zoe could've been Blaine's from the start, she would've still been born; maybe not while you were in high school, but you get what I mean."

"I do. The fact remains - and apparently I need to drum it into his head a little harder - Zoe is and will always be Blaine's. Now, if I can just get that taken care of before these two show up…" Kurt started to drift off as he began daydreaming, while stroking Blaine's hair, similarly to how he did it to Jeff hours earlier.

Kurt didn't notice Jeff getting off of the floor, nor did he see him grab two cups of water. However, Kurt did see the smirk on Jeff's face as he made his way back over towards Nick. Kurt just raised an eyebrow and asked Jeff what the hell he was doing.

"I want to cuddle, and you probably do too, so naptime is over." Jeff threw both cups of water and hit his targets - Nick and Blaine's faces.

"What the hell?"

"Damn that's cold!"

"Get your butts off the floor. I can't speak for the both of us, but I demand attention from you, Nicholas. Take me home...please." Kurt couldn't decide whose face was the best. Jeff looked ready to kill, though you could tell by his grin it was all an act. Nick looked like he was caught between being annoyed and turned on at the same time. Blaine just looked confused.

Kurt didn't know how things were going to turn out, but he knew one thing for sure: it was going to be an interesting few months.