Allen continued to moan in the kiss, Tyki growling as his lust started to grow for the boy. However, Tyki remembered that this was not the time for this since they were still on their mission. Pulling, away with a string of saliva connecting their tongues, Tyki smirked and sat up.

"We should get back, right shounen? We'll continue this later~" He said, winking at the boy, causing him to blush. Tyki chuckled, pulling both of them up and grabbed the doll as he held Allen's hand close to him.

Allen blushed heavily, looking down at their hands shyly then back up at Tyki. Tyki smirked down at him as they started to walk towards the door that Road left them.

Time seemed to pass by as the two Noah slowly approached the door and went inside. Tyki smiled to himself. Finally, maybe he could be saying that Allen was more then family. That now he would be his lover, but he didn't know that while he was thinking this, Allen had thoughts going on through his mind whether or not this was right or not. That it would take time for him to accept Tyki's feelings. Yes, Allen had the feelings... but would he be judged by them? Allen would soon find out what the true meaning of true love really meant.

Soon after the two got back from their mission, Allen ran into his room, locking the door behind him. He didn't understand completely on what just happened between Tyki and himself. Why had Tyki decided to continue their accidental kiss and why had Allen enjoyed it so much? They were family after all... so was it even allowed? He didn't even understand his true feelings for the other.

As he continued to ponder deep in his thoughts, Tyki went looking for the boy.

"Now where did he run off to?" He sighed to himself, as he continued to look for Allen. He didn't understand why the boy had run off earlier, but he was determined to find out. To say that he cared for him was an understatement. He didn't only care about him, no, Tyki Mikk fell in love with Allen Walker. He didn't care if they were family or that the child was younger than him. He wanted the boy for himself. To laugh, cry, eat with him... and even more to hear his moans as he claimed his shounen as his.

Passing by Allen's room he heard the slight mumbling and blinked. He went closer to the door, hearing Allen mumbling about 'what if he did it to tease me?' or 'maybe he likes me.'

Tyki smirked, knocking on the door a bit. "Shounen~?" He called. "Can you let me in?"

Allen jumped having not heard anyone approach the door earlier. He had been too deep in thought. As he pondered whether or not to let the man in, Tyki waited patiently. After a couple minutes, Allen finally opened the door, holding one of his pillows close.

"Y-Yes?" He asked, refusing to look up at the other. The elder of the two smirked.

"Why did you run off and lock yourself in your room? Are you alright, shounen?" He asked. Tyki perfectly knew that Allen was fine; he just wanted to tease the boy a little to see what would happen. The boy turned a dark crimson, looking away from the older man to attempt hiding his blush.

"I-I'm fine… I-I just… um…" Allen started, continuing to look away to hide his blush. Tyki smiled gently, reaching over and tilted the boy's chin up so he could look into his eyes.

"Yes, shounen~?" He asked, smirking a bit at him. Allen turned even more red.

"W-Why…? W-Why did you continue the kiss?" He asked, looking up at him, confused. Tyki blinked, and smiled back at him. "Because I love you, shounen~" He answered, ruffling his hair gently.

Allen's eyes went wide, not knowing what to say. As he thought about it, Tyki continue to gently brush the young boy's hair and guide him back into his room. After quietly shutting the door, he took Allen and sat him down on the bed, holding him close.

"I-I don't understand… I-Is it alright?" He asked, looking up at him with happy, yet confused eyes. Tyki blinked.

"Is what alright?" Tyki asked, brushing the boy's hair yet again to relax him. Allen looked up into the older Noah's eyes and blushed heavily.

"I-Is it alright that I love you too…" He asked, whispering it, but saying it loud enough that the other could hear him. Tyki smiled happily, rubbing the boy's cheek gently. "Of course, shounen~" He answered, kissing his forehead gently before he gently kissed the boys lips.

Allen blushed even more if possible, shocked at first but started to kiss back after a few moments. The older of the two smirked into the kiss, as he held Allen close while rubbing his back gently. He didn't want to make the younger do anything that he wasn't comfortable with. So when Allen let out a small moan, leaning more into the kiss, it caught Tyki off guard. He pulled away slightly and looked into his eyes.

"Are you alright with this shounen? I don't want to have you do something that you don't want to." He said, brushing a strand of hair out of Allen's face, as he smiled lovingly at him. The younger Noah blinked, smiling up at the elder of the two.

"Tyki, I love you. I'm ok with this, and if I wasn't I'd say so." He said, leaning into the others hand happily. Tyki smiled leaning down, kissing him gently. Allen leaned into the kiss, letting out a little sigh as he wrapped his arms around the elder's neck. Chuckling a bit, Tyki gently picked up his shounen, bringing him over to the bed.

"T-Tyki? What are you do-"Allen started, before squeaking as Tyki captured his lips again in a passionate kiss. Rubbing his sides gently, Allen moaned a bit enjoying the feel of the others mouth on his. He couldn't believe that this was actually happening. That the man that was kissing him with so much passion and loved the boy unconditionally as well. He vowed at that moment that no matter would happen he would always stay with Tyki.

Pulling away, Tyki took one look into his shounen's eyes with a smirk. He chuckled as he realized that the boy was so deep in thought, he didn't recognize that the older of the two was pulling off the boy's shirt. "What are you thinking about, shounen~?"

Allen jumped, having just recognized what the other was doing. "T-Tyki?"

"Yes, shounen?" He asked, finally tugging off Allen's shirt. The boy shivered a bit before he was embraced by Tyki.

"What does this mean…? Between us I mean…" He asked, looking up at Tyki shyly. To say that the older man was taken off guard was an understatement. He couldn't believe that this was actually happening as well. He always dreamed of this moment, but never thought that it would happen. This truly was a dream come true.

"That we're together, shounen. Lovers I mean. That is… if you wish to be with me." He answered, taking the young boys hand and kissed it gently. If someone could blush even harder than what Allen was experiencing now, they would have faint from feeling overwhelmed. The boy looked up at Tyki, smiling happily and kissed his cheek.

"Tyki… I would be honoured. I love you so much." He said. The elder of the two smiled, finally sitting down on the bed, pulling the young boy with him. Swiftly, Tyki than surprised Allen once more by flipping the boy. He leaned over the boy with a smirk.

"Are you ready, for this shounen?" Tyki asked, kissing his face, jaw, neck and chest slowly. He began to rub the boy's sides, seeing what he would do.

Allen squirmed a little bit, not knowing exactly what this warm feeling in his stomach was. He began to feel hot underneath the man, letting out small moans here and there. Tyki couldn't help himself from grinning as he watched the boy become more and more turned on. He then leaned down and gently began to kiss the boy's chest.

"A-Ah~ T-Tyki~" Allen moaned out, looking at him with loving eyes. Tyki looked up at his lover, smirking, as he started to lick one of the boy's nipples which caused the boy to moan even louder.

"Does it feel good shounen~?" He asked, smirking around his left nipple as he continued to suck, lick and nibble on it. Allen nodded, since all that was coming out of his mouth were moans. Tyki began to switch between both of the boys nipples, slowing reaching down with one of his hands to gently rub the boy through his pants. He then smirked, seeing that Allen only moaned louder, gently calling Tyki's name.

Reaching into the boys pants, Allen jumped a bit, looking up at the elder of the two innocently. Tyki smiled gently at him, leaning up and kissed him gently.

"Can you take your pants off for me, love?" He asked gently. "It will make it so much easier and pleasurable."

Allen turned a crimson red, nodding shyly. In one moment, Allen was unbuttoning his pants, just for Tyki to swiftly pull them down and off. Instinctively, the younger Noah covered himself, looking down to hide his shy face. The older of the two chuckled and reached up to the younger Noah, rubbing his cheek gently.

"Don't hide shounen. You're absolutely beautiful, and I want to see your beauty as we make passionate love." He whispered in Allen's ear. Allen blinked, blushing heavily.

"T-Tyki! D-Don't say that! It's embarrassing!" He said, looking up at the other with a pout. Tyki took his chance and stole yet another kiss from the younger Noah. Slightly pushing Allen down with the kiss, he started to gently rub the others member.

Allen began to moan, squirming a bit at the new feeling of pleasure that was starting to take over his body. After a bit of rubbing, Tyki reached over behind the bed frame and grabbed something.

"Wh-what is that?" Allen asked, panting a bit. Tyki smirked, holding up a small bottle/tube of what looked to be of a gel like substance. Allen had no idea what it was or even how that got there.

"It's called lube. It's to help…. Make everything less painful." He explained, chuckling at the younger Noah's innocence. Said boy nodded, watching Tyki shyly.

Tyki opened the bottle pouring a bit on his hands, reaching down and rubbed Allen's entrance slowly, making the boy moan for him.

"A-Ah~! T-Tyki!" He cried out, panting a bit harder with the pleasure overtaking him. With that Tyki rubbed the entrance a bit more, slowly entering the first digit, making the boy cry out again.

"Sh~ I'll make it feel better, shounen~" He said calmly. After a bit of adjusting, Allen nodded to the older to continue, which he happily obliged, making the boy a hot panting, moaning mess.

"T-Tyki…" He moaned out, not realizing that said man entered a couple more digits, starting to scissor his entrance. After a bit more preparation, Tyki pulled his fingers out. He started to rub his erection with a bit more of the gel like substance, lining himself up with Allen's entrance.

"This may hurt at first, ok?" He said, kissing the boy's head gently, the boy nodding to him with a smile. Tyki slowly began to push into the boy's entrance, making him cry out in pain and pleasure.

Tyki began to kiss him gently, reaching down and started to stroke his member. After a few moments had passed, Allen nodded for Tyki to continue with an innocent smile, making Tyki finally lose it.

"A-Ah! T-Tyki! Slow d-down!" He cried out, clinging to the elder male.

"Can't~ You're too cute, and I'm claiming what is mine." He stated to him, thrusting in and out, at a fast pace. Crying out Tyki's name, he began to feel hotter and hotter, like he was about to explode.

"T-Tyki… I-I'm starting to f-feel really w-weird… but in a good w-way…" He explained, continuing his moaning. Tyki began to pick up the pace, feeling close as well. With a loud cry Allen came all over their chests, panting and moaning a little after in the afterglow. Tyki came a few moments after, collapsing beside his lover.

"T-Tyki…?" Allen panted out, looking over at the elder. Tyki pulled the younger Noah close to his chest, holding him close as he kissed his head.

"Hm?" He hummed looking down at him with loving eyes. With a small yawn, Allen smiled, snuggling closer to the embrace.

"I love you~" He said, slowly falling asleep. Tyki chuckled, kissing him once again.

"I love you too, shounen. Go ahead and sleep. I'll be here when you wake up." He said, drawing small circles on the boys back. Allen nodded, falling asleep almost instantly.

Tyki watched the peaceful face of his now lover, contemplating to himself that he would always be by his side, and protect him. Starting to yawn, he began to drift off, joining his lover in a blissful slumber.

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