Chapter 1: My leg


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I wake up in a strange bed alone. I have no idea where I am. I just know that I don't want to get up and find out. It's so comfortable here that I think I'll fall back asleep.

But my brain's not going to go with that. Instead, I'm trying to remember what the last thing that happened to me was.

I am drawing a blank memory. Nothing. Just vaguely remembering a battle field and a wall exploding with fireworks popping all around me.

I finally demand to myself to get up from this plush bedding and stand up, trying to hold onto something durable in case I fall without my prosthetic leg.

But I don't. I reach to turn on a lamp and when the light explodes across the room, I see that I do indeed have my leg and it's no longer fake. No, it's an actual leg. I test it out. Rubbing my hand down my calf, feeling it's new flesh which strangely matches my existing skin colour.

Before now, I've been using a metal robotic leg that's been programmed to do simple movements. Walk slowly forward. Walk extremely fast backwards because if you didn't get what you needed when walking slowly forward, then you are going to be running late since you forgot something. It can't run, but in my mind I have some foreign memory of running with my prosthetic recently. I think after doing that I was in so much pain.

I change from my sleep shirt and pants into some more presentable clothes for when I go to take a gander around the quarters of where I am.

I seem to have great stability on this leg even though I have no practice walking or working with this leg.

I dress in jeans and I have no problems whatsoever trying to place my leg in the pant holes.

As I walk around my room which is about the size of two large rooms filled with wall to wall windows and masculine coloured walls which accent the masculine styled room—types of bed frames and dressers and curtains and bedding—I put on my shirt and test out my leg at the same time.

Walking I seem to have no problem. It's a very simple task. Something before this change was a struggle. I had to watch every place my foot landed and especially how it landed in the ground. If it landed crookedly, then I would have to stop what I was doing and then gently ease my foot into a more comfortable position. And what's worse is when the metal joint of the leg would rub against the stump of what's left of my real leg. It would cause such a friction that it would cause so much unbearable pain to the point I would have to stop moving.

Now this, this is a luxurious alternative if I do say so myself, even though I have no idea what this alternative is.

I try running. I can actually run without pain and not have to think about what I am doing!

I take another look at this new leg. I now notice a little black ink drawing that's been absorbed by my skin. I pull my new leg up to my chest—something that i haven't been able to do since my leg had to be amputated.

I peer at the design and realize that this isn't some random tattoo that was placed on me or even by my accord.

It's the Capitol's emblem. And it means that I'm now one of their new pawns.

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