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"Isabel Conklin," my head snapped up from my phone, and I met the teacher's eyes. I hadn't memorized her name yet—it had only been a week, and she wasn't one of my teachers. She raised an eyebrow.

"Oh! Um, here," I said absentmindedly. Taylor stood next to me in her cherry red coat and dark jeans. I looked back down at my phone, typing an email as fast as I could to my mom before we went outside the airport.

"You survived the ride, Belly, get over it," Taylor said. I ignored her, and finished up the email.

We had landed at Spain about an hour ago, and were waiting for the last people to get their suit cases. Meanwhile, one of the teachers made sure everybody was here.

My body was filled with excited tingles. First off, we were in Spain. I had never even gone out of the United States, yet alone on a plane. Except for that one time we took a two hour plane to Florida when I was two, being on a plane was new to me. And it made me happy that I'd come out unscathed.

Mrs. Clyde, the head of the language department, went around with a huge packet. I took one from her and looked through it.

Compare and contrast Spain culture to American culture.

Describe Spain's economic standing and predict its growth and decay for the next five years.

Is Madrid the definition of historic Spain? Or has tourism taken over?

The questions were mostly easy, but the thing was there was a lot. Taylor's eyes bugged at the packet, and she let out a weak groan.

"Please tell me you're kidding. I did not come to Spain for this!" She said it a bit too loudly, and Mrs. Clyde glared at her. Taylor flushed tomato red, and stuffed the packet in her bag.

"You're giving me all the answers," she said to me. I rolled my eyes, and continued looking through the packet.

Even though Spain was supposed to be for escape, my thoughts wondered to them. What were they doing? What was he doing? Could they be thinking of me? But I ignored those silly questions. My anger and bitterness returned, causing me to fold my arms.

For years, all I wanted from them was to be included. Couldn't they have given me this much attention when I so desperately craved it? I knew I was being selfish. Guilt bloomed inside of me. How could I think those about Beck's boys? God, I missed her. I imagined what she would say about my studying abroad.

Don't hurt him, her voice whispered in my ear. It felt so close, so real, that I glanced at Taylor and the boy next me, Hunter, to make sure it wasn't any of them.

"So," Taylor said, grabbing my arm as the group started to head towards the door. "Think you're going to meet any cute guys?" When I didn't say anything, she scowled.

"Please tell me you're not thinking about them. Come on, Belly! This is the time to have fun, live life, not mope around about Jeremiah's drama and Conrad's shitty personality."

"Just stop, Taylor." I said harshly, mad she would even bring them up. I was having fun. I couldn't believe she dared to say I wasn't living life. I was here, wasn't I? I wasn't moping around. I'd chatted with her the whole plane ride.

She held up her hands in an 'I surrender' kind of motion, and I sighed.

"Whatever. And no, I don't think so. It's a learning experience, 'member?" I pointed out, mimicking Mrs. Clyde's strict, clipped words.

We both laughed at that, and the atmosphere relaxed. As we boarded the bus to our hotel, an apparent amazing luxury, I looked around me. Beautiful women skipped around. They all spoke fluently, and I tried to make out bits and pieces, failing.

Senora Maria stood up, a grin on her face. It was obvious she was at home. Her body was basically shaking with happiness as she announced:

"Estoymuy emocionada por tipara recorrerEspañacon nosotros.Además,usted debe saber quehe quedado conmihermanapor primera vezen cincoaños!Somos gemelos!" (A/N Yes, I did use google translate! I'm guilty loll)

I mentally translated it. I got: I'm very excited to see Spain with you. I'm going to meet my sister after five years.

Taylor, however, looked dumbstruck.

When Senora Maria saw the additional dumbstruck faces, apart from Taylor, she rolled her eyes.

"I said, 'I'm very excited for you to tour Spain with us. Also, you should know that I'm meeting my sister for the first time in five years! We're twins!'" There appreciative mutters. Senora Maria looked satisfied and sat down.

"So, what do you think the hotel will be like?" Taylor conversed with me. I talked to her easily. Honestly, I didn't want to talk to her. I wanted to jump off the train, and melt into the daily Spanish life. To make something new of myself, and somehow fix the broken things of the past…

"Oh, we're here," Taylor said, craning her neck to get a view of the hotel.

It was pretty extravagant. The hotel looked like a store from the outside, but was posh and elegantly designed from the inside.

Beep! Beep! I felt my phone ring in my back pocket. I took it out, not seeing the message quite yet, but listening to the teacher.

"Okay, this is how it's going to go. If you don't already know, we will be staying here for the next two months. And then, you will be migrating. Every day, a group of students—one being you're host—will come and take you to school. You will be provided with the textbooks and schedules and teachers, and stuff, same as your host. You will go to school with them, and study with them. Make sure you constantly keep in touch with us for check-ins and papers. I will call out you're names for keys. Listen carefully," she told all of her students.

I took out my phone, seeing it was just a text from the phone company and heard my name being called. I looked up, and told Taylor I would get the keys for our room. (We were sharing a room) Quickly, I took the keys anxious to scan the text, and heard my name being called as I turned to walk back to Taylor and my suit case.

"Wait, watch out, Belly!"


I crashed right into a hard body, and fell back, my phone slipping from my hands. I almost lost my balance when a strong hand clasped my wrist, and steadied me upright.

Blue eyes. That's what I first saw. Pale blue, like a summer sky or a pool of clear, icy water.

And then I saw his face. He had a mop of dark hair, and a strong build, and he was tall. Not as tall as Conrad, but tall.

"I'm sorry…"

I realized everyone was looking at me. And then, he introduced himself.

"…My name is Bendito."

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