A/N: Hey guys. I've placed an OC in this story. It's most likely going to be 3 parts, but I might have it reduced to 2. I'm not sure yet. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the story.

Part I

Cunningham's Cousin

Richard Cunningham looked at himself in the mirror of the bathroom, fretting and worrying over something that he really shouldn't have been fretting over. He straightened his hair for the millionth time and made sure he was clean shaven. He sighed and slumped slightly, worry still clouding his mind. He was brought out of his worries by a sharp knock on the bathroom door.

"Hey, Richie, what're you doing in there?" Fonzie called through the door. Richie sighed and reached over, opening the door for Fonzie. The brunette quirked an eyebrow at Richie curiously. "You've been in here for half an hour." Richie groaned.

"I'm nervous…" He admitted at last. Fonzie stepped into the bathroom and leaned against the wall beside Richie, looking over at him expectantly. "My cousin's coming today."

"Boy or girl?" Fonzie asked crossing his arms.

"Girl," Richie responded with a sigh. "The one on dad's side of the family." Fonzie's eyebrows shot up into his hairline.

"The one who pulled all those pranks on you when y'all were little?" He asked. Richie nodded solemnly. Fonzie grasped Richie's shoulder comfortingly. "She probably ain't the same." Richie groaned.

"I don't know, Fonzie," He said worriedly. "What if she's worse?" He asked looking at Fonzie with fearful blue eyes. Fonzie sighed and draped his arm over Richie's shoulders, leading him out of the bathroom, flicking the light off as he passed the switch.

"Look, Richie," He said going towards the stairs. "I'm sure everything'll be just fine, you'll see." Richie sighed and let Fonzie guide him down the first few steps before there was a loud knock at the front door, making him freeze up. Fonzie stopped as well and looked over at Richie, worry rippling in his soil brown eyes.

"Well, hello Millany!" Howard said happily. Fonzie gave Richie a skeptical look.

"Millany?" He asked quietly. "You told me her name was Millie." Richie sighed.

"Her name's Millany but we call her Millie," He explained. Fonzie nodded and forced Richie down the staircase. "Come on, Rich. Gotta face her once of these days," He whispered. Richie blushed and allowed Fonzie to drag him downstairs. "'Eeeeeyyy!" Fonzie greeted when they landed in the living room. There they stood-Joanie, Howard, Marion and Richie's cousin, Millany. Millany was nothing like Fonzie had been expecting. He'd been expecting skirts and blouses…not jeans and black leather jackets. But there she stood, tall and radiating with confidence. Long brown hair cascaded down her back and dark, almost black eyes locked on Fonzie before turning to Richie. A smug grin split her face and she came towards him, her boots muffled by the carpet.

"Hey Richie," She said gathering her cousin in a hug. "Been a while." Richie grinned and hugged Millany back.

"Yeah," he said before Millany held him out at arm's length. She grinned at him and he grinned back. "Oh! Millany, this is my friend, Fonzie." Richie stepped back and Fonzie stepped forward, killer smile in place. Millany looked him up and down before her eyes rested on his, a slow grin forming on her lips.

"So you're the infamous Arthur Fonzarelli," She said crossing her arms and tilting her chin up slightly. Fonzie had never met a girl so strange. She was practically a boy except for the missing appendage between her leg, long hair and breasts.

"I am The Fonz," He said, his arm instinctively falling over Richie's shoulders. "Richie's friend." Millany's grin turned to a teasing smirk.

"Looks like his best friend," She said before plopping down on the couch. Howard took his usual chair, Joanie quickly snagged the seat next to Millany with a broad, proud grin, Marion perched beside Joanie and Fonzie and Richie sat across from the girls. Millany put her arm around Joanie in a half hug before resting her arm on the back of the couch.

"So, Millany," Marion said with a fond smile. "How have things been at NYU?" Millany shrugged.

"Things have been good," She said casually. "I'm majoring in Engineering." Howard made a sound of surprise.

"You know, Richie's going to be a journalist," He said with pride. Millany grinned over at her cousin.

"That's great, Rich!" She said enthusiastically. "Hey, maybe one of these days you'll be doing an article on me-the best female engineer in the whole U.S. of A." Richie grinned. Millany really had changed for the better. Fonzie had been right.

"That'd be really cool," He said happily. Fonzie grinned at his friend, glad that he wasn't as nervous or scared as he had been a few moments before.

"What's engineering all about?" Joanie asked frowning up at Millany slightly. Millany looked down at her younger cousin and thought for a moment.

"It's all about building things," She said finally. "Buildings, new cars, and a lot of other things." Joanie nodded, somewhat understanding what the older girl was talking about.

"What area of engineering were you thinking of going into, Millie?" Howard asked, leaning forward in his chair slightly. Millany smirked.

"Mostly I was thinking of designing new motorcycle lines, or even cars," She said, voice dripping with excitement and enthusiasm. Fonzie's interest peaked.

"You're into bikes?" He asked tilting his head to the side. Millany's gaze turned to him and she nodded.

"Yeah," She said. "I've got one sitting outside. Harley Davidson, 1955 FL, with a few modifications." Fonzie leaned forward, his eyes widening a small portion.

"That's the latest model, isn't it?" He asked intrigued. Millany smirked and nodded. Fonzie was hooked. "Oh, man! Can I see it?" He asked already moving to stand up. Millany grinned and stood.

"Yeah, sure," She said going to the door. Fonzie stood and followed her out. Richie and the rest of the Cunningham family came after. All of them were curious about Millany's bike. Fonzie moaned appreciatively at the sight of the beautiful red Harley parked next to his own light brown motorcycle. He ran his hand over the handles and across the seat.

"What modifications did you make?" Richie asked, just as impressed by the bike as Fonzie. Millany approached her bike and tapped the place behind the back seat.

"Well, I took the rack off," She said crossing her arms. "I personalized the handles-," she gestured to the handles that had what looked like claw marks running across them, "-I painted this-," she ran her finger across the front wheel guard where a flying blackbird had been painted, "-and that's about it." Fonzie sucked in a breath.

"Maaaan," Fonzie drawled. "I would love to take this baby out for a ride." Millany mounted her bike and leaned back, looking up at the others.

"I'll let you ride her," She said seriously. "But, only if you let me ride yours." Fonzie looked over at his cherished bike, then at Millany and then at Richie. The redhead looked at Fonzie pleadingly. He wanted to ride Millany's bike too. Fonzie looked down at Millany.

"Okay," He said nodding. "But only if Richie gets to ride with me." Millany looked at her cousin and saw the large grin that spread across his face. She smirked, a strange, almost knowing look in her eyes.

"You got it," She said standing from her bike. She pulled the keys out of her pocket and handed them to Fonzie. "Be careful with my girl, got it?" She asked, still holding onto the keys. Fonzie nodded.

"Same to you, Millie," He said. Millany smirked and let go of the keys. Fonzie relinquished the keys to his bike to Millany and mounted the red Harley. Richie climbed on behind him and rested his hands on Fonzie's hips.

"You kids be careful," Marion said holding onto Howard's arm. Joanie bounced up and down.

"I wanna ride!" She exclaimed. "Can I daddy?" Millany sat back in Fonzie's bike and looked at the dark haired girl.

"She can ride with me if it's alright with you, Uncle Howard," She said holding Fonzie's helmet in her hands. Joanie looked up at Howard hopefully. Howard looked at Marion and sighed.

"Alright," He said. "Just make sure she's wearing a helmet." Millany grinned as Joanie ran up to her and grabbed the helmet, securing it on her head. She got on the bike behind Millany and wrapped her arms around her waist.

"Ready?" Millany asked. Joanie nodded excitedly and the two bikes were started up and backed out of the driveway. They started down the road, gaining speed as they went. Millany would glance over at Fonzie and Richie every now and then, noticing that Richie's head found its way to Fonzie's shoulder and the way he'd wrapped his arms around Fonzie's waist. She smiled, and moved a bit closer to them on the road. "Where to?" She hollered over the whipping wind and roaring engines.

"How about Arnold's?" Richie called over, his head snapping up from its previous resting place. Millany looked at Fonzie to see if that was alright with him.

"Sounds good," Fonzie said looking over at them for a moment.

"Alright!" Joanie cheered from behind Millany. "That's where Richie and Fonzie are always hanging out," She explained in Millany's ear. Millany nodded and followed Fonzie as he led the way to Arnold's. They pulled into the parking lot and parked the bikes side by side.

"I gotta say," Fonzie said leaning back, causing Richie to lean back as well, "this is one fine bike." Millany grinned at the compliment to her ride.

"I'd have to agree about yours," She said propping the bike up on its kickstand. "It's quite a bike. I can see why you love her." Joanie hopped off and put the helmet on the seat. Millany dismounted and handed Fonzie his keys. Fonzie gave Millany the keys to her own bike and they headed inside, grabbing their normal booth.

"Thanks for letting us ride your bike, Millie," Richie said grinning. Millany smirked, leaning back and spreading her arms across the back of the seat. Fonzie couldn't help but be distracted my how much like a guy she acted-the jeans, leather jacket plus the bike shouted masculinity. Something was off.

"Not a problem," She said grinning. "So, what's good here?" Richie was quick to list off the things that were good. Millany nodded and Fonzie snapped his fingers, grabbing the attention of a waitress.

"What'll you have?" She asked smiling at Fonzie before her gaze traveled over the other three at the table. Her smile faltered when she took in Millany's appearance.

"What sounded good to you, Millie?" Richie asked. She shrugged.

"I'll trust your judgment," She said with a short nod. Richie grinned and ordered chocolate shakes all around. When the waitress came back she set the shakes in front of each of them. Millany reached for hers, her fingers brushing the back of the girl's hand. Fonzie noticed that the girl blushed at the contact. He glanced at Millany in time to see her smile softly at the girl. Things were getting very curious. Millany saw Fonzie watching her and she smirked at him. Richie saw the exchange and something burned within him like nothing he'd ever felt. Anger…resent…jealousy. Joanie was oblivious to the exchange, happily sucking down her shake.

They switched back to their respectable bikes on the way back home at sunset. Dinner was rather uneventful other than catching up with each other…and Richie's burning insides. All through dinner Fonzie and Millany would exchange these little glances. He didn't like it. He knew he was in love with the one and only Fonz, and he also knew that Fonzie would never return that affection. He was straight and loved girls. But this…this was unbearable! His own cousin! For God's sake!

After dinner Richie went straight up to his room. Millany got settled in Chuck's old room. Fonzie went up to his apartment above the garage. Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham went to their own room and Joanie went to bed as well. Richie couldn't sleep. He couldn't stop thinking of the little looks and smirks that went between Fonzie and Millany that evening. It disturbed him greatly and he wanted to talk to Fonzie about it, make sure that Fonzie wasn't interested in his cousin, but he knew that wouldn't work. Of course Fonzie was interested in Millany. She was different than any of the girls in Milwaukee. Richie turned on his side and sniffled. This sucked…

Fonzie looked up at Richie's darkened window and sighed. He leaned against the outer wall of the house, hands stuffed into his jacket pockets. It had become a ritual with him-standing under Richie's window, wondering why he didn't have the guts to tell the redhead how he felt. But then again, he knew why. Discrimination was a horrible thing. He'd heard all the stories about how this person or that person was killed-mutilated-because they were homosexual.

"You know, this is very close to the way a stalker would act." Fonzie jumped and whirled around towards the voice. Millany stepped closer to Fonzie, a smug smirk tugging at her lips. He didn't calm down. "Calm down, Fonzarelli," She said pulling a pack of Marlboro's from her pocket and slipping one of the cigarettes out. "I'm not gonna try and jump your bones. I hate to put a dent in your lady's man rep, but I'm not interested." Fonzie did calm down a bit.

"Alright, then what are you doing out here?" He asked leaning against the wall again. Millany lit the cigarette and took a long drag from it. She blew the smoke out, trapping Fonzie with her dark gaze. In the night her eyes looked black with no pupils, making her look like some creature instead of a human.

"I could ask you the same thing," Millany said thumping dead ashes into the grass. "Look, Fonzie, I've only been here a grand total of five hours, but I've noticed quite a few things in that short amount of time." She took another drag, smoke streaming from her mouth as she spoke. "You're in love with my cousin." She gestured to Richie's bedroom window. Fonzie froze. Was he that obvious? Who else knew?

"How did you know?" Fonzie asked. There was no use in denying it. Millany ran a hand through her hair and scratched at the back of her neck.

"Well, it was the way you looked at him for the most part," She said shrugging. "Like he was the only person in the world that mattered, that you'd do anything in the world for him just to see him smile." Fonzie sighed and shook his head.

"Am I that obvious?" He asked distressed. Millany chuckled and shook her head, stomping out her cigarette.

"Nah," She said going to lean against the wall beside him. "I've made it a habit to be observant of those around me." Fonzie was relieved that Millany was the only one who'd noticed. "In case you're wondering, no, I'm not going to discriminate against you or Richie. Richie's like my brother, and you're practically a Cunningham as it is."

"'Eeeeeyyyy, I only aim to please," Fonzie said with his trademark grin. Millany laughed and patted Fonzie on the shoulder in a friendly manner.

"Look, Fonzie," She said squaring him with a serious look. "I'm only gonna tell you this once, so listen. I would suggest you tell Richie how you feel, and fast. He's getting suspicious that you're taking an interest in me." She pushed off the wall and started walking away while Fonzie stood there gawking at her. She turned and smirked at him. "And Fonzie, if I ever catch wind of you mistreating my cousin…you and your bike are dead. Have a nice night." She grinned at him and started walking away again; disappearing into the night just as she'd appeared.

Fonzie leaned his head against the wall, looking up at Richie's room. He knew Richie was asleep under his covers, probably curled up on his side. Fonzie sighed and made his way back to his apartment. He needed some sleep before facing the next day…