So, I promise, an update for Veni, Vidi, Vici will come, but I'm having some major writer's block, so I wrote this piece to see if I could cure it. I might continue it, I might leave it as is... depends mostly on the reaction to the story. :) It's not like anything I've ever written so please review!

Also, I've messed with the ages a bit. Angel is closer in age to the rest of them than she is in the books. Oh, and no wings!

Chapter 1:

"Faannng!" Max complained when I pulled her ponytail again. "Stop it!"

"Make me!" I taunted back.

"Children, children, settle down, please," Ms. Martinez said. We all got quiet for her. It was rude not to listen when other people were talking, 'specially adults. My momma taught me that and apparently everyone else's did, too, because when Ms. Martinez asked for quiet, we usually were pretty good. Well sometimes. Right now was a "family meeting" and that meaned we had to be real quiet and good, else we won't get to go play for a long time.

"Thank you," Ms. M said. "We're getting a new member of the family today and I want you all to be very nice to him-"

"We're always nice, momma," Ella said. I rolled my eyes at her.

"Well, you need to be especially nice to Iggy," Ms. Martinez said.

"Oh! Ooh!" Nudge said, with her arm high in the air, "I bet Iggy is the new kid!"

"Well, no, duh, dummy" I told her because it was so obvious, but Ms. M gave me "the Look" and told me to behave.

"Yes, Nudge, Iggy is the new member of our family and he's been through a lot so he might seem strange."

"Strange how?" Max asked.

"Well, he's going to react differently to things like touch and he's much more sensitive to words," Ms. Martinez explained. "His real family was very mean, so we have to be very nice to make up for it."

"I can do that!" little Gazzy from his spot next to baby Angel, his real sister.

"Good, Gazzy. That's the spirit. Also he's blind and doesn't speak much. Hopefully we can help with the speech, but he'll always be blind."

"Ms. Martinez," Gazzy said, "what does 'blind' mean?"

"It means he can't see," Max said wisely and all the little ones 'ahh'd' at her knowledge. Not me though. I already knew that!

"Now, he'll be here very soon, so I want everyone to help clean up, okay?" We all groaned at that. Cleaning's no fun at all! Not like playing!

"Okay?" Ms. M repeated more firmly.

"Fine!" we all said.

I cleaned, but I wasn't happy about it! Then, I played dinosaurs until the doorbell ringed. I looked at Max with big eyes.

"He's here!"

I ran on tiny legs downstairs with Max behind me. Good thing I was wearing my new sneakers cause they helped me run super fast!

Ms. Martinez was already at the door and ran up next to her and looked out.

There was a boy about my age. He had reddish-blonde hair and these big, blue eyes that looked funny.

I tilted my head to the side. "Hey, why are your eyes all cloudy like that?" I asked him.

"Fang!" Ms. Martinez, scolded.

"It's cause he's blind, Fang! The clouds got inside his eyes cause they were so pretty and now they won't leave and that's why he can't see. There are clouds in the way."

"Ohh," I said in acknowledgment. "That makes sense." The boy's face got all red and he looked at his feet (well, kinda... he can't see so can't really look at his feet.)

"My name's Fang!" I said loudly in greeting, "Cause Fang's are super cool and it sounds better than stupid Nick.

"And this is Max!" I continued. "Which is stupid because she's a girl and Max is a boy's name! And that's Nudge, because she doesn't shut up! And next to Nudge is Gazzy because he farts a lot. And next to Gazzy is Angel... because, well, because."

Iggy just stared at his feet more, which is really rude if you ask me, so, even though I knew he his name I asked, "What's your name?"

He still wasn't saying anything. I looked up at Ms. M and opened my mouth to ask her why the new kid wouldn't talk, but she interrupted me.

"Fang, Iggy doesn't speak," she explained to me.

"Why not?" I asked. Why wouldn't anyone want to speak. Talking was, like, the coolest thing ever! Except for sometimes you'd get in trouble for it, which was never fun. I always talked too much according to Ms. M.

"Well, Fang," Ms. M said, "he had a very hard time at his old home and he just stopped talking."

"But, why doesn't he talk now?" I pressed. I still didn't really get why having a hard time meant you had to stop talking, but I guess it does.

"Fang, that's enough questions for now," Ms. M said in that voice that meant I needed to stop, "Why don't you show Iggy up to the room you two will be sharing?"

"Okay!" I yelled, forgetting about my questions. Iggy would love our room! There toys and dinosaurs and lots of other cool things that I just knew he would love! "Come on, Igs!"

I started up the stairs, but realized that Iggy wasn't following. I frowned. Didn't he want to see our new room?

"Aren't you coming?" I felt my lip poke out in a pout.

Iggy nodded slowly and took a really slow step with his arms out. Then another. Ms. M grabbed one of his arms gently though, before he walked into the kitchen table. I want to hit my head against the wall when I realize Iggy can't see! That's why he didn't follow!

Even with Ms. M leading him, Iggy stubbed his toe real bad on the bottom step.

"Oh, shoot, Iggy!" Ms. M said, "I'm sorry! I forgot to tell you about the stairs. Are you okay?"

Iggy nodded his head even though I could tell the stair really hurt. Stubbing your toes always hurt.

"Okay, let's take this slowly then," she said with a comforting smile that Iggy couldn't see. I got real sad for some reason watching Ms. M lead Iggy up the stairs. She had to tell when to step and how high and to turn when they got the twisted part of the stairs.

When they finally got upstairs Ms. M smiled real big at Iggy, then said, "We made it."

I smiled, too, and laughed a bit.

"Come on, Iggy!" I said happily. "Let's go to our room! No girls are allowed in there." I grabbed his arm in excitement and started to run, but he gasped real scared like and jumped backwards, right into Ms. M. He was shaking badly and jumped forwards when he hit Ms. M.

I frowned again. I couldn't figure out why my new brother was so afraid. I got a little jumpy when someone snuck up on my (only I'll never tell Max that!), but he looked really afraid. I remember Ms. M saying that he would react all weird to touch, but I didn't think it would be this weird!

"Hey, Iggy, it's okay," Ms. M comforted. "it's just Fang. He's just going to show you to your new room, okay?"

Iggy nodded and put his thumb in his mouth. I didn't suck my thumb anymore 'cause I was a big boy, but apparently Iggy still did. It was okay though. If it made him feel better.

I felt really protective over him all of the sudden watching my new brother stand at the top of the stairs sucking his thumb. He looked so little and scared and I just wanted to make everything better.

I promise, I'll never let anyone hurt you ever again, I promised him to myself.