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So, I'm hoping I can introduce some plot soon... maybe. But for now, we can just enjoy some adorable kid!Flock! This is kinda a filler chapter so you can see Iggy's interactions with people that aren't Fang

Gazzy POV

Iggy is cool. He's a little weird and kinda quiet and stuff, but he's cool. He let's me hang out with him, which Max and Fang don't because they're meanies! Usually Iggy's either with me or Fang, or sometimes he watches Angel. Well, doesn't watch, but holds and kinda of plays with because she's too little to really play. And sometimes Nudge drags him off to go play, but mostly it's her talking and him listening. I don't know how he does it. Nudge talks way too much.

"Hey Iggy?" I asked one day, while we were playing.

"Yeah," he said, cocking his head to side.

"What's it like being blind?"

"Well, it's like, um, not being able to see."

I sighed. "I know that. But, I mean, is it like having your eyes closed?"

"No," he said. "It's like... being locked in a dark closet with your eyes closed super tight with a blindfold on while covering your eyes with your hands, then trying to do stuff."

"Wow," I said. "That sounds really scary."

Iggy shrugged. "It is. Until you get a little used to it."

We played for awhile longer before I had another question.

"Hey, Iggy?"

"Yes?" He sounded like he was getting impatient.

"Do you see in your dreams?"

He was quest for awhile. "Yeah."

"Well, that's nice then!" I said with a smile. Because it was, right?

"Not really," he answered.

"Why not?" I asked. Surely it was nice to be able to see a little bit, even if it was in a dream.

Iggy didn't explain. He was just quiet for awhile and I'd forgotten about the question completely when he did speak up.

"I don't like having to wake up to the darkness. When I see in my dreams, I forget I'm blind and it's like having to go through not being able to see every morning."

He didn't sound overly sad as I thought he should have. He just sounded sort of tired I guess, which seemed to make everything even more sad.

We just played quietly from then on until lunch time.

Max's POV

Ms. Martinez made us all mac and cheese for lunch. It was really good, and Iggy seemed to have finally gotten the hang of using silverware, which was good. Mac and Cheese is too messy to eat without silverware.

"Hey, Ms. M?!" I said trying to get her attention. She gave me one of her looks and I couldn't figure out why.

"Inside voice, Max," she said. I wanted to roll my eyes at that, but knew I would get in trouble for bein' disrespectful.

"Sorry," I said, but I wasn't really. "Can we go to the park when we're finished eating?"

She looked like she was going to say no for a second, but then said, "That sounds like a great idea," instead. We all cheered and ate quickly, but probably shouldn't have because Ms. M kept eating at her slow face and feeding Angel real slowly, too, so we had to wait anyways. Then she made us do the dishes. Dishes are so boring.

Then she had to put sunscreen on all of us. I tried to tell her that sunscreen was for swimming not park-going, but she said sunscreen is for whenever you're going outside.

But, we were finally all ready to go to the park, even baby Angel in a big sun hat because as a baby here skin was really delicate, and a stroller. The park was only a five minute walk from where we lived up, at the school that we went to. Well, everyone but Angel, Iggy, and Gazzy.

Iggy had to hold onto Angel's stroller as we walked and Ms. M gave him lots of instructions. Everyone always held hands when we had to cross the street, but she was extra careful with Iggy because he couldn't see. When we had to cross streets Ms. M would tell him exactly when to start walking and where to go and where the curb was and how high it was. We ended up taking a lot longer to walk there than usual, but it was okay.

Even though it was nice outside, we were the only kids there, which was okay. Not having someone to play with was never a problem in our house. Fang, Gazzy, and Nudge all ran off to play superheroes in the jungle-gym, but I decided I wanted to swing instead.

I ran off to the swingset, but turned around in confusion when I suddenly realized that Iggy wasn't off playing with Fang. He spent the majority of his time with Fang, but for some reason he was standing next to Ms. M now, not playing. I realized that it was probably almost impossible for him to play on a jungle-gym since there were so many ladders and things.

I ran back to where Ms. M and he were standing. "Iggy! Do you wanna swing with me?"

I probably spent the least amount of time with Iggy, so he looked kinda confused there for a second, but nodded his head. I took his hand and led him across the playground to the swings. As we walked past the jungle-gym, Fang called out.

"Hey, Iggy, why are with Max? Don't you wanna play with us?"

"No!" I yelled for him. "He's going to swing with me! Right Iggy?"

Iggy nodded and I stuck my tongue out at Fang. I don't know why Iggy liked him. He was so annoying and such a boy.

When we arrived at the swings I guided Iggy to one and sat on the one next to it, but he wasn't doing anything.

"Hey, don't you want to swing?" I asked.

"I've never swinged before," he said.

"Swung," I corrected immediately, before realizing that I wasn't actually sure if swung was right either. "Here, I'll teach you," I said. I got up and helped him sit on the swing and he looked surprised at the moving chair with no back. "Now, put your hands here and hold on real tight, okay? Don't let go!"

"Okay," he said. I took the swing and pulled it backwards, before releasing it and letting it fly forwards. He sat up straight and held the strings that attached the swing to the metal thing really tightly, but seemed to relax after a little bit when he realized what was going on.

"Now, when you come up, pull backwards with your hands, lean back, and kick your feet out, and when you start going down, lean forwards and pull your legs in. You'll get the pattern down eventually," I told him.

He did so, awkwardly at first like everyone, but got the hang of it pretty quickly and was soon swinging without my help. He laughed loudly, surprising me, when he reached the top and leaned almost all the way back, before coming up again.

I smiled, proud to have taught him something that made him laugh like that.

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