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Clark Kent sits at his desk one summer afternoon and stares at Lois Lane as she was focus on a story she was writing. He did his best not to make it noticeable, but soon looks away as Lois's husband kisses her and her son (well their son) Jason gives her a hug. Clark hated days like this when they look so happy and he's invisible.

*It's just has to be that way… I guess* Clark thinks to himself

"Hey Clark" Clark looks up from his computer and sees his friend Rachel Knight standing over him, "You okay?"

Rachel was a tall hispanic woman with medium tan skin. She was an attractive woman, but Clark never really thought of her that way because she was always a great friend to him especially on those days when he was really down. She is the type of person that was always smiling and never put herself first. That's a trait he loved about her.

Before he could respond Lois walks up to them.

"Clark I'm taking my break and was wondering if you could call me if you hear any news about the Wilson case"

"Yeah sure thing" Clark gives her a smile.

"Thanks" She says in reply, "Hi Mary"

She storms to the elevator with her family before Rachel could speak.

"I've been coming down here for months now and she still hasn't learned my name" She says as she watches Lois disappear behind the elevator doors. Clark couldn't help, but laugh.

"So what's going on?"

"Nothing much just getting through the day" Clark says as he scans his computer screen.

"Ah it's one of those days, huh?" Rachel grabs a chair from a vacant desk and sits next to Clark.

"You need to get out more" She says with a smile.

"I'm busy" He replies with his words sounding muffled through his hand. That was covering his mouth as he concentrated on his work.

"Come on Clark" Rachel puts a hand on his shoulder and the other hand on his forearm, "You need to relax and stop thinking about work every once in a while"

Clark gives her a side glance. She wasn't going to let this go. He liked that about her, but sometimes her stubbornness was annoying probably because it reminded him of how stubborn he could be.

"Clark I could take you out in the city and we could have a lot of fun" She says with her hands still on Clark.

"Okay I'll see if I can" Looks at her directly and grins, "but I can't make any promises"

"I'm fine with that" She returns the chair she was siting on back to its rightful place and headed back to the elevators.

"I'll call you later"

"You better" she smiles at Clark, "And tell me when you want to have some fun ahead of time, okay?"

"Will do" Clark smiles back

Clark uses his X-ray vision and watches Her as she rides the elevator back to her floor and walks to her work space. He turns to stares at his computer while he listened to the city. There wasn't a single crime or disturbance happening. Nor, was there any sign of something happening later that day. Clark turns to look at his cell phone.

Ring-Ring Ring-Ring Ring-Ring


"Want to do something tonight?" Clark looks at Rachel and sees her mouth form a smile.

"Yeah, I have the perfect place, if that's alright" Her smiles bigger

"Sure we can go there after work"

"I actually have to drop something off at my place first, but you can pick me up later"

"I can come with you" The words sort of slipped out of his mouth. He felt a little embarrass, "If it's okay with you I mean"

"Sounds great to me" She said, "See you after work Clark"

"See you then"


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