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The cab finally came to a halt in front of the tall hotel, letting Rachel out into the chilly night. She's been at the police station for hours, testifying and identifying the men, and all she wanted to do was collapse on her bed to fall asleep, but as she walked into the lobby the door man and a couple of maids started to ask her questions about the incident. Even though she didn't feel like talking she kindly answered them because she knew if she didn't do it know they'll bug her later about it. Until the attendant at the front desk broke them up and told them to go back to work.

"I'm sorry about that Miss Knight I promise that will not happen again. You've been through a lot today, so I won't keep you any longer" with that he smiled at her and excused himself.

"Thank you, goodnight"

"Goodnight, Ma'am"

Once in her apartment she was finally able to let her emotions sink in. She lay down on the floor to stop the spinning in her head, her stomach was in a knot, and tears began to stream down to her ears. This day was a living nightmare, nothing made sense anymore and she felt numb. Not only was she a hostage, she saw the man that made her cry in her sleep for the last two weeks. He didn't need to say or do anything, and that was the why she's suffering. The lack of contact killed her, is still killing her. Nothing has been the same since that night they made a horrible mistake, if she could she'd erase that day no matter how she felt about Clark. She loved him and sadly still loves him, but everything was so messed up she had little hope left.


The knock at the door scared her enough that she stood up, shacking; it was nearly midnight so no one should be coming by. She figured it was probably the lobby attendant checking up on her one last time. Slowly she walked from her space on the floor, unlocking and opening the door.

As the door opened she immediately saw bright blue eyes and closed the door a little to hide her face from the man.

"Rachel?" Clark kindly whispered "Can I please come in?"

Rachel stared at the floor, thinking a mile a minute, wondering if she should let him inside or slam the door in his face after giving him an earful. Then she thought there was no point in telling him to leave, he did come by, but she decided to stop overthinking and just let him in. "Sure" She responded with signs of exhaustions from her voice and body language. She unhinged the door from the top lock, opened the door for him to enter, but she walked away to the kitchen without a word.

*I need a drink* She thought to herself.

"Are you okay?" He sounded freaked. *Don't pay attention to him just be nice and he'll leave* Rachel hated sounding so bitter, but she was not in the mood to deal with Clark. "Friend" or not.

"Actually letting you in was a bad idea. You should go to your fortress or wherever you live now. I really don't want to talk to you?" She let her frustration be known and hopefully it would convince him that she meant business.

"All I did was asked if you were okay?" He responded, matching Rachel's frustration.

"Seriously? The Daily Planet was attacked today, I was scared shitless for my life, and I had a brief moment where I thought you…." Rachel paused a moment to focus on her words. She didn't need her emotions get the better of her "Just get out Clark I don't want you here, so go on home"

She pointed to the door waiting for him to go away when he didn't she stomped to the fridge. Clark followed close behind.

"Rachel I understand you went through a lot, but talk to me" She slammed the fridge door as she took a gulp of beer. "I told you before that I would always be here for you, why don't you believe me?"

She glared at him full of anger. "BECAUSE YOU LEFT!" He put his arms up in defense completely startled.

"Rachel I..." He started to say.

"YOU KNOW WHAT? I DO WANT TO TALK!" She slammed the beer on the counter, nearly breaking it, and let him have it.

"YOU LIED, CLARK. YOU DID SAY YOU WOULD ALWAYS BE THERE FOR ME, BUT GUESS WHAT YOU'RE NOT. I KNEW WHAT HAPPENED WOULD AFFECT OUR FRIENDSHIP, BUT LIKE AN IDIOT I WAS HOPING WE WOULD PRETEND I-IT...it didn't happen." Tears flowed down her cheeks, surprisingly feeding the fire scorching inside, but she kept it in. "So Clark I'm having a very hard time believing you"

He dropped his head to avoid her eyes and didn't say a word. "Really? Nothing at all?...You know what forget it"

He zoomed past him, but before she could exit the kitchen he grabbed her arm to hold her close.

"Clark, let go of me" She yelled while she struggled against him.

"Can I say something?"

"No just get out"

"Rachel please" He place his hand on her shoulder, so she would face him "You're right"

He looked down at her, but she refused to return his gaze so she just stared at his chest. "I broke my promise to you and I am truly sorry"

Her head came in contact with his chest "Why did you leave?"

"I...I don't kno..." He paused to think "I guess I was scared"

Rachel raised her head to look at Clark. This time he was looking at the ground with his hand lightly on her. "I was scared that I lost what we had, but instead of saving it I ended up ruining it"

"You gave me a second chance at...well everything and I quickly realized that I lost the best thing that ever happened to me. The reason I didn't come by to tell you earlier is because after I messed up everything I thought you hated me..."

"You talk too much" Rachel grabbed his face between her palms, pulling him down to her level.

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