Everyone was walking up to a three story house that looks a like it was build in the late 1800's; in the front yard you can see lots of toys that was left outside. You could see three lager trees' outside that was already changing its colors. To get to the house you had to take the stairs look like there was over 20 steps. When Naru and gang got there they were met by two people one was a woman around the age of 23 she wear a black shirt with blue jean pants she had red hair with blue eyes and to her left was a little boy look almost like her but he didn't have red hair he had black hair. Naru step up and hold out his hand and said "hi my name is Kazuya Shibuya" the women look at his hand and sold " hi it nice to meet you Mr. Shibuya my name is kikyo touish and its nice to meet you " she look at everyone then back Naru and said "uhm my I ask who did you bring with you" Naru look Hannah who walk up to kikyo and said " hi my name is Hannah Kelly and this is my little sitter key Kelly and to my left is my older brother Luke Kelly" Hannah said as she pointed to key and Luke and everyone look at her with their mouths open

Kikyo just smiled at them and turn to look at everyone "and you are you two" Naru look at her and said "they are with me this is Lin Kōujo and Mai Taniyama they are my assistants" Lin and mai both bowed their head to her.

"And may I ask who are you people" kikyo said as she pointed at they.

Monk smiled at her and said "my name is Hōshō Takigawa my a Buddhist monk from Mt. Koya but you can call me monk"

John smiled and hold his out and said "good day mate my name is john brown and Caucasian Catholic priest it's nice to meet you" kikyo smiled at him and shake his hand

Ayako just look at her and said "Ayako Matsuzaki and am self-styled Shinto miko"

Masako was about to say who she was when "OMG your Masako Hara" masako look to see who said that, she was the little boy smiling and said " yes I am" then turn to look at kikyo and bowed her head. Kikyo look around and said "uhm… may I ask who all has PK" mai look up at everyone then smiled a evil smiled Hannah saw the look but didn't say anything "we have three people who has PK" Hannah look at Naru and then to kikyo and said "and am one of them" mai look at her and said then look at Naru but didn't say anything to that. Kikyo look around and said "and who is the third one"

Hannah smiled and said "the third one is not allowed to say who he or she is" when Hannah said that mai look around and said "why is the third one not allowed to say who they are" Hannah did answer her just smiled and step back. Kikyo just look at mai then Hannah and said "will the master of the house said to show you to the rooms that you be using" when she said that a pie came out of nowhere and hit monk in the face

"what the-" john said that a other pie came out of nowhere but stop right in front of john " monk are you okay" Hannah said not looking at him but at the pie that was inch away from hitting john in the face

Monk stand up with lift over pie on his face and said "hey am fine Hannah" then he look at every one and said "what was that" just as he said that a other pie came out of on where but stop short of hitting Hannah in the face "looks like joker know that you here" kikyo said as she started to laugh at that everyone was laughing at monk even Hannah started to laugh at monk but forgot aobut the pies that was in front of her and john


Everyone look at Hannah and john started to laugh at them even Lin and Luke started to laugh at them. Naru look at everyone and then look at kikyo and said "does this happen all the time " kikyo tried to stop laugh and said "y-yes this happen every time someone comes here" naru just look at her and said " if you all are done would you show us to are rooms" kikyo look at them and said " oh yes please this way "

Time moves fast

Every thing was set up in the base naru look at kikyo and said " miss touish would you please tell me what goes on here in the house" kikyo look at the little boy who was helping monk out. Hannah saw this and went to stand next to the little boy and said " hi there would you like to go outside with me and key" the little boy look at kikyo and said "can I" kikyo smiled and said "yes but be good okay" the little boy smiled really big smile and stand up and Hannah grad the little boys hand said "okay we be back later bye bye everyone" with that Hannah and key and the little boy walk out.

Naru, Luke, lin, and kikyo was sitting at a table " so miss touish what has been going on here to the house" kikyo look at naru and then look at the table

"will first nothing happen when the master got this house off a friend of his but as soon as he moved in things started to happen, like things started to be in one room but then when you turn around to do something else then look back the thing would be gone" kikyo look up at naru and said "when we went looking for anything that was gone was we would find it up on the roof" naru stop her and ask "is all the time on the roof" kikiyo look at him and said " yes always on the roof like it wanted one of us to go up on the roof and get it" luke stop typing and said "did anyone go up there" kikyo look at him and said "yes one of the ground keeper's went up there to get something when he fail off the roof"

Naru look at her and said "what happen to the man" kikyo didn't look at him and said " he die when he hit the floor." Everyone didn't say anthing just look her.

"tell me about the singer" naru said with his hands on a black book that he keeps with him at all times

Kikyo look at everyone and said " will she doesn't like anyone to singing" lin stop typing and said "what happens when someone sings" kikyo look at him and said "will she first she'll yell at you, when you don't stop she then trow thing at you but no one knows why she does that so the master of the house told everyone to never sing ever again"

Naru wrote something down then ask " what about the joker what does he do" kikyo siiged and said " where do I start"

"will start at the beginning" naru said

" right will at the begain if you come in the house he would throw pie and other thing" every one look at her with a look said –why didn't you say that in the first place- kikyo didn't look at them and said " then it will be the joke that he play on people like locking two people in a closet and then if you don't laugh at is jokes he will-" kikyo stop and didn't say thing else "miss touish we need to know more if we're going to help you " naru said

"he will get angryandd bad thing happen but that's all a going to say am sorry" kikyo said as she stond and started to walk out.

"HI EVERYONE WE"RE BACK" everyone stop and look at see key running in with Hannah and the little boy right behind her " kikyo sorry but he wanted to come back-"

Hannah stop and saw that she was leaving "what happen here are you guys done or what " naru look at Hannah said " yes we're miss hara you and john look around the house and see if you can find thing here, monk and Ayako do around house say what you can find out" everyone nodded there head.

Hannah look at her group and said "luke look into the history of the house see if you can find anything about the death of all that died here key you stay here" key look down at the ground and said "but I what to help to sister" Hannah smiled at her and said "oh you are helping me by watching the base" key eyes got big and said "really" Hannah turn to and said "yep I need to watch so make me proud" key smiled and went to sit down next to luke" naru look Hannah and said "miss Kelly I need to talk to outside" hannah smile at him and said "sure" with that Hannah and naru walk out of the base.