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"And the whole world has to anwser right now, just to tell you once again, who's bad"

Sebastian threw the slushy, aiming for Kurt's prissy designer clothes. The slushy he had gotten was special, made by a friend who assured him that it would render Kurt unable to wear his clothes again.

The slushy sailed through the air splattering all over Kurt, some landing on Blaine where he had tried to jump in front of the projectile. While everyone looked on in shock, Sebastian smiled smugly, a little upset that Blaine got in the way, but pleased with the results nonetheless.

Sebastian started to turn, ushering the other Warblers out with him, when the screaming started. The girls in New Directions rushed towards the two slushy covered boys, blocking them from view, but it was obvious something was wrong.

Finn, Puck, and Sam stepped toward Sebastian but were called back by the girls freaking out. The guys rushed over and an audible gasp was heard.

Finn turned back to face Sebastian, rage and confusion warring for dominance on his face. "What did you do?"

Sebastian was slightly confused. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out that he had ruined the boys' clothes, so what exactly were they referring to? "What do you mean?" He finally asked, as his curiosity silenced his self-preservation skills.

"This!" Finn shouted, moving aside so the boys inside the protective circle of their teammates were visible. "What did you do?"

Sebastian sucked in a breath when he realized that the boys he was expecting to be sitting there in ruined clothing was not what was present. Instead, literal boys were in the circle, swamped in too big clothing covered in red slushy. "What-I-Is that…?" Sebastian trailed off, truly shocked.

The two kids were curled close together, one tan with wild curly brown curls, no more than five years old, the other pale with light brown locks falling adorably in his extremely young face, no more than two years old.

"What did you do Sebas-Sebasan?" The curly haired kid, Blaine Sebastian realized, asked.

"I didn't do this! I have no idea what did this. I was just trying to ruin Kurt's clothing." Sebastian replied, trying not to smile out how adorable a tiny Blaine sounded, trying to say his name.

Kurt looked up then, a tiny, miniature version of his bitch-glare on his face. Sebastian smirked back at him, before he noticed the tears welling in his eyes. "Jesus." Sebastian ran a hand threw his hair. "There's no point arguing about this here. We're in a parking garage and they don't have any clothes on, they have to be freezing. Plus, I'm not too positive Kurt's potty trained. How old are you anyway, Hummel?"

Kurt glared at Sebastian. "M'not a baby, Se-Sefa- Bas'an!" The Warblers and the New Directions chuckled at Kurt trying to say Sebastian's name and completely messing it up. "Stop laughing!" Kurt pouted.

Finn swooped down and gathered Kurt and his ruined clothes up into his arms, while Puck did the same thing with Blaine. "You're right that this is not the place to have this discussion. You're coming back to our house with us, so you explain yourself to Burt." Finn said, trying to keep a tight hold on Kurt, who immediately began to struggle in his arms.

"Put me down!" Kurt whined.

"Little dude, you are way too tiny to walk around here. Plus, you're not wearing shoes or clothes. I think you're going to have to put up with it for now." Finn patted Kurt on the back as Kurt blushed.

"We'll follow you." Sebastian called out to the New Directions as they piled into their various cars, Puck and Finn riding next to each other in the back of Kurt's Navigator so that Blaine and Kurt could hold hands on the trip to Kurt's house.

Sebastian, Thad, Nick, and Jeff pulled into the Hudmel residence behind six other vehicles. Sebastian turned off the engine, and got out, the others following in his wake. Shadows could be seen moving behind the window curtains, and by the time the Warblers were about to knock, the door was forcefully opened by a semi-confused Will Schuester.

"Hey guys, come on in. Everyone is in the living room." The Spanish teacher led them into a cozy sitting room, where all the members of New Directions were packed onto various pieces on furniture, along with Burt Hummel, who sat in a recliner, with Kurt and Blaine on his lap.

"What the hell happened?" Burt directed at Sebastian.

"Honestly, Sir, I have no idea. I thought it would be funny to ruin Kurt's clothes, because he is so anal about fashion, so I had my friend mix me a slushy that wouldn't come out of his clothes. I had no idea that this would happen." Sebastian took a step back, and into the line of Warblers behind him.

Burt scoffed, focusing on his tiny son, who was leaning heavily into his boyfriend. "Carol ran out to get them some clothes, and things they'll need to get through the night. You four will stay until she gets back and we can talk about this some more. Everybody else, I'm going to ask you to leave. The last thing these guys need right now is to be crowded. Finn will keep you all updated. Will, I would like you to stay, and help me figure this out."

Everyone in New Directions looked like they wanted to argue, but quickly decided against it at Burt's angry glare, prompting them all to mumble quick good-byes and leave the Warblers in an awkward silence.

"Blaine, you have to know we had no idea something like this would happen." Jeff suddenly said, looking pleadingly at Blaine who only frowned back.

"But you knew something would happen?" He asked quietly. He sighed when all the Warblers except Sebastian looked away guiltily. "We were your friends."

"You are our friends." Nick replied.

"Well, it doesn't feel like it." Blaine pouted, pulling Kurt even further into his arms.

When it looked like Thad was going to make an attempt at an apology, Sebastian jumped in. "Do you know how old you are?"

"We think Kurt is probably two. At least, this is about the size he was when he was two. Blaine guessed that he was about four." Burt replied, looking up when he saw lights flash through the window. "It looks like Carol is back. Do you mind helping her with the stuff, Will?"

The teacher shook his head and hurried out of the front door to help Carol with the bags, both of them dumping them on the floor in front of Burt, startling Kurt out of the sleep he'd been in.

Burt looked down at his lap, a frown growing on his face. "Well I guess that answers the question on whether Kurt is potty trained."

Everyone looked over in confusion, quickly noticing the stain that had spread from Burt's lap, under Kurt, down his leg. Kurt looked down horrified, before bursting into tears. Blaine reached over to try and console his boyfriend, but Kurt pushed him away, making Blaine teeter dangerously on the edge of Burt's lap. Carol quickly reached over and scooped Blaine up into her own arms, reaching down for one of the bags.

"Blaine, sweetie, I know this is uncomfortable but we need to get you in some clothes and warmed up a little bit. So, you and I are going to go upstairs and you're going to take a bath, wash the slushy off of you, and get dressed. Afterwards, we can come back down and get something to eat while we decide what to do, okay?" Carol said softly. Blaine blushed to the roots of his hair, but nodded in resignation anyway.

The Warblers watched Carol walk out, before turning their attention back to Burt who was vainly trying to calm down a sobbing Kurt. Finn kneeled down in front of Burt and rubbed Kurt's back slowly.

"Hey, Little Man, it's not a big deal. It was an accident, you don't need to get so upset about it. We're not judging you." He cooed, but it just made Kurt cry harder, until he was sobbing and hiccupping, sounding like he was going to be sick.

"You need to calm down, Kurt Elizabeth. You're going to make yourself sick." Burt said sternly to no avail. Finally, Burt reached down and rifled through the bags left on the ground, before grabbing one and standing up. "I'm going to take him to go get cleaned up, I expect all of you to be right there when I get back." Burt glared at the Warblers.

They nodded in affirmation, watching Burt walk away with wide eyes, even Sebastian cowed into silence. Finn stopped to glare at the other boys before also leaving the room, leaving Mr. Schuester with the Dalton boys.

"We really didn't mean for this to happen." Thad said quietly.

Mr. Schuester nodded. "I'm sure you didn't mean for this specifically to happen, but you obviously meant for something to happen. You knew Sebastian was going to throw the slushy at Kurt, didn't you?" The teacher frowned hard when all the boys nodded. "Kurt was a Warbler last year, just as Blaine was. Why would you do something like that to your friend?"

"We just thought it was a prank, something funny." Jeff shrugged.

"Did you think Kurt would find it funny, because I don't think he would." Mr. Shue raised his eyebrows questioningly at the boys. The boys just glanced guiltily at each other, not bothering to answer. "That's what I thought."

"Look, I get it. We shouldn't have slushied him, but this isn't our fault. I didn't know it would do that to him, to Blaine." Sebastian interjected.

"So, because this wasn't the result you intended, you are innocent?"

"Well, I just meant, that we can't really be punished for something we didn't know would happen." Sebastian argued, ignoring his friends who were sending him not so subtle signals to be quiet.

Mr. Shue just looked at Sebastian curiously. "Have you ever taken responsibility for the things you have done?"

Before Sebastian could answer, Carol came back downstairs, Blaine securely in her arms, wearing a pair of Buckeyes pajamas, damp curls meshed to his head. Finn trailed behind her looking more wet than dry. When he noticed the Warblers' stares he shrugged.

"Kurt did not want to take a bath."

Blaine giggled, before quickly slapping a hand over his mouth. "I didn't mean to laugh."

Carol smiled at the child, before setting him down on the floor. "That's okay. I wanted to laugh too." Blaine smiled back shyly, shifting his body back towards the remaining bag on the ground, curiosity getting the best of him. "You can look in there, Blaine. I just bought a few things I thought you and Kurt might want to play with to get you through tonight, until we know how long you both are going to be like this. I'm going to go and make dinner, what do you all want?"

Blaine didn't answer, too busy digging through the bag and squealing over the toys he found inside to pay attention to conversation. Finn suggested hotdogs, which Mr. Shue readily agreed to. Carol looked over at the Warblers, who just continued to stare at her in shock.

"You guys are going to be here for a while longer, so you might as well eat. Is hotdogs and mac and cheese okay with all of you?" Carol asked kindly, walking out of the room after the boys had nodded.

Blaine was already flipping through a coloring book, as Finn plopped down next to him and started examining the toys, Mr. Shue on Blaine's other side passing him crayons. They all looked up a few minutes later when the comfortable silence was broken by a loud shriek, causing Blaine to freeze and sit up.

"I should go up there." Blaine said quietly, trying to make his way to the stairs. Sebastian grabbed him before he could make it, surprising everyone.

"I don't think that's a good idea. First of all, those stairs are way too big for you on a normal day, let alone after you've been shrunk. And secondly, I don't think Kurt wants you to witness whatever embarrassment he's going through right now." Sebastian said, half of his trademark smirk on his face.

Blaine glared but walked back over to his coloring book, plopping down on his behind, and ignoring all the attempts to distract him, eyes trained on the stairs. When Burt appeared on the steps a few moments later, a very red Kurt in his arms, Blaine ran over to soothe his boyfriend.

"Kurt, are you okay?"

"M'kay." Kurt squeaked out, half his face hidden in his dad's shirt. He wiggled slightly in an attempt to get his dad to let him down, finally succeeding when they reached the carpet where the coloring book and various other toys were laid out. As soon as Kurt was on the ground, he was in Blaine's arms, snuggled against his chest. Blaine rubbed his back over the soft baby blue onesie, humming in his high pitched toddler voice, in an attempt to keep Kurt calm.

Burt motioned for Mr. Shue, pointing towards the kitchen. "You boys stay here. Finn, keep an eye on your brother and Blaine. It looks like Blaine is coloring, Kurt why don't you join him while Carol, Will, and I speak in the kitchen?" Burt stepped out of the room, shutting the door behind him, leaving the boys alone.

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