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Sebastian woke in a manner he was quickly becoming used to, way before the time he would normally wake up and unsure of what had woken him. He laid quietly for a minute before realizing it was the sound of Kurt coughing noisily in his sleep and Blaine sniffing every few seconds that had woken him up. He gently disentangled himself from the sleeping boys, amused at how they seemed to gravitate towards one another when there was no barrier, and measured out a dose of medicine for Blaine. Sebastian shook Blaine's shoulder gently, coaxing the half asleep boy into sitting up to drink the medicine, before tucking him back under the blanket. Sebastian didn't even have to wake Kurt up to get him to swallow his dose of medicine, he simply put the medicine in a dropper and squeezed it into the sleeping boy's mouth.

Once both boys were tucked back into the middle of the bed, surrounded by pillows on all sides, Sebastian decided to take advantage of the time he had to himself. He left a baby monitor on the dresser and took the other one with him to bathroom so he could take a relaxing shower.

Done with his shower and assured Kurt and Blaine were still sleeping, Sebastian kept ahold of the baby monitor as he stepped out of the room, cell phone in hand. He checked the time and decided it was late enough in the morning that Santana would be awake. He dialed her number, thinking over how to phrase exactly what he needed from her.

"Is there a reason you're calling me at the ass crack of dawn, meerkat?" Santana answered, sounding no more angry than she had any other time he'd had the displeasure of speaking to her.

"Did I interrupt your much needed beauty sleep? Or is it visiting hours at the jail that houses your relatives, and I'm interrupting your precious bonding time with your criminal family?" Sebastian answered back in his usual snarky manner.

"Look horse-teeth, I could come over there to the Academy for the Hopelessly Gay and Not Fabulous and teach you a lesson, or you could tell me why you're sending me cryptic text messages and calling me way too early in the morning."

Sebastian could practically hear Santana rolling her eyes over the phone. "Kurt and Blaine came down with something I'm sure your glee club brought over here from your disgusting public school, and I think they could use some cheering up. They're stuck at Dalton, with me or a few of the other Warblers basically 24/7, and I know they could use some time away from here, feeling like they still belong with you guys, and that being like this won't change their relationships with all of you."

Santana was quiet for a second. "Be careful, home-wrecker, for a minute there it sounded like you actually care about them."

"Attempted home-wrecker, thank you very much." Sebastian snapped back. "Look, if you don't want to assemble the rest of your pathetic glee club and help, that's fine. I was under the assumption that the New Directions actually cared about each other, but I must have been mistaken."

"Chill, preppy. I don't want you to get your expensive women's underwear in a knot. We'll be there in a few hours."

"There's one other thing." Sebastian interjected quickly, ignoring Santana's insults. "I have an idea for Valentine's day that I think you guys could help me with."

"I'm listening."

Kurt jerked awake as the nightmare he'd been experiencing the last couple of nights played over in his head. He quickly wiped the tears from his face, not wanting Blaine or Sebastian to see that he had been crying. Just as he started looking around the room, noticing that Sebastian wasn't with them, Blaine started stirring next to him. Kurt smiled down at his boyfriend as Blaine blinked the sleep out of his eyes, trying to push away the images of Blaine leaving him that had plagued his dreams.

"Why do you look so sad?" Blaine asked, noticing the red tint to Kurt's beautiful eyes.

"M'not sad. Jus' still feelin' sick." Kurt replied, laying back down, and snuggling up to his boyfriend. "How d'you feel?"

"Like I have tissues up my nose." Blaine responded, wrapping his arms around Kurt. "Where's 'Bastian?"

"Dunno. Wasn't here when I woke up." Kurt shrugged.

"I was busy being a servant in my own school." Sebastian smirked, carrying a tray with breakfast on it, as he entered the room. He set the tray down on the bed, pulling the boys apart to sit on either side of him. "Eat up, you have some people coming to see you soon."

"Spoil sport." Blaine mumbled, as he picked up his fork and poked at his food.

Kurt looked between Sebastian and the tray of food, incredulously. "S'not hea'thy."

Sebastian stared Kurt down. "Your point is?" Sighing when Kurt pouted in reply. "First off, you're like two years old, your metabolism is running so quickly it doesn't really matter what you eat right now. Secondly, I don't know why you're so obsessed with food, it's not like you have a weight problem. You're at a perfectly healthy weight normally and in this body, so you need to relax with the calorie counting."

Blaine had stopped eating when Kurt first spoke up about the food, and was staring in between the two with wide eyes, looking unsure about who he should be agreeing with. Kurt noticed Blaine's wide eyes, and huffed, pout still in place, but picked up a fork nonetheless, and started eating.

"Who's comin'?" Blaine asked, trying to diffuse the tension.

"Your degenerate friends. They've been bugging me since you both got sick to come back and hang out with you, make sure I haven't poisoned you." Sebastian answered.

"Really?" Blaine asked, bouncing lightly in excitement. Kurt dropped his fork, and turned wide, excited eyes onto Sebastian, waiting anxiously for the answer.

"Really, really." Sebastian replied, gathering the tray to dump it in the garbage. "Do you want me to pinkie promise on it?" He huffed when Blaine glared at him in response. "You have just enough time take a bath and get dressed before they get here."

Both boys scooted towards the edge of the bed, eager to be clean and ready for their friends. Sebastian scooped them up, dropping Blaine at the edge of the closet to change into his swimsuit, before carrying Kurt into the bathroom, and making quick work of Kurt's old clothes and diaper, slipping on his swimsuit, and placing him gently in the filling tub. He called an all clear to Blaine, who ran in and practically leapt into the tub.

"Careful, smurf. You're not completely better, yet." Sebastian cautioned, helping Kurt wash his hair as Blaine washed himself.

Kurt rolled his eyes when he saw Blaine's pout. "He's fine, 'Bas."

"What was that, princess? I couldn't hear you over the congested sound of Blaine's breathing. It's almost as obnoxious as the coughing you were doing early this morning." Sebastian teased as he sat back against the sink, waiting for Kurt to finish rinsing himself, and for Blaine to finish washing his unruly curls.

Grabbing two towels, Sebastian held them out one at a time when the boys finished and stood up to be helped out. He sent Blaine off into the bedroom to get changed, and then helped Kurt into a new diaper and one of the pre-styled outfits.

Just as Sebastian was carrying Kurt out of the bathroom, his bedroom door slammed open and all of the New Directions came waltzing in. Kurt immediately started squirming in an effort to get down as the girls zeroed in on him and rushed over, squealing over his adorable outfit and general cuteness. Sebastian left Kurt in the girls' capable, but scary, hands and watched as the boys swarmed Blaine, commenting on all the cool toys scattered across the room.

Sebastian nodded to Santana, who nodded back. "I'll bring lunch by later." He made eye contact with Kurt, who looked grateful knowing his glee club wouldn't have to change his diaper.

"We're taking Blaine out to an arcade, so we might not be back for lunch." Finn said as Sebastian walked towards his door.

"Don't overdue. He's still sick." Sebastian called over his shoulder, leaving the room.

"The arcade? Really?" Quinn asked.

Finn shrugged in response. "We're going to totally take advantage of this while we can. We can totally go to like amusement parks and do little kid things now without people thinking we're weird."

"Boys." Mercedes rolled her eyes, Kurt nodding his agreement. "We're going to stay here. Kurt's still sick, and we don't want him to get worse. Besides, we can do way more interesting things than play video games at an arcade."

"Suit yourselves." Finn shrugged, lifting Kurt away from Mercedes and hugging him before handing him over to Blaine, who was glaring at them from the floor.

Blaine hugged his boyfriend, pressing a kiss to the side of his face while the rest of their glee club either Aww'ed, looked away, or whistled. Kurt blushed and pushed his boyfriend away, who grinned, but let go and ran to hop on Puck's back.

The boys filed out, calling goodbyes as they left, and shutting the door behind them. Once they were alone the girls and Kurt, settled on the floor around the coffee table.

"Okay, what's going on?"