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A pair of dark eyes gazed longingly at the white specks and silver swirls that caressed the midnight sky.

The luscious spheres of fires that the humans called, 'stars,' were shining brighter than usual, their glistening light serving to illuminate the face of a weary man in a pinstriped suit.

Although he was somewhat enthralled and comforted by their beautiful radiance, deep down in the bottom of his heart he felt the stench of reality taking hold, strengthening its meddlesome grip on his life.

No matter how much he wanted to believe otherwise, the human Doctor had to accept the truth.

These were not his stars. They were not the same impossible wonders that a daft old man had once sought to explore with his wonderful blue box thousands of years before.

Those enthralling balls of luminescence were of another universe, the one of which he now lived. They were nothing more than broken memories of a life once led by a weary traveler—a life stored up in his own head, though it had never truly been his.

Sometimes he could mentally block the images of that past from his mind, but every time he came close to doing so, an irresistible desire echoed from within his soul, telling him that he could not ignore something that was so deeply engrained within the very core of his being.

The thrill of wandering about the universe was at times so intense that the only way he could maintain his sanity was by taking a breath of fresh air in the revitalizing coolness of a starry night, like this one.

But as the reflections of those bright dots twinkled in his eyes, he remembered that a life such as that was meant for another. He would never again relish the beauty of a million sparkling planets, nor would he hold the responsibility of the entire universe upon his shoulders.

Perhaps it was better this way.

Sighing inwardly, the spiky haired man shuffled slightly, his slender fingers stroking the golden band that adorned in left finger, reminding him of what he did have to be thankful for in this parallel version of Earth.

Rose Tyler. His wife. The woman who had stolen his single human heart and continually given him the will to live day after day.

If it hadn't been for that seemingly ordinary blonde, his life in this limited world would be entirely depressing and hopeless.

She had tamed the storm brewing from within a man who had been born out of violence and bloodshed.

Together that had built a life that the Doctor would never have, and although it was often difficult to live domestically in a single place, the work he and his wife busied themselves with at Torchwood was often very rewarding.

Because even without his beloved time machine, the only man in that universe with the knowledge of the Time Lords could still make a difference in the world.

Rose had taught him that, and now as he recalled his past experiences, his heart clung to that hope desperately.

I may not have the TARDIS, but this Earth still needs defending.

The man's train of thought was suddenly interrupted by the soft pitter patter of footsteps that resounded from nearby, gradually reaching a crescendo as they continued to veer closer.

Looping his arm gently around her waist, the human Doctor pulled his wife close to him.

For a moment, the two simply stood there in complete silence, neither willing to speak.

"I knew I'd find you here." The blonde woman finally spoke, her light eyes locking on to those of her husband. "You really miss it, don't you?" He knew immediately what she was referring to.


"So do I." She whispered, her voice breaking as her warm hand delved into his.

His heart convulsed at the pain in her tone, and he searched her face, wanting to understand what was troubling her.

It was then that his perceptive eyes noticed the puffiness of her cheeks, the dark circles beneath her lashes becoming apparent.

"Rose," he breathed, his fingers gently stroking her face. "What's happened?"

A single droplet had now trickled down her reddened cheek, and she looked up silently pleading with him, her hand lingering above her stomach.

"I—" She tried to give him an explanation, but in truth he already had a very probable idea of what had happened.

Her bottom lip quivered, and he held her more securely in his arms as she tried her best to admit the truth.

"I-it came back n-negative. The test. I—" Rose Tyler tried her very hardest to remain strong, but it was no use because the tears came unrelentingly, and she had no control over her emotions.

His heart sank. Partly because of his own disappointment, but more so because of her sadness over the situation. He knew how much his wife longed to have a baby.

In fact, her agony nearly moved him to tears, though he was able to restrain himself, holding it all inside.

Be brave for her. If nothing else, be brave for Rose. It's what he would do.

Sifting his hand through her hair in a gesture of comfort, he forced her bleary eyes to meet his own.

"I'm sorry." His voice was genuine, though etched with despair. "We'll make it through this, I promise."

Rocking her back and forth slightly, the Doctor hoped to whatever God there was that he was right.

Burning—it was the only sensation that ravaged the woman's mind as her body writhed in agony.

Her brow was laced with sweat, and her light eyes were watering as she felt a burst of pain rush from her abdomen.

"Ugh…" She groaned loudly, as her hand clutched her abnormally large stomach.

Cringing, River Song, nearly screamed, her body forced to battle yet another contraction.

"Doctor—" Her voice shuddered, and she cried for the man who would never come.

She was only vaguely aware of the fact that the cat-like nurse had squeezed her hand more tightly.

"It's alright, Miss Song. You're doing great. Keep pushing."

But River scarcely heard any of it; every last thought was centered upon a certain man in a bow tie.

Her heart lurched from within her chest as she visualized her husband in her mind.

"Please…I…I…need you…" she rasped between breaths as the heavy droplets streamed down her wet cheeks.

In that moment, the curly haired woman wanted nothing more than for her husband to cradle her in his arms, to hold her close to his hearts.

A sudden force jolted from within her belly, causing her to whimper.

"You're almost there! Just keep pushing. You'll be alright." The nurse's attempts to persuade her met little success.

Alright? How was she supposed to be alright when she was enduring the most agonizing experience of her life without the man she loved?

"Doctor…" River breathed his name again, unable to focus on anything else.

She yearned for him desperately, with her entire mind, body, and soul, but she knew that her desires would not be fulfilled.

Because she hadn't told him.

It was for his protection, she had reassured herself so many times.

Only now did she truly realize just how vain she had been. It was one thing to justify something in one's mind, but it was quite another thing to physically endure it alone.

A series of hazy memories bled together, as River painfully recollected the last nine months of her life.

At first, she hadn't been showing at all, so when her husband had whisked her off in his TARDIS it had been a rather easy feat to conceal the truth from him.

However, as time progressed, she accumulated a perception filter in order to hide her pregnancy, not just from the Doctor, but also from the management at Stormcage, as well as a far greater threat that had long ago stolen her from her own parents.

The thought of having her Time Lord child endure the same if not more severe torment that she had was simply inconceivable.

That's why I'm doing this.

River's words pulsated through her convoluted mind, resounding louder than the indistinguishable mumblings of the nurse who knelt beside her.

Eyeing the familiar white walls that encased her, the curly haired woman could hardly believe she had only been in that place for less than a day.

It had been years since she was last hospitalized in the Sisters of the Infinite Schism facility, but she remembered her first experience there quite well.

This was the only hospital she had ever been treated in, and it had the greatest medical care available. The same nurse who currently sat at her bedside had tended to her in the past, and for that reason, River was able to entrust her with the responsibility of delivering her alien child.

How much longer…do I have to…

Utilizing her lingering strength, River Song redirected her thoughts to the current task at hand.

An exasperated sigh erupted from her throat as another contraction of a greater intensity than the earlier ones swept through her body.

"That's it! The baby's coming! Just keep pushing, you've nearly done it!"

River did her best to heed the nurse's words, despite the fact that her head was throbbing like mad.


Her heart pleaded once again, as she suffered another excruciating
burst of pain.

After a few minutes, she felt like her body would give out at any given moment.

Seeping into a dreamlike state, River hardly listened as the nurse announced the infant's gender.

"It's a gir—"

The last word faded into a sea of foaming darkness as the Doctor's wife drifted into a state of unconsciousness, her aching body collapsing with weariness.

Jolting upward, the curly haired woman was aroused by a gut-wrenching cry.

It took about thirty seconds for her blurry vision to adjust completely to her surroundings.

"Oh, good. You're awake now, Miss Song." The nurse spoke calmly from above, a tiny white bundle folded in her arms.

"What? How long have I been out?" River inquired frantically, fearful that someone had stolen her child away while she had been sleeping.

"Only about thirty-six hours, Miss. But, don't worry, your daughter has been under my constant care since the moment she arrived, and I am the only person in this hospital, besides you, who is aware of her existence." The cat-like woman reassured the trembling River Song.

"C-can I hold her?" the new mother asked quietly, her voice quivering.

"Yes, just hold her like this. Good, that's right. There you go."

Nestling the baby gently in her arms, River scanned her tiny features, in awe of the adorable eyes that locked onto her, and the small dark curls that crowned the infant's head.

"She's…beautiful…" River's heart melted at the sight of her daughter, and an indescribable sense of grief devoured her limbs. How she longed to share the moment with her husband, to show him what they had made together.

As her baby's hearts pounded against River's chest, her throat closed and silent tears pooled in her eyes.

Her heart was filled with an instant love for this child, and yet she was painfully aware of what had to be done.

She could not raise her daughter.

The realization had occurred to her long ago, but only in that precise moment did it truly ravage her heart.

Bending down, River pressed her lips against the baby's soft forehead.

"I love you, little one. Always and completely. And so does your father." Her voice broke as she spoke to her daughter for the first time, wondering if she could ever keep this terrible secret from the Doctor.

I have to. I can't make him go through this. He's suffered enough. I can't do it to him again.

The situation in itself was extremely dangerous, and River knew that if she stayed in that hospital any longer the Silence could catch on, and there was absolutely no way she was willing to let that happen.

I've got to get out of here. There's no time. It's too dangerous. I can't just wait around.

Even as these thoughts swam in her mind, she wondered exactly where she would take her daughter.

Glancing down at the Vortex Manipulator that was looped around her wrist, River decided that that would be her quickest way out.

But is it safe?

She studied her baby's beautiful face and decided that she would have to take the risk because if she didn't, her child would be in an incredibly dangerous position.

Cradling her daughter with one arm, River began to tap coordinates into her time travel device.

The nurse's eyes widened in horror.

"Ma'am, you're in no state to go anywhere! I fear for your health. You can't…"

"I don't have a choice." The curly haired woman continued to press buttons, mentally working out her destination in her mind.

Let's see, I could pop off at my parents' house.

Images of the deadly Weeping Angels suddenly pounded through her mind, and she remembered what had become of them.

It was then that she felt a sharp needle puncture her skin, causing her mind to swirl with confusion.

"What have you done to me?" River demanded of the nurse, her light eyes terrified.

"I'm sorry, but I had no choice. You need to rest."

"No…too dangerous…I've got to…get out of here…anywhere…" Her voice came out in short bursts as she continued to fumble the controls of her Vortex Manipulator, no longer caring that she had no idea where she might end up.

Holding the baby more securely, River zipped her eyes shut as a sudden light enveloped them, the force hastily zapping them elsewhere.

It was strange, something was terribly wrong; it had never felt like this before.

A second later, the curly haired woman was strewn across a sandy beach in who-knew-where, her screaming daughter clinging to her as the antiseptic finally took over.

Little did River Song know that the simple Norwegian beach was a place notoriously known as "Bad Wolf Bay."

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