Remy couldn't believe that she was getting ready to sneak out to go midnight swimming with Allison. She felt like she was sixteen again, sneaking out at night for a midnight rendezvous with some friends or a girlfriend. It made her feel giddy, and to make the whole thing better, it was Allison going with her.

The two women put some loose clothes overtop of their swim suits such as not to raise suspicion as they exited the hotel in case they passed anyone on the way. Thankfully, they didn't only not see any of the doctors they'd come with, but they also didn't pass anyone at all except for the very sleepy man at the front desk.

"Is this something that you usually do when you visit hotels?" Remy inquired quietly, still feeling a need to be subtle even though they had exited the hotel doors and were walking around to the side.

"No. But I'm out of state with this woman who does all sorts of crazy things, and I thought this might impress her," Cameron teased.

"Allison, if you wanted to impress me, you should've suggested that we go skinny dipping," Remy teased right back. The blonde swatted her roommate and continued walking.

When they approached the pool, they noticed that it had a fence all the way around it. There was a gate, but it had a heavy duty lock on it.

"Damn, I didn't bring my lock picking set," Thirteen cursed.

"You have a lock picking set?" Allison asked with a raised eyebrow.

"And you don't? Come on, we both work for House," Remy defended. She then started walking around the perimeter of the fence. "Okay, we're going to have to jump the fence," the brunette decided.

Allison looked at the fence nervously. It wasn't that high of a fence, only about as tall as she was, but worry was clear on her face. "You sure about this?" she asked, chewing on her lip.

"Yeah, sure. Look, I'll help you over first," Remy offered. She kneeled down next to the fence and laced her fingers together down in front of her, waiting for the blonde to step in her hands to give her a boost.

Allison took a deep breath and backed up, getting a small running start before allowing Remy to boost her up and over the fence. She did well at first, grabbing onto the top of the fence and pulling herself over, but just as she was passing the apex of the jump, her foot caught on the fence and she tumbled a bit on the way down, landing on her hands and knees with a small yelp.

"You okay?" Remy hissed. She could only see the other doctor through gaps in the fence due to her being on the ground, but she saw her nod.

"I'm fine. How are you getting over though?" Allison inquired, just realizing the possible flaw in that part of the plan. The younger doctor thought about answering, but she decided that actions spoke louder than words. So, she backed up a few paces and took a running leap at the fence, grasping the top of it and vaulting herself over it, bending her knees, and landing perfectly in a crouching position.

"Oh," Allison stated. Remy smirked and stood up, lowering a hand to the blonde to help her stand up. She took it gratefully and the two stood side by side to take in the sight of their goal- the pool.

It wasn't big or glorious, but it had a diving board on one end and steps to get in on the shallow end. Remy realized that she was still holding Allison's hand from helping her up and quickly cleared her throat and dropped her hand. Just because they were friends now didn't mean that she should allow herself to have extended physical contact with the striking blonde.

Allison took the loss of contact as an opportunity to strip off her outer clothes. Remy watched without shame, feeling as though she was allowed to since she was doing the same thing and they were both wearing a bathing suit underneath. That didn't stop it from bringing heat to the brunette's ears.

Remy, having shed her day clothes, entered the pool, staying on the first step. "You coming?" she asked.

Allison stepped in as well, stopping right next to Remy. "It's cold," she said, frowning slightly.

"Don't turn back on me now, it was your idea. Come on, let's go in another step," Remy said. Allison shook her head, causing the other doctor to put one hand on her hip.

"Come on! Together?" Remy pleaded, holding out her hand. The blonde looked at it cautiously before giving in and taking hold of her Remy's fingers. What had Remy just been telling herself about holding hands with Allison? Oh yeah, she didn't care. Because this wasn't about touching the older doctor, she had a plan.

Remy took another step down and Allison's feet mirrored hers. But as soon as Allison made it that step, Remy bolted down the rest of the steps, yanking the blonde along with her, tugging her all the way in.

"Remy!" she shrieked. The brunette muffled her own laughter, releasing her hand, and shushed the other woman.

"Shh! We don't want to get caught," Remy reminded her.

"Sorry. But that was mean! I'm never trusting you to hold my hand ever again," Allison said, pouting. Remy waded around in the shallow end, but Allison stayed right where she was, arms crossed over her chest and with a pout on her face still.

"Don't be cute. You're almost all the way in, just your shoulders now," Remy said. Allison let out an exaggerated sigh before walking down the pool's slope until her shoulders were covered by the water. Her arms were still crossed and her hands rubbed up and down her forearms.

"It's not that cold," Remy stated, rolling her eyes. She was already doing short laps across the short width of the pool.

"Well, it wouldn't feel so cold if I'd had time to get used to it," Allison complained. She did some strokes across the pool to catch up with the brown haired doctor who was treading water in the deep end. She had a look on her face, that determined facial expression that Remy remembered from two days ago.

"What are you-" Remy started to ask, but she was cut off when the blonde put her hands on her shoulders, her determined face turning into a devious one as she pushed down on Remy's shoulders, effectively dunking Remy all the way underwater. She let go only seconds later and Remy surfaced, taking a gasp of air.

"Allison Cameron, you are so dead!" Remy growled. Allison swam away as quickly as she could, laughing the whole way. The younger doctor chased the older one around the pool, trying to get revenge. Finally, she got an idea. She temporarily gave up chasing the woman around the pool and hoisted herself out of the pool and ran around to get near Allison and jumped in practically on top of her. Allison gave a hushed scream and tried to get away, but she was caught. Remy leaped across and grabbed her in a bear hug, pulling her down under with her.

The two woman surfaced, tangled up together. "Well, I think you got your revenge," Allison said with a grin. "Though I'm not sure why you were so mad."

"Because, I didn't want to get a bunch of chlorine in my hair," Remy answered. That made Allison laugh at her.

"Seriously? Remy Hadley, the doctor who will do anything to get a diagnosis, the woman who's not afraid of anything, the one who breaks into houses and swimming pools with me, was afraid of getting her hair wet?" Allison said with a smirk. Remy pushed her away in false anger at her mockery. Immediately after doing so, she realized that she felt colder now that she wasn't sharing the blonde's body heat. Allison must have felt the same way because she crossed her arms again, trying to regain warmth.

"I wasn't afraid. It just makes it harder to do the next morning," Remy explained.

"Oh come on. Your hair always looks fine, no matter what you do with it," Allison shot back. She shivered slightly. "And it really is cold in here," she added.

"Maybe next time you should bring a man to cuddle with and keep you warm instead of me," Remy joked. Allison looked her in the eye and smiled softly.

"But I picked you," she replied.

Remy's heart rate quickened as she thought of the implications of those simple four words. Keeping her flustered insides in check, she balanced her outer expression and responded coolly, "Are you suggesting that we should cuddle?"

Allison giggled, something that made Remy want to do exactly what she'd just asked about. Allison had a sort of adorable charm about her that made her irresistible. Remy had noticed it before, like whenever the blonde would wear her glasses and stare at a file, biting her lip in concentration. Or when she would reassure hurting children during clinic duty.

"I finally see it," Allison said softly. Remy cocked her head to the side. She wasn't sure where Allison's comment was coming from.

"See what?" she asked.

"How you manage to charm so many girls," Allison replied matter-of-factly. Remy swallowed, trying to think of a smooth response to that like she usually did.

"Oh." That was all she could come up with.

"At first I thought it was just your looks, but it's not. You can make a person feel like they're the only important thing in the universe. You just seem to… really care. About every detail," Allison clarified. She stared just past Remy's eyes, like she wasn't quite looking at her. The words thrilled Remy, and they terrified her. Allison was not supposed to think that she cared. No one was supposed to think that. She was the cold and removed Doctor Hadley, better known as the impersonal Thirteen.

"I think you got us confused, you're Miss Compassionate, not me," Remy corrected in a deceivingly bored voice. Part of her wanted to take back what she'd said immediately. That part of her wanted to open up and share how she really did care but that it was easier to pretend that nothing got to her in the hopes that one day she would become numb enough that nothing would get to her anymore. But the other half ran away from any crack in her armor.

"But everyone knows that about me. With you, it's like a hidden treasure, something you don't show all the time, and not to everyone. And then there's the little things you do without realizing it- opening doors for people, helping them with their luggage, boosting them over fences," Allison paused at that to give the brunette a beautiful smile. "You naturally want to take care of people. It's extremely charming," she finished.

Remy tried to focus on everything that had just been said. She bobbed up and down in the water, moving her fingers to feel the small amount of resistance the water had against the movement. "So you think I'm charming?" Remy asked.

"Is it bad if I say yes?" Allison questioned in return. Remy couldn't help but smile, despite the doubts she was having not two minutes before.

"No," she replied honestly.

"Then yes, I do," Allison confirmed. The two of the looked at each other for another half a minute, both pondering what exactly had just happened. Remy felt something creeping up her spine- was it discomfort? Anticipation? She couldn't quite place it, but she felt the need to move.

"I think we should probably get out now before we both end up like raisins," Remy suggested. Allison nodded and the two of them got out of the pool and walked over to their clothes.

"Shit," Allison whispered.

"What?" Remy asked in confusion. Allison pointed to their clothes.

"We forgot towels."

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