LbN: It's 4 am and I can't sleep. Thus, Faberry fic. :)

Rachel felt Quinn fidgeting behind her. "Can you not sleep?" she asked, turning to face the blonde. "I know there's probably a bit more noise here than what you're accustomed to at Yale.

Quinn shook her head but didn't meet Rachel's gaze.

"What's wrong, Quinn?"

"How's it going with you and Liam?"

Rachel smiled. "Fine. He's a sweet boy, and totally cool with the fact that he's not the only one in my life right now." She leaned over Quinn and turned on the lamp. "Why?"

Quinn squirmed again and mumbled, "How would you feel about being exclusive?"

"Is that what you want?" Rachel asked, smiling.

Quinn looked at her fully now. "Yes."

Rachel kissed her. "Okay," she said, nodding. "I just didn't want to rush you into anything."

"It's just…freshman year, when we were starting to get close, I knew those Metro North passes were a good idea. I knew I had to see you—to physically be with you instead of just Skype or phone calls. And then this year's been…." Quinn trailed off, smiling. "Great. It's been great. But there are times when I wake up at night and I'm holding you, or when we're walking and I look over at you, and I think 'She's mine.' And I want that to be true."

Rachel's smile grew wider. "Well now it is. Just give me a day or two to let Liam down gently."

"Of course."

"Will you be able to sleep now?"

"I think so."