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Who invented change? Whoever did, I would like to smack them with my hockey stick a thousand times. If everything stayed simple, it would be easier, and my dad would still be alive and we would be living in Laguna Beach and having frozen bananas just like normal. Instead, here I am in a stupid dress, bored out of my mind, while we practice for Courtney's wedding.

Don't get me wrong, I love my sister and I want her to be happy. But the engagement has me completely twisted in circles. I didn't want her to leave for college, and then springing a wedding on me… well lets just say it didn't go over well. Every minute of the day I try not the think about the wedding day, but I can't help it.

"Cassidy Ann, are you paying attention here?" My mom's Queen Clementine voice enters my thoughts, and I jerk up, guiltily.

My mom raises one regal eyebrow, "This is a major day for your sister, and you need to remember this."

"I know, Mom, but can we please take 5 minuets and get some food? You can't expect me to actually comprehend this stuff while my stomach is grumbling do you?" I plead, patting my waist in emphasis. My mom knows me. Bored and hungry Cassidy equals a horrible time for everyone else. I don't try to be, but I just become super cranky.

My mother sighs, and calls for a break. While everyone else mills around and talks to one another, I head to the kitchen where the Food Network is setting up brunch. My mom owns her own T.V. show, so they are always here it seems, and can be really annoying. It does have perks though (namely the food) and when they heard about the wedding, they declared that they would make everything because "Clementine is already under so much stress as it is." As if, she loves this stuff. Anything to do with baking, cooking, decorating or party planning, then my mom's the person for the job.

The back door opens and Zach Norton steps in. His eyes widen in mock horror and he starts to laugh. I glare at him and stomp into the living room. He easily catches up and trails slightly behind me. Finally I turn on my heel and face him, but before I can tell him how dead he is for laughing, he kisses me.

It surprises me as much as it did the first time he kissed me, so long ago in the 8th grade. I never thought I would like a guy, especially someone from my baseball team, but finally I started to notice how his eyes sparkled a blue-gray color, and the curve of his jaw line. I can now get why Megan and Becca were always swooning over him and his eyes and hair, but it is still so gross, all the mushy-gushy stuff. Well, maybe not as gross as I used to think because I can feel the happy feeling in my stomach that I have whenever I score a goal on the ice.

"Just so you know, don't think I'm not still mad at you for laughing at me," I say, pushing him away from me. He reaches down and takes my hand, twining his fingers in mine.

"I think that dress looks great on you," Zach said, grinning broadly.

"That's because I'm not wearing make-up so I don't look like a Barbie that was attacked by a clown makeup artist." I say, laughing. Normally I would never laugh, but Zach does that to me. When ever I try to be serious he can just make me crack a smile and I like it. It seems like he really gets the inner me,not just the sports jock everyone else sees.

Of course, right then Courtney decides to walk in, with me and Zach nose to nose. She stands there with a smirk on her face, with her hip popped out and arms crossed. I can feel my face flaming and hastily back away from Zach.

"We were just…um, practicing…"I stammered, "You know, for the dance after your ceremony." I instantly feel myself flush more. Way to go, Sloane, dig yourself in deeper to the deepest hole you've every made.

"Yeah, except Zach isn't the wedding and your opening the dance with our cousin from California, remember?"

"Well…um…he isn't as advanced as Zach, and besides Zach asked me to demonstrate some steps. You know, just in case it ever comes in handy."

I subtly stepped on Zach's foot, indicated he should speak up now.

"Ow, right, yeah I was…uh… asking for suggestions… no, tips, sorry on… stealing second base. You know, for baseball."

I smile and nod in agreement, and then pause. Wait, a boy and a girl in an empty room together, standing inches apart…

Courtney's eyebrows journey farther and farther up her forehead, "Tips?"

"Well, not tips exactly, more like guidance. Moral support, I guess you could call it." I put in, hoping that Courtney will just leave it alone.

Of course, she didn't. She just pursed her lips, not impressed. Finally, after a long and very awkward pause, she said, "For one, that's what support groups and coaches are for and second, you two need to talk to Mom. Immediately."

I stare at her as she heads down the hallway, horrified.

Zach shifts uncomfortably beside me, "Wait, did she think I was going for, like… a home run?"

Final score: Too embarrassing to even think about.