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I studied myself in the mirror, turning my hips slightly to see myself from a better angle, making my earring dangle merrily as if to say here you are; you are amazing. Over the summer I had reinvented myself, making all traces of Fab Four Becca disappear. Well, a more correct statement was making all traces of Fab Four Becca go away that made all the boys hate me. I don't think the snarky, popular side of me will ever go away. And really, who wants popularity to go away?

I was finally over Zach Norton, and so ready to move on. Sure, Zach would always be cute and make my heart do a little extra thump when he walked in the room, but I was done crushing on him. I was ready to have him fall for me, for him to get butterflies when I walked in, while I was aloof and above it all. Smiling at myself, I hummed as I continued a critical once-over of my outfit.

This was the moment to shine, as it was the first time I would see Zach after the whole summer. We were going to the rehearsal for Cassidy's sister Courtney's wedding, which was really more like a big informal dinner where the Food Network would prepare a ton of super yummy treats for us. The people who were actually going to be in the wedding already had had their rehearsal, so this was just an excuse for Mrs. Sloane-Kinkaid to throw a massive party. If there was ever a chance to prove to Mr. Hard-to-get Norton that I was growing up and moving on, it was now.

My outfit was an off-the-shoulder, red peasant shirt with a paisley design swirling gracefully across it. It was paired with artfully faded shorts that hugged my figure, and a woven buttery brown belt with a big buckle to merge the summer yet sophisticated look. With final nod of approval to myself in the mirror, I stepped into my gold roman style sandals and headed out the door.

My mom was already outside, happily poking around in her little garden by the side of the house. It wasn't till recently that my mom had started planting vegetables instead of just pretty flowers, and she was in love with the whole process. Personally, I can't see how sitting in the dirt all day could be fun, but she loves it so that's what counts I guess.

"Mom, come on, we are going to be late!" I shouted, glancing at my phone to back up the need for urgency.

Waving, my mom stood up, removing her green gardening gloves, and tucked them in the tool chest that was discreetly in the corner of our house. Apparently even in the old days nobody wanted neighbors to think that they were not orderly, and having a tool chest out in the open would count as a huge mess. Our house if like that, so I've pretty much had to get used to it, but it was be embarrassing when friends come over.

As we climbed into our car, and I buckled my seatbelt, my mom said "Rebecca, after the party I would like to have a talk with you. This wedding has got me thinking it's about time, and from what I hear of your friends relationships is that they are, well, moving along quite speedily. But let's just talk about that after the party."

I nodded distractedly, not breaking glance with my cell phone. I barely hear my mom half the time, and when she said she just wanted to have a talk? I could have cared less. Not when I have other more important things to think about. Like making Zach jealous for one.

10 minuets later we are pulling up to the Sloane's house, where a huge "Congratulations Courtney and Grant!" sign is hanging over the entrance way. As we got out of our cars, their front door was flung open, and out came Cassidy and Zach, laughing loudly. Zach pulled at their clasped hands, tugging Cassidy down the steps. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach, and I sucked in a gasp of surprise. This was not how I was supposed to see Zach!

At my noise of surprise, Cassidy's eyes flashed to mine, and she faltered. Zach turned around to see what was the cause for the sudden "romantic breaking" moment. I stood feeling stupid and unwanted. Suddenly my carefully planned out outfit seemed like a pair of ill-fitting highwaters, and a stained pink polka-dotted over shirt.

"What are you looking at Chadwick? It's still just the same old us" Cassidy laughed, breaking the awkward silence. Zach laughed along nervously, looking at me like he was afraid I was going to bite his head off.

"Nothing, I was looking at nothing" I mumbled in embarrassing. Great, good job that was a wonderful comeback Becca. Now you really sound like a jealous boy crazy girl. I stalked past the happy couple, who clearly just wanted to be alone and just started into the house. This party was starting out to be a real blast. Not.

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