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Chapter Eight

Castiel knew Dean was bored and he would have left if he'd asked, but so far he hadn't seeming pacified by the near endless supply of cookies, or as the woman called them biscuits, that were being supplied. Castiel was rather glad Dean hadn't, because Castiel was fascinated.

It was rare that anyone would come in contact with a real psychic. Dean had been exceedingly blessed to have met two in his life. It had been a regret of Castiel's that he'd never had the opportunity to meet Missouri Moseley and he still felt a deep guilt towards the injuries Pamela had received when she'd forced him to show his visage. To attempt to satisfy his curiosity over the humans his Father saw fit to grant special powers after harming her so had felt wrong to him even before he'd felt human emotions as fully as he did now. The closest he'd ever come to someone of those women's caliber had been Chuck, but a prophet, even a strong one like Chuck, was regrettably different from a true psychic.

Sybil Trelawney was an odd woman to say the least, even Castiel could pick up on that, but her powers were practically a neon sign screaming at him "Look at me!". Dean hadn't seemed to believe him when he explained this. Something about the woman had put Dean off, perhaps even offended him. Castiel wasn't exactly sure what. The woman might have a questionable choice in attire, but she had been nothing but kind to them.

Castiel would think on it later.

Her two apprentices were also very interesting. Lavender, with her kind, but naïve soul, had a very strong capability for empathic powers that was latent. It didn't surprise Castiel, most empaths were very bright individuals who were outgoing and friendly. Lavender, with a soul that could only be described as pink, had welcomed Castiel and Dean despite the seemingly private morning breakfast that seemed to be tradition among the females and chatted with them happily. She was still immature, both in powers and emotions, but Castiel was certain she would grow into her powers and into a fine human. Her friend though was the opposite. Parvati had great potential as an all around psychic, much like Pamela had been, but her powers were still very buried. Castiel estimated they would reach full maturity at the age of nineteen, after which the girl would no doubt surpass her teacher in both skil and abilities.

"Tell me child do you perhaps have the gift?" Sybil, as she had told Castiel to call her, questioned sounding almost hopeful.

The former Angel shook his head a little regretful. Sybil actually looks disappointed, but is very sweet about it, giving Castiel a comforting pat.

"Not everyone possesses it of course, but I had hoped..." the woman trailed off her large eyes, made even larger by her spectacles looked him over with what he suspected was supposed to be comforting. "It's just you have an old soul child. More the pity."

Dean seemed to find this amusing, snorting into his tea, which Castiel noticed he was drinking despite countless protests about it being "a girly drink", causing Sybil to turn her solemn eyes on him. Dean greeted the woman's gaze with a disarming grin and a repressed chuckle. Castiel frowned as his friend's gaze darted towards him.

"That's Cas alright. Definitely an old soul." Dean said his grin seeming to grow. "Older than dirt."

Dean suppressed another laugh and kept grinning behind his cup as Sybil looked him over with suspicious eyes as if he'd said something circumspect. Lavender and PArvati both seemed to grasp what was going on and frowned also. Castiel himself couldn't place what was wrong. Though he did feel the urge to correct Dean's assumptions. Castiel was not older than dirt as he'd been the third generation of angels created. The earth, and certainly dirt, had already existed when Castiel was what would be the infant stage of angel development. He held back though realizing Sybil would not understand the reference.

"You though seem to possess a strangely shallow soul." Sybil said smartly eyes sharp.

Castiel frowned at that. That could not be less true. He supposed it wasn't Sybil's fault though. She was only human and mistakes happened to everyone, even angels. Even Pamela, who was a much more focused psychic, though not more powerful, than Sybil had mistaken him for a demon at first.

"I regret to inform you, that you are incorrect Sybil." Castiel told the woman solemnly as she jerked, seeming surprised. Dean, who'd begun to glare at the woman and looked on the verge of speaking, also seemed surprised, giving Castiel an inquiring glance.

"My family has always had the gift to see souls," Castiel explained, realizing they hadn't understood him completely. He also realized they wouldn't be able to understand he was an angel, thus making the perfectly normal angelic trait sound like a magical gift. He hoped he would be forgiven his small lie. He wasn't very fond of lying after where it had led him recently.

"Dean has the single most amazing soul I have ever been honored to see. It has many hidden depths and is filled with deep love, incomparable strength and loyalty, a sense of justice and duty, and a strong desire to do good, which is frankly so self-sacrificing I sometimes feel concerned. Dean is the furthest thing from shallow and his soul is beautiful."

They seemed stunned, though Lavender was strangely teary eyed and sniffling slightly. Dean on the other hand was bright red and looked torn between many emotions. Embarrassment, disbelief, sadness, confusion, pleasure, and countless others that boggled Castiel's, small as is, understanding of the human psyche.

Finally Dean seemed to settle on a mix of embarrassment and acceptance. "Cas we talked about this. No chick-flick moments."

Castiel looked at Dean, who was still blushing with embarrassment slightly confused.

"I was merely correcting Sybil's misinterpretation of your soul. How does this qualify as a 'chick-flick' moment?" Castiel questioned and he noticed Dean almost smiled at his confusion despite his uncomfortable feelings.

"Because talking about how beautiful your friend's soul is and saying stuff like-like that involves feelings and stuff. So definitely chick-flick material." Dean explained looking embarrassed all over again.

Castiel considered Dean's words and finally nodded. "I understand I shall endeavor to avoid further such moments in the future."

"Yeah you do that." Dean muttered, looking at the women, who were watching them intently. Dean shifted a little under there gazes and threw Castiel a look that was not unlike ones he'd received right before Dean ordered a retreat during the Apocalypse.

"Right so Cas and I should probably be getting to class and shit." Dean said getting to his feet and looking suddenly anxious. Lavender and Parvati shared knowing looks, while Sybil nodded a strangely fond expression on her face all of the sudden. Castiel followed Dean's lead, standing and giving Sybil a regretful smile.

"I wonder if you would mind my visiting again?" Castiel questioned hopeful. Sybil had a kind soul and he hadn't been able to ask all the questions he would have liked. the woman nodded losing her distant expression for a moment and giving him a true smile.

"I would love that. When you do perhaps we can discuss your gift." the woman said warmly. Castiel nodded returning the smile, he hoped with one that didn't look creepy, as Dean had sometimes accused him, and gave quick good-byes to the girls, before following Dean down the trap door he'd hurried out of.

"Damn Cas, why did I ever agree to talk to that fake? she's complete and other bullshit especially after having seen Pam and Missouri. You can't really be buying into her incense and crystal ball crap." Dean said, sounding frustrated and seeming to have transferred his energy from being embarrassed at Castiel's words to being annoyed at Sybil.

"I believe it had something to do with the food." Castiel told Dean calmly, catching up with him and falling in step as they began their long trek down the winding tower stairs.

Dean snorted and muttered something vague about his stomach always getting him in trouble.

"Besides," Castiel continued, meeting the gaze of a curious painting which swiftly looked away. "Sybil Trelawney was no fake."

Dean stopped so abruptly it caught Castiel off guard, almost making him trip. Only years of serving in Heaven's garrison allowed him to regain his balance and meet Dean's furious green gaze.

"You've got to be kidding me. Her seriously? She's nothing like Pamela or Missouri! It's a fucking disgrace to their memory to believe someone like her." Dean growled eyes darkening into an almost forest color.

Castiel understood what was going on with an abrupt and startling clarity. Dean's comments, which while true even Castiel had noticed had been laced with an occasional derision and his intense dislike of Sybil made sense now. Dean truly believed the woman was a fake and was insulting his dead friend's memory. Castiel would now doubt have reacted similarly had someone done thus with Balthazar's memory before he'd realized his friend was alive.

"You are correct in one thing. Sybil is not like Pamela and certainly not Missouri. Psychic is perhaps the wrong word for how Sybil's powers work. Oracle would be a more accurate term." Castiel said, hoping to assuage some of Dean's rage.

It was successful enough to make the hunter give pause and look at Castiel with significantly calmer eyes.

"As in Greek oracles? Like from Homer?" Dean questioned. Castiel nodded, pleased he understood the term.

"Exactly like that. Unlike Pamela and Missouri who can very actively use their gifts Sybil's is much more subtle."

Dean snorted at that, but thankfully remained silent so Castiel could continue.

"Sybil's gift only reveals itself when she becomes filled with the voice of prophecy. She is more closely in line with Chuck than any psychic you have known. Oracles are unlike Prophets though in that they can never remember what they have Seen and can only deliver Prophecies in forms of riddles or poetry."

Dean nodded again, reluctantly accepting Castiel's words.

"Sybil acts as she does, because she fears that she does not possess the Gift like her aunt did. I believe the term is overcompensating. It is a ridiculous fear in truth. Sybil is much more powerful than Cassandra, who from my understanding was quite clearly a psychic and therefore with powers that really cannot be compared to Sybil's."

"Fine." Dean said, letting out a breathe after a few moments and looking away. "I'll believe that she's real, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna want to see your new buddy when you want to visit, so do it on your own time."

"Thank you Dean." Castiel told him warmly with the best smile he could managed. Dean returned it and Castiel found himself looking into Dean's eyes as he'd done many times before, but now with an ease and relaxation that had been missing.

They finally broke contact when the sounds of approaching footsteps caught their attention. Dean reached for the knife Castiel knew he had hidden in his shirt without any hesitation. Castiel was more subtle, hand resting gently on his hip, wee a short sword similar to his Angel blade was hidden in his robes.

The one who appeared was a dark haired woman in emerald robes. Castiel recognized her from the Sorting as Professor McGonagall a very severe, but seemingly kind woman who for some reason shared Crowley's surname. Castiel removed his hand relaxing and silently sending Dean a look to convey the woman was not a threat. Dean apparently understood and removed his grip from the knife without a second thought, but retained his defensive stance and wary eyes. It was not a second too soon as the woman finally spotted them.

"There you are." the woman said in a snapping voice that reminded Castiel both of Ellen and Anna when she'd been his superior. He stood up slightly straighter and at attention. Castiel noted out of the corner of his eyes, that Dean had done something similar.

"You have some explaining to do young men." Professor McGonagall said, lips praised thin in disapproval.

Apparently they had been missed more than they thought.