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Hanabusa wrapped the warm towel around Rumi. "Arigatou, Hanabusa-kun."

She felt a small tickle in her nose, and eventually let out a small sneeze. The male simply smiled, and said, "Bless you."

They sat down together at the table that rested in the center of the school's inner rose garden. Plants sprouted upwards from the dirt in the flower pots, a rainbow color of roses spread out across the garden. Café poured each of them a cup of tea when Rumi wasn't looking; they didn't want her to scream if she saw a floating teapot.

Hanabusa silently thanked Café, and took in the aroma of the tea. It reminded him once again of the memories with his parents in their family rose garden. But he pushed the thoughts aside and focused on what was happening now. Hanabusa took a few sips of some tea then proceeded to place the teacup back down. He spoke. "You know Kat-eer, Rumi-san…" he interrupted himself mid-sentence, about to call her back her last name.

"Yes?" Her copper brown eyes looked into his as she drank from her teacup. She held it with much care, and Hanabusa couldn't help but admire her elegance and poise.

"You know even here, the garden, the tea; they all hold good memories too."

With a smirk on her face, she dared go back to the topic. "You're thinking of Ichigo-chan again?" Hanabusa's face began resembling the color of a rose. Rumi giggled again. "I'm just kidding. You don't have to get all flustered. That's the reason why we ended up in the pond, remember." She reminded him , and stuck out her tongue in his direction. He shook his head, and the bouncy strands of his hair danced in the wind.

"But seriously. Here is the place where I was convinced to make a rose cake again."

"Just how exactly did your partners do that?"

"She slapped me."

"Eh? Ichigo-chan? I thought I knew her more than anyone, she wouldn't ever do anything like that." She said, her tone making it clear that she didn't believe him in the slightest.

"Believe It or not, she did. But please don't let that change your view of her." He spun the small spoon around in his cup of tea, mixing in a bit more sugar. "Your dorm mate is really sweet and caring, and she only slapped me because she cared. I really needed a wakeup call that day."

"Let me guess, that's where you fell in love with Ichigo?" Hanabusa remained silent then gave her a simple nod of his head. Rumi smiled. "Then what in the world are you waiting for? Go get her. Honestly she's a bit dense with this kind of thing though…" She said, sweat dropping with a chuckle.

"You see, that's the problem…" Hanabusa closed his eyes in thought. "Ever since then, she's been spending more and more time with Kashino. As much as he tries to hide it, his feelings for Ichigo-chan are quite… visible. And as slightly dense as she is, she might have some for him too." He opened his eyes again and took another quick sip of tea.

"Kashino and Ichigo-chan together?" Rumi pressed a finger to her chin as thought about it for a second. "I suppose I could see that." Then a thought hit Rumi's mind. "Wait, why are you telling me all your… memories and feelings for—"

"Past feelings." He cut her off. She corrected her question. "Why are you telling me all your past feelings for Ichigo-chan?" He looked away in a futile attempt to hide his red face.

"Because… I think it happened again."


Using his bangs to cover his eyes, he replied again, being more specific. "I found another girl. Another girl that I see as beautiful, but…" A silence fell over.

"W-what?" It was her turn to be flustered.

"But this time… I don't think I've got a chance."

"A chance?" Rumi blinked in confusion.

"With Ichigo, at least… at least I knew her well, and she was a friend of mine. But this girl… I barely know her, and I'm ashamed to say that she's far out of my league. I do think I like her though. A lot. She's so beautiful, even more than I, and more than any other flower or rose that will try to compare. I just… don't know… what to say, or what to do about it."

Rumi's eyes widened a second time. She remained silent to listen.

"It's weird. But that's why it was nice spending time here with you, even if it involved the two of us falling into a pond. I kind of got a weird feeling in my chest; like how I used to feel around Ichigo." Hanabusa's green orbs stare back at hers. At this point he didn't know what he was doing anymore. He couldn't control himself. He felt that she just looked so endearing; her eyes wide and her cheeks pink. He leaned forward over the table towards Rumi, getting closer and closer. Their faces were inches apart when Hanabusa's arm tipped over the teacups, and spilled hot tea all over the skirt of Rumi's uniform.

"Ah! Hot!" She exclaimed. In reaction to the sudden heat, she jumped up, and their heads bump together. They both fall over, and find themselves seated on the ground.

So much for a romantic moment.

Hanabusa and Rumi began to rub their heads in pain, but then laughed in unison. Their second accident certainly cleared the serious mood, which was rather refreshing. Hanabusa enjoyed this time with her. Seeing her truly enjoy herself, with her spellbinding smile instead of misty eyed with depression… She really was more beautiful than any other rose. Not that he could ever muster the courage to tell her that directly.

Rumi loved this side of Hanabusa. It was nice seeing him being less… narcissist-like. She liked the feeling of being trusted with his thoughts. The fact that he would tell her what he really thinks about gave her this fluffy feeling in her chest. It made her smile.

Eventually the environment cooled, and they both simmered back down to normal, continuing to have a friendly chat over rose tea. Everything began to have a yellow-ish tint, as the sun began to set behind the glass sides of the inner garden. Rumi noticed this.

"We should head back to our dorms, Hanabusa-kun." No reply. He remained silent, just… looking at her. For some reason her eyes seemed to shine brighter. Locks of her hair, no longer soaked from the pond water, danced down from atop her head. It began to curl slightly. Maybe Rumi-san straightens her hair in the mornings. He thought.

He was brought back by Café, who snapped his small fingers in front of his eyes.

"Satsuki." He blinked a few times.

"Ah! I'm sorry. Yes, we should, it's getting late."

She let out a sigh. "You did it again Hanabusa-kun." Rumi told him. "You don't answer me, just look at me for a really long time. Spacing out isn't something you should get used to while someone is trying to have a conversation with you." She said this with a soft smile, but was slightly irritated. Hanabusa could feel his cheeks heat up.

"Is there something wrong?" She asked him.

"No, nothing at all." He tried to say this in a convincing tone. He left his chair, then walked over to hers and held out his hand. He gestured to help her out of her seat. "My lady." He said this with a flirtatious kind of feel. Rumi felt like she could see roses and sparkles around his presence. She rolled her eyes. Same old Hanabusa-kun.

"Oh come on. After I pushed you into a pond, spilled tea on your lap, and didn't talk back to you during our conversation multiple times, the least I could do is be a better gentleman from now on and walk you back to your dorm." He smiled apologetically. She decided to just go with it, and she placed her hand on his. Hanabusa then proceeded to help her on her feet, and with his free hand pushed in the chairs. They left the inner garden together.

"We're here." Rumi announced as they reached the outside of the dorm she shared with Ichigo. Hanabusa looked down at his hand and noticed his fingers were still interlocked with hers. He broke them apart.

"Ah! Sorry… I was still holding your hand… on the way here." He stuttered, and blushed again. Rumi giggled cutely.

"It's fine." She pulled him into a tight 'thank you' kind of hug. "You really made me feel better when I was down; even if you did go quiet every once in a while. We also did quite do quite a bit of falling today, didn't we?" Rumi laughed.

"Ha ha, yeah…" Hanabusa agreed with a fake chuckle, while he fidgeted with his hands. She had no idea.

Rumi placed her arms back to her sides, and turned the doorknob to her dorm once again. She was about to step back inside when Hanabusa spoke.

"Rumi-san, wait." She spun around and looked back at him.

"What is it?"

He had so much he wanted to say but his mouth wouldn't make the words. "Uhm, nothing! I'll see you in class tomorrow?"

The corners of Rumi's mouth went upwards. "Yeah. Satsuki-kun." And with that, the strawberry-blonde returned to her dorm, leaving blushing green-haired boy in the hallway behind her.