I really wanted to see how my OC would be like in a duel academy setting. Plus I wanted to put him in a story where I'm not following the show so I can do my own thing. Now with the explanation out of way…ahem… I do not own yugioh 5d's or it's characters

The sun was shining down on the city of new domino, bringing it once again into a new day. The birds chirped, the flowers bloomed, and the morning dew glistened with the rising sun showing that today was going to be a great day. However…

"Leo wake up already"

"Mmmmm… five more minutes…" Leo said as he wrapped himself tighter into blanket while his twin stood over him, dressed in her school uniform.

"Leo we barely have ten minutes get up"

"Nyeh just tell em' I'm sick"

"I can't do that"

"Oh come on, I just want my summer to last a little longer" Leo whinned once again and Luna was about to yell at him to get up again before he came into the room.

"Ssshhh…" he hissed as he gently walked to Leo's bed while Luna looked at him curiously and patiently to see what he was going to do.

The man or more of a boy stood over Leo next to Luna and slowly moved his hands to the edges of Leo's covers that he gently gripped. He looked over to Luna then cued on her to say something to Leo, which she did happily

"Leo for the last time, get up me and Miles don't want to be late" she said while looking over to her big brother who was ready to pull Leo out of bed

"Nooooo…" he said then ruffled around in his covers some more.

"Ok we asked nicely" Miles said, making Leo wide awake. But before he could even get out of his covers Miles heaved them and sent Leo into a mini spin cycle. When all the spinning stopped, Leo rubbed his head as he looked up at his older brother


"Sorry but I needed some way to get you up. Now come on get ready"

"No just call me in sick like you did those other times"

"Dude you were actually sick those times and I'm not going to get yelled at from dad just because you wanted to skip the first day of school…" he said as he walked over to Leo's dresser and grabbed out his school uniform "…so get dressed" he said stressing on the dressed part at the same time he threw them at Leo, who tried to think of one last minute plea


"Don't make me call dad" he threatened, permanently shutting his mouth as he got of bed. He sighed as he began to take off his shirt but stopped half way as he looked at his siblings.

"Do you guys mind?" he asked as they both rolled their eyes and left the room and gave him the privacy he wanted. Though it wasn't like he had anything they hadn't seen before. Since they were scarce on time they started for the elevator and told Leo they'd meet him down by their garage.

"Geez we better not be late because of him" Miles said as he pressed the ground button and slunked back on the elevator wall with his sister next to him

"Give him a little slack, after all it is Leo"

"Yeah…" he said as he looked down to his sister and smiled at her.

"What?" she asked as he wrapped his arm around her

"Nothing, it's just I haven't noticed how cute you look in that uniform till now" he said cooly making his sister giggle. It had been a couple months since the dark signers and after that ordeal it was great that summer break was right around the corner for the three siblings. Their summer was fun, going to the movies, turbo duels with Miles runner 'the fighter', and a trip to Europe with their father were just a few of the things they did. Also a lot of 'personal time' between the new couple of Miles and Luna. They weren't completely public about their relationship, only their close group of friends knew about them. They decided to keep it under wraps from anyone else, the last thing they needed was to be looked at like freaks or worse if their father were to find out…

But now isn't the time to be thinking of such things with 8th grade welcoming the twins and junior year welcoming their older brother. It was back to school time indeed

Luna giggled as she shrugged over to Miles side and let him hug her tightly and warmly

"Sometimes you can say some really corny things Miles" she said as Miles chuckled and bent down to kiss her forehead, making her blush. The doors soon opened and they both walked out to their garage and pushed out 'the fighter' to the streets. He and his sister hoped on, or in Luna's case jumped in, and waited for Leo. They patiently waited for a couple minutes, it seeming like hours to them as they twiddled their fingers and tried to kill the time

"You don't think that he'd just stay up there do ya?" Miles suggested making Luna look up at him and was about to say 'no he wouldn't' before she gave it some thought

"Umm… maybe you should call the apartment just to be sure" she said as Miles dug into his pockets and found his phone and called home. Then right as the phone began to ring they both heard a ding from the elevator then out came Leo in the same blue academy outfit Miles was wearing only little bit more ruffled and messy.

"Took you long enough" Luna scolded as Leo stuck out his tongue and jumped into the sidecar with her.

"It was hard putting this on in a rush! Now can we just go?" he asked as Miles revved his runner to life

"You might want to hold on" he suggested as his runner practically blasted off into the city with Leo and Luna having to hold on by their seat belts as their brother found the fastest way to the academy in the few minutes they had before they were late.

Like the intro? Hope you did. I have a idea in my head that this might be a bunch of short school stories for the siblings, but I do have a idea for a main plot about Luna and Miles relationship. But I can't give much away, otherwise there'd be no point in reading the rest. Well like I always say, see ya later