For those who are following this story sorry if there's delays between chapters. I'm trying to actually get the story that this was spun off of finished so I can reference it in this story. So yeah that's what's going on enjoy the next chapter in this plea for insanity

The weekend had ended just as soon as it began, Leo taking note of it to his siblings and friends. Monday everyone was back in school for the 2nd week and everything had just gotten a little harder, every class done with the intro and little review to get their brains rolling. Now was the time to the new stuff and for reading junk students always questioned when they'll need to know after school is over and of course the one thing Leo hated above everything else…

"Ugh! Look at all this homework I got, and it's only the first half of the day!" Leo said showing his couple of sheets of homework that were filled with questions to things he didn't know about to his friends and siblings at their lunch table.

"Oh come on Leo it's not that much" Dex said

"Of course you'd say that your great at school work"

"That's because I don't snooze in class" Dex said as Leo growled at him

"Oh come on Dex don't be mean he's doesn't fall asleep in class" Luna said coming to his defense as she took a bite of her sandwich

"Eh I beg to differ" Bob said as Leo glared over at him

"Ok one time in English class that's it, but it's hard to stay up when the teacher trys to read to us!"

"Whoa ok kids stop barking at each other" Miles said not liking it when friends fight even over something stupid, because it was always the stupid things people constantly fight over. "Besides we got other things to think about"

"Like what?" Leo asked

"Like who's gonna get picked to represent whoever's grade in the homecoming competition"

"Oh yeah" Patty said "I bet it's gonna be Akiza who represents the juniors"

"Oh thanks Patty but I don't think I'll get choosen, who knows it might be Miles"

"Fat chance" Miles proclaimed "I may be a good duelist but as a student not the greatest" he said as he took a bite of his apple he brought for lunch.

"Oh don't put yourself down like that" Dex said as Miles shook his head

"Nope, I'm only telling the truth. Tell 'em Akiza"

"I'm not going to say you're a bad student" Akiza said trying to be as modest as she could be "but you do like to copy off my homework a lot"

"Ha! You do it to you liar!" Leo said cocky, Miles and his dad both on multiple occasions told Leo not to rely so heavily on getting answers on his homework and tests from others like Dexter. However like most kids he just shrugged off what they said and kept doing it anyway.

"Hey at least I don't get caught every other week for doing it" Miles retorted as the cocky grin disappeared from Leo's face as he slumped back in his seat and crossed his arms with a annoyed expression on his face.

"it doesn't happen that often" Leo grumble as everyone got back to their lunch. As soon as they were done the headed for the next class which to everyone came as shock because a surprise was waiting for them there

"Pop quiz!?" Leo groaned as his teacher put down a 100 answer scan tron on his desk and continued to the rest

"More like a pop test but don't worry this is only for extra credit it wont count against you, please do your best"

"But if we don't have to do it why do we have to?" Leo groaned as Dex and Luna rolled their eyes.

"Leo please just do it and don't ask why" Luna asked as Leo rolled his eyes then started the test. After the third question he tried to look at Luna's test but was shot a glare by his teacher

"Eyes on your own test Leonard!" the teacher yelled as Leo glued his eyes back on his test.

While in another room Miles was zooming past this test, not really trying to hard because he barely knew that many things on this test. Apparently every student was taking this test at the same time right now. Why? They'd have to wait and see.

When the school bell rang and every student fled to their homes Miles, Leo and Luna were on their couch playing a fighting game to clear their heads of that test. Though it's hard when you keep talking about it…

"What was with that test I didn't know even half the stuff on there" Leo groaned as he punched in a combo that sent Miles flying across the screen

"Ugh! Leo stop spaming that move!"

"Hey learn to play the game" Leo retorted as they kept up the brawl

"But yeah I agree that test was hard my head still hurts from it" Miles said the grabbed a item then through at Leo who dodge and watched it hit Luna taking out one of her lives

"Why'd you keep the items on?" Luna asked

"It's not a tournament Luny"

"And it's funner with them on"

"More fun Leo" Luna corrected as Luna grabbed Leo's character and did a drop move

"Oh don't turn into a grammar nut Luna no one likes those. By the way what did you think of the test. Ou! Mine!" Leo yelled as his character dashed for a icon that could be used to unlock their character's finisher

"Oh no you don't!" Miles yelled as he punched Leo mid air then tried to get it

"Actually I thought the test was really easy, some parts were harder than the others but…" Luna said as she rushed on the screen and jumped off Miles character's head the grabbed the icon then a second later a giant wave of light beamed out from Luna's character and screen killed Miles and Leo's characters as they both groaned out in defeat as Luna smiled cockily, a rare thing for her "…I kept my eye on the ball" Miles sighed in defeat as he looked at his sister

"Well good job Luna" Miles said with a smile

"Yeah good game Luna, and I hope you did good on the test" Leo said with a smile as Luna sighed and asked

"How many questions did you copy off me?"Luna asked as Leo chuckled then switched the tv back to cable

"More like how many questions did I actually answer" Leo said with a laugh as Miles even chuckled a little. Luna just rolled her eyes and smiled, the way Leo was couldn't be helped but really she wouldn't want to change him at all, even if at times he cheats off her.

The next day…

School was going by normally everyone going about their days as quickly as possible, again no one really wanting to be there but still there because either they realized that school was necessary by this point or they're parents are still telling them to go every morning. Leo and Luna were in their respective math classes while Miles was in chemistry when once of the school officials came into Luna's class and whispered something into her ear

"Excuse me Luna" her teacher said bringing all eyes on her in the classroom, which Luna didn't like. She didn't like to have too much attention on herself "If your could please go with Mr. Sanatago to the office" a couple of immature students ouud at Luna causing the teacher to bark at them as Luna got up and quickly made up front and out of the room with Mr. Sanatago next to her walking her to the school office. As they walked they passed Leo's math class where he saw Luna walk in the halls through the window in the door

"Leo eyes front!" his teaher yelled

"Sorry!" he said as he quickly got back to work. Luna and the teacher took another turn and passed Miles chemistry class where he just barely saw her, he honestly couldn't tell if he did actually see her or if he was imagining things

"Miles back to work!" his teacher yelled as Miles brought his eyes back on his paper and got back to work. It wasn't like he was creating a disturbance by looking out in the hallways so why the heck did the teacher have to yell at him?

As soon as they got to the office he lead her to his room and told her to have a seat, finding her voice Luna took a seat and finally asked

"Did I do something wrong?" she asked as Mr. Sanatago chuckled as he gave her a piece of paper that said Academic achievement award, and on the bottom was a couple signatures from the chancellor and a couple other school officials.

"No not at all, in fact you did something very right" he said as he took his seat behind his desk "Do you remember that test you took the other day?" He asked as she nodded "Well while we haven't completed the grading of all the tests yet yours was one of the first we did grade and quite honestly Luna you've done better than anyone ever has on the test in the ten years we've been using it"


"Yep 87% usually a good student gets 75% and the highest we've had on that test before you has been a 82%. You should be proud of yourself." Luna cracked a small smile she was a little proud of herself "And along with that little piece of paper you'll be the class rep for your grade in the homecoming games along with the other grade reps. Not only that but the real reason I brought you down here was to tell you that if you want you can go up a grade after homecoming heck you might even be able to transfer to academy island"

"Wait… Really!?" She said shocked as he nodded

"Yep so what do you say to that?"

"Well that's awesome Mr. Sanatago, I cant even tell you how happy I am right now" she said with a bright smile as Mr. Sanatago grinned to

"I'm happy for you Luna, I bet you can't wait to tell all your friends" he said as that rung in Luna's ear, her friends. If she went up a grade her schedule would change dramatically and she wouldn't be able to see her friends as much as she does now, and if she actually was able to go to Academy Island she wouldn't be able to see them at all or her family. Her smile vanished as she thought about this "Luna you ok?" Mr. Sanatago asked as Luna shook out of her thought and looked at him

"Uh yeah I'm ok… can we discus me skipping a grade some other time, I need to think about it" she said as Mr. Sanatago nodded

"Ok Luna but think quick you have till the end of the semester to decide on what to do" he said as Luna nodded and got up

"Thank you Mr. Sanatago"

"Welcome Luna you can ask for a pass back to class at the front desk"

"Ok" she said then left his office and went back to class. When the day ended and the siblings got home it was only natural that the first things to come out of Leo and Miles' mouths were

"Why did they take you to the office?" they asked as Luna collapsed onto the couch, wanting some sleep

"They just wanted to tell me I'm the class rep for the homecoming games" she said, only giving half the truth

"Wait really?" Miles asked excited

"That's awesome Luna! Great job!" Leo said as Luna just turned her head to the back rest of the couch and sighed, Miles and Leo could instantly tell something was wrong

"Luna? What's wrong?" Leo asked Luna just said

"I'm tired, can you guys just let me sleep?" she asked as Leo and Miles looked at each other and shrugged to say 'yeah let's let her get her sleep' Leo walked as Miles stayed there and walked over to Luna and knelt down to her and rubbed her head as he said

"Really congratulations Luna, I'm proud of you and I bet dad will be too" he said then kissed her head "Get some sleep" he said then walked off to go hang with Leo. Leaving Luna on the couch as a tear escaped her eye and she let out another sigh as she curled up into a little ball and wondered 'What should I do?' and wishing she actually had a parent to help her decided what to do, like a real family would