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557969. M41. Ultima Segmentum- Zodiac Sector- Vulpine

Kaci walked out of Lieutenant Nelvan's office with a sigh and looked down at her new stripes. Like her sergeant she had been promoted, though not as high as an officer, she was now a corporal. The only benefits she received from this was a slight increase in pay and respect, otherwise she had the same old job. Paper pusher of the Imperium, one of the least honored but one of the largest professions in the Imperium, only the Imperial Guard was on equal footing. With the official swearing in of the Imperial Guard Vulpine Regiments a few months away she could combine both professions.

'Now I can both spill ink and blood at the same time… yay!' Kaci thought sarcastically when she walked back to her desk. She took up her pen and looked at the first document on her desk. It was a request of compensation for a truck that the PDF had commandeered for troop transport then had lost when rioters blew it up with a fire bomb. Ever since the riots had been put down two weeks ago, and when the PDF were demobilized, her office had been flooded with compensation requests for damage caused by or partially caused by the PDF.

There was a pile of shop fronts, hab units and even vendor carts destroyed or damaged that the troopers used for cover. Then another pile for vehicles, another for valuables like vases and carpets, the lists went on. She looked at the last pile and shook her head slightly. These were the forms for bodily damage, civilians injured in the fighting, collateral damage. Of all the forms of compensation this was the one most likely not to get looked at by her superiors.

It wasn't out of spite though, it was just that the human cost was high on Vulpine, over a million rioters and civilians died, most by the rioters hands. Over half of the already established PDF had been killed, twenty five thousand men and women had lost their lives defending their homes. Now there was over one hundred thousand PDF troopers, most of which were still being trained, but at least they were volunteers and not conscripts, if it was the later case she might very well have to be on police duty since they would have been unruly at best and at worst… she didn't want to think about it. There was another reason why her higher ups didn't want to compensate injured civilians as well. It was the fact that they didn't know who was a true civilian and who was a rioter, it didn't bode well for the PDF or the governor if it turned out they were paying the medical bill of someone who had killed a arbities or another civilian.

So instead they were ignored instead of cared for. It was sad but it had to be done if the politicians and Imperium wanted to stay in control of the world.

But still, though it would most likely not go anywhere beyond Nelvan or his sectary, she had a job to do and filled out the forms. She stopped after filling out twenty seven of them to read one more thoroughly. Apparently a person by the name of Snimt had lost a foot to an adeptus sorita's melta-gun when the shot had over shot its target of a rebel position, though the position was destroyed the molten plasma had also go into Snimt's home where he was sheltering and caught his foot. She decided that this had better be transferred over to the soritas house.

Kaci remembered then that there was only one of their monasteries on the world, the same place she grew up in. She remembered how she was raised, always to believe in the Imperium, to be shown the rewards of the pious and the folly of the fallen, to show hate to the xeno and also to train in combat. The last one was the most vital lesson she had learned and applied in the past few months… that and also volunteering for categorizing in the monasteries library, which had allowed her to become a good office drone.

It had struck Kaci when she was younger how militaristic the sisters were, that was till she really began to understand that the stories they told of greenskined giants in their millions charging at a besieged defender was actually true. Those and other stories had turned out to be truth and she realized at her formative years that the universe was a much more dangerous place than she had given credit to. She had also seen the sisters at war or the first time only a couple of months ago and was frighten by them and the absolute destruction they had left in their wake. The fox girl was confronted by the evidence of what they could do to someone who had lived through their fury.

She set the document aside, she would bring it to the lieutenants attention later. Again there was more paperwork to be filled out, more requests to sign off on and more ink to be split in the Emperors name.


666969. M41. Ultima Segmentum- Zodiac Sector- Canenid

The capital city of Poxmos was Nerosoplies and it was impressive by local standards. It stretched for scores of miles on a mountain range, each of its buildings being white marble, alabaster or plastered white with red terracotta roofs. Its public buildings were grand pieces of architecture, up held by flared columns and domed ceilings, its walls covered in paintings of great feats of the past and its floors in fine fresco's. They seemed to of had a proto design to Imperial churches and cathedrals in their floor plan, but that's where the similarities ended and the local style took over.

Nowhere was this style of architecture more perelevant than in the Governors palace, the huge complex stretching for three miles in a few dozen domes. Tonight there was a party in the very same palace, over ten thousand guests were there. They consisted of ministorium officials, esschesihirarc representatives, officers from the PDF, Imperial Navy and the newly founded Imperial Guard regiments. There were business magnets, aristocratic families and any other VIP who could find a way to see off and celebrate their world's first ten PDF regiments.

While the various dignitaries and well to do mingled and reclined on sofa's enjoying their drinks and food, a single centaur artillery tractor cruised down the narrow streets of the city. The crowds that had taken to celebrating the first occasion that they had troops 'officially' leave the world to spread the Imperators will, parted at seeing the small vehicle. This was in part due to its heavy stubber and its user, a skull gas mask wearing trooper. To those that looked at the centaur while it passed they could see three people sitting in the back. A much more ornate version of the stubber operator, with a brass helmet and armored chest piece, a commissar wrapped in a black leather great coat and the small figure of a child just barely visible to those that looked. They would watch it go, then return to their party sure that nothing was afoot and could concentrate on getting hammered.

Lord-Commissar Danolov Bracket looked out the back of the centaur at the canine like inhabitants of Poxmos. They had a very human like appearance, in their form anyway till reached their hands, feet, heads, tails and the fact that they were covered in fur. Each of its citizens was covered in a fur coat of varying patterns and of head types and of tails. The combinations were many, but there was one type of dog like creature that was the largest of defining traits. That was of a wolf.

The wolves were the largest of the traits on this world since it was the ancient Poxmosians, who were wolves, were the ones to conquer the world, filling in depopulated areas with retried soldiers and colonists. The Poxmosians on a whole were an interesting group who believed in 'The Pack', a social construct formed in early childhood with friends and family were The Pack watched out for each other, helped each other and formed tight knit groups. This lasted through out their entire life till they died out and there was one left to tell the stories of his/her Pack to the next generation. Apparently the Space Wolves were investigating this world to see if they obtained the Canis Helix from this planet in long forgotten past, it would explain some of the proto-Imperial designs and might open up a world for recruitment of the chapter.

He looked back at his son and smiled, his mother had been a wolf. His boy was growing up and had more and more of his fathers features, he had the same dopy blue eyes, long fingers that were as his father had put it at a young age 'artists hands' and a broad body. Though his mothers contributions were most visible, being his wolf ears, grey hair and elongated canines. The boy was dressed in a imperial navy sailors uniform, bought from a ratling. Though he did have other clothes this was his only dress clothing… Danolov still didn't know what his son wanted to do in life so he had just gotten him that uniform, since it was easy to say ' Why yes, my boy wants to be a sailor this week, last he wanted to take after me, next week he'll be a ogryn the little scamp.'

He then looked up to see Captain 174 looking straight at him… or maybe just straight ahead, it was hard to tell with Krieg troopers since one didn't have any eye contact with them. It was remarkably easy to convince the captain to leave the party after Danolov had made his speech about 'unity of the Imperium, blah, blah, blah.' It was easy because it gave the Krieger the opportunity to leave a social gathering, which was more toxic to a Krieger than gas grenades, and act as a bodyguard for the Lord-Commissar.

The reason why the Lord-Commissar had left the party was officially to 'scout the surrounding country side and report on the findings to the commissariate', the real reason though was much more personal. He had a promise to keep to his-

The centaur stopped and the driver turned to him." My lord, were are here at the coordinates you gave me." The driver said." Good." Danolov stood up and stepped out of the vehicle." Come along son." He held out a hand to the boy who took it and followed him out." Sure dad." Bracket turned back to the captain." You can stay and guard the Centaur captain." The officer turned and saluted the commissar." Yes sir."

Danolov then turned and walked to the door of the two story hab unit. With his son's right hand in his left he rapped his right against the door. From inside the fatger and son could hear the thud, of a cane hitting at first a wooden floor then a stone floor. The cane stopped in front of the door and a voice creaked out, its accent heavy with the local version of low gothic." Who's there? If this is a bunch of partiers, this isn't your house." Danolov cleared his throat and said in a voice that left no room for doupt and had serious authority behind it." Mister Gaius, my name is Lord-Commissar Danolov Bracket. I would like to talk to you regarding your daughter Misetier." He caught himself at the end, almost saying 'Misty'. The door cracked open slightly, reveling a single yellow eye looking up at the commissar.

The door then wide and Danolov could see an old man, an actual grey beard running down his chest and dressed in PJs. He tipped his hat and said." Julius Gaius. I'm here on behalf of your deceased daughter Misetier and-." He then smiled and motioned his head down at the little boy." Our son Julius Bracket." The old man looked at the boy, stunned to see that he had family… family that was the child of a commissar. The child looked up and smiled at his grandsire." Hi grandpa, can you tell me about your pack?"


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