So, I was browsing fanfiction one day, and I said, "Hey, we really don't know much about Clove. There's not as many stories about her." So then I said, "Why don't I make one?" And then this happened.

I run into my room, feeling full and happy. I just finished talking to Cato and he said he and Christina would volunteer this year.
Christina is my 18 year old sister, and she is a full-fledged career-unlike little 14 year old me.
Christina and I are complete oposites. She was tall and strongly built and I am relatively scrawny. Her hair is red and curly. My hair is black and straight. Her eyes are green flecked with gold. Mine are brown-black. Her skin is creamy and smooth while I am pale and dotted with looks terrific in any type of clothing. I do not. She has all the friends. I do not. I only have my best friend Cecelia, but everybody calls her Seal.
The weird thing about me is that I just don't feel... right being a Career. Every time I throw a knife straight in a plastic dummy's eye I feel a twinge of guilt, like it's wrong to murder. Christina, Cato, and Seal always call me crazy.
The only difference between Seal and Cato is that Seal is a bit shorter and has longer hair. Other than that they're identical. They both have blond hair (Cato's is clipped short and Seal's is long), piercing blue eyes (Although sometimes Seal's look a bit greenish) and are made of muscle. If you see them you would think they're twins, even though Cato is eighteen like Christina and Seal is fourteen like me.
"Clove, put you dress on for the reaping!" my mother calls.
Oh, yeah, I think, the reaping is today.
I reach into my closet and pull out a dress; short, sunset-colored, with white flats and a white shrug to match.
I put it on and braid my long hair down my back. There. I'm done.
Hearing my phone buzz in my backpack in the corner of my room, I go to pick it up. A email from Glimmer, my District 1 pen pal.
District 2 lives most like the people in the 21st century, even though its been 200 years since Justin Beiber and Pippa Middleton and all those people. Really, the only difference is the better healthcare and the lack of deadly illnesses like cancer and AIDS.
I look at the email carefully.
Hey, Clovsie! I just wanted to let you know that I'm gonna volunteer for the HG! WOOT WOOT!
God I hate her.
Then I feel my phone buzz in my hand again and I see that Salami-the local bully-sent me a text.
Hey, Clovsie. I know this is waaaaaayyy to nice for me to say, but if you get reaped, try not to die, okay?
A tear slides down my cheek as I remember how her sister Lizzie was viciously murdered by someone from District 6.
Salami and I have an interesting relationship. I make fun of her for being named after lunch meat and she makes fun of me for... well, anything really.
But the weird thing is, she has a heart, unlike anybody else I've ever known.
She lives in my neighborhood and is not a career like Seal, Christina, Cato, or anybody else that acknowledges my presence. Seal is my best friend, but when I need sympathy, I always go to Salami, or as she likes to be called, Sal.
2 hours later...
I stand in the fourteen year old zone, waiting for Liza Truun to draw a name from the large glass bowl on the stage.
She lowers her green hand with black fingernails into the bowl and fishes around in it for a while. Then I see her yank out a yellow sliver of paper and open it wide.
She steps up to the microphone. My heart beats with anticipation as she says the two words that will change my life forever.
"Salami Onrye!"
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