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"Hello!" You yell as you walk into the lair. You were told by Raph to come over tonight so he could take you on a motorcycle ride for your birthday. So after getting ready, you headed towards the lair.

"Hey [Y/N]!" Mikey yells from over by the couch. You set your stuff on the kitchen table and then proceed to walk to him. "What's up?"

"Raph's taking me on a bike ride." You smile and plop down next to him on the couch.

"Aw! How adorable!" He coos.

"Shut up, ninja boy." You smirk and playfully shove his arm. "Where's Raph?"

"Uh, last time I saw him he was working out in the dojo. Might wanna check there." He says.

"Cool. Thanks Mike!" You say, hop up, and start walking towards the dojo. On your way though, you stop, peer into Donny's lab, and smile. "Hey Donny!" You say.

"Oh, hey [Y/N]!" He says from the spot under Raph's ruby red bike. "Just fixing up a gear on the bike. Wouldn't want you two lovebirds to explode, now would we?" Donny smiles and winks at you. Out of all the turtles, Donny is the one who gives you the hardest time about falling head over heels for his red clad brother. It's just because Donny's your best friend though. He was the first turtle you befriended when you met the guys. Besides Mikey. Lord knows that boy could walk into a room full of strangers and then make friends with everyone in less than 10 minutes.

"Ha-ha, very funny Einstein." You fake a smile. He just starts laughing at you and you roll your eyes. "Have you seen Raph?"

"Dojo, I think." He says.

"Kay. Thanks Don!" You say and shut the door as you exit. You make your way to the dojo and start to hear Raph's grunts and shouts. That definitely means he's working out. You silently go and stand in the doorway, arms crossed and head leaning against the frame. Raph has his back to you while he punches the life out of the practice dummy. A small smile reaches your face as you watch him practice. The only other time you actually watched him fight was the first day you met him, when he and his brothers saved you from a mugging…

"Yeah, yeah, Laura. I'm making it home safely. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Okay, bye." You say and hang up the phone. You and your friend Laura went out to see a movie tonight. Her apartment was about three blocks closer to the theater than yours was, so you dropped her off there, said goodnight, then started walking home. She called you a couple of seconds later though to see if you were okay. She always has been worried of you walking home by yourself. She calls you a 'trouble magnet'. Shaking your head to clear your thoughts, you pull your coat tighter to you and continue to walk. Just as you're about a block from your apartment, someone runs up to you and grabs your arm.

"Give me tha bag and ya won't get hurt, sweetie!" A man snarls at you. You pull your purse tighter to you and try to wiggle free.

"No!" You yell. He growls and throws you into the nearest ally. You land on the ground, but still cling tightly to your bag. "Get away you creep!"

"This would be much simpler if ya'd just hand it over girl!" He says. "Hand it ta me or I might just have ta use this!" You gasp as he pulls a gun from his coat pocket. You scramble back and then yelp when he shoots a warning shot at a pipe nearby you. It spews some foul smelling gas on you, but you continue to go back until you hit a wall and have nowhere else to go. But you still cling to your bag tightly. "Alright, ya asked fur it." He says and points the gun straight at you. Just as you think it's all over, something zooms past you and knocks the gun right out of the punk's hand. Stuck in the gun on the ground is one of those ninja stars you've seen in so many action movies. The dude stares at it in disbelief before he glares at the shadowed part of the ally. "Back up dude! This ain't ya fight!" The punk says in a shaky voice as he scrambles for his gun and takes the star out.

"It ain't even a fight. She's not armed. You're muggin' her." The voice from the shadows says. The dude pushes the gun at you again.

"B-Back up I said!" He yells, fear evident in his voice.

"Ya left me no choice dude." The voice said. The dude takes his gun off you and points it to the corner. He fires and you cover your ears, praying your mysterious hero didn't get hit. But from out of the shadow, a green man steps out into the moonlight. It takes you a while to really see that it's a giant turtle. Your hero is a giant, talking, butt-kicking turtle! Your mugger gets frightened at his appearance and runs off, shouting something about aliens from Mars finally coming for us. What a wimp. Your rescuer offers his hand to you and you take it. He hauls you up and you take in his appearance with a confused expression. "What? No screamin' and runnin' away?"He asks. His eyebrow ridges furrowing in frustration and wrinkling his red ninja mask. Both his hands grip two weapons on his belt. Whoever he was, you definitely DIDN'T want to make him mad.

"Why would I do that?" You ask with a smile. "Thanks for saving me."

"Raph!" Another voice calls. Your hero, Raph, groans and smacks his head. Just then, three more giant turtles run out of the shadows. "Are you okay? We got your distress call. What's going on?" They all finally spot you and then they just stare, making you feel very uncomfortable.

"I wasn't callin' for ya Leo. My cell fell and hit tha button for me. False alarm." Raph tells the one in a blue mask.

"Who's the chick?" The one in the orange mask asks.

"Mikey, be polite!" The purple masked one scolds. He gives you a tentative smile. "Sorry about him." He says.

"Nah, it's okay." You smile. "I'm [Y/N]. This one, Raph was it?" You ask the red masked one. He nods. "Raph saved me from a mugger. I was just thanking him."

"Hahaha! Raphael to the rescue! Saving damsels in distress!" The orange wearing one cheered.

"I am not a damsel." You say, crossing your arms.

"Then why did I save ya?" Raph asks. You get a look of annoyance on your face.

"I don't know, maybe because it was the right thing to do?" You offer.

"Ya said ya ain't a damsel, so ya should've saved yaself!" He says. He walks off towards the other turtles and back into the shadow.

"Sorry about him too. He's had a bad day." The purple masked one says.

"We better follow him. No telling what kind of trouble he'll get into this time." The blue masked one, Leo, says.

"Bye [Y/N]! See you around!" Mikey calls as they retreat into the night.

"Yeah. See ya." You say, shaking your head and walking out of the ally.

That night was the night your feud with Raph began. For the next three weeks, you two fought constantly. Then one day, Master Splinter, their rat father and sensei, locked you two in the dojo until you resorted your conflicts. You guys were in there for 12 hours before you both finally gave up fighting and decided to be friends. But you both emerged with a few bruises and scratches from actual fighting. It took a while, but a few weeks later you two were inseparable. In your free time, you would come down to the lair and help him and Donny work on his bike or watch wrestling with him. Watching wrestling with him was always fun. Especially when you both rooted for different wrestlers. A few days ago he even decided to start teaching you self defense techniques. Or sometimes he would come to your apartment to hang out or you'd meet him on your roof with a bottled water when he was out running around with Casey. Donny started teasing that he'd have to surgically separate you two because you were joined at the hip. It wasn't till a few days ago however that you really realized your feelings for the red clad ninja turtle. You shook your head to erase all the thoughts zooming through your head and then took a few more steps in the dojo.

"Hey Hothead." You smirk. He turns around and smirks back at you.

"Hey Damsel." He says.

"I am not a damsel for the 337th time." You roll your eyes.

"You been keeping count?" He raises an eye ridge.

"Maybe." You shrug.

"Yeah, well, I'm not a hot head." He says.

"Yes you are! You are totally a hot head." You laugh. "But the meaning of damsel is a young woman of noble birth. I am not of noble birth."

"But you can't fight ta save ya life." He chuckles.

"That's what you're for." You smile. He just rolls his eyes and grabs a towel from nearby. He puts it around his neck to soak up all his sweat.

"Ready to go?" He asks.

"After you shower, sure." You shrug with a smile.

"What?" He whines.

"Okay, I'm going to have to put my arms around you! I am not clinging to a sweaty, stinky ninja turtle!" You laugh. Then, it processes in your head what you said and you blush. "I-I'll just be waiting in the lab with Donny, kay?" You say, backing out of the dojo. He nods and then heads to his room. You rush to Donny's lab and slam the door behind you.

"Whoa! Where's the fire [Y/N]?" Donny asks.

"Ugh, I can't do this anymore Donny!" You groan. You walk over to where he's still fixing the bike and sit down on a stool. "Who am I joking? Raph doesn't like me like I like him." You sigh, spilling out your feelings to Donny. That was the one thing that made you feel comfortable around Don. You could say whatever and not be judged for it. Plus, Donny actually gives really good advice.

"What makes you think that?" He asks.

"He just doesn't." You shake your head.

"Okay, how can you say that after everything you two have been through? If Raph didn't care about you, he wouldn't have bothered to stop fighting with you. If Raph didn't care about you, he wouldn't talk about you 24/7. Trust me [Y/N], Raph likes you!" Donny laughs.

"I don't know, Don." You say, biting your lip and handing him a wrench he asked for. "Why doesn't he show some kind of sign he likes me?"

"This IS Raph we're talking about. He's not very emotional when it comes to stuff like that." He shrugs.

"Humph." You say and rest your head on your hand. Donny sits up and looks at you seriously.

"Just trust me [Y/N]. Have I ever steered you wrong before?" He asks. A small smirk comes to your face.

"Well…" You start.

"Oh whatever!" He rolls his eyes and shoves you. You both start laughing and then you hear the door open behind you.

"The bike ready, Don?" Raph asks as he walks in sweat free and smelling very, very nice. You get a whiff of him as he walks past you and to his bike. Your eyes close and you smile dreamily.

"Yeah. It's done." Donny says and scoots away.

"Ready [Y/N]?" Raph asks you, but you don't answer because you are still soaking in his intoxicating scent. You can already imagine Donny rolling his eyes.

"Hmmm?" You ask after a while.

"Ready?" Raph asks again.

"Oh! Yeah! Sorry!" You freak and stand up quickly, almost tripping in the process. They both start laughing at you and you feel you cheeks start to get warm. You quickly grab a helmet and shove it over your head before they can see your blush. "Ready." You say, giving them a thumbs up.

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