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"Allison!" You groan. "Stop tormenting your brother!"

"He started it! Tell him to leave me alone!" Your daughter whines at you, turning up the volume on her headphones more.

"I did no such thing, Mom!" Your son protests, his bright eyes shining behind his mask. "I merely asked her why she was listening to One Direction. It doesn't help her tough girl persona at all. Then she hit me!"

"Does that surprise you?" Raph chuckles from the driver's side of the Battle Shell. "She always hits you."

You give your husband a glare as your son continues. "Exactly! So I don't understand why she's getting all moody on me now."

"Alex, just drop it and play your video game or something," Allie groans, throwing his gaming device back to him.

"Hey! I was wondering where that went! You had it this whole time?"

"Well I thought hearing you talk the entire trip was less annoying than hearing obnoxious little gaming noises, but boy was I wrong. Now shut up."

"Allison," Raph states. "Don't make me turn this armored vehicle around."

Allie stopped and went back to listening to her music.

You exchanged a tired glance with Raph before looking out the windshield. You cherished the silence, because knowing your teens, it wouldn't last long. And you still had an hour until you arrived at the farmhouse.

Today, Raph's brother, Leo, was getting back from a year sent away to South America. You and April had gotten together and decided a surprise welcome home party at the farmhouse was a good idea. April and Casey were already there, along with their two children, Ethan and Eric. Donny, Master Splinter, and Mikey were in a van following you guys and were going to stop to get Leo on the way.

"Are you ready to see Leo?" You ask your husband.

He nods, while keeping his eyes on the road. "I am, but I know of someone who isn't." His gaze shifted to the rear view mirror as he looked at your daughter.

Allie was a wreck when Leo left. Her sensei, friend, and favorite uncle, gone in the blink of an eye. She hated him even more for leaving without saying goodbye. Leo had left early in the morning, stopping only to say goodbye to his brothers, but they still only got a swift hug and brief explanation. Allie woke that morning, ready for training, but her lesson was taught by Master Splinter that morning.

"She'll be excited once she sees him," You try to convince the both of you.

The hour passes by quietly, with no words uttered from Allie and only a few coming from Alex.

As soon as the Battle Shell rolls up to the farmhouse, Allie jumps out and heads off to the barn.

"Jeez, what's her deal?" Ethan asks as he steps out on the porch with his family. You hug Casey and April while Raph greats them. Alex fist bumps Ethan and Eric.

"She's just being her regular moody self," Alex shrugs. "She doesn't know what to do about this whole Uncle Leo coming back thing."

"I'll go check on her," Eric states as he rushes off towards the barn.

You weren't naïve. You could see something going on between your daughter and the eldest of Casey and April.

Unfortunately, Allie's father and uncles could see it too.

The poor girl.

You chuckle was you watch Raph glare after Eric, but you hold him in place to prevent him from going after them. You can remember exactly how it was like when someone interrupted alone time with Raph when you were younger. You hated them for it. So, you tried to give your daughter the freedom she deserves.

"Let's go inside," April says. "Donny called a few minutes ago saying they had just picked up Leo. They should be here in half an hour and I still have some decorating to do."

"I'll help you April," You say as you enter the old house. Before you get busy, you turn to Raph, hands on your hips. "Leave them alone."

He looks shocked. "I wasn't gonna do anything'!"

"Yes you were. So don't do it. She's old enough that she doesn't need your protection anymore. Especially not from a sweet kid like Eric."

"'Ey, she's my daughter and she can date when I say she can!"

"Raphael Hamato, she is seventeen years old! Stop it! Don't you remember when we were that age? All we wanted was for others to leave us alone too."

He crosses his arms. "Yeah, and I know exactly what's going through that kid's mind as he's talking ta her 'cause it's probably exactly what I thought about you."

You raise an eyebrow at him. "What do you mean!?"

"All I'm saying is that I know what goes on in a boy's mind as he's talking ta a girl he likes!"

You roll your eyes and turn to go help April. Suddenly, you feel a quick slap on your butt. You gasp and turn to find a cheeky looking Raph grinning at you.

"Things like that for example," He remarks. Then, like the ninja he is, he wraps you in his arms and kisses you deeply. And just like every time he kisses you, you feel that familiar fire rise in your chest, begging for more fuel.

"AGH. EW. Mom! Dad! PDA, seriously!" A voice yells. You and Raph break away to find Alex and Ethan sitting on the couch, hands covering their eyes.

You just chuckle, but Raph decides to remark. "You'll do the same thing when ya have a smokin' hot wife like mine."

"UGH." Alex stands and heads towards the kitchen, Ethan following him, leaving you and your husband laughing.

Allie's POV

The barn has always given me some sense of peace. Even when I was little, this was the place I would come to to play with my dolls when my uncles and dad were off saving the world. Which was and still is often. Mom would bring me and Alex up here to get our minds away from the awful thoughts of our dad in a life threatening battle.

I take a seat on a bale of hay and start to mindlessly play with my ponytail as I think.

No doubt I was excited to see Uncle Leo, but I guess I just don't know what to do once he's back. I was so angry at him for so long. And I've gotten used to being trained by my grandfather. Grandpa Splinter already told me he would resume training me after he was back.

I hear slight shifting coming from the entrance of the barn and on instincts, I pull out my tonfa, ready to attack. Eric gives me a smirk that reminds me a lot of his father before putting his hands in the air.

"Don't shoot," He jokes. I glare at him and holster my weapons.

"What do you want?" I ask, taking a seat back on the hay bale.

"Just wanted to see if you're okay," He shrugs, taking a seat next to me.

"I'm fine."

"See, this is the part of the conversation when I know that you're lying to me. 'Cause I'm your best friend and what not," He states smugly.

"Better be careful or you'll get a big head Eric."

"Whatever," He laughs. "Anyways, just thought I'd check on you before the rest of your family arrives."

I stop. "They aren't here yet?"

"Nah, they're on their way though. Mom said they should be here sometime soon."

I'm quiet as I pay with my hair. Any minute now, I could be reunited with the uncle I'm not sure if I've forgiven or not.

"Anything ya wanna talk about Alley Cat?"

I groan, standing to my feet. "I thought I told you not to call me that!?"

"Since when do I listen?"

He has a point.

"Just spill."

I stay silent as we have a glaring contest. I had to give him credit, he has become remarkably good at standing up to me. He used to be terrified of me when we were little. He stands and towers above me. He was roughly about a foot or two taller than me.

He doesn't back down. He just stares at me with those deep green eyes, his black hair falling slightly into his face…

Ugh. Stop Allison. You're supposed to be mad at him.

If I'm being completely honest with myself, I've always had a crush on Eric. I've never acted on anything though because of who… what I am. There's no way he likes me like I like him.

I know what you're thinking. It worked out for my parents, right? Why not for me? And I'm technically more human than my dad ever was, so why not?

The difference is, it was my dad who was the mutant. Not my mom. My mom is still a beautiful human. And what am I?

An ugly mutant.

Eric could never like me like that. He's just my best friend, nothing more.

"Allie!" His voice bringing me back to reality. I look up at him. He looks almost… concerned? "What's going on?"

I remain silent.

"You know you can tell me anything right?"

Wrong Eric. Very wrong.

"Don't shut me out Allie."

"I… just don't know what to do about this whole situation with my uncle," I reply, taking a step away from him. He had gotten strangely close to me…

"Just forgive him and move on. He's your uncle, Allie. It's not like you can avoid him."

"But he just left me! He didn't say goodbye or anything! He just left!" I shake my head at him, refusing to start crying. No one truly knew how hurt I was at Uncle Leo leaving without saying a word to me.

"But you love him don't you?" I nod effortlessly. "See? Then forgiving him should be easy. Forgiving people you love can come so naturally sometimes. You love Alex, right? And your parents?"

"Of course."

"How many times on a daily basis does Alex push you to the point of wanting to pull your hair out? And how many times have you called me in frustration because of something your dad did?"

I look to the floor, seeing where the conversation is headed.

"Too many to count," I lightly laugh.

"And you forgave them, didn't you?" I nod. "Then how is forgiving your uncle any different?"

I quickly wipe a free tear from my cheek before it can finish sliding down. Eric sees my action and comes up to hug me. I grab him tightly and thankfully.

"What would I do without you?" I chuckle to hide a sniffle.

"Probably fall apart," He laughs.

"Probably." I agree. He stops laughing and looks at me seriously. I suddenly become aware at how close we are… still in each other's arms…

"Just forgive and forget, remember that."

"Yeah, okay. But that's easier said than done," I reply.

"Many things are easier said than done. But they can still happen," He smirks, small dimples forming in his cheeks.

I ask, "Like what?"

He scrunches his face in thought for a second, making me laugh, but quickly goes right back to being totally serious.

"Kiss me."

Wait… what?

"W…What?" I choke out. Suddenly I am very aware of the rising heat in my cheeks.

"Kiss me… it's easier said than done, but it can still happen…. That is, if you want it to."

I've never been kissed before. I've never even dated. Eric had a long-term girlfriend about a year ago. They had dated for one year and four months before they broke up. He told me the day he first kissed her. So I know he had some experience. And Christina was nothing like me… from what he told me, she was soft and pretty and intelligent and I'm just… me.

"Um, is anything going to happen, or should I just leave with my tail between my legs?" He nervously laughs.

Allie Hamato is not one to back down from things. My dad always taught me to never back down, to be brave.

I hope those teachings apply now.

Acting on instincts, I grab him by the shirt and press my mouth against his. Shock is the first thing I feel. I can't believe what I just did! After the shock wears off, I feel his strong lips against mine and I can't begin to describe how… right it feels.

We pull away and stare at each other.

I just had my first kiss.

"Well… that was…" For a minute, I am completely terrified. What is he going to say? Terrible? Disgusting? He just gives me a goofy smile though. "Wow."

I smile back, relieved. "Yeah…"

"Allison!" A new voice interrupts the sweet moment. I groan at the sound of my mother calling me. "Eric! Come on kids, everyone else just arrived!"

Thankfully, she doesn't enter the barn though. I fond myself sending a quiet thank you to whatever force prevented my dad from coming to find us. That would have ended badly.

"Let's go Alley Cat," Eric smiles, grabbing my hand and leading me out of the barn. I don't dare to look at my mom as we pass her, hand in hand, faces probably as bright as my father's mask.

Back To You

"Hey Leo!" You greet as you see your blue banded brother-in-law step out of the van. You wrap him in a hug, which he gladly returns.

"Fearless!" Raph bellows, hugging him after you let him go.

"Hey Raph," Leo chuckles.

"It's good ta see ya again! How ya been?"

"Glad to be home," Leo smiles as he hugs Casey and April.

"Well, we're glad you're home too," April states.

"Uncle Leo!" A voice shouts. All eyes turn to see Alex headed towards Leo at the speed of light. Leo lets out a grunt when your child forces him into a hug, but he soon laughs and embraces his nephew.

"Hey Alex," Leo replies.

"We missed you, don't ever go to South America again. I don't think I can deal with Allie like this again."

Leo sighs. "I missed you too kiddo. Where is your sister?"

"She's coming," Alex turns to see his sister wasn't following him. "Maybe…"

"I'm right here," Allie steps out of the house, hand in hand with Eric. You feel Raph tense up next to you and turn to put your hand on his chest. You give him a look telling him to hush.

Allie let's go of Eric and steps closer to her uncle. Leo watches her with a proud expression. Your daughter folds her hands together and bows to her returning sensei.

"Welcome back Uncle Leo. I trust your trip was successful," She states monotone.

"It was," Leo nods. He bows back to her, then reaches to her to wrap her in a hug. Allie looks shocked and reluctant at first, but you see her face soften as she hugs him back.

"I missed you, Uncle Leo."

He chuckles in relief. "I missed you too."

"Don't ever leave like that again, okay?"

"Of course." He lets her go and smiles at her. "I trust your training has gone well. We can resume training Monday if you want."

For the first time all day, you see your gorgeous daughter smile, a sight that almost brings tears to your eyes. She nods, "Yes please."

You hear thunder ripple through the darkening sky overhead.

"Let's get inside. I can start a pot for tea," April suggest. Everyone starts piling into the old farmhouse. You give your daughter a wide smile and embrace her as she approaches you and Raph.

"I'm so proud of you, honey," You tell her. "You did the right thing in forgiving your uncle."

"Yeah, well, he's family and I love him. I can't hold a grudge with him forever," Allie grins and shrugs.

"Now, there's only one more subject to settle," Raph states, crossing his arms over his chest.

"What's that?" You ask him.

He lets out a dry smirk, "What's going on with you and Eric, Allison Tang Shen Hamato?"

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