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Chapter 3: Despite the Lies that You're Making

"Are you sure it doesn't come in silver? My wife specifically said 'silver' and if it's not exactly how she wants it she'll throw a fit!"

Kurt had to physically restrain himself from rolling his eyes. This man had been bugging him for twenty minutes now, continuously demanding he magically make one of the navy blazers silver-metallic silver.

'Honestly,' Kurt thought, 'with the shape of it, metallic would just make it look gaudy. I'm all for dramatics, but that would pull attention for the wrong reasons'.

"Please, just go talk to your boss, I'm sure you can find something!" the man practically sobbed, throwing the blazer around like an escaped mental patient.

Kurt sighed. This was definitely not what he had in mind when he said he wanted this job.


Kurt practically burst into song in happiness when the last customer left, restraining himself only because the store owner was giving him an indecipherable look.

"Did you need something, sir?" he asked, painting a happy expression on his face. Really, he just wanted to go and see his boyfriend. Though maybe he should call his father first-he had promised he'd tell the older man how it went on his first day of 'real work'.

"That blazer guy was kind of insane." the blonde noted, surprising Kurt.

"I think that's an understatement." Kurt muttered, causing Chris to chuckle.

"We normally don't get crazies of that caliber, I promise. However, since you had the misfortune of encountering one on your first day, you can pick out any item from the store you want and it's 100% free."

Kurt stared at him, blinking rapidly because seriously? This is way too good to be true.

"Even the expensive designer ones?" Kurt breathed.

The taller man laughed. "You bet. It's on me."

An (extremely manly) squeal burst from Kurt's throat as he shot off to look around the store.

For Kurt, clothes were more than just fashionable-they were a way for him to express himself when we was too afraid to do it verbally, and a way for there to be no mistakes about who he was.

He believed everyone expressed themselves through clothes, albeit subconsciously for some. That's how he had known Blaine was more than just a crush; with Finn and Sam he kept picturing picking out outfits for them-changing them-but the moment Kurt saw Blaine outside of his Warblers uniform the only thing he thought was 'he looks perfect. He is perfect'.

This was also why Kurt couldn't pick out clothes for Blaine. Changing his style would be like changing him, and that would be a sin against all of humanity.

Still, Kurt supposed he could pick up some flowers before he headed to the Anderson residents.


"I think we should postpone our business trip, Harold."

The eldest Anderson turned to stare at his wife, stopping in the middle of tying a skinny black tie around his neck. "Why on Earth would we do that?" he wondered, his face blank. He wanted to hear her out before he passed judgment.

Maria shrugged her small shoulders, clipping a necklace on expertly. "I feel like we don't know our son at all. I know you thought we were being overly affectionate and that that was what made him... the way he is, but when friends from work call and ask how Blaine is doing and I have no idea, it hurts me-and I'm a horrible liar, so I'm sure they're starting to suspect something.

"Maybe if we try to get to know him, we'll understand why he chose to be...-that is, why he's choosing this... lifestyle. Maybe it's not too late to help him."

The dark haired man thought about his wife's words. It made sense-and besides, maybe if they spent more time with him, he'd stop relying on that faggy brat Kurt and be a real man. Perhaps his 'ignoring' approach hadn't helped, and it was time to take a new tactic.

After all, he only wanted what was best for Blaine. What father doesn't want that for his kid?

Before he could answer his wife in the affirmative, the doorbell chimed loudly throughout their home.

He sighed, finished tying his tie, and went to see who was bothering them after he had had this revelation about how to save his son-how to stop him from locking himself in eternal damnation.


"Hello Mr. Anderson." Kurt chimed, holding the hibiscuses behind his back. "Is my boyfriend there? It's been so very long since I've last seen him."

The old man's eyes narrowed. "Look," he began. Kurt stood up straight and whipped the smirk off his face, realizing that this was serious. "My wife and I are staying indefinitely, and we're going to show Blaine the error of his ways, so don't get too comfortable. He's just confused and you were the first whore that opened your legs for him, so get out while you can."

Kurt glared harshly, taking a moment to appreciate the fact that he was an inch taller than Mr. Anderson, even if Blaine's father was bulkier than he was. "I'm not going anywhere, I'm not a 'whore', and this isn't a phase. Blaine and I are happy and in love, and if you chose to deny that you can go straight to hell." Kurt explained calmly, darting past the shorter man as quickly as he could, a bad taste in his mouth.

Approbation from his parents was what Blaine wanted more than anything, and if they gave it to him…

Kurt shook his head as he raced up the stairs. No, Blaine would never break up with him. Blaine loved him. Blaine wouldn't let his parents bully him into that, even at the cost of their approval, right?



The moment Kurt came through his bedroom door Blaine threw his arms around him, nearly knocking them to the ground with the force of it.

"Someone's happy," Kurt noted, wrapping his free hand around Blaine's upper back. He kissed the shorter boy's temple while Blaine's grip on him tightened.

"You're here, of course I'm happy." Blaine grinned, pulling away. That's when he spotted the beautiful flowers in Kurt's hand. "Are those for someone special?" he teased, his heart melting and his face flushing. He loved it when Kurt got him things like flowers or stuffed animals. They were like physical pieces of Kurt he could hold onto while the older boy wasn't there.

"They're hibiscuses" Kurt told him, for once not playing along when Blaine started teasing. "They mean 'delicate beauty'. I picked them up on the way home from work…" His throat closed up, a small sob bubbling from his throat.

Blaine took action, quickly taking the flowers from his boyfriend and setting them on his nightstand before grabbing the larger boy's arm and tugging him towards his bed so they could sit down facing each other.

Once they were on the bed, Blaine took Kurt's face in his hands and whipped away the tears that had started to escape. "What's wrong?" Blaine whispered as another sob fell from his lover's lips.

Kurt shook his head frantically, knocking Blaine's hands away, looking anywhere but Blaine as more tears began to fall. Blaine felt his insides twisting at the sight of his love in obvious pain. He wanted to kill whoever had done this to his Kurt-his angel.

"Kurt, please," Blaine tried, but Kurt just turned his face away. The younger boy felt so useless. Why couldn't he get Kurt to open up to him?

"Is it New York again?" Kurt shook his head. "You're job?" Another silent 'no'. Then it dawned on him. "My parents said something to you, didn't they?"

Kurt yanked Blaine into his lap in response, bending down to cry into the shorter boy's shoulder.

"Hey, hey, shh, shh" Blaine cooed, desperatly trying to calm Kurt down. He wanted to know what was said, and he wanted to help. He just wanted Kurt to smile at him.

"Have you ever fed a lover with just your hands?
Closed your eyes and trusted, just trusted?
Have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air?
Have you ever looked fear in the face and said 'I just don't care'?"

By the time he was done with the first verse, Kurt had changed to sniffling against his now wet shoulder.

"P!nk? Really?" Kurt croaked, burying himself further in the embrace of the boy on his lap.

Blaine smiled slightly as Kurt's usual demeanor began to return. "Hey, it was the first slow song that came to mind, alright?"

Kurt giggled quietly. "That's so you, Blaine."

Blaine took Kurt's face gently in his hands and maneuvered him so he could look into Kurt's red-rimmed eyes. "What is wrong, Kurt? I just want to help."

Kurt took a deep breath, the exhale fanning over Blaine's lips. "It was nothing, I don't even know why I started crying-I was just being dramatic, I guess."


The boy in question sighed. "Alright, I'll tell you…" He took another deep breath, like he was steeling himself. "You're parents are staying for a while and I was afraid that they would hurt you."

Blaine pressed their foreheads together, staring into Kurt's galaxy eyes. "I'll be fine, I promise."

He was kind of hurt that his parents had told his boyfriend their plans before they told him, but he was also happy. Maybe that meant they wanted to spend time with him?

Blaine pulled Kurt into a kiss, letting his love flow between them, reassuring Kurt that he'd been fine. Everything would be alright.


Kurt's heart squeezed in his chest when he lied to Blaine. He didn't mean too, but it was better this way. Blaine didn't need to know Kurt was having doubts-that would lead to Blaine doubting himself and someone so beautiful and amazing should never doubt themselves.

He just hopped that he and Mr. Anderson's silent agreement held strong, and that he wouldn't actually make Blaine choose between them. He was afraid he wouldn't like the outcome if Blaine had to pick Kurt or his parents.

"Are you sure that's all that's bothering you?" Blaine asked against his lips.

Kurt nodded, pulling the other male's face against his shoulder so Blaine couldn't read his face. "Yeah. That's all."