My love, over me you have absolute power,

Technically only king for about an hour,

Naturally blue, skin of ice

Why must you be the one to pay the price?

Hollow is the existence they gave

But you won't let that be your grave.

People pride you for being the best liar,

I see the pain in your face as you surround yourself with briar.

Shedding a tear when your love was betrayed

Was it possible that you were the only one dismayed?

It seems that it was never your friend, fate

Mind a step ahead, heart forever more too late

Just within your grasp was the world,

Your red carpet all but unfurled

All you want is love,

Power for a glove.

All ought to bow, to grovel, to love you, Loki

Even before you asked, I was always there on bended knee.

This was a poem I wrote for class a couple of days ago. Sadly it's one of my best poems...