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Jane and Maura went to her favorite coffee shop. Jane got a plain black coffee and was originally not going to eat anything until Maura practically shoved an egg and cheese wheat bagel down Jane's throat. Maura bought her usual cinnamon latte with a toasted croissant and they sat next to the window and enjoyed each other's easy company. Jane hated to admit that the bagel was actually pretty good and Maura looked way too satisfied with herself.

They went to work and were fairly un-busy until right before lunch time. They got a call about a murder somewhere, but Jane's main concern was that she wouldn't be able to eat lunch with Maura. Jane and Frost were set to go down to the crime scene but Jane told Frost to pull the car up to the front and she'd be right out.

Jane made her way down to the morgue, to Maura's office. She knocked lightly and peeked in through the open door, earning a light chuckle from Maura.

"Jane," Maura said as she turned her chair away from her computer and toward the door to the office. She smiled brightly, happy to see Jane.

"Hey," Jane said, almost completely forgetting why she came down to the morgue in the first place. She approached Maura's desk quickly, but her face changed quickly as she remembered what she was going to say. "Frost and I caught a case."

"Yes," Maura said slowly, confusion obvious on her face. "I'm aware. I just got a call too."

"Yeah," Jane chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of her neck. "I just- I kinda wanted to ask you to lunch."

"You're telling me this because…?" Maura asked, still not understanding why Jane felt the need to tell her this.

"Well," Jane looked around the room and huffed out a nervous laugh. "I kinda just wanted to see you, maybe take you out to my favorite coffee shop."

Maura couldn't help the smile that grew on her face. "Jane," Maura said, standing up and coming around the desk to stand in front of Jane. "That's so sweet."

"Yeah, but we caught a case," Jane said sadly.

"It's alright," Maura said, putting a hand on Jane's arm.

"Yeah…" Jane said. "How about I take you out tonight?"

"Again?" Maura asked, surprised.

Jane thought for a moment. "No, no, scratch that. Let's stay in," Jane said without thinking. "I mean-I- unless you don't want me hanging around this much. I mean, we have been spending a lot of time together, and maybe you could use some space from me, I know I get annoying-"

"Jane, you could never be annoying to me."

Jane smiled. "Yeah, but maybe you just want some alone time?" At Maura's slightly confused and sad expression, Jane continued. "I mean, not that I want to spend the night alone, I always want to be with you. I mean-I- ugh." Jane didn't know how to express her thoughts around Maura.

"Well, why don't you come over again tonight?" Maura asked.

"Why don't we come to my apartment? We spend a lot of time at your house," Jane added.

"Fine by me." Maura smiled. "Any particular plans?"

Jane purposely dragged her eyes up and down Maura's body. She got the reaction she wanted; Maura's cheeks flushed slightly and she shifted in her stance. Jane smirked.

"I was just thinking pizza and a movie," Jane said. "Just relax tonight, you know?"

"Yes," Maura said. "Sounds perfect."

"Good," Jane said just as her phone started ringing. She knew it was Frost without even looking at the I.D. She picked it up. "Rizzoli… yeah I'll be right out… no it's not a booty call… shut up, ass… be up in a minute." Jane hung up and put the phone back on her hip. "I should probably go, don't want to keep princess Frost waiting," Jane said with a smile.

"Okay," Maura said. "I should go too."

"Yeah, evidence to collect, murderers to catch, and all that jazz," Jane said.

Maura chuckled. "You go up, don't keep Barry waiting. I just have some things to grab and I'll be at the scene a little after you arrive."

"Okay," Jane said, smiling.

They gazed at each other for a moment, neither very aware of the fact they were actually gazing at each other until Jane swooped down and captured Maura's lips for a moment. Jane pulled away slowly, biting her bottom lip to contain her smile.

"I'll see you in a bit," Jane said.

Maura smiled a goofy star-struck smile, her eyes still closed and her cheeks slightly red from the brief kiss.

"I'll see you too."

Jane bounced out the door and they separately made their ways to the crime scene.

The rest of the work day was consumed with reviewing the crime scene, putting together a timeline for the victim, meeting with Maura to go over the autopsy, and finding contacts for the family of the victim.

"Alright, go home," Cavanaugh finally said at seven that night.

Jane packed her things into her desk and grabbed her jacket off the back of her chair. She shut off her desk lamp and computer and went down to the morgue to find Maura in her office transcribing notes from the autopsy.

"Long day," Jane commented as she leaned against the door frame, crossing her arms as she watched Maura work.

Maura looked up from the computer screen, pausing the voice recorder and taking her earphones off. She smiled as she saw Jane.

"Indeed," Maura commented. "Still up for pizza and a movie?"

Jane smiled. She was actually about to ask Maura the same thing. "Ready if you are."

Maura nodded. "Let me just finish up this page, and I'll be ready to go."

Maura put on her earphones and turned back to the computer for another minute and Jane took a seat in the chair across from Maura's desk. She watched as Maura worked, her face stern and concentrated.

"Alright," Maura said, saving the document and shutting off the computer. She closed the file and put that and the voice recorder into a drawer in her desk. "Ready?"

"Yep," Jane said, standing up.

Maura grabbed her blazer from behind her seat and put it on. She reached under her desk for her purse and slung it in the crook of her arm as she walked around the desk to Jane. Jane wanted to lean down and kiss Maura, but she knew she should just wait; another few minutes of not kissing Maura won't kill her, and it would be so much better to kiss Maura when they were alone, so there was no chance whatsoever of anyone interrupting.

"Let's go, Detective," Maura said, linking her arm with Jane's. Jane slid her arm out of Maura's and saw the brief flash of hurt in Maura's eyes before she took Maura's hand.

"Alright, but for future reference, I prefer holding your hand." Jane smiled at Maura.

Maura smiled and shook her head. Jane had a way of driving Maura crazy in the most adorable way.

The drive to Jane's apartment was comfortable, a silent agreement passing between the two of them that Maura would just spend the night. They found they really liked when the other spent the night; it allowed for more time together, more closeness. They could hold each other through the night, something they both secretly wanted more than anything. They got the chance to wake up in the arms of the other, which became their favorite way to wake up.

"Hey, buddy," Jane said as Jo Friday ran up to her ask they entered the apartment. "Oh, damn, would you mind if I took Jo out for a sec?" Jane asked, looking hopefully at Maura.

"Yes, you go ahead, and I'll order the pizzas," Maura said, waving Jane away and picking up her cell phone. Being around Jane enough had taught Maura to learn the pizza place's number by heart. "Meat lovers for you?"

"Yes please," Jane said, beaming at Maura as she slipped Jo's collar on. She took off her jacket and tossed it on the couch. "I'll be right back," Jane said as she slipped out the door.

Maura dialed the pizza place and ordered her and Jane their own pizza. The delivery would take about fifteen minutes, so Maura decided to go ahead and turn on Jane's TV while she waited for the detective to return. Five minutes later, Jane reappeared through the front door, Jo trotting happily next to her feet.

"Hey, sorry it took so long, Jo doesn't pee on command," Jane joked.

Maura smiled at Jane. "No worries."

Jane took Jo's collar off and hung it on the hook next to the door. She walked over to the couch and plopped down next to Maura, resting her head on Maura's shoulder.

"Did you call for pizza yet?" Jane asked, rubbing Maura's knee.

"Yes," Maura said, nuzzling her cheek into the top of Jane's head.

They sat in silence together, watching whatever was on the TV, but not really paying much attention. Fifteen minutes later, the pizza delivery boy came. Maura insisted she pay and swatted Jane's hand away as she handed the delivery boy the money and a large tip. She thanked him as he handed her the pizzas and turned away to walk back down the hall. Maura sat the pizzas on the coffee table and they each took a slice, Jane taking two slices and putting them on top of each other and biting into it like a sandwich.

"Why would you stack two pieces on top of each other?" Maura asked, curious.

"Since it fits in my mouth, why not?" Jane asked through a mouthful. Jane almost laughed and spit out her bit when she realized what other context that sentence could be seen in, but she knew Maura wouldn't have understood. She smiled at that. "And it's twice as delicious."'

Maura smiled. "Well you have fun with that, then." Maura said as she took a bit of the pizza. She realized she would probably have to go without a plate, so she cupped her free hand under her chin whenever she took a bit. "Hey, do you want to pick a movie?"

"Uh, sure," Jane mumbled over pizza, taking the remote from Maura. She flipped through the channels until she got to something that seemed halfway interesting. It just began, so Jane set the TV to that channel. She looked over to Maura. "This look alright to you?"

Maura glanced at Jane, biting back a smile at Jane's content face full of pizza. Still, she was gorgeous to Maura. "Yes, it looks fine."

They sat back and ate their pizzas and watched the movie. Jane finished her pizza and attempted to steal a slice of Maura's, but Maura playfully swatted away Jane's hand. She eventually gave in and let Jane have a slice and giggled to herself as Jane enthusiastically took a piece of the half-gone pizza.

"Maura, you eat so slow," Jane drawled out, fitting half the slice into her mouth and biting it off.

"No, you just eat at an abnormally fast pace," Maura retaliated, taking a small bite out of her third piece of pizza. "Tell me, do you actually chew, or do you just inhale?"

Jane looked slightly taken aback by Maura's words; she was slightly shocked, but in a good way.

Jane let out a breathy laugh. "Did you just make a joke?"

Maura looked thoughtful for a moment. "Yes I did."

"It was good."

"Thank you."

Jane smiled at Maura. Though sometimes Maura didn't understand social cues and jokes other people made, she could still be funny and adorable in her own way, and Jane absolutely loved that about Maura. She had such an off sense of humor, and she always enjoyed hearing what Maura had to say, though ninety-nine percent of the time it was about something Jane knew nothing about.

They sat watching the rest of the movie and finishing off their pizzas. They tried to casually glance over at each other when they thought the other wasn't looking, but both were somehow caught without noticing. They drifted toward each other during the movie, Jane leaning against the armrest with Maura under her arm, resting against Jane's chest and side.

"So how was your day?" Jane asked, running her fingers absentmindedly up and down the soft exposed skin of Maura's arm.

"Fairly decent," Maura said, turning her head up toward Jane. "And yours?"

"Alright," Jane replied, taking a swig of her beer. "I still really wanted to take you to lunch, though."

"We can always go tomorrow," Maura said.

Jane groaned. She didn't want to go to work if it meant she wouldn't be spending as much time with Maura. "Yeah," Jane agreed reluctantly.

"Why the tone?" Maura asked, sitting up slightly. Had she offended Jane somehow?

"I just…" Jane didn't know if she wanted to admit the truth, because wasn't it a little too soon in their relationship to have separation issues? "Well, I just… I wanna be around you, you know?"

"You see me every day at work, Jane," Maura stated factually.

"Yeah, but not like this," Jane gestured down to how they were sitting, Jane's arm hanging over Maura's shoulder, Maura's head rested on Jane's chest, Maura's arm over Jane's stomach. "I like this," Jane said as a point and a comment.

"I like this too," Maura said, snuggling closer to Jane. "I'm a little tired though."

"Me too," Jane admitted, reaching with her unoccupied left hand toward the remote on the coffee table. She shut off the TV and snuggled with Maura for a bit, wrapping both arms around Maura to hold her closer. She inhaled the scent of Maura's shampoo. "How do you always smell so nice?" Jane asked.

"Mmm," Maura just hummed. "You smell nice too."

They laid like that for a few minutes, enjoying each other's company, enjoying the feelings of being held in each other's arms. They let the silence surround them, the air around them empty except for the occasional scratch of Jo's paws on the hardwood floor and their breathing.

"Maura?" Jane asked after a few minutes, shifting slightly and lifting her head.


"Can you flip over really quick?" Jane asked.

Maura's face held a perplexed expression but she did as Jane asked, flipping over so Jane and her were face to face.

"The point of that was too…?" Maura asked, trailing off toward the end.

"So I could do this," Jane said, leaning forward and closing the two inches between their faces.

Maura smiled into the kiss, her eyes closing. She pressed closer into Jane, bringing her hands up to Jane's shoulders, pulling them closer together. She cupped Jane's cheek with one hand and lifted her chin to kiss her more fully, more passionately.

Jane kissed Maura slowly and fully, being sure to memorize how Maura liked to take Jane's top lip in between hers before sucking lightly and kissing around her lips. Jane's arms wrapped around Maura's waist and shoulders, holding the slightly smaller woman against her as if their lives depended on it.

Maura moaned softly as Jane broke the kiss and began to kiss down her jaw and neck and back up again. Maura's neck tilted away from Jane, giving Jane more room to let her lips roam freely. Maura felt her body flush under Jane's touch. Jane shivered slightly, her body suddenly feeling warm underneath Maura.

It was amazing how an easy night could turn so heated so quickly.

Maura leaned down and brought her lips to connect with Jane's again, kissing her thoroughly and leaving her breathless. She broke the kiss and rested her forehead on Jane's, her eyes still closed. Jane's eyes were still closed, and she occasionally pursed her lips to continue to leave light pecks on Maura's lips, and they both let the heat between them calm down.

"You're such a good kisser," Jane commented after a while.

"You're very skilled at kissing too," Maura replied, resting her head in the crook between Jane's neck and shoulder.

"Still tired?" Jane asked.

"Yes, though a little less than before."

"C'mon," Jane said, nudging for Maura to stand up. Maura didn't move, though, and Jane giggled when she just groaned. "Not gonna move?"

"No," Maura said, snuggling closer into Jane. "This is more comfortable than your bed anyway."

"I thought you said you couldn't lie," Jane joked.

"I'm not."

Jane pouted playfully, but couldn't help but smile at Maura. Jane shifted down again so they were still lying comfortably on the couch, Maura on top of Jane. She wrapped her arms around Maura's waist again and sighed into the feeling of Maura's soft body pressed into hers. Their breaths eventually became synched, the rise and fall of each other's bodies matching the other's.

Jane brought her hand up to the tips of Maura's hair and started absentmindedly playing with it.

"Maur?" Jane whispered in case Maura fell asleep. She wouldn't have minded if she did, she would lay in this position all night if Maura was comfortable. She also liked the feeling of the blonde in her arms. Knowing Maura was here with her, wrapped in her arms, was the greatest feeling of contentment Jane had ever felt.

"Mmm?" Maura hummed. Apparently she wasn't asleep.

"I have a question for you…" Jane asked, suddenly turning shy.

Maura felt the shift in mood and noticed Jane's tone. She pushed herself up slightly so she could look Jane in the eye.

"Jane?" Maura asked. "What is it?" She's not going to end things, is she? Maura couldn't think of anything; her mind was completely blank except for that question. What if she ends things? Maura could feel tears come up behind her eyes but she willed them to stay back; she wasn't going to let this hurt her. Or, rather, she wasn't going to let Jane see her break down. She didn't want to lose Jane.

"Maura," Jane said. She leaned up and kissed Maura's lips, hoping to kiss away the sudden worrisome look on the doctor's face. "Be cool, okay? I'm not going to say anything bad."

Maura calmed down, the tears almost coming out from behind her eyes in sheer relief. She smiled and nodded.

"Maura Isles…" Jane said, leaning up to kiss Maura again. Her lips lingered slightly longer than last time. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

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