A/N: Alright this is something that's been bugging me for a while and I had to get it out of my head cause it was distracting me from writing my other stories. To tell you the truth I was planning on writing a Naruto and Sora no Otoshimono (Heaven's Lost Property) crossover for a while now. I did read one story A Maelstrom's Lost Property and I can't say I hate it, but I didn't really like it. I'm not saying mine is any better. In fact, I'm not sure if anyone will like this, but I hope they do.

Anyway, my version of this story will be taking place in the Sora no Otoshimono world. This chapter will be a combination of the first episode and manga chapter with my own twist just to start things off. So, I hope you enjoy my version of both these two great Anime/Manga.

Chapter 1

An angle's SOS!


On a grassy hill, that over looked a small town was a girl with brown hair with two shoulder length bangs framing her face in a white tank top and a pair of white panties. The girl was sound asleep, but for some unknown reason something caused her to wake up and noticed where she was. Her eyes wide at the scenery before her as she could see many small houses in the distance that look very familiar to her as she stood up.

One thing she never noticed was the fact she was in her underwear.

"What's going on this isn't one of my normal dreams," the young busty brown-haired woman proclaimed as she looked around. "Most, if not all, my dreams have Tomo-chan and me doing something perverted," she added blushing a bit. "But this… this is bizarre. This is the first time I had a dream like this and why is it that I'm on Sakura hill?"

After getting over from her sudden shock, she began to wonder what was going on and then started to walk down the hill, but something caused her to stop.

"Please don't leave," a voice called out getting her to stop.

The girl then turned in the direction where she heard the voice coming from, but only to find that there was a huge Sakura tree. Seeing there was no way a tree could talk, she turned around and began to walk away only for the voice to call out to her.

"Please don't leave," the voice repeated, prompting her to stop once again and look back at the tree. Before the girl could even do or say anything the voice spoke, "Seeing that you've stopped means you can hear me, am I right?"

The girl could only nod as her eyes widen a bit after realizing that the tree she thought couldn't talk was in fact talking to her.

"Thank god," the voice exclaimed sounding a bit relived. "You don't know how long I've longed for the day someone would answer my call. And I thank you for it," it added getting another nod from the girl. "If you would, come closer," it asked her.

Doing as the tree asked she slowly started to make her way up the hill towards the Great Sakura tree and once she got close enough she could feel a warm soothing sensation engulf her?

when she was about a foot away from the tree, it began to glow and there was a sudden bright light causing the girl to shield her eyes. Once the light faded there stood, a man with unruly blond spiky hair his hair bangs covering his eyes, but she was able to see a pair of whisker marks on his cheeks, three on each side. He wore no shirt but had on what looked like a lower part of a toga similar to what the Greek wore in ancient roman. However, the most noticeable thing about this man was his one wing that sprouted from his left shoulder blade. It looked exactly like angel's wing, but his for some reason his was black instead of the white like most angels have.

She could only base it off books or what she seen on TV of what angel's wings may have looked like. It is not as if she sees angels every day; in fact, this was the first one she had ever seen if dreams counted that is.

Taking one more look at the one winged angle in front of her, particular his midsection, and blushed seeing how toned his abs were but before her eyes could wonder anywhere further the man's voice brought her back to her senses.

"There isn't much time left for me, so I'm going to get straight to the point," the blond haired man voiced getting her attention. "Since you're the only one of many I tried to contact means, you're my only and last hope," he told her getting a confused look from her.

"What do you mean I'm you're last hope? Hope for what," the girl asked him as his words only confused her.

"Free me. Free me from my prison, which has held me here for 400 years," he begged her receiving another confused look from her.

"How am I supposed to do that," she asked having no idea how.

"Just go to the Giant Saku-," was all he could manage to say until a collar suddenly appeared around his neck with a chain attached to it.

Suddenly more chains appeared around the man along with the tree and then pulled him towards the tree binding him to it.

Before she could ask what was going on, the chains that were binding the blond angel to the tree suddenly electrified causing the blond man to let out a bloodcurdling scream getting her to cover her ears and close her eyes. Once she heard the screams stop, she opened her eyes, while removing her hands from her ears, and look towards the man then gasps seeing the condition he in.

There were burnt marks on his skin where the chains touched his skin. He stood there with the chain still binding him to the tree with his head hung letting his hair droop.

She wanted to see if he were okay so she moved towards him only for his voice to stop her dead in her tracks.

"Don't come any closer," he grunted in pain.

"But you're in pain," she told him worried about his wellbeing.

Even if this was just a dream, she couldn't stand there and do nothing. Therefore, she ignored what the man said a made her way towards him only for his voice to stop her once again.

"Don't come any closer; if you do you'll be trapped in this dream forever," he warned her getting her to rethink what she was about to do. "That teme foreseen this," he whispered to himself.

"Then what should I do? I can't leave you like this even if it's a dream," she exclaimed getting a chuckle from the tied up man.

"Thanks for the concern, but our time is running short and you need to leave before 'he' founds out," he told her but she didn't feel the same.

"I can't leave you here like this," she argued and tried to make her way over towards him, but a sudden gust of wind stopped her from continuing any further.

She use her arms to cover her face trying to shield it from the wind that stopped her from helping the man. She tried fighting it but it only grew stronger lifting her off the ground.

"What's going on," the girl asked as she was being lifted higher.

"Like I said, it's time for you to go before 'he' finds out," he told her too weak to lift his head.

"But, what about you," she asked concerned about what will happen to him.

"Don't worry about me; I'll be fine as long as you can promise me that you will find and free me from my prison." He asked her hoping she would be the one to, finally, free him from his 400-year-old prison.

"I promise," she said on impulse. "I promise I'll free you somehow," she added as another gust of wind hit her sending her away from the man.

Just as everything was suddenly going white, she heard one last thing before everything went blank.

"Remember your promise, Sohara."

XXX Sohara's Bedroom XXX

Sohara eyes suddenly opened seeing she was now in her bedroom with her alarm going off telling her it was already six thirty in the morning. Shutting her alarm off she sat up on her bed as he mind trailed off to the dream she had how the angel asked her to free him from his prison, and how she promised to free him. But, she didn't know how to do that, not to mention where she was supposed to go to find him. He never told her exactly where he was located and when he tried to tell her, he was almost shocked to death.

She could still hear that man's scream echo in her head hearing how much pain he was in at the time got her to bring her knees to her chest as she wrapped her arms around them and rested her head on them. She felt responsible for what had happen to him as she tried to figure out how she was going to find and free him. All her thinking made her forget she had to get ready for school and when her eyes drifted towards her alarm clock seeing it was 7:15am got her to realize how close she was to being late if she didn't hurry and get ready.

"Crap it's already this late," she said to herself as she made her way towards her window. "Tomo-chan," she yelled only to get no response. "Tomo-chan get up! If you don't we're going to be late," she yelled again get no response. "Damn that lazy, good for nothing idiot," she spat in anger as she made her way over towards her closet grabbing a school uniform out from it.

After placing her uniform on her bed, she grabbed a yellow ribbon from her dresser and tied her hair up into a ponytail then fished out a white bra from one her drawers. As she tried to put it on, she found it quite difficult then it should have and concluded that her bra must have shrunk or her breast must have grown some more overnight. After some adjusting her breast she managed to snap on her bra then hurried and changed into her school uniform then made her way downstairs where she grabbed both her and Tomo-chan's lunch's that her mother prepared for them. Putting their lunches in her bag, she quickly put her shoes on and ran out the door towards her neighbor's house and without even knocking; she opened the door and ran inside.

She knew his house like the back of her hand since she comes over every day, so it didn't take her long to reach his room. Soon as she opened her friend's door, she found him still sleeping without a care in the world, which pissed her off as a dark aura appeared around her as he eyes darken. She slowly made her way over towards her friends sleeping form ready to karate chop into next week, but before she could, she saw him open his eyes, which had tears flowing from them getting her to lower her arm. She stared at him knowing why he was crying and got her to think about the dream she had but quickly pushed it aside.

"You had that dream again didn't you," she asked her friend who was now up sitting on his futon.

"Yeah, but this time she told me something different at the end," he told Sohara who knew how he felt, but also knew that they were running out of time.

"I know how you feel, but it's already 7:30, so hurry up and get changed," she told him getting a panic look to appear on his face.

"7:30, what the hell Sohara? Why the hell are you waking me up so late for," Tomoki exclaimed getting Sohara anger to rise.

"Well, if you could get up every day without me waking you. We wouldn't be in this mess." She shot back even though it was her fault, but still it shouldn't be her responsibility to wake him up every day.

It's been like that since they were in junior high. Everyday Sohara would take the time to wake up Tomoki because he, for some reason, couldn't wake himself up.

"I bet it was because you were combing your hair or something, wasn't it," he said getting her anger to rise even more. "I swear you girls always take too long to get ready. It's always 'do I look good in this' or 'does this match'," he add saying that last part in a girly voice.

As he ranted on, he never realized that Sohara was right behind him with her karate chop of death ready to strike.

The next thing the small town heard was the sound of someone's skull cracking open.

"Just shut up and get changed," Sohara demanded with her back facing a now downed Tomoki who had a huge lump on the back of his head.

"Yes, ma'am," Tomoki grunted as Sohara left his room.

About five minutes later Tomoki came down stair seeing Sohara waiting for him by the front door with a still pissed off look on her face as her arms crossed her chest. Once he put his shoes on the two left towards school in a hurry so they would be late, but by the time, they reached their school there was a huge commotion with a bunch of students huddled up by the entrance. As they made it the front gate a random student came up to them saying that someone was going to jump off the school. Slightly worried for the student who was stupid enough to jump they were surprised to see it was an upper classmen, Sugata Eishiro. He had white spike hair, green eyes and wore a pair of glasses in a school uniform, but the most noticeable thing was the hang glider next to him. All they knew about him was that he's the founder and leader of the New World Discovery Club and the smartest kid in school.

"Hmm… wind force, checked. Although the wind direction isn't in my favor," Sugata said to himself as he strapped himself to his hang glider getting ready for takeoff. "However it's good enough for my experiment. Now that the cost is clear…" He added as he jumped off the top of the school building ignoring all the other students who were telling him not to.

"I can't believe it, he jumped," Tomoki said in disbelief as he and Sohara along with the rest of the students watched as Sugata sore threw the sky and then crashed into a tree not far from the school. "Well, that's the highlight of my day, let's go Sohara," he added with Sohara slowly following behind him.

As they made their way into the building, they saw a teacher run past them heading towards the area where Sugata's hang glider crashed and figured they were going to catch him so they could give him his punishment.

Thanks to that little incident, no one was marked late and school began like nothing ever happen.

Classes were the same as always, boring and as for Tomoki, he felt like he could fall asleep at any moment as his eyes slowly closed themselves. Ignoring the whispers coming from Sohara to stay awake, he rested his head on his desk while closing his eyes getting his friend to face palm. Soon enough he was fast asleep and slept through the rest of class if it weren't for Sohara he probably would have slept in class until nightfall.

"Tomo-chan," she called out to him giving him a light shove on the shoulders. "Come on, Tomo-chan get up. Class is over," she called out to him again.

"Alright, just don't karate chop me," he replied getting a confused look from him.

"Karate chop? What are talking about," she asked but didn't care about that right now. "Anyway, you're sleeping in class again. Don't except me to help you when you start panicking once the exams come." She told him as she place her hands on his desk.

"Yeah, yeah, I know you say that every time I fall asleep," he told her as he raised his head. "You're sounding like a broken record, you know that," he added but saw a surprised look on his friend's face. "What? Is there something on my face," he asked her.

"You had that dream again," Sohara asked him getting Tomoki to wipe his face.

"Damn dream," he said to himself.

"You know you been having that dream since you were a kid; I think it would be good if you went to the hospital," she suggested only for Tomoki to reject it.

"What? Are you crazy? And what do you what me to tell them? Oh, hey doctor I have a problem you see I cry while I'm dreaming. Think you can tell me why that is," he exclaimed getting Sohara eyebrow to twitch.

"Then how about asking Sugata-sempai," she asked getting a blank stare from her childhood friend. "He might have some flaws, but he is the smartest student in school and very knowledgeable. So how about Tomo-chan." She added then waited for his answer.

"No," he whispered as he stood up. "NO WAY IN HELL I'LL GO TO HIM," he exclaimed.

"But why," she asked seeing no problem why they couldn't go asked Sugata about it.

"Because I said so. There's no way I'll get involved with someone who can't realize his own mistakes and causes nothing but trouble." He told her then said, "Besides, what the heck is the New World Discovery Club anyway? All I want is my peace full life to stay the same as it is!"

"So, you're saying that's a no," Sohara asked just to make sure.

"You're damn right it's a no," Tomoki replied with a smug attitude as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Well then…," Sohara said in cold tone getting Tomoki to sweat a bit as she brought her hand up. "I'm sure I can get you to reconsider," she said getting Tomoki to gulp.

"Now that I think about it. Asking Sugata-sempai about my dream isn't such a bad idea after all," he told her getting a smile from her.

"I'm glad you see it my way, so how about we head over towards his club room," she replied in a happy tone as she went to get her things. "Besides I need to ask him about my dream," she added getting Tomoki's attention.

"What do you mean ask him about your dream," Tomoki asked her getting her to tense up.

"What did I say my dream? What I meant to say was I wanted to ask about my new cream that I bought. I wanted to know if I use it would it help my blemishes heh, heh." She said laughing nervously as she quickly put her things in her bag then said, "Anyways, we should get going."

With that said, Sohara walked away leaving a confused Tomoki behind as he tried to figure out what just happened? Shrugging his shoulders, he flung his bag over his shoulder then followed his childhood friend as they made their way towards the New World Discovery Club.

XXX The New World Discovery Club XXX

"A dream you say," Sugata the leader of the NWDC asked holding on to a sailor moon like action figure sounding as if he didn't care.

"Yeah… so, you're not going to do anything are you," Sohara said while Tomoki stood behind her dreading the idea of coming here.

"No…," Sugata replied bluntly getting Sohara to look a bit disheartened. "Actually, I'm kind of interested in it," he added getting her attention. "You see… in scientific terms dreams are define as electrical signals produced occasionally by the brain while it's processing human memories." He explained while looking under the toy's skirt then added, "In other words, ones dreams are greatly affected by that individual's memories or their desires, however, this statement…" He then stood up placing toy on the table in front of him then looked at both Sohara and Tomoki with a serious look on his face. "Is merely based on the theories of 'Reality'," he told them getting somewhat of a shock look from his two guest.

"And theories based on reality are unable to explain 'unrealistic' events, correct," he asked as he moved towards his computer as for Sohara and Tomoki they didn't have answer so they stayed quiet. "Now take a look at this," he said motioning them to look at his computer screen showing a simulation of the earth.

"Is this…," Tomoki began but Sugata interrupted him.

"The magnetic forces generated by the axis that consist of the south and north poles of our planet forming the so called 'Geomagnetism', now watch closely," he explained then asked them to watch the screen.

Even though they didn't think it was going to help explain why Tomoki was having his weird dreams, they did what he asked and watched the screen as closely as they could. To their surprise, they saw what looked like a small black dot move across the simulated earth and wondered what it could be.

"See that moving object that looks like a hole," Sugata asked those getting nods from them both. "Can you tell me what that is," he asked them another question.

"I don't know," Tomoki replied as Sohara stayed quiet and continued staring at the screen.

"That's right," Sugata replied getting a confused look from Tomoki. "I don't know," he repeated as he too stared at the screen.

"What," Tomoki replied not seeing how 'I don't know' could be the right answer.

"You see, in order to reveal the true form of this thing, numerous researchers have tried using many different types of observation equipment. Even planes were included in the attempts, but in the end they all were unsuccessful." He said explaining how others tried to do in order to reveal the hole's existence. "But, I can tell you the conclusion they came to be," he said getting their attention. "Their answer was 'I don't know'," he told them getting them to look at him if her were stupid.

"That's not an answer," Tomoki told him then turned around. "Come on Sohara it was a stupid idea to even come to this idiot," he told her as he made his way towards the door.

"I agree with you 100 percent. 'I don't know' couldn't possibly be considered an answer, because, I know what the true form of that 'hole' is," Sugata voiced but Tomoki kept walking towards the door ignoring him. "The same goes for your dream," he added getting the short black hair student to halt in mid step. After making sure Tomoki was listening he continued, "It's all about The New World!"

When he finished his sentence, the room was suddenly replaced with an ocean as the raging waves behind Sugata hit some rocks as he stood there pushing his glasses back in place with his hand. Tomoki was the only other person standing there in this new area as he watched the waves behind Sugata come rushing towards, and engulfed him just as the room went back to normal. He then found himself pressed against the back wall as Sugata began to mess with his computer.

"Those idiots in the scientific community have only been studying its mass and velocity. Instead of just concluding that it's floating in mid-air, and that dream you been having is the same as The New World. Think of it as a warm welcoming to our world." He stated as he continued to mess with his computer, Tomoki on the other hand didn't think the same.

'This… this guy is totally helpless! If I get involved with him, my peaceful days will be long gone. There is only one option left…," he thought to himself as he gulped. 'I HAVE TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!'

And with that, Tomoki made a mad dash towards the door only for a hand to grab hold of one of his shoulders. Thinking it was Sohara he stopped as he didn't feel like getting karate chop, but to his surprise, the hand belonged to Sugata.

"You're in luck, Tomoki. It so happens that tonight at 12 'O clock The New World will pass right over this town," Sugata informed him. "You will come with me, right Sakurai Tomoki," Sugata asked him.

"LIKE HELL I WI-," he began to yell, however someone answer for him.

"Of course he will. If it's alright with you can I come along with you guys," Sohara said answering for Tomoki as Sugata told her she could come along.

"SOHARA WHAT THE HELL," Tomoki exclaimed, but Sohara just looked at him with a happy expression.

"Isn't this great, Tomoki! Not only will we be able to see what this New World might look like, but we can also find out why you been having those wired dreams," she told him ignoring the pissed look he had on his face.

"NO, IT'S NOT," he told her, but she wasn't listening to him instead she started scribbling something on a piece of paper then handed it to Sugata.

"Here are both Tomo-chan's and my contact details," Sohara said to Sugata as she handed the piece of paper to him.

"Got it," Sugata replied as he fix his glasses while take the paper from Sohara's hands.

'I… I can hear it,' Tomoki thought to himself. 'I can hear the sound of my peaceful life being shattered by a four eyed idiot, and a karate chopping devil."

"Good. Then tonight at 12 we'll meet under the Sakura tree behind the shrine," Sugata told them getting a nod from Sohara and somewhat of a nod from a horrified Tomoki.

Sugata then went back to messing with his computer as both Sohara and Tomoki headed out, however Sohara stopped just she exited the room as she remember something.

"Oh yeah, Tomo-chan there something I forgot to ask Sugata-sempai. So you go on ahead, okay," she told him hoping he won't ask why.

"Yeah, whatever, I'll see you tonight then," Tomoki replied sounding as if he just lost something precious to him while he walked down the hallway with his shoulders slouched.

"'Kay, see you tonight then," Sohara replied as she watched him leave then turned back towards the New World Discovery Club and walk in.

She saw Sugata typing something into his computer, but before she could say anything, he spoke.

"Is there anything I can help you with Ms. Mitsuki," he asked her not bothering to look at her.

"Well, you see, it has something to do with a dream I had," she asked.

"Are you referring to Tomoki's dream since he didn't explain what his dream was," he replied still typing.

"No, it's a dream I had," she repeated, but Sugata wasn't showing any sign of interest.

"Nightmares are very common Ms. Mitsuki, I'm sure that all it was," he told her in calm tone still not bothering to look at her.

"IT WASN'T JUST SOME DREAM," she exclaimed getting him to stop typing. "Dreams don't feel as real as the one I had last night. I can still hear that man screaming in my head," Sohara told him.

This time he looked at her and saw tears forming in her eyes he then realized she meant what she said.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that," he apologized to her.

"It's alright," she told him wiping her eyes.

"Why don't you have a seat and tell me what your dream was about," he suggested as he stood up and unfolded a chair for her then sat back down in his.

Taking him up on his offer, she sat down in the chair in front of him and began to explain everything that had happen in her dream. From how she woke up on Sakura hill and how she tried to leave only for some voice to stop her to the part where the angel who appeared from the tree was bound to it by chains that shocked him and then sending her away by a gust of wind. She had to stop once she began to tell Sugata about the angel almost being shocked to death in order to wipe the tears from her eyes.

As for Sugata, he was quite interested in her dream now that he had the chance to hear it, but one thing that bugged him though. Who was this angel and why did it choose Sohara of all people. Also, what did it mean when it said 'you need to leave before 'he' founds out' what could that mean. Perhaps someone from the new world, but the most important info was the 400 year prison he been held in could it have meant the 400 year old Sakura tree. He would have to think this over some more before giving Sohara an answer.

"So you have any idea to what it could mean," she asked hoping he did so she could somehow keep her promise she made to the angel.

Even if it was in her dream, a promise is still a promise and she wanted to fulfill it no matter what.

"Well, not at the moment. Give me some more time, and I'm sure I'll come up with something by midnight tonight," he told her getting a nod from her.

"Then I guess I'll leave it to you then," she said as she stood up and made her way towards the door and stepped out of the room. "I'll see you later tonight," she told him then closed the door leaving Sugata to ponder on what he told.

Just as the door to the room closed Sugata went back to typing whatever on his computer as he tried to piece together what Sohara dream could mean. It didn't take him long to come up with several conclusions one being that it had something to do with the New World, but the others were a bit different.

His eyes then drifted off to the side of the room where there was a hand axe leaning against the wall. Standing up from his seat, he walked over towards the axe and picked it up.

"If what she said about her dream were true. Then we might just need this," he said to himself as he looked out his window in the direction where the Sakura tree was located.

XXX Mid Night At The Great Sakura Tree XXX

Sitting on top of Sakura hill by his lonesome was none other than Tomoki who was told by his four-eyed sempai to meet under the Great Sakura tree, but unfortunately, he couldn't make it. Something about being caught by a teacher for what he did this morning. Even Sohara couldn't make it saying her mother wouldn't let her stay out late leaving him to head out he by himself.

"Some friends I have," Tomoki said as he check the time on his cell phone seeing it was only 11:58, but he was already fed up with this crap. "You know what? Screw this I'm going home," he yelled but for some reason he couldn't leave.

As he stood, there an image of angel appeared in his head remembering what it said to him 'the sky has captured me.'

"What the heck does that even mean? How is it possible for the sky to capture anyone," he asked himself then remember what the angel told him this morning. "And what did she mean when she asked me to help free a friend of her's and that someone close to me would know where to find him?"

Pondering on those thoughts, he check the time on his phone again and saw that it was 12:02.

"See, nothing happened. Stupid sempai he lied, saying the hole would-"

Before he could finish his sentence, his phone rang startling him then answered it.

"Hello," Tomoki answered not sure who it was as he didn't know the number.

"Tomoki, it's me Sugata," Sugata informed him.

"What the hell sempai are you trying to scare me," Tomoki yelled into his phone.

"Sorry about that, but I need you to calm and listen carefully," Sugata told him in a serious manner getting Tomoki's attention. "GET AWAY FROM THERE NOW!"

"Why? What's going on," Tomoki asked not understanding why his sempai sounded so worried.

"When I was on my way over I to a quick glance at the date my computer gathered and something weird… happen… the hole… moving… stop," Sugata tried to inform Tomoki but his connection was breaking up.

"I can't understand what you're saying sempai. You're breaking up," Tomoki told him.

"You're… above…"

Sugata never got the chance to finish his sentence because something suddenly hit the ground close to where Tomoki was sending him flying back a bit.

Forgetting he was on the phone with Sugata, Tomoki slowly made his way over towards a creator that was created by whatever hit the ground not far from where he was standing. Once he reached the edge of the creator, he was in for a shock as he looked to see what it was the cause. Only to find it was a beautiful girl with pink hair and two long bangs with black highlights that framed her face. She wore some kind of battle armor, but what really caught his attention were her pure white angel like wings that sprouted from her back. The only thing he could think of was why the hell this girl had wings.

"Is she alive or is she dead," he asked himself seeing she was completely unharmed. "Either way, if I get myself involve with whatever this girl is. It will surely stir up trouble, so that leaves me with one choice…" he said to himself as he clenched his fist. "I've gotta get the hell out of here before she wakes up! Sugata-sempai is almost here so he can deal with it," he exclaimed making a mad dash back home.

Before he could get far two stone pillars landed right in front of him almost crushing him. If he were to look up, he would've seen more stone pillars and other debris fall from the sky above. That's if he were to look up, but unfortunately for him he was too busy dodging it from it crushing him. Just as he was home free, he suddenly remember the winged girl that he left in the creator.

"She'll be fine, besides my peace comes first," he told himself as more debris fell debating whether he should go back. "DAMN IT," he exclaimed making the decision to head back and save her.

Upon reaching her, he grabbed hold of her arm finding her to be quite heavy but was able to get her on his shoulder. However, when he looked up he saw a huge pillar heading straight towards him. Seeing his life flash before his eyes thinking this was how he was going to die because he was trying to save this U.M.A. (unidentified mysterious animal) Then suddenly he was lifted into the air completely dodging the falling pillar. Looking behind him, he saw the U.M.A. or the winged girl holding him as she hovered in the air. Then next thing he knew they were heading back down towards the ground.

As they descended, he heard her whisper something that sounded like imprinting and then the chain on her choker started to form more links. Soon enough they was a chain that connected from his hand to her choker around her neck and once they landed, she placed him down and got on her knees and spoke.

"It's a pleasure to meet you? I am an entertainment purpose angeloid, type alpha. My name is Ikaros, and as long as it something that pleases you. I will comply with any command… master," the winged girls known as Ikaros informed him, but before Tomoki could answer someone else spoke.

"Now this is unexpected," a voice coming from behind Tomoki said getting him turn to see who it was.

"Sugata-sempai," Tomoki said as he stood up. "Where the hell have you been? Do you know what the hell I went through cause of you," he exclaimed, but Sugata was more interested in the being behind him to care.

"I do apologies, but I'm more interested in the thing behind you," Sugata voiced getting Tomoki to stop ranting and look back at Ikaros.

"What her," he said as he wasn't sure what it was besides from what it told him.

"Yes, I've haven't seen nor heard of this life form before. One thing I am sure of though…," he said as he fix his glasses. "She must be a residence of the New World!"

"How the hell did you come to that conclusion," Tomoki yelled at him as he walked over and grabbed of the chain and pulled on it.

"It seems like this won't becoming off anytime soon," Sugata told Tomoki getting a shock look from him.

"What? Then what the hell should I do then," Tomoki asked him in a panic.

"You do live alone don't you," Sugata asked.

"Well, yeah... kinda," he replied as Sugata somehow managed to appear his bike.

"Well, since you live alone; it wouldn't hurt for the two of you to spend some time alone," Sugata called out getting ready to leave.

"Hey w-wait a minute," Tomoki yelled out to him but Sugata didn't hear him as he stated to leave.

"Also, remember to report back to me daily," Sugata yelled back.

"ASSHOLE," was the last thing Tomoki said before Sugata disappeared off into the distance leaving him and Ikaros all alone.

XXX At Sohara's House Before Mid-Night XXX

It was about 11:30pm and Sohara was lying down in bed staring at the ceiling as she couldn't fall asleep, well more like she was too afraid to sleep. Thinking if she did, she would have that dream again, and she didn't want that. She couldn't face that man not after promising to free him.

Rolling to her side, she saw that her alarm clock said it was now 11:50 and remembered what Sugata said that he would have an answer to her what her dream meant by mid-night. That thought alone was enough for her to get out of bed and walk over towards her bedroom door and cracking it open to look out in the hallway. Finding that the lights were off she quietly made her way downstairs so she wouldn't wake up her mother. Reaching the front door, she slipped her shoes on, but before she could take one foot outside, she heard someone's voice getting her to tense up.

"Where do you think you're going young lady," Sohara's mother said getting her to turn around and face her.

"I was going out for a walk since I couldn't sleep," Sohara lied but her mother wasn't buying it.

"You know how much I hate liars, Sohara," her mother scolder her as she crossed her arm over her breast. "Now tell me the truth," She demanded.

"I promised a friend I'd meet them at mid-night so I-" Sohara began until her mother interrupted her.

"Out of the question," her mother quickly replied not letting her finish what she was going to say.

"But, kaasan-" Sohara tried to explain, but again her mother interrupted her.

"No buts, now you hurry up back to your room this instant," her mother told her but Sohara knew she had to hurry up and meet up with Sugata at the Sakura hill.

"You just don't understand," Sohara exclaimed getting a gasp from her mother from her sudden outburst as she turn and ran out the front door. 'She just doesn't understand that I'm the only one who can free him,' she thought as she made her way towards The Great Sakura Tree.

By the time, she made it there; it was well past mid-night. She figured that Sugata had already gone home, but to her surprise, he was still there waiting in what looked like ruin. With what looked like stone pillars and other debris scattered across the ground.

"What the heck happen here," she asked Sugata once she was close enough to him.

"Oh, Ms. Mitsuki. I'm glad you could make it," Sugata greeted her as she walked up to him then looked at the destruction around them. "As to your question? It's kind of hard to explain, but on to more important matters," he said changing the subject but before he could explain, what was more important Sohara interrupted him.

"What about Tomo-chan? He's not hurt is he," she asked sounding worried for her crush.

"You don't have to worry about him. In fact, you just missed him. He had quite the adventure," he told her getting a confused look from her. "I suspected you wouldn't be able to show up on time. Therefore, I made sure to get rid of him because I got a vibe that you didn't what Tomoki to know about your dream, am I right," he told her.

"Yes, I didn't want him to think that his dreams are contagious or something, so thanks," she told him.

"Not a problem. Anyway, back to what I was going to say," he replied as he fixed his glasses getting her attention. "I figured out what your dream meant," he told her getting a surprised look from her.

"Really, what does it mean," she asked urging him on to tell her.

"As you probably know already. The angel in your dream was most likely sending a S.O.S. via your dream," he told her getting a nod from her. "You just don't know where this said angel is being held prisoner, am I right" he asked getting another nod from her. "Now, if you remember. The angel clearly states he wanted you to free him from his 400 year old prison, and there is only one place in this town that has anything that's exactly 400 years old."

Soon as he said that Sohara realize where he was getting at.

"You mean to tell me that The Great Sakura Tree is where he is being held prisoner," she asked getting a nod from her sempai.

"Even in your dream you said he appeared in front of a Sakura Tree," he stated getting her to believe what he was say were true, but before she could get her hopes up he add something more. "However, I've been examining this tree before you arrived and I found nothing special. To me it looks like an ordinary Sakura tree, but I wonder…" He began as he looked from the cherry tree then back to Sohara. "If you were to touch the tree? What would happen," he told her but she didn't understand what he meant by it.

"What are you getting at," she asked getting him to turn his body so it was facing her.

"Alright, let me put it this way. For the last 400 years, this angel been calling out to anyone who he could get a response from and 400 years later, he finally manages to contact someone. And that someone was you," he explained letting what he said sink in. "Now we both know; I never knew this angel even existed until the other day and that was because you told me about him. But, what if the one he contacted were to go where he is being held prisoner. Then maybe he'd show himself," he finished then watched Sohara closely as she process what he told her.

"What if it doesn't work," she asked doubting that it was only possible for her to find him, but he did say she was his last hope.

"We'll never know until you try," Sugata merely replied as he watched Sohara clench her fist.

"You're right," she said then made her way towards the cherry tree in front of them.

While Sohara made her way towards the tree, Sugata walked over to his bike and pulled out a hand axe out from his bag, the one he had in his clubroom, and then went to meet up with Sohara. Just as he reached where Sohara was standing, he saw her reach out to the trunk of the tree, but was stopped by bright light forcing the two to shield their eyes. What they saw next once the light died down was something they couldn't explain. As they stared at what looked like a man with unruly spiky blond hair with his bangs covering most of his face with most his body covered in tree bark as if the tree itself was absorbing him. There was also chains wrapped around the tree one of them connected with a choker around his neck binding the man to it.

"It's him. The man from my dream," Sohara said dumfounded that he actually existed.

Sugata was dumfounded as well not only did he see some sort of angel being that was with Tomoki, but now he witnessing with his own what could possibly be angel stuck inside a tree.

"We have to help him," Sohara told Sugata as she went and tried to pull the chain off the tree, but soon as she grabbed it, it shocked her forcing her to let go. "Ow, it shocked me," she wined as she flex her now numb hands.

"Are you alright," Sugata asked getting a nod from her. "It seems like whoever imprisoned him here wanted to make sure he stayed here," he voiced his opinion, but Sohara wasn't going to be stopped that easily.

"I don't care who it was? I promised that I'd free him and I'm damn well going to keep my promise," she said with as much determination she could and that was Sugata's cue to hold out his axe getting a confused look form her. "What's that for," she asked wondering why he was carrying an axe.

"Well, I predicted this might happen. So, brought this with me looks like I was right," he told her getting her to look at him.

"How were you able to predict something as this," she asked then shook head as it wasn't important. "Forget about it; I have a promise to keep," she said grabbing the axe from his hand.

Gripping the axe in her hand as she positioned herself in front of the chains she lifted it up and swung it hitting the chain dead on cutting it in two. However, the instant the chain broke the bark around the man's body started to spread to the rest of his body in a more rapid pace.

"What going on? Why is it doing that," she asked Sugata as if he knew the answer, luckily he was smarter then he looks cause he did have answer.

"I guess that's what he meant by he's time was short," he replied then began to go more into detail as to why. "It appears that the more of the chains you cut. The fast the tree eats or absorbs him," he told her getting her to panic.

"Then what should we do," she asked as she didn't have a clue to what to do.

"Are only option is to cut the chains all at once. Otherwise he'll be absorbed by the tree the moment you cut another chain," he informed her giving her only one option.

'The only way I can cut the chain all at once is to use my karate chop, but what if it doesn't work,' she thought to herself while looking at her hand.

Sugata knew Sohara would be able to pull it off, but without the right motivation, she wouldn't be able to. therefore, he said, "If you don't hurry Ms. Mitsuki; you won't be able to keep your promise."

Soon as those words escaped his mouth Sohara eyes widened a bit getting her to raise her hand up, and in one swift motion she brought it down onto the chains cutting straight threw them. Then right after she did, she quickly grabbed hold of the man's hand began to pull him out of the tree. Sugata didn't waste any time either and quickly did the same. With the two of them working together, it didn't take long for them to pull out the man from within the tree causing all three of them to fall back onto the ground.

As they sat there catching their breaths both Sohara and Sugata watched at the tree quickly seal up the huge hole that it had as if it weren't there to begin with. But, before they could relax, they notice the chain attached to the man's choker around his neck was being pulled towards the tree dragging his body with it. On impulse, they both took hold of the chain and started pulling on it in hope they could stop it but it was futile. The tree was much stronger and was slowly dragging them along with it the chain.

"Sugata, what should we do," Sohara asked him hoping he could come up with a plan in the situation they were in.

"You have to cut the chain with either your hand or the axe," he told her, but she wasn't sure if she could.

"But, if I let go the tree-" she began but Sugata intruded her.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine; I'm stronger then I look," he reassured her.

She was skeptical at first, but knew they were running out of time and had to believe in what he said. However, before she was about to get ready to cut the chain she heard someone else's voice.

"Fucking choker!"

That was all they heard getting both of them to turn and look at the blond man who was now standing. The man then stretched out his wing and held out his right arm off to the side. Next, some kind of black colored battle armor materialized over his entire arm with a claw gauntlet for his hand and a fire like wing sprouted from his left shoulder blade. After it finish materializing, he put both hands on his choker and began to pull on it. Giving off a fierce yell, the man broke the choker in two and let it fall to the ground.

"Man does it feel good to move again," the blond hair angel said mostly to himself. "But, I shouldn't get too relaxed just yet," he added as he fixed his gaze on the tree making the two teens a little uneasy.

Turning their gaze back on the tree both Sohara's and Sugata's eyes widen once they saw the cherry tree in front of then suddenly sprout tentacle like vines from it branches that were heading straight towards. Before they knew it, the blond angel was standing in front of them his right arm extended out ward. Just as the tentacles were about to hit him a red colored shield appeared in front of him burning the vines to ashes before they could even touch him. (think of one of Kallen Stadtfeld from Code Geass Guren MK-II's arm attacks)

The man then jump back behind both of them and wrapped each arm around their waist and took flight just before more vines sprouted from the tree. In a matter of seconds they all were far away from the vines reach and were now hovering in mid-air as they watched the vines tried searching for them.

"What the heck was that," Sohara asked as she watched the vines look for them.

"Not your everyday cherry tree; I tell you that much," the angel replied getting her attention. "I guess you were able to keep your promise after all, Sohara-chan," the man added making her blush since it was the first time anyone said her name with a chan suffix.

After getting, another look at him Sohara was able to see his one of his eyes as the breeze moved his bangs from his face letting her see his azure colored eye. She was also able to see three whisker marks on both his cheeks just like in her dream that made him somewhat cute if he were to cut his hair. Despite that, she was still memorized by him, but what he said next ruin the moment.

"Now, can one of you tell me where I can get some ramen, I'm starving," he asked the two getting Sohara sweat drop while Sugata fixed his glass as if he were ignoring his question. "What? I've been trapped in that damn tree for 400 years. I think, I at least deserve that," he defended himself.

"Sorry to spring this on you, but most stores and restaurants close up after mid-night. So, there's no way for you to get your ramen," Sugata informed him getting the angels attention. "Besides, I sure you don't have any of this worlds currency, now do you," he added.

"You two wouldn't happen to have any," the blond angel asked them only for them to shake their heads. "Well, this sucks! I was really hoping to get some ramen," he whined.

"Um… if I may ask? What's your name," Sohara asked since he never introduce himself like he even had the opportunity to do so in the first place.

"Oh yeah, I forgot that didn't I," he laughed then descended down far away from the cherry tree. "The name's Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto," he introduce himself after placing them back down.

"Well Mr. Uzumaki, care to tell us how you ended stuck in that tree," Sugata asked his eyes never leaving his.

Naruto returned his gaze then smirk.

"That's a very good question… that I'm not going to answer, and call me Naruto. Uzumaki makes me sound old," Naruto replied even though he was well over 400 years old.

"Naruto huh… that means fishcake, right," Sohara spoke making Naruto sigh.

"Everyone always says that. Just once would I like to meet someone who'd say maelstrom instead of fishcake?" Naruto blurted getting Sohara to flinch. "But yeah, my name means fishcake," he told Sohara.

"Well, if it makes you feel any better; I like it, your name that is," she told him as her face started to heat up.

"Thanks… I guess," Naruto replied but before he could say anything else, Sugata interrupted him.

"It kind of late isn't Ms. Mitsuki, don't you have cleaning duty in the morning," Sugata voiced getting Sohara's attention.

"You're right, but how did you know that," she said then asked finding it weird he would know something like that, but he didn't give her a reply. "Anyway, it was nice to meet you Naruto, but I should real get going," she told him and was about to take off until Naruto stopped her.

"Well, if you're in such a hurry why don't I take you home," he said then without letting her give a reply he wrapped an arm around her waist and picked her up along with Sugata.

"This isn't necessary; I my own transportation," Sugata told him, but Naruto just chuckled.

"If you're talking about that thing with those weird circles then you can forget about it. Unless you'd like to been eaten by that tree," Naruto replied getting Sugata to rethink about.

"Good point," was all Sugata said.

With that said Naruto took off in the direction towards town to drop off his new friends.

XXX Sugata's Tent by The River XXX

After Naruto flew into town he dropped off Sohara first since it was always been women first, unless it came to ramen then it was fist come first sever. He asked where Sugata lived so he could drop him off, but was surprised when he said he didn't live in town instead he lived in the outskirts by a river. He wondered why that was but didn't ask since it wasn't any of his business and took him wherever it was he lived.

Upon reaching their destination, Naruto saw that he indeed lived in the outskirts as he saw a tent with sign that said Sugata on it. He didn't have a clue to why he would choose to live out in the middle of nowhere, but again it was none of his business and kept quiet.

Sugata on the other hand didn't think the same as he had many questions that he wanted answered and only one way came to mind.

"Tell me, Naruto," Sugata said getting the blond angel's attention after he put him down. "How is it that out everyone you tried contacting? Sohara was the one able to hear you? Also, how did you know her name when she never once mentioned it to you," he asked as he watched Naruto think of an answer.

"That's another great question-" Naruto began to say but Sugata interrupted him.

"That you're not going to answer," Sugata said finishing Naruto's sentence.

"You catch on quickly," Naruto replied with a smirk. "There are some things in live one is better off not know," he told him and got ready to take flight, but then looked back at Sugata. "I'll tell you one thing though," he said getting his full attention. "That girl; isn't your ordinary human. In fact she above them all."

Without another word, Naruto took off leaving him to ponder what he just told him.

Sugata watched as Naruto disappeared off into the night after he was gone he went inside his tent to get his laptop, but remember he left it in his bag. Which so happens to be on top of Sakura hill with a killer tree. Knowing there was nothing he could do about it now he began to take of his clothes so he could wash them since these were his only pair. As he did, he thought about what Naruto said that Sohara wasn't an ordinary human but was above them all. He didn't know what he could've meant by that how she could be above all humans there was nothing special about her besides that kill chop of her.

None of it made sense to him and would probably have to observe her more to understand what he meant, but there was one thing he did know. His, Tomoki, and Sohara's lives were about to change, but would it be for the better or the worst, only time would tell.


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