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Chapter 6

A Festival to Remember!


It has been about a month or two since everyone spend the night at Sugata's so-called home. Several things happened that day. Such as finding out how smart Naruto was in math and that he was the one who made Ikaros and the other beings called angeloids.

Sugata though, was the only one who believed there was more than one person who created the so-called angeloids and after confronting the man who made them. He told him the reason for creating the angeloids were for two reasons. One in which to help them in their daily lives and the other was to protect them from the beings called, humans. It was a farfetched answer but a believable one at that.

Their conversation ended their but that wasn't the only thing that had happen that day, in fact, there was another conversation that took place, too be precise.

Out of the two, one of them was between Mikako and Naruto, in which, she had asked him if he would consider living at her place. The other was between Sohara and Naruto with her asking him what he and Mikako were talking about shortly after he had return from shopping with Ikaros.

The questions were not that surprising for Naruto as he had his suspicions that Mikako had her eye on him after first meeting him. He also knew that Sohara's jealousy would have caused her to ask him what his conversation between him and Mikako. Even though their questions did surprise him, they did catch him off guard, however. The only conversation that did catch him by surprise was the one between him and Ikaros.

Who was able to activate a blocked memory about the day she was first let off standby mode was quite the surprise. Not only that but she was starting to remember he was once her master. He hoped that it wouldn't happen but if it did, all that he wanted was for her not to remember that day. All he could really do was hope that it didn't happen.

With all that, there was one more thing that happened that day that would later become something the world has never seen, in real life anyways.

That one thing was none other they Clucky. A baby chicken that Naruto had bought that Ikaros picked out as the meat they were going to use for curry. However, on the way back to the riverbank, the two quickly became friends and Naruto saw no way he could kill it and kept it as a friend/pet.

The bird itself was quiet unusual as it showed expressions that a normal chicken shouldn't but was one of the reasons he decided to keep him.

It was only a few days later did he come up with what he thought was one of the best idea's he'd ever came up with. Right next to owning his own ramen shop and that was truing his little chicken into the world's first living, breathing, chocobo.

By using one of Ikaros's cards, he was able to make the impossible, possible.

He even changed Clucky's name to a more fitting name that most of its kind has and changed it to Amatsukaze.

The only problem he had was how he was going to feed him since he was a chocobo and the last time he checked, they didn't exist. The only knowledge he had about chocobos was whatever he learned by playing the final fantasy series and that wasn't much to go by. The only thing he really knew was that they were going to need a huge space so they could run around and that they eat what's called Gyashi Greens, which also didn't exist.

To add more problems, he didn't have a big enough space for a full-grown chocobo to live nor did he have a place of his own.

Sohara's back yard was also too small and it's not as if he could mooch off them forever. He was going to need a place of his own soon whether he liked it or not.

Therefore, he decided it was time to get his own place.

Using the money he had left over after giving Sohara's mother about half a million yen and buying up the ramen shop in town. He still had plenty of money to buy his own acre of land, several in fact, but just enough to build a house and a large enough for his chocobo to run around on.

The only thing left was the location and it had to be close to Ikaros so he could keep his eyes on her. As things were going, she was slowly starting to remember him. She would sometimes unconsciously add sama to his name just as she would when he was her master. At this rate, it wouldn't be long before she actually did remember everything.

He hoped that he could avoid that possibility if he could make a few adjustments to her but in order to do that he would need a workplace and buy the all the necessary tools for the job. Not only that but also enough time to make the said work place which could take months even years, and that's with his clones. One false mistake in building a lab that was capable of preforming any modifications or tweaks for an angeloid, similar to the ones in Synapse. Has enough power to blow half this town away.

It took about ten to fifteen years to build just the interior of the lab in Synapse and another fifty to complete the main portion of the lab itself.

So trying to make a similar one that ran the same as the one in Synapse wasn't going to be easy and would cost a whole lot of money to run. Unlike in Synapse, electricity wasn't free and a lab made especially for angeloid produced enough electricity equivalent to a regular size hospital.

With no real source of income, all he had was what he made on gambling and the income he'd be getting from his new ramen shop. It didn't leave him with much money as he was going to need to buy a huge plot of land and having a specially designed house on top of it.

It would be a whole lot easier if Nymph were here, as her hacking ability would really come in handy but, unfortunately, that wasn't going to happen any time soon.

Perhaps he should write a book about his life or maybe re-publish some of his old perverted sensei's work since there were plenty of perverts in the world. The latter was sure to make him plenty of money but the thought of him writing about his past. Well, that was something he never told anybody, not even Daedalus or anyone in Synapse, not once. The only person who knew about his past before he became an angel was the former ruler of the Synapse. That was only because he was watching him from the moment he was born.

Other than him, no one alive knew about his past and writing a book about it was most likely out of the question and planned to re-publish his late sensei's books. It would take some time, as he had to remember what the books had written in them. He had read them a couple of times before when he got bored one day and found the story line itself wasn't that bad, if you look past all the smut.

However, it was hard for him to remember exactly what was written in them since it has been god knows how long since he read them. He was sure he sealed some copies along with a few other important items to him before his final battle all those years ago.

Before he could do that, he had some property to find and he did just that. In fact, it didn't take him long to find some buyers who owned the farming land just across the street from both Tomoki's and Sohara's houses. It didn't take him long to negotiate the deal in buying the land either as Naruto offered to pay about a million yen.

It was much more then he should have paid but since he was buying the owners own farming land. He thought it would be enough to cover the loss of profit they would have suffered.

With the location taken care of all he had left was to build his new house and surprisingly the men that always followed Mikako around. Suddenly showed up at his new plot of land, along with them was the same man who ran the underground casino he found on accident. They offered to help build his house for him, which confused him, but when he asked why. All they told him was in their clan strength is everything and since he beat every one of them single handily. They respected him and as a way to say sorry, they were willing to build his house.

Naruto, not wanting to look a gift house in the mouth, accepted their offer besides, the more help they he had the better.

It only took him a minute or two for Naruto to draw up the blue prints for what he wanted his house to look like. After that, they all got to work and to his surprised, the Satsukitane men could work at a very fast pace. So fast, that they were able to keep up with him and if it weren't for the basement design. He was sure they could've finished in two to three days but because of the design, it took about a week or so.

In the time spent not building, Naruto stayed at Sohara's house as a way to say thanks for letting him stay with them.

Sohara, who was glad he didn't decide to stay at Mikako's, was a bit sad to know that he wasn't going to be staying with them. She was going to miss spending time under the same roof but it wasn't as if he were moving far away. If she really wanted to see him, all she had to do was walk across the street since they would soon be neighbors.

Still, a part of her was sad that they wouldn't be staying under the same roof anymore.

When the final bits of construction were finished and the house was finally complete besides the modifications he still had to do, Naruto officially moved out.

The house he was moving into was about the same size as Sohara's or Tomoki's house but slightly bigger but had an old style Japanese-like house to it, which he liked. It had about three to four bedrooms a basement and everything a house needed. It also had your basic looking Japanese wall that bordered the entire lot that he owned giving of the vibe that someone important lived there and to the Satsukitane family, it did.

Inside the said walls were several things such as a peaceful looking garden with a small pond that was off to the right side of the house. In the back was a big open grassy field for Amatsukaze aka Clucky to be able to run freely in once he was a fully-grown chocobo. Not far from the main house was a small barn that Naruto himself designed that could withstand both the hot and cold climate. In other words, if it were too hot the inside of the barn would stay cool and vice versa, that way Clucky would always feel comfortable.

There was also one thing he wasn't sure about and that was about when chocobos mature since there isn't any knowledge of it. Well, beside the knowledge he gained from video games about them but knew that it was going to be as easy as it was in the game. He figured it should be that hard since it was almost like taking care of a chicken that would soon grow into an oversized one. It really shouldn't be that hard but he couldn't be sure until it actually happens and would have to get ready for it.

The way he did was having Ikaros use another one of her cards to make several large patches of the field behind his house. Into spots that naturally grew every kind of Gyashi Greens that chocobos ate that way by the time he finally grows big enough. He would have what he naturally eats grown form him but until then he stayed inside with Naruto as the two got used to their new home together.

It took Sohara quite a while to get used to not having Naruto around the house as she was used to seeing him on her couch every morning. Even her mother was starting to miss him as they didn't realize how much quieter it was with him gone. It was as if a small piece of their life left causing them to show up at Naruto's new house periodically.

Of courses, he didn't mind since they were like family to him but would sometimes wish they chose a better time to. As every time they did decide to come over, he was always busy trying to finish the modifications for his basement. Though he couldn't tell them that as it was they who had gave him a place to stay after he was free from The Great Sakura Tree.

Therefore, he would make a clone to take his place but even with a clone with all his knowledge in it could still make a minor mistake. Resulting in half the town wiped of the face of the earth. That's why he would rather do it himself and not a clone but with time short as it is, he had no choice

Luckily, the worst hadn't happened, yet, and the town was in the clear for the time being. Unfortunately, Naruto was running out of money for his modifications, however. That was soon about to change as what could be considered a once in a lifetime opportunity was about to walk right in front of him.

XXX In front of Sohara's house XXX

Just outside Sohara's house was Naruto standing just before the entrance of her house. He was there waiting for Sohara and Ikaros to come out. His reason for waiting was that the two girls were inside changing into a pair of yukatas for today's autumn festival held by the Sorami shrine.

He was waiting for quite a while now, fifteen minutes to be exact, and was getting a bit impatient. However, he kept calm knowing that it took some women time to get ready so they could look their best. There was another reason that could be holding them up was Sohara trying to teach Ikaros how to put a yukata on.

It was a bit tricking for himself to put his own yukata on as it's been a while since he had to put one on, especial with is wing. He had to get a custom made one with two holes in the back for his wing and the wing made of energy. It wasn't cheap either but luckily; the person who made it was a woman who was a part of his fan club who made it for half the original price. That was the first time he was luckily to have a fan club since money was tight for him.

Looking up at the sky, he saw the azure sky was slowly changing to a beautiful orange color. He could tell just by looking at the sky that it was getting late. Getting him to wonder if they were every going to leave yet as he wanted to get a bowl of ramen at one of the stands his ramen shop had.

As he sighed at the thought of not getting any ramen he felt something brush against his hand and looked down to see none other than Clucky who stood up to his waist. The said bird was looking up at him with a look in his eyes that were asking him when they were going to leave.

"I'm sure it won't be much longer."

Placing his hand on Clucky's head he started to pet him getting a kewh in response.

It still amazed him at how big he was getting as it was just two months ago, he was no bigger than a normal baby chick and now. His feathers that were once poofy were now gone and his legs were longer with three pointy talons on each of its feet. Two of them were in the front and the other in the back. Even his beak was bigger and curvier then a chicken's. It almost looked like a cross bread of a chicken and an ostrich.

It was a sign that he was turning into a real chocobo and judging by the way he still acting, he believed he was still barely an infant despite its size.

Once Naruto removed his hand from Clucky's head, the two of them heard a very familiar voice.

"Tomo! Get out of here you pervert!"

It wasn't hard for Naruto to figure out who it was or what happen.

'It looks like Tomoki was caught peeking again.'

Shaking his head at the boy's perverted antics he noticed Clucky shaking behind him.

In the time Clucky been with Naruto when they used to live with Sohara he gained a fear of her but it was only when he heard her yell. When she did, he used to jump into Naruto's hair to hide but now that he was bigger, he could only try to hide himself behind him.

It was shortly after that incident did both Sohara and Ikaros come walking out of the front with the two of them wearing their yukatas.

Sohara was wearing a yellowish yukata with red flowers and an orange obi sash tied into a bow around her waist. While Ikaros wore, a whitish yukata that had a few very thin diagonal strips that were blue with her wings poking out the back. She also wore obi sash in the same color with white outlined feathers on it.

They both looked quite beautiful in them and it was a remarkable sight as not many people go to see to women like them in a pair of yukata.

"Sorry it took so long Naru-chan. It took Ikaros a while to put on her yukata, also…."

Her eyebrow suddenly started to twitch as her right hand clutched into a fist.

"There was a certain someone peeking on us."

Even though she didn't say who he already knew who she meant and didn't ask as she looked at Clucky.

"What's wrong Amatsu? Why are you standing behind Naru-chan?"

"Well, it's because he heard you yell again."

It was then she realized it must have been when she yelled at Tomoki for peeking at her and Ikaros.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't yelling at you. I was yelling at that stupid perverted neighbor of mine."

As she told him that, she walked over to him and kneeled down while placing her hand out to pet him. Unfortunately, Clucky was still a bit scared and backed away from her hand getting Sohara's hand to slightly twitch and retract it.

She felt bad for scaring him and wanted to make it up to him for it then suddenly remembered something.

"Oh, I know…."

Digging into the little bag that she carried which held all her spending money that her mother gave her for today. She pulled out a small cracker and held it out for Clucky to eat.

"I figured you would be coming so I brought some crackers for you. So how about I give you one as a way to say sorry for scaring you."

Sohara gave Clucky a sincere smile meaning exactly what she said while Clucky just looked from her to the cracker held between her slender fingers.

It didn't take him long to slowly stretch his head closer towards the said cracker inching it's way to it before quickly taking it from her fingers. Once he did, he immediately went back behind Naruto and ate it before looking back at Sohara.

"So does that mean you forgive me?"


After giving a happy sounding kewh in response, Clucky immediately placed his head in Sohara's hand, which she used to pet him getting another kewh sound from him.

"I'll take that as a yes."

As she continued to pet him, Naruto just smiled as he mentally laughed at how easy it was to win over Clucky feelings.

"It seems that the two of you made up."


Naruto continued to watch Sohara pet Clucky who stood up just above her waist before speaking up.

"Anyways, the two of you look beautiful in your yukatas."

"Wh-What… did you say!?"

Her face turn beat red to moment she heard him call her beautiful and quickly tried to hide it, falling miserably at it.

'H-He called me beautiful. What… what should I say back?'

Her mind began to run through millions of words trying to figure out which ones to use before saying the ones that did.

"Th-Thank you. Y-You look good in yours too."

When she told him that, she hid her face while still being able to look at him. She was then able to get a good look at him in his yukata seeing that he was wearing an orange colored yukata that was neither too bright nor was it too dark. On the back was a red swirl that was a symbol of his late mother's clan but only Naruto knew that.

One thing she did notice was that the front of his yukata revealed a bit too much showing off his chest causing her blush to show even more.

"It's my yukata, isn't it?"

"Wh-What? No, I-I wasn't looking at…."

"It's alright. I think the fan girl who made it designed it this way but it doesn't really bother me. I just try to overlook it."

Even though he told her that to get her to calm down, he still believed that it would make him stand out causing others, especially the fan girls, to stare.

Sohara was able to calm down somewhat but was now trying to debt whether she should be happy for getting to look at Naruto's bare chest or jealous that other would be able to as well.

Before she could figure that out, everyone heard Tomoki's voice.

"It seems that the two of you are finally finished getting ready."

"Yeah, no thanks to you. You pervert."

"Who are you calling a pervert? I was trying to see what was taking you two so long, nothing else."

"By looking through the creak of my window!"

Sohara tried her hardest to hold back from yelling at Tomoki so she wouldn't scare Clucky and bit her lower lip until her anger subsided before speaking up.

"If you really wanted to know. You could've knocked on my door like a normal person instead of peeking through the window like the pervert you are."

"Why use the door when your window is less than twenty feet from mine. Besides, if I didn't look through the window I wouldn't be able to see the view."

As Tomoki pervertedly grinned to himself, he failed to notice the dark aura forming around Sohara.


Upon hearing his name, he looked to see his long time neighbor in her famous karate chop stance with her deadly aura around her and feared he was going to feel her wrath once again.

Luckily, someone stopped her from doing exactly that.

"I think that's enough, Sohara. You're starting to scare Amatsu again."

When she heard him say that, the dark aura dissipated while she looked at Clucky. Only to see that he was trying to hide behind Naruto again.

She could only moan in displeasure as she once again scared Clucky before talking to herself.

"I bet another cracker won't cut it this time."

Hearing the word cracker got Clucky's attention causing him to, slowly, make his way over towards Sohara believing she was going to give him another one.

Sohara saw this and thought that perhaps he really did want another one, which prompted her to ask.

"Do you want another one?"

Getting a small kewh in response which she determine was yes, she pulled out another cracker from her small bag and held it out for Clucky who gladly ate it.


Letting out another happy sounding kewh that was loud then before and started to brush his head against Sohara who began to pet him.

"Looks like you forgave me again."


As she happily giggled to herself whilst still petting him, Tomoki just stared at Clucky before walking over towards Naruto.

"I still can't believe that is the same little chicken you bought not that long ago."

"I know what you mean. It still hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that I have a real living chocobo and I'm the person who made him that way."

"Do you regret it?"

Naruto just started at him for a while before giving his answer.

"Are you kidding me!? It's a chocobo, a chocobo! There's no way that I could ever regret it and neither does Amatsu. Heck if I could get my hands on hammerkop I would make my own Zapdos."

"Hammerkop, Zapdos… what the heck are they?"

"Well, a Hammerkop is a bird that some believe the creators of the game Pokémon used to create the Pokémon called Zapdos. That's a legendary bird with the power to control lightning in the game that's badass looking too and if I could get a hold of a Hammerkop. I could use one of Ikaros's cards and turn it into a real Zapdos like I did with Amatsu."

"Why don't you use any bird? Heck why don't you use a chicken again like you did with Amatsu."

"I don't want to do that since the reason I change Amatsu was because a baby chocobo looks similar to a baby chicken. I don't think it would work the same if I tried to change another bird's appearance but who am I to say it won't work. Not even I know the limitations to Ikaros's cards and I help make them."

"Then that leaves you no choice but to look for one yourself."

"That's one way but sadly, they only live around Madagascar and Sahara desert so it would be too hard to head there and look for one. However, it feels like I might run into one sometime in the near future…."

Tomoki started at Naruto with a blank expression on his face believing he had could have the power to see into the future or something but was he sadly mistaken.

"Or it could be my stomach. I've been craving a bowl of fresh ramen all day."

"Should've figured you say something like that."

All Tomoki could do was mentally face palm before turning his attention back to Sohara who was talking to Ikaros as she petted Clucky.

"Well, I think it's about time we head out or were going to miss the festival."

With everyone agreeing with him, they all made their way to the Sorami shrine but soon as they did. Ikaros suddenly turned around and looked up at the rooftop of Sohara's house but saw nothing was there. Before her eyes could enter her search mode Tomoki cut her off.

"Ikaros if you don't hurry up we're going to leave you behind."

Not on wanting to slow the others down, she tore her gaze from the spot on the roof and flew to catch up to the others.

Just as their bodies disappeared off into the distance, the same spot where Ikaros was looking started to waver as if someone were there. Then from nowhere someone appear, right from thin air, and stood there staring off into the distance with her left eye glowing a light blue color.

One could mistake this person as a child as they stood no taller than 4'6" (139 cm) but if one were to look closer. They would notice that this was no mere child as it had the characteristics of an angeloid. With them having, a collar along with a pair of wings but this person's wings was quite different as they didn't have feathers. No, this person's wings looked identical to what an insects wings may look like and were transparent. Though they may be transparent, it did one thing that other angeloids wings couldn't and that was change colors whenever light hits it, showing its true beauty.

The person standing on that rooftop was none other than the Electronic warfare angeloid, Type Beta. Her attire was something most angeloids wore but suited more to her taste. It was consisted of a small white dress that spit once it reached her waist creating two stripes covering her front and back and went down to her thighs. The cape she wore split into strips and had a pair of matching elbow length gloves while wearing a pair of thigh length boots with two straps holding them in place. The weird thing was the straps holding them appeared to connect to her undergarments but one couldn't be sure unless they really tried to look.

Her hair was the same color as the sky, blue, as were her eyes, and tied up in two long twin tails. As for her ears, which were a bit different then Ikaros's, she had long pointy ones that made them look as if they were radars. The collar around her neck was different then Ikaros's too with it being a whole lot larger than her's covering the girl's entire neck.

It was a shame really, it made her look as if she was someone's slave but it wasn't her choosing as her new master forced it on her.

Currently, she was on a mission that her new master ordered her to do and that was to bring back the Uranus Queen aka Ikaros.

"I finally found her, The Uranus Queen. To think she's going around calling herself a pet class angeloid, as if. There's no way that she, Delta, the Gamma twins or I be considered pet class. Not after that day."

Her voice became very sad as she remembered something that had happen a long time ago before clutching her hands into fist.

"But what really ticks me off is she spending so much time with Naruto-sama. It's all her fault they tore off his right wing and taint his left one black then send him to live down here with all these insects."

Her eyes glared at she continued to think of why Ikaros was able to spend so much time with Naruto before her tiny lips smirked.

"But it won't be long before I crush her and take her back. It shouldn't take long since her powers are sealed. All I have to do is get her away from Naruto-sama after that the rest is simple. If I'm able to do a good job, then maybe, just maybe, Tenshi-sama would let me stay with Naruto-sama and not Alpha."

With that thought in her head, she silently flew up into the sky and suddenly disappeared as if she were never there.

XXX The Sorami Festival XXX

As everyone arrived at the festival all eyes were on two individuals who were none other than Naruto and Clucky. Mostly Naruto's fan girls were looking at him as for Clucky. Only those who played Final Fantasy or knew what a chocobo was were staring in awe at the sight of him.

They then suddenly rushed towards them bombarded him with questions asking how it was possible for a real chocobo to exist and how he had one.

Since the crowd gathered around them, they push past their small group separating them from each other. Sohara was starting to worry about Naruto and Clucky since she couldn't see what was going on thanks to the huge crowd. Tomoki on the other hand could careless and started to walk off with Ikaros saying that Naruto could handle himself. Sohara was a bit skeptical but knew Tomoki was right, however, Ikaros too wanted to stay and see if old master would be okay. She wasn't able to do what she wanted thanks to Tomoki asking her if she was coming that sounded almost like a command. Causing her program to force her to follow him.

As for Naruto, he was expecting something like this to happen and was against bringing Clucky to the festival, however. He knew he needed to take him out every once and a while so he wasn't always staying home. Yeah, he has a huge field for him to run around in as do some dogs or any house pet has their owner's house to run in. Still, they had to take them out occasionally, right, so he decided to do the same with Clucky. Besides, he had to get this out of the way sooner or later and today seemed to be that day.

Therefore, he answered their question without telling them that he used one of Ikaros's cards by telling them that chocobos were chickens. Moreover, he told them the one he had he raised from a baby chicken he bought a few months ago that so happen to turn into a chocobo.

His answer may have been a lie or stretching the truth a bit, well, he may have stretched it a lot. Causing a huge misunderstanding but at least one good thing came out of it.

The owner of the baby chicken stand sold all their chickens and had plenty of extra time to use by look around the festival.

Once the crowd dispersed, Sohara saw Naruto sigh in relief before she made her way over towards him.

"Are you two alright?"

"Yeah, were both okay but I'm worried what will happen when everyone finds out that they won't be getting any chocobos."

"Do you think it was wise to tell them that if you raise a baby chicken that it might grow up into a chocobo."

"We won't find out until that happens. Besides, a little white lie couldn't hurt anyone."

"I'm not sure you could consider that a white lie since it was never true to begin with."

"Eh, don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy our time spent together here at the festival."

Sohara just shook her head at his comment before realizing what he said.

'Wait… he said together. Which means just the two of us, right, but that can't be since Tomoki and Ikaros are with us.'

It was then that she remembers that the two left earlier leaving just her and Naruto alone. There was also Clucky with them but she didn't really count him since it would still make them look like a couple.

'This isn't good. I wasn't expecting something like this to happen. It looks like the two of us are out on a date.'

The more she thought about it the more nervous she became and could only blame one person for this.

'Tomo, this is entirely your fault. I you had stayed and waited for Naru-chan. I wouldn't be in this situation.'

She tried to calm herself down but every time she looked at Naruto, her nerves would cause her to look away and Naruto noticed this.

He knew that she must have been nervous spending time alone with a man, especially with him since he knew she liked him, somewhat anyways. Although, he wasn't sure if she would've acted the same way if Tomoki were with her. In fact, he wasn't sure if she felt the same way about him anymore.

The time he spent here, he noticed that she had feeling for Tomoki but that gradually began to change as time went on. It all started the day he began living with her and her mother. Judging by the way that she is acting now, he could guess her feelings for him have grown quite a bit since then and now. He had to lighten up the current situation.

"So, is there any particular stand you want to visit?"

"I-I don't really have one in mind but what about you."

"Me you ask, well…."

He got into a thinking pose and pretended to be thinking to calm Sohara's nerves before giving her his answer.

"I say, let's hit the ramen stand."

Sohara could only face palm at his typical answer before replying.

"Ramen? Are you serious? We're at a festival with tons of different foods and sweets, and all you can think about is ramen."

"It's like they say, ramen is the food given to us by the gods."

"Only you say that Naru-chan."

Naruto just rubbed his head sheepishly while Sohara just sighed.

"If you want it that bad I guess we can go there first."

With that said the two, three if you count Clucky, made their way towards Naruto's ramen stand that his shop set up.

Naruto couldn't help smirking as they walked.

'Looks like that got her to calm her nerves.'


Once they arrived at the ramen stand Naruto order the Uzumaki special that his store's stand had which consisted of one of every topping. Sohara got herself their smallest bowl as she still wanted to be able to snack on some of the other venders that where here. As for Clucky, they got him some sweet bread and tore it to pieces before giving it to him.

When they finished the three of them began going to different stands trying out all the different foods they had. They played several other games that other venders had set up such goldfish scooping.

Sohara was terrible at it, not able to get a single one. When Naruto asked which one she wanted, he scooped it up for her in one try. She was mad at first seeing as he did it in one try but let it slid since he did get the one she wanted.

As they walked to different stalls, a few kids wanted to ride on Clucky's back and asked Naruto if they could. Not wanting to hurt their feelings he said they could but only if they brought Clucky some sweet bread. Once they were able to bring what Naruto asked they were able to ride on Clucky's back, who enjoyed it as much as the kids did. After the ride was over, the kids who were able to ride Clucky thanked Naruto and left while Clucky enjoyed his sweet bread.

One of the other games that both Sohara and Naruto played was the water balloon game. Where you use hook made of paper and try to hook it to a string attached to one of the many water balloons. Sohara wasn't any better at this game either getting Naruto to win whichever balloon she wanted. Another game they played was to throw small rings at whatever prize you wanted or one that you had to pull a string and if it was attached to something, you won it.

One game Naruto had tried was something similar to a lottery game but instead of winning money, you won prizes. The game involved you paying so you could pick out a piece of paper that said what prize you one. The prize he did win was a big stuffed fox plushy. It was ironic that it this was the toy he received since he used to have a giant fox spirit sealed inside a long time ago.

He had promised the same fox that he would unseal her if she promised to help him in a battle that determined the world's fate. Of course, he won and as promised, he broke the seal that bonded her to him just before he died.

Still he wondered what she was up to or if she was still alive for that matter. Perhaps, once everything settles down around here, he should take a trip around the world to see if he could find out what has happen to her.

Until then, he would just enjoy the time he has now with the new friends he made. It's not as if he would be dying anytime soon unless Tenshi was planning to blow up the earth. He doubted the latter was going to happen and pushed it a side and continued to have a good time.

As the festival was nearing its end, the three of them finally meet up with Tomoki and Ikaros who were standing in front of a stall that had a little too many pigeons. The sign above said, "Shooting Stall JUDAS" that Naruto guess was a shooting stall.

"This stall looks promising," Naruto spoke soon as he stood next to Tomoki scaring the crap out of him.

"Jesus, you scared the crap out of me and what do you mean 'promising.' Can't you see it just a stand full of pigeons. What's so promising about that?"

"Don't be so quick to judge a book by its cover. I bet this is going to be the best stall of the day."

A foxy grin appeared on Naruto's face getting Tomoki to start worrying about his own safety.

"You're starting to freak me out."

Naruto didn't respond as the pigeons, which were inside the stall, suddenly started to fly out leaving some feathers behind. Once the birds were gone and the feather fell to the ground, the inside of the stall was revealed. With just one lonely man with grayish hair tied up in a ponytail while his front bangs covered the right side of his face. He also had a scruffy looking beard and had a lit cigarette in his mouth. He wore a black trench coat with a white button up shirt underneath that was button half way and wore a pair of gray pants. There was also a purple rope-like headband wrapped around his head.

However, the thing that stood out the most was the guns of all kinds scattered all over the stall.

'Holy shit!'

That was the thought of the many people who were able to see the inside of the stall.

"Welcome… to my stall."

The man's voice was deep and the look he had in his eyes could make a small child cry. The guns alone were enough to make most the people want to leave and Sohara was no acceptation.

"Hmm… Naru-chan, Tomo, how about we leave. Gun freaks like this kind of weird me out."

As she asked the two that, she grabbed hold of Naruto's yukata.

However, the person who she grabbed hold of didn't speak as he was analyzing what the stall in front of them. From what he could tell there was only guns and ammunition with no target in sight or were there any prizes. As he continued to analyze the stall, he came up with one possible answer.

For the rest of the people, they didn't have a clue not even the genius Sugata could figure it out prompting him to ask.

"There are only guns and ammunition here and not a single prize. If this is a rifle range where are the targets we're supposed to shoot at then?"

"Sugata-sempai, what are you doing here," Tomoki asked.

"Oh, Mikako invited me along but I haven't seen her yet."

'Mikako, huh, should've known. I bet she's the one who set up this stall,' Naruto thought.

Before the man could try to answer Sugata's question, someone interrupted.

"What is a festival, exactly?"

Upon hearing a woman's voice, everyone turned towards where it was coming to see none other than Mikako standing on a top of a flight of stone steps in a purple yukata.

"I believe a festival is an event that an entire town can enjoy together as one. That's why we, the Satsukitane family, hired a professional to oversee the night of fun and danger in the woods. We hope that it will unite the entire town."

"I have a bad feeling about this."

That was what Tomoki said to himself while he listened to Mikako explain the rules of this little game of hers.

"The rules are simple we will play a game of survival using the cork guns you see in the stall beside you. The last person standing will win a once of a lifetime prizes."

"A once in a lifetime prize," Sohara repeated.

She and the rest of the townspeople were wondering what this prize could be and if Mikako could read minds, she answered that question for them.

"Ten million yen! In cold hard cash!"


Then entire town couldn't believe what they just heard. It was as if they were all dreaming. Winning ten million yen just by winning a survival game. Most of the villagers were already drawn in by the sheer amount of cash they could win, however. Out everyone, there was one person who wasn't drawn in by money like everyone and that person was Tomoki.

"This is quite interesting? Dreams can also be bought by this sum of money," Sugata voiced.

At the same time he did, he picked up what looked like a long-range rifle causing Tomoki to look at him.

"Sugata-sempai, you're going to play."

Just then, he saw Sohara pick up a gun of her own mumbling something that sounded like she was saying ten million.

"Even you Sohara…."

Thinking if he should join in the game too he looked at the one person who he knew wouldn't join just for the money, Naruto. Boy was he mistaken.

"Ten million yen. That's not bad and it's in cash too. With that amount of money I can finish all the modifications I still haven't had the money for."

"Not you too…."

Tomoki didn't have much of a choice but to follow the crowd therefore, he made his way towards the stall and picked up a gun of his own.

'Well, ten million is a shit load of money. So it couldn't hurt to play but it feels like something crazy is going to happen.'

Before anyone could pump themselves up, Mikako had one more thing to add.

"There is one more rule. This one only implies to Uzumaki Naruto."

Upon hearing his name, he looked at Mikako and wondered what she was planning now.

"If you decide to join this little survival game you can but only one condition."

"And what would that be."

"You have to play, blindfolded."

'Blind folded,' though Tomoki, Sohara and even Sugata but he had an idea as to why.

"If you are wondering why; I'll tell you."

Mikako watched as everyone's minds tried to figure out why she wanted Naruto to be blindfolded. Judging by how many confused faces there were, she could clearly tell that none of them could figure it out and continued to explain.

"Are reason behind this is that our family has acknowledged your strength and to make it fair for everyone else. We decided you must be blindfolded if you want to compete. Besides, something tells me you're going to be quite good at this so a handicap is going to be needed for us to play."

After hearing Mikako's reasoning, everyone was shocked to hear it and looked at Naruto. They were expecting him either to be angry or a little shocked, instead, they only saw anticipation shine in his eyes with a wicked smirk to go with it.

"I understand."

Sohara was probably the only one worried about him, which prompted her to speak to him.

"You're not going to go through with this are you, Naru-chan."

He could only look at her before giving her a reply.

"Are you kidding me!? This is the first time, in a long time, that I get to do something like this. There's no way I'm backing out of something like this even if I have to do it blindfolded. Then there's him…."

He then turned around to face the man still sitting in the stall that looked back at him with the eye that was visible.

"What about him?"

"Out of everyone here, he will be the most challenging."

Sohara didn't know what he meant by that but the longer she watched them stare at each other the creepier that she felt.

"If everyone is in agreement. Then grab your guns and head to the top of the shrine."

With that, Mikako headed towards the shrine as everyone else did as she asked and grabbed their guns then made their way to the shrine.

Once everyone was there, Mikako had one last thing to say before she started their little game.

"Alright fellow neighbors are you ready! Then let's get ready to shoot the living shit out of each other."

With the sound of her cork gun going off started the chaos that was known as a "survival game."


Right from the get go everyone, minus Tomoki, run and either hid or got into groups and started firing at each other. Since Tomoki was a little slow, he was caught between the crossfire. Luckily, for him he dodged every cork bullet shot his way.

After getting away from the chaos unscathed, he began to find a place to hide by crawling on the group thinking if they couldn't see him they won't shot him.

'Alright, if I just stay low they won't find me and can take out any stragglers that come by.'

Believing his plan was bulletproof, he set out to find a location that he could hide, but before he could get far. A cork hit the ground right beside him just as a man approached him.

"Where the hell do you think you're going, Tomoki?"

The man was the owner of a different shooting stall that he and Ikaros went to later that day but he didn't know why he was targeting him.

"You're the man from the other shooting stall. What the heck are you participating in a game of a rival business?"

"Shut up!"

The man then shot another cork at Tomoki who instinctively rolled out of the way and stood up.

"I'm doing it for the ten million. If I can win that then I can buy prizes people won't laugh at. Now why don't you be a good kid and let me take you out."

Again, the man shot at Tomoki getting him to start running whilst dodging the corks shot at him.

"What the hell! Why are only going for me! There's a whole town of people you can shoot beside me, you know!?"

"Best to take out the small fries first."

That was all the man said before unloading all his cork rounds at Tomoki's backside.

He didn't know how but for some reason he was able to dodge them and continue running away from the mad lunatic that was chasing after him. As he ran, more people he knew appeared from within the woods such as the woman from the local convenience store, an old man who ran the fish market, several girls from his class and so on. Even the elders from the village council chased him.

Just as the pursuers chasing Tomoki surrounded him and were about to shoot him, a cork suddenly hit one of them causing them to stop and see who shot it. Then suddenly three more shots were fired hitting three more people getting to realize that there was a sniper.

"Watch out! There's a sniper in the trees!"

Realizing that if they stood in the open they would be targeted next, they all hid, but unfortunately, that wasn't going to help as the sharpshooter was none other than Sugata Eishiro. He was about two hundred feet away from their current position and was using the long-range rifle he picked to snipe them.

Currently, he had his sight on Tomoki but slowly moved to the men who owned the other shooing stall and shot him in the side of the head. The sudden shot caused the group to see if they could spot where it was coming but couldn't. Sugata then placed his sights on his next target who was the women who worked at the convenience store. Right before he was going to shot her someone else beat him to it causing him to get in an upright position.

'So there's another sniper besides me. Since he didn't shoot at me means my location hasn't been found out.'

While he thought that, he continued to look for the other sniper. As he did, he could feel this tremendous pressure weighing down on him that could cause someone to tremble in fear. Without a doubt, he knew who this other sniper was as his scope found who he was looking for.

'Mikako. Should've known you'd be participating.'

Just as they saw each other, they both immediately pulled their triggers with their cork bullets flying towards one another. For some reason, when they hit there was a small explosion causing Tomoki, who was the only person there, to drop down to the ground and shield himself. Those who were chasing him that were still in the game ran in fear while he stood there like an idiot.

As for Sugata and Mikako, they decided to throw their guns aside and fight one another with their bare hands since their shooting skill were par with each other.

When the two reached each they entered a battle right out of a manga or anime with their first flying at each other whilst they dodge the said fist with lightning speed.

Down below the two's fight was poor Tomoki who could only cower in fear at the fight between Sugata and Mikako raged on. For some on known reason the two fighting suddenly got serious as Mikako pulled out a pair of spiked gloves from her yukata while Sugata pulled out a fork and knife.

However, before the two could continue their was a loud scream followed by several more causing the three to look at what it was only to see what looked like the end of the world.

XXX With Naruto XXX

Just before the so-called survival game could begin, Naruto was blinded folded as Mikako had said. It was smart of her to do so since he would have a huge advantage as he still had his ninja skills from when he was alive. Now that he was blindfolded, it gave the people of Sorami town that much more of a chance to win but not by much. Even with him blindfolded, he could still determine their position using his ears. It wouldn't be precise since he didn't really train with only using his ears but he was confident enough that he could still be as good with just them.

Once the blindfold was secure, he used his senses and hearing to find Ikaros. When he did, he whispered something in her ear and when Mikako gave the word, the two took off to a position where they could get ready.

When they were in position, Naruto took out two uzis and turned his head towards Ikaros who was behind him.

"You ready, Ikaros."

"Yes, Naruto-sama."

Ignoring the sama suffix, Naruto held both his uzis up in front of him and used his ears to locate the other participants. The said participants that were targeting him where either waiting for him to make the first move or waiting for him to drop his guard. Unlucky for them Naruto's guard was always up even if he looked defenseless all thanks to the years of training.

It felt like an eternity as the people surrounding Naruto waited for him to make his move and as if they couldn't take it anymore. One of them took it in them to make the first move and shot at him. The cork bullet traveled just as fast as a regular bullet would and when it came closer to hitting Naruto. He moved his head to the side out of the corks line of sight and headed towards the back of Ikaros's head.

Thanks to her being an angeloid, her built in sensors detected the danger but because Naruto told her to only dodge and not attack. She also moved her head to the side but in the opposite direction that Naruto did, letting the bullet soar past their heads and hit someone else square in the forehead.

At the same time Naruto pointed one of his guns at the person who shot him and unloaded several rounds hitting them right in the chest.

Everyone who saw that frozen and watched Naruto carefully to see if he would shoot at them next but all they saw was him standing there waiting. It was then that a villager spoke.

"He can't hit us if we shoot at him all at once!"

Just as villager finished saying that, he was shot with several corks courtesy of Naruto, but what they said were true. He was only able to hit the person who shot at him thanks to the cork they shot. Knowing where the cork was coming from, he was able to pin point their location but if they were to shoot all at once. He would be forced to focus only on dodging the incoming shots and try to determine where they were coming from.

Luckily, he prepared for that and was why he asked Ikaros to come with him.

Taking the villager's advice, the other villagers began to unload their clips aiming at the two angels with the intent to eliminate them.

So began the battle to eliminated the ultimate threat, or threats, but the two weren't going to go down easily as they dodge the incoming shots with skill.

Ikaros had no problem dodging any of the incoming shots since she had built in sensors. Naruto on the other hand didn't have that luxury and had to use his ears while keeping on his toes as he dodged numerous amounts of cork bullets heading towards him.

At the same time he did, he unloaded every cork his clip had in the direction he determined the corks came from. Sometimes his shots missed but they mostly hit their mark and when he his clips ran out. He tossed his guns behind him and called out to Ikaros.

"Ikaros! Reload!"

Hearing what he said, she pulled out two uzis from within her yukata and tossed them behind her while catching the two uzis Naruto tossed to her. Who did the same as her and grabbed the fully loaded guns tossed to him and got ready to shot them.

This was something Naruto had plan the moment he heard he had to be blinded folded. He knew it would be hard, almost near impossible, to reload his gun by himself while blindfolded. That's why he had Ikaros reload his guns for him while he thinned out the competition. For going along with his plan, he promised to teach her how to plant and grow watermelons. It was a far trade and with the both of them working together, he was sure to win this little survival game.

With now two loaded guns, Naruto unleashed the cork bullets that lay inside at the villagers who were still shooting them. Emptying his clips once again in the matter of seconds before signaling Ikaros that he needed to reload.

As for Ikaros, she was able to reload Naruto's guns just as fast as he could waste them. Where she got the cork bullets was a mystery but when she finished and heard Naruto call her name. She tossed the fully loaded guns behind her and grabbed the empty ones then started to reload them.

They repeated this process while trying to dodge the corks that soar threw the air, well Naruto did Ikaros had no problem on that end, however. As the fight wagered on it was getting harder for Naruto to determine where each villager was attacking from since all the shots were fired at random. Causing him to mistake a cork as a villager getting him to waste time and ammunition as he shot at nothing. There were even times where he would just barely dodge a cork aimed at him.

It was getting him frustrated to the point where he almost took off the blindfold. He wasn't sure if he would be disqualified if it was removed since Mikako didn't specify what would happen if it was. It did sound like a good idea right about now as he continued to dodge cork after cork until he finally had it.

"That's it! Ikaros, we're going with operation elimination!"

Hearing what Naruto said, Ikaros nodded as her eyes glowed red and her yukata turned into her original outfit. Once she had fully changed, the two suddenly took flight and disappeared from everyone's sight. The villagers who were shooting at them didn't know what was going on nor did they know why Naruto suddenly flew away with Ikaros but just shortly after they did. They all heard what sounded like a small engine going off and when they saw what it was it was too late.

Up above them in the sky were both Naruto and Ikaros but Naruto was wearing a different outfit that consisted of a long black coat. The top part of the coat revealed his bare chest with two black leather straps crossing over it. The coat also had two sliver shoulder pads that had three holes forming a small triangle. His pants were black with a pair of black boots and leather gloves in the same color.

If you were to add his black wing, he would look identical to the video game character, Sephiroth minus the hair and eyes; also, his wing was on the other side.

As for Ikaros, she was carrying what looked like a fully loaded minigun with no problem.

The villagers below looked up at them with the mixture of awe and fear. They weren't sure what was going on and stopped shooting at on another to look at them. While they stared up at the awing sight before them, Naruto spoke.

"I am the chosen one. I have been chosen to rule this planet."

As Naruto spoke those words, he reached up to the blindfold covering his eyes and removed it. He then opened his eyes to reveal two, silted, crimson colored eyes that signaled Ikaros to fire.

It was only in the matter of seconds before Ikaros eliminated more than three fourths of the competition and for some unknown reason. The people she shot piled on top of themselves creating a hill of what looked like dead villagers with Ikaros standing on top while Naruto floated behind her.

It was like the sign of the apocalypse signaling the end of the world.

"Now… bow before your new GOD! HAHAHAHAHA!"

His voiced echoed throughout the forest striking fear in everyone but despite that, there was one brave soul who wasn't affected by any of it. That brave soul looked up at the two and fired on cork that struck Ikaros in the side of the head. The stray bullet belonged to none other than Sakurai Tomoki. It also caused Naruto to looked down at the said person and Narrow his eyes at him before the brave man spoke.

"What the hell do you two think you're doing!? Are you trying to cause a panic throughout the town!?"

Naruto just stared down at him before busting out in a fit of laughter.

"I was just playing around. Come on, how many times do you get an opportunity like this. I couldn't help myself but since you eliminated Ikaros I'll let you go, for now."

With that said Naruto put his blindfold back on and pulled out his two fully reloaded uzis and began shooting at the remaining villagers. Leaving Tomoki alone as he said while the said person just realized something.

'You know… the stunted Naruto and Ikaros just pulled. Did eliminate most of the completion. I might have a chance of actually winning because of them.'

Silently thanking Naruto for his little stunt, he left in search of any more survives in hope of eliminating them as well.

XXX With Ikaros XXX

After being eliminated by her master, Ikaros just flew off in the direction of the Great Sakura Tree for no particular reason. As she flew closer towards it, her eyes caught the glimpse of something, something that looked familiar but didn't know why. Curiosity getting the best of her she ventured closer to it only to see a small girl with blue hair in a outfit similar to hers but in a different style.

More importantly, what really caught her attentions were the wings on the girl's back as they were transparent and almost see-through

They would also change colors as the moonlight hit them. What she couldn't figure out was why she had wings since there were only two people she knew who did. Those two people were her and Naruto, so why did she have wings too. That was something she couldn't answer, which prompted her ask the girl why.

Once she landed, she was planning to ask the blue haired girl why she had wings since she didn't know who she was, well, to be more precise. She couldn't remember who this girl was as her memories were sealed.

When she was going to ask the girl a question, the same girl interrupted her.

"Well, if it isn't my old friend. How have you been, Alpha?"

Ikaros was confused by what this girl said and didn't know why she called her by her code name.

"Who are you?"

"Oh, I'm hurt Alpha. How could you not remember someone who helped you slaughter and wipe an entire race of humans of the face of this planet?"

"What do you mean wipe an entire race of humans of the face of this planet?"

Ikaros was once again confused by what she was saying as she has no regulation of every doing something like that besides the time Tomoki asked her form him to rule the world. Even if she was talking about that, the person in front of her wasn't there with her.

"Oh, yeah, that's right. Your memories were seal so you even if you tried you couldn't remember who I am or what I'm talking about. You can't even remember what you did that day either, can you!"

The girl tone was laced with anger as she spoke that last part as she looked at the innocent look on Ikaros's face.

"Perhaps… I should refresh your memory for you!"

In the blink of an eye, the blue haired girl disappeared from Ikaros's sights and reappeared behind her. Getting the red-haired angeloid to turn around and receive a kick to the gut sending her flying back into the tree.

"By using my hacking system. I'll show you what we did, and what you did to Naruto-sama."


Before Ikaros could say anything else, the blue haired girl closed the distance between them and grabbed her hair lifted her up so she was eye level with her.

"Now, remember what you did!"

As she looked into the girl's eyes, she felt a shockwave hit her body breaking off one of her shoulder pads before her vision changed.

What she saw was her along with the same girl before her another girl with blonde hair in a blue outfit that had a huge bust and two twin-like angeloids. The five of them were all striking down humans who were trying to attack them and other angel that were trying to fly away. She saw herself use her Artemis cannon well as her Apollo to destroy the village they were attacking. Her vision then suddenly changed to a room where she was lying in a bed with someone lying next to her. The person who was lying next to her was someone she knew very well.


That same vision then showed the door to the room burst open and had several men come running through grabbing hold of Naruto and force him to the ground. She then saw herself try to help him but one of the other angel men stopped her by attaching a collar around her neck forcing her body to freeze.

What she saw next was something she wished she had never seen, again.

The man behind Naruto who had long blond hair grabbed hold of Naruto's right wing and tore it off with his bare hands. The man then placed his hands on his left wing and did something to cause it to turn black. After it was completely black, he let go of Naruto's wing and had his men take him away. Once they were gone, the man walked over to her and said, "Now you are mine."

Her vision then returned to normal after that and the girl, who she remembered was Nymph, let her go.

"Now do you remember what we did and what you done to Naruto-sama?"

Nymph just glared at Ikaros waiting for a response but didn't get on. All she saw was Ikaros body start to shiver then saw tears fall from her eyes.

"Don't you dare start crying on me!? You have no right to cry! Not after what you done!"

As Nymph yelled at Ikaros, something clicked in her mind. Something that shouldn't be happening.

"Wait, how are you crying? I didn't remove all your protections only your thought ones. So how are you able to cry!?

Ikaros didn't respond. All she did was slowly stand up while whispering one thing.

"It was my fault. It was my fault."

She kept on repeating those four words as she stood there until her body suddenly unleashed a huge wave of power sending Nymph back a few feet.

'What the heck is going on? It feels like she is reactivating.'

Nymph took a good look at Ikaros and noticed her wings were starting to glow as her hair looked wilder while her eyes glowed red.

"That's not possible? She forced herself to reactivate. Was the trauma of seeing what happen that strong and caused her to force activate."

While Nymph tried to figure that out Ikaros was now fully in her Uranus Queen mode. Her eyes then locked on Nymph and released her Artemis cannon.

Nymph who was trying to figure out what was going on suddenly heard her warning sirens go off and looked to see that Ikaros fired her Artemis cannons at her. She had no choice but to take off into the air and tried dodging the attacks aimed at her as she didn't have a defense system like Ikaros and Delta had.

Her role was more of the stealth and collecting data type then the fighting type. She did have some attacks that could cause damage but when it was compared to the attacks Ikaros and Delta were capable of doing. Her attack didn't compare at all besides with Ikaros now in Uranus Queen mode her Aegis would be able to block her attack.

She tried her best to dodge all the Artemis missiles aimed at her and was able to dodge all but one that snuck under her radar. Bracing for the attack she felt something or someone grab hold of her and shielded her from the blast sending the two towards the ground.

After they hit the ground, Nymph opened her eyes and was shocked to see the person who shielded her was none other than Naruto, Ikaros old master.

"That's going to leave a mark."

As he groaned, Nymph looked at him in disbelief as she watched him stand up.

"It's been a long time, hasn't it Nymph. You haven't changed a bit."

Nymph could only stare blankly at him since angeloids don't age and he should've known that since he helped make them but there was one thing she wanted to know.

"Why… why did you protect me? It's not like I'm your angeloid. So why!"

"That's a stupid question to ask. Isn't it obvious? You're someone precious to me. Besides, do I need a reason to protect someone?"

Nymph didn't know what to say as she saw Naruto reach out his for her to grab. Using his hand, she pulled herself up and it was then that she saw Ikaros holding her Apollo aiming it at them.


"I know."

Knowing what Nymph was trying to tell him, he turned around to see Ikaros with her apollo pulled back.

"Ikaros that's enough!"

However, his words fell to deaf ears as Ikaros showed no sign of hearing them at all.

'Something's wrong.'

As for Ikaros the moment she witness something grab hold of Nymph shielding her form her attack, she flew up above them and brought out her apollo. Pulling her weapon back, she was about to fire until she saw something. What she saw was a man with unruly spiky blond hair with the back of his coat tore up. The man felt vaguely familiar to her but from what her sensors picked up changed that getting her to ignore the man's words.

"Unidentified angeloid present. Type… unknown? Abilities… unknown? Wing type… unknown? Threat level… critical! Now commencing the destruction of unknown angeloid."

It was to say that Naruto, as did Nymph, were quite shocked to hear what Ikaros just said. Believing Naruto was an angeloid but as he thought about it. It kind of made sense not only did his wings absorbed water as an angeloids wings did but a mysterious armor appears over his arms. Perhaps, he really was an angeloid.

It was a lot to take in and he didn't have the time to think about it as Ikaros had already fired her Apollo at him.


Nymphs voiced echoed throughout the air and into Naruto's ears who watched as Ikaros's arrow traveled towards him.

Something went off inside Naruto either caused by Nymph's scream or some other unknown force. Whatever the reason, Naruto's eyes changed into a crimson color while his arms were covered by his metal gauntlets. Right before the arrow was close enough to strike him; Naruto raised his right arm at the exact moment the arrow was in his reach.

What happened next was a surprise for all of them as a hexagon-like barrier appeared in front of him stopping the arrow in midair.

Since the arrow was stopped, it started to react causing it to glow but before it could explode. Naruto made his barrier wrap around it just before the explosion could take place trapping it inside a small orb until it diminished. When it finally did, the barrier disappeared and Naruto returned to normal.

Nymph was in complete shock when she saw Naruto use an ability that only Ikaros knew as did Ikaros but neither of them were as shocked as Naruto.

'Was… was that Aegis!? How is that even possible? Only Ikaros is capable of using that shield. Am… am I really an angeloid?'

He didn't have time to dwell on that thought as he had something more important to worry about and that was snapping Ikaros out the state she was in.

"Ikaros, snap out if it already!"

Soon as he yelled that Ikaros, who was in the middle of pulling back her next arrow, suddenly realized who she was aiming at.


Seeing as it was him, she lowered her bow before it disappeared and slowly made her way down to him. Once she landed, she couldn't look him in the eyes when she spoke.

"Naruto-sama, I-I… I'm…."

Her voiced began to trail off before her eyes met with his black colored wing before she burst into tears.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's my fault that they tore off your other wing. I'm so sorry."

She then continued to repeat the phrase "I'm sorry" to him as she wiped the tears from her eyes that seemed to never end.

In response, Naruto brought her head into his chest and let her cry as he rested his chin on top of it.

"There's nothing for you to be sorry for. What happen that day was all my doing. So you have no reason to cry."


Naruto lifted her chin up interrupting what she was going to say so she was looking directly into his eyes.

"I meant what I said. So please stop crying, alright."

Ikaros could only nod before Naruto removed his hand and turned to face Nymph.

"Now tell me the real reason you're here. There's no way you're here for a social visit."

His sudden change of attitude caught Nymph off guard well as reminding her why she was here in the first place.

"I… I'm here to bring…."

For some reason she couldn't bring herself to finish her sentence. Earlier she didn't have a problem about bring Ikaros back to her master but perhaps it was because she was in front of Naruto. The thought of what he said was more frightening then what her master would do to her if she failed.

However, Naruto had his own theory and shared it with her.

"Let me guess. You were sent down here to bring back Ikaros because Tenshi wants her back. To be more precise he wants her core just in case he couldn't control her. Another theory I have is, if she were to resist you were to just rip it out by force and return but since I'm here both those plans are ruined, am I right."

The reaction Nymph gave him was all he needed to know that what he said was true.

"So, I was right. Then I'm sorry Nymph, but there's no way that I can let you take Ikaros or her core back to Tenshi… even if I have to fight you."

This scenario was one Naruto wish to avoid but there was no way he was going to let Tenshi get his hands on Ikaros or the core inside her body.

Nymph on the other hand, felt rejected. It was as if the same thing was happening once again just as it did all those years ago.

"Why… why do you choose to defend her!? She was the reason you became a fallen angel and yet, you still decide to defend her even after what she did."

It was now Naruto's turn to be caught off guard but she didn't give him a chance to give her a reason.

"Delta, the Gamma twins, and even me. We all loved you just as much as Alpha did. So why do you chose only her. Tell me, why her! Were we not good enough, not strong enough, please just tell me?"

Nymph was unloading all her feeling she held deep within her. Feelings she felt for Naruto and the decision he chose and wanted him to answer her, which he did.

"It has nothing to do with any of that. I didn't care, and still don't care, if you weren't strong or anything that made you different. It was just that… I was vulnerable. I probably would've done the same thing with any one of you girl that day. Ikaros just happen to be the one who came to me first, that's all."

His confession suddenly changed what Nymph thought, and felt, causing her to wonder how things would've turned out if she were the one who entered his room that day.

Before her mind could imagine such a scenario, a voice interrupted her.

"Enough with this mindless chatter! Do as I ordered of you, you piece of trash!"

The sudden voice not only caused Nymph to freeze but got Naruto to narrow his eyes as the voice belonged to someone they both knew.


Naruto called out to his former friend with anger laced in his voice but all Tenshi did was laugh.

"Hehehe… it's been awhile my old friend."

"Don't you dare call me your friend, you bastard!"

"That hurts; I thought that you would be the one who could truly understand me."

"Well you thought wrong."

"Indeed I did, but I am surprised that you were able to pull yourself from that tree."

"Well, I can't take all the credit since I did have some help."

"To think that a mere human could be strong enough to break the chain connected to your collar. She must be a special one; perhaps I should have my little Nymph bring her to me instead."

"Don't you dare touch her!? She has nothing to do with this!"

"That's where you're wrong. In fact, I know what she really is and it surprises me that even one could exist in this world and because of the blood that flows through her. She'd make an excellent experiment."

"If you try to do anything to Sohara, I swear on my life. I'll be the one who kills you."

"I'd like to see you try but for now I'd like you, Nymph, to bring me the one called Sohara. We'll come back for the Uranus core some other time."

"I'm warning you, Tenshi. Don't test me or you'll regret it."

"An unlikely scenario, now do as I command Nymph."


"What was that?"

Nymph listened to the conversation between her master and Naruto. How her master called her trash, something she really hated being called, and how he wanted her to bring him some girl called Sohara. Seeing how Naruto was so against the idea she felt that she should too but because she had the collar, her master put on her. It was hard for her to resist any order she was given.

However, deep inside her program was a program Naruto secretly installed in all the angeloids and that program was "free will."

"I said no! I won't go through with it."

"You dare deify me, you piece of trash."

"I'm not trash! I'm an angeloid just like the rest in Synapse and I have the power to choose what I want to do."

"So you still have that free will program in you but no matter because either way you put it. Trash will always be trash, no matter how much you try to change it."

Nymph's eyes widen at that before she looked at Naruto and wondered if he thought the same way as Tenshi did.

"Don't listen to him, Nymph. You're not trash, nowhere near it, just ignore what he says, and do whatever you want."

"Do… Do you mean it?"

"Of course I do. I never once thought of you as trash and that's the truth, believe me."

Nymph sensors couldn't detect a single lie from what Naruto said getting her to make up her mind.

"I decided that I don't want to follow any more orders you give me you… you trash, and plan to stay here with Naruto-sama from now on."

"Is that what you've decided?"


"Then it appears I have no more use for you. It was about time I take out the trash, and for good. Hehehe… Hahahaha!"

The connection Tenshi was using via Nymph was cut off but before anyone could do anything, the collar around Nymph's neck suddenly electrified causing her to yell in pain. At the same time, the four green bars on her collar began to drain at an alarming rate.

"Nymph, what's wrong!"

The said girl struggled to get up from the ground as her body was still in pain from the sudden shock before she explained what happen.

"I-It's this collar. I forgot it was also designed as a bomb and that bastard just triggered it. The jolt I felt was the sign that he had activated it."

"What the hell do you mean the collar was designed as a bomb? Are you trying to tell me that Tenshi made those collars to explode whenever he felt like he didn't need you anymore as if you were mere toys."

"In a way, yes, but once activated there's no way of stopping it."

"There has to be a way to stop it."

"Even if you could; there's not enough time."

Nymph then looked at Ikaros.

"Alpha, I want you to do me a favor."

"What favor would that be?"

"I want you to use your Aegis and shield me with it just like Naruto-sama did."

"But if I do that, you will be destroyed."

"I don't care long as Naruto-sama is safe then I don't mind dying for his sake."

Ikaros didn't know what to say to that and kept quiet while silently agreeing but Naruto had his own opinion.

"Well I do. I won't have anyone die for my sake."

"But, Naruto-sama…."

"Shut up! I won't have you talk about sacrificing yourself just for me. I anyone going to be sacrificing themselves it will be me, and only me."

Nymph was taken aback from his sudden outburst but before she could do anything, Naruto had already positioned himself behind her and place both hands on her collar.

"Now just shut up and let me take care of this damn collar."

Without another word, Naruto begin to pull on Nymph's collar with all his might but with no avail.

"Damn it! Why won't it break apart!?"

"It's no use. Just leave me be and have Alpha shield me within her Aegis already."

"I said shut up! I won't let any more people die for something I did. Not now, Not ever!"

Naruto started to pull on the collar again but still couldn't get it to break just as it started to beep getting Nymph to realize that their time was running out.

"Please Narutos-sama; times almost up. Just do as I ask before it's too late."

"I won't give up. I won't let you die; if I do. Then Tenshi would be right, you would be nothing but trash but I'm not going to let that happen!"

With a fierce yell, the metal gauntlets once again appeared around Naruto's arms and released enough heat to melt the collar allowing him to break it. Once it was off her neck, he tossed it in the air with all his might and looked at Ikaros.

"Do it now Ikaros! Trap it inside your Aegis!"

Ikaros just stared at Naruto before responding.

"But I don't know how."

"Just think as hard as you can about trapping it and image your Aegis around the collar."

"But what if-"

"Ikaros were running out of time!"

Ikaros's stance completely changed when Naruto told her that and turn in the direction the collar was thrown. Doing exactly as Naruto instructed, her shield trapped the thrown collar just as it exploded. After the explosion was finish, her shield disappeared and Ikaros returned to normal with no recollection of how she did that.

As for Nymph, she didn't know what to say as she looked up at Naruto seeing a satisfied smirk on his face as he looked up at the starlit sky.

"I guess Tenshi was wrong, you aren't trash."

Nymph could only continue to stare at him as tears ran down her face before she finally hugged Naruto.

"Thank you, Naruto-sama."

Naruto just ruffled her hair before remembering something.

"Oh, I almost forgot that I have a survival game to win. Now that this little dilemma is solved I'll be taking my leave for now."

With that, he flew off leaving the two angeloids by themselves while Nymph wanted to know one thing as he did.

"Hey Alpha? Why is Naruto-sama wearing those weird clothes?"

"I don't know? He asked me to make them before the survival game saying he wanted to change the way people saw his wing."

"Okay, then what the heck is this survival game?"

"A game of survival."

XXX Back At The Festival XXX

While Naruto was absent during the survival game, Tomoki was able to take out the remainder of the competitors. After taking out his last one, he found himself out of ammo and none of the gun around had any getting him to head back down to the gray haired man at the shooting stall. When he arrived, he asked the man if he had any more ammo only for him to raise his gun and shot of a live round getting Tomoki to jump.

The man then told him that he mix live rounds in a few guns to light in up the game. That's when Sohara showed up with a loaded gun ready to take out Tomoki.

Tomoki asked the man if the gun Sohara had was one filled with real bullets only for him to tell him that there might be a chance that it could.

He soon found out it did when Sohara started babbling out the ten million and then shot a bullet at him getting him to run for his life.

All his running took him to the top of the shrine where he was corned by a crazed Sohara who continued mumbling about if she had ten million yen. That she and Naruto would be able to do this and that on a boat cruise then shot off one last round at him getting him to think about one last thing.

'I'm going to die? There're things still left to be undone. Like the porn magazine collection I haven't finished or the girls at school, I haven't groped yet. I also can't forget my dream of going into the girls' bathhouse but if this is the end. It looks like I have no choice but wish to be reincarnated as a pair of women's underwear.'

With his final thoughts, he closed his eyes and waited for his last moments on earth only to hear the sound of a wing flapping getting him to open his eyes. He then saw the backside of Naruto as he held out his hand that his gauntlet covered and stopped the bullet with his hand with a loud banging sound.

Tomoki was surprised that Naruto was the one who saved his life and released a sigh of relief.

Although, Sohara was shocked to realize the gun in her hand was real and didn't know what to do until Naruto walked up to her and gently grab the gun.

"You should be careful with guns even if they're not real ones. You can still end up hurting someone."

Sohara could only dumbly nod in response before Naruto took the gun away just as Tomoki spoke.

"Man that was close. I thought I was a goner back there but thanks to you. I can live to fight another day."

"I wouldn't be so quick to celebrate."

"Why's that?"

"Well, counting you, me, and Sohara there's still four more people left in this little survival game."


Now Tomoki was confused since he knew that there was only three people left and Naruto just named them all.

"If there is four people left then who is this last person."

"He's already here."

Just as Naruto said that, the gray haired man from the shooting stall appeared at the entrance of the shrine getting surprised looks from both Tomoki and Sohara.

"He's taking part in the game too," Tomoki exclaimed.

"Well why not. I did say anybody could participate," Mikako voiced getting everyone to notice she was there.

"But how can some whose stall is running the game participate."

"We only hired him to arrange the game and never said he couldn't participate. You all assumed he couldn't, well, everyone but Naruto-kun, which I don't find surprising."

As the man walked to join them, Naruto squared up to him while Tomoki stood to the left with Sohara to the right. The two just made eye contact while both Sohara and Tomoki looked at the two stare at each other.

"It seems like things are going to heat up."

That was the only thing Mikako said before Naruto and the man across from him pulled out a handgun and pointed them at each other. Their sudden movement got both Sohara and Tomoki to jump and get ready for whatever came next but unfortunately they were fast enough for what happen next.

In a split second, Naruto pointed his gun at Sohara and pulled the trigger hitting her in her left arm with the man doing the same to Tomoki. Eliminating them before they dashed at each other and dodged both punches and shots, they fired at one other.

The simple game of survival suddenly turned into a game of who's the best fighter.

This continued for a few more minutes until the two jumped back away from each other and stood there with their guns empty.

"You're not bad."

"You're not bad yourself," the man told Naruto.

"What's your name?"

"Judas and yours."


"Naruto, huh. I'm going to have to remember that."

After exchanging names, the two stared at each other a while longer before each of them tossed their empty guns to the side and pulled out another fully loaded one. Then pointed them at each other and pulled the trigger sending both bullets right into each other creating a small explosion. Using the explosion to hide themselves each of them pulled another gun out thinking they had the upper hand and began firing once the smoke cleared.

Since either, two were good at dodging incoming bullets made of cork it was hard for either one to hit each other. They would even use trick shots like shooting a flying cork heading their way making it fly off course or shooting the ground at an angle to deflect the shot so it would hit their target.

The two didn't care if they used other obstacles to stop incoming shots with Naruto using his feathers while the man used rock or branches. It was as if anything was game to them and they didn't care long as it was interesting.

Just as the two dodged their last shot fired at them, they dashed at one another and placed their guns on each other's heads. They stood there in silence before Naruto spoke.

"I wonder if you have any more shots left."

"I can ask the same to you."

"There's only one way to find out."

They both pulled their triggers at the same time only for nothing to happen.

"Looks like were both empty," the man voiced.

"Then how about we call it a draw and split the ten million."

"Sounds good to me."

Agreeing to split the cash prize both of them removed their guns from their heads just as Mikako brought them their prize.

"In a way I saw this coming."

That was all Mikako said before handing the two, two stacks of cash.

Seeing at the man's job was done he turned around and walked off.

"See you again next year," Mikako yelled.

"What! We're doing this again!"

As Tomoki screamed that and started to fear what Mikako and that man had in store for next time, one man was smirking.

'So his going to be here next year too, huh. Well, it looks like I have something to look forward to.'

With that, everyone enjoyed the last bit of the festival before going home.

XXX After The Festival XXX

After the festival was done and over with, everyone head home. Mikako left to wherever she lived at, Sugata went back home to his tent by the riverbank while Naruto and the gang made their way home. Along with them was Nymph who everyone asked who she was with Naruto telling them that she was another angeloid that was close to a sister to Ikaros. They were a bit skeptical at first but after a while, they didn't really care since they were already used to Ikaros so one more angeloid would be a problem.

As they walked, everyone had their own little conversation. Nymph and Ikaros talked about what Naruto has been up to and what things there were to do on the surface. While Naruto, Tomoki, and Sohara had their own little conversation, well, just Naruto and Tomoki talked with each other. Sohara was still mad at Naruto for the stunt he'd pulled at the end of the survival game and decided not to talk to him.

Clucky who stayed at the shooting stall the entire time the game was going on and join back with Naruto after it was over was also walking along side Naruto.

What Naruto did was a bit of an asshole move as he did shot Sohara in the arm taking her out of the competition but he knew that she didn't stand a chance against that man. He thought it would have been better if he was the one who took her out instead of him but he sure found out that was bad idea.

"Are you still mad at me, Sohara?"

The said girl didn't give him a response instead, she looked at Tomoki.

"Tomo, tell that blond idiot that I'm not talking to for as long as I live."

Tomoki being him turned to Naruto and repeated what she said.

"She said-"

"I heard what she said."

He didn't get to finish as Naruto cut him off.

Naruto knew he was going to have to make it up to her and from the experiences he had with Daedalus and a few girls he dated when he was alive. He was going to have to take her out shopping. When he was still alive and after he became an angel, the one thing he disliked was shopping. He didn't need to do much of that in Synapse thanks to the angeloids but if he ever got Daedalus angry with him the only way he could make it up to her was taking her shopping.

Now he was in the same situation but with a different girl but maybe, he might have to do something else besides shopping since he wasn't sure if Sohara like doing stuff like that. However, that might not be the case since she was a girl but he wouldn't know until he asked.

On the rest of the way home Naruto kept quiet with Clucky still walking beside him while Sohara was talking with Nymph and Ikaros. Tomoki was just staring up at the starlit sky with both his hand on the back of his head.

Once they reached their destination, everyone split with Tomoki and Ikaros heading to his house. Nymph made her way into Naruto's house since he told she could stay there while Naruto walked Sohara to her front door.

When the two made it to her front door, Sohara turned to Naruto but didn't look him in the eyes.

"You didn't have to walk me to my door. I would've been fine by myself."

"I know but it would be ungentlemanly of me, not to."

"Well, you didn't have to but… thank you."

"You're welcome, but didn't you say you were talking to me."

Sohara blushed before giving him a response.

"I-It would be unladylike of me not to thank you."

Naruto just chuckled before he continued speaking.

"I guess but how about I make it up to you for what I did."

Sohara just looked at him before giving an answer.

"Like what?"

"Oh, I don't know. How about I take you out somewhere next week with Nymph and Ikaros."

When she heard him say that he was going to take her out it sound as if he were asking her out on a date and was about to refuse on an impulse. It wasn't until she hear him say Ikaros's and Nymph's names did she calm down and thought about it.

"Where will you be taking us?"

"Anywhere you guys want?"

Naruto said those words a bit slowly hoping Sohara wouldn't say shopping but the said girl didn't waste any time giving her answer.



"I decided you going to take us shopping. Then afterwards out to eat. That's not a problem is it?"

"Not really but do we have to go shopping. The going out to eat is fine but do we really have to go shopping."

"If we don't go shopping then you can forget me ever talking to again. It's not like you don't have any money. You did win five million yen, didn't you?"

"Alright, alright, you win. We'll go shopping."

"Good, I'm glad you saw it my way."

"Then I guess we'll head out on Sunday since you don't have any school then."

"Sounds fine to me."

"Alright then then I guess this is goodnight."

"Yeah, goodnight."

With that, Naruto turned and walked off while Sohara walked inside to see her mother watching TV. When her mother heard her walk inside the living room, she turned to face her with a large grin on her face.

"Well it looks like someone had a good day today."

Sohara raised an eyebrow at that not getting what her mother meant.

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb with me. I'm talking about your date with that blond hunk of an angel, Naruto."

"D-DATE! What do you mean date! We weren't on any date!"

"What the heck do you mean you weren't on a date? I saw the two of you walking together, alone I might add. If that wasn't a date then I don't know what is."

It was then Sohara remember what her mother was talking about causing her face to redden.

"It seems you remembered, didn't you."

"It wasn't what it looked like. Naru-chan was surrounded by a mob of people then Tomo and Ikaros walked away and… and…."

"And then the two of you walked around alone."

"Well… yeah, but it wasn't date."

"Just keep telling yourself that and quit saying chan at the end of his name. If you really like him, start saying kun."


"Hey, I'm not going to force you to but if you keep calling him chan. He's going to start thinking you're not interested and go look for some other girl. Just think about."

After that, her mother turned around leaving her daughter to think about what she said as she headed towards her room.

Once she was in, she removed her yukata and sat down on her bed in just her underwear before she lied down while continuing to think of what her mother said.

"Naruto… kun…."

Just the thought of saying kun at the end of his name made her blush but actually saying it made her face redden completely.

She wasn't sure if she could say his name while adding the kun suffix directly to him but as she thought about it. Mikako was already calling him that getting her to wonder if she should too.

Just thinking about doing that made her face heat up again causing her to push the thought aside and to get up to grab her towel.

'I have to stop thinking about all this.'

Even though she said that all she could think about while she took her bath was the date she and Naruto had, and what the future had in store for the two of them.


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