"We better close this case soon," Ziva griped, sliding into the passenger's seat of the car while Tony settled into the driver's seat. "This is the third night in a row Gibbs has sent us on a coffee run at ten o'clock."

"We will," he said. One hand stayed on the wheel as he backed out of the parking space and the other moved, almost automatically, to take hers. "And then we can go home and rest up, regroup."

Ziva closed her eyes and tried to relax her body and mind. They rode in silence for several minutes, and she was doing pretty well at de-stressing until a sudden thought jumped into her consciousness. Her eyes snapped open. "Tony."


"Do you know how long it's been?"

Tony glanced over at her. "How long what- oh. Um…" He scrunched up his face and thought, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel. "Has it been… three weeks? Is that right?"

"I think it is," she said, watching him closely. "That's… been a while."

"Leave it to Gibbs to mess up our sex life," he sighed. "Especially when we're trying to have a baby."

With a smirk, Ziva disentangled her fingers from her husband's and poked him in the stomach. "Your transfer request better be accepted soon, or there's never going to be a little DiNozzo running around."

He didn't respond, but something in his face changed, and before she could ask what was wrong he had turned off the main road and onto a deserted side street.

"What are you doing?" she asked, confused.

"I don't think anybody needs their coffee right this second," he explained, turning off the car, unbuckling his seatbelt and looking at Ziva with raised eyebrows and a smile playing on his lips. "I know we generally keep it out of public places, but…"

Then she understood, and her heartbeat picked up a little.

"No, they can wait a while," she agreed, fighting a grin, and followed him as he crawled over the console and lay down across the back seat. They had to stay flush together so as not to fall into the floor- not that either of them had a problem with it. Ziva laced her fingers through the hair at the nape of Tony's neck and planted her mouth on his, and the fatigue of the day evaporated as they replaced it with fervent kissing. Their hands fumbled with the buttons on each other's shirts; the shirts were tossed aside at the same time. Just as Tony's hands moved down her torso, skimming along the waistband of her pants, his cell phone began to ring, and they were startled out of their moment.

He sighed loudly, knowing it was Gibbs, and ignored both the call and the consequences of screening his boss. Putting the phone on silent and abandoning it on the floor, he pressed his lips to Ziva's bare shoulder.

"You will be in trouble," she taunted gently in his ear.

"I don't care," he whispered, and it quickly became very evident that she didn't, either.

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