Dennis Duffy was a man of his word. And if that word was to take his best girl to a lame ass movie, that's what it would be.

Liz wasn't too hard to please, fortunately. Dennis wasn't a rich man, a clever man, or a well endowed man. Liz was content with watching TV, eating (her favorite), and the occasional foreplay, if she wasn't on the rag or too tired. Neither seemed to be happening tonight. He was getting excited.

"Oh, god," Liz said, "Dennis, are you really 'tearing up' excited to see this movie?"

"Is there any other kind of excited, dummy?" Dennis asked. In Liz's purse were two hoagies, a plate of pasta for him, and a cherry cola "to share". Liz was trying to be more open to food sharing, taking baby steps via a soda she wasn't even that into. The movie sounded a little lame in itself, but swapping fluids in a public place was good enough for Dennis.

"Yeah, my kind, where it's all bottled up in your heart where no one can take it from you." Poor Liz, emotionally sealed off from everything and everyone.

Fortunately, they made it to the movie theater with no extreme confrontations. Both Dennis and Liz were drawn to bad luck on city streets, and they didn't get along much. They walked to the ticket lady, not hand in hand. They would look gay like that.

"Welcome!" said the ticket lady. She had bad skin, but big cans. She could be hotter if she put some work into her appearance. Same with Liz; let the girls breathe for once. "How may I assist you in your movie viewing experience?"

Liz smiled. She's had some sucky jobs over the years, but writing a TV show with her hotter friend Jenna was probably the worst, so she probably felt sympathetic. Dennis hadn't seen Liz's show, but it looked awful. "Two for Snakes on a Plane, please," Liz demanded.

"Dummy, be a little respectful," said Dennis. Liz had a tendency to bring others down, emotionally and physically. It pissed him off a little.

"It's her job to give us the tickets," Liz said, in her uppity voice.

"That don't mean you should treat her like crap," Dennis started. He felt a lecture coursing through his veins. "Just because your job is going nowhere, and this could-be hottie's job is going nowhere, doesn't mean you have to be a bitch. Misery loves company, dummy. And what the hell kind of name for a movie is Snakes on a Plane? It tells you exactly what happens! It's like Ghosts, except there won't be much sex, and it won't catch on."

Unbeknownst to Dennis, until he ended his rant, Liz had bought just one ticket and went in herself. He turned to the ticket lady. "Why the hell didn't you tell me she went in without me.

"I tried," she said, "but you couldn't hear me and I can't yell in this thing." She paused for a minute or two. "You're holding up the line."


A few hours later, some unscrewing, and a few attempts of sexy positions later, Liz came into her apartment. Sitting right in front of the door, in a kitchen chair, was Dennis.

"Hello, dummy," he said, "I've been waiting for you."

"Liz jumped a little. "Oh, Dennis, it's just you. What are you doing here?" "I'm confronting you," Dennis said, "This is what people do in those movies you like so much, I thought I'd do something like that. Why did you leave me at the movies alone? I held up the line. I don't hold up lines, Liz. I start them. People start lines around me, wondering 'why is that man being beat up so much?' and I intend to say, 'because he looked at my girl the wrong way.'"

"Dennis, this is stupid," Liz said. "What could I do to make it up to you?"

"You could make me dinner?" Dennis suggested.

Liz rolled her eyes, covered by her lesbian librarian glasses. "Fine," she sighed. Dennis heard a "blurg" under her breath, but he didn't care about her poor language. Dennis got her to do something for him.

Liz and Dennis ate their cereal, the blue glow of the TV adding a glow of romance to the evening. Denns was feeling himself get excited over Liz, the way she blew on her cereal like soup, or how her eyes were mostly pointing at the TV. She knew the exact critiques to make ("if they don't give this show another season, I'm losing faith in the networks" - her classic empty threat) and could laugh, despite having no laugh track to tell her what was funny. Something about that was what made Dennis crazy about her.

"Hey," he said, "do you feel like having sex, or something?"

Liz swallowed her cereal. "After this show."

Liz kept her promise. After whatever confusing show she was watching ended, they had half naked sex for a full seven minutes. Dennis tried cuddling with Liz, but there was one thing she was standing firm on. "You're not spending the night tonight, Dennis."

"But it's cold out there," whined Dennis.

"No it's not," Liz said, "it's summer. Please leave."

Dennis sighed. "Alright. But expect me here tomorrow."

"Make sure I'm awake and home," Liz said.

"Deal!" Dennis gave her a thumbs up as he left.

It was raining. Dennis liked the rain, so long as he didn't have his merchandise on him. He took a cab home, stiffing the driver on his tip. Hell, times were tough. He walked to his place, kids making out all over. Dennis wished him and Liz were like that sometimes, but most of him decided being grown ups was for the best. He cared about Liz, but not enough to show off in public. Dumb douche kids. He walked by, flipping every couple off.

This is my first 30 Rock fic. I thought starting with Dennis a little before the show begins is a good way to start. Hope you like it :)