AN: Well, this turned out way different than I planned.

Waiting for Salvation

Dean struggled to prop himself up on his elbows. A wave of dizziness hit him, and he clenched his eyes shut, riding out the sensation. He felt so numb and empty. It was a strange feeling for his Grace, considering how much his wings hurt. He brought them out and slowly unfolded them, wincing at how sore and stiff they were. He breathed a sigh when he managed to stretch them out and work out a little of the stiffness. Looking around, he recognized the room he was in as Bobby's guest room. He tried to speak, but all that came out was a tired croak. He cleared his throat and tried again.

'Sam? Sammy?' he called, frowning when he didn't hear Sam's footsteps rushing to meet him.

'They're helping Ellen,' Castiel replied as he entered the room, carrying a glass of water. He smiled as he caught sight of Dean's wings. He hoped that his initial suspicion that they were beginning to grow back was right.

'What happened?' Dean asked. He took the glass, and it immediately slipped out of his fingers. He sighed in irritation and let himself drop back onto the bed.

'I believe they're up against War,' Castiel said as he sat on the edge of the bed. He bent over and picked the empty glass off the ground then set it on the nightstand.

'War as in War-War? Apocalypse-War? Four fucking Horsemen War?!' Dean rolled to his side and tried to push himself up. He grunted when Castiel pressed him back down. 'Cas, I have to help them!'

'The best way for you to help them is to get rest,' Castiel said. He touched Dean's cheek and brushed against Dean's Grace, sending him reassurance.

'I'm fine,' Dean insisted. 'If it really is War, then the rest won't be far behind! I can't just let them… We can do your stupid "tap into Heaven" test after the apocalypse! Cas, I gotta help them! Gotta keep Sam safe!'

Dean watched helplessly as Castiel got off the bed and stretched his wings. In his current state, he was having trouble focusing. His mind jumped between thoughts of needing to keep Sam safe, and taking Castiel into his arms. He reached out, pleading with his Grace. He wasn't shut out, but he couldn't glean any thoughts from the other angel. 'Cas…plea—'

Dean gasped as Castiel appeared on top of him, his fingers digging deeply into his shoulders. Castiel's wings were flared out in a sign of domination. He stared up at Castiel, his breaths coming in shallow puffs. He couldn't help it as his wings curved forward to brush against Castiel's. He gave an uncertain smile as Castiel shuddered above him.

'Two days ago, you were submitting to me,' Castiel said calmly. 'Is that what you want, or did you change your mind?'

Dean blinked up at Castiel. 'Two days…' He panicked and pushed at Castiel with his Grace, only to find his Grace being held as gently as possible by Castiel's. 'I have to…' Dean tried to wriggle away, but Castiel's grip tightened.

'I'm not asking for you to obey, Dean,' Castiel said gruffly. 'But I do need you to listen.' He gave a harsh beat of his wings before stretching them back out.

Dean sucked in a shaky breath and shivered, his eyes drifting back to Castiel's wings. The last time he had submitted himself to another angel…he was with Lucifer. He wanted this so much. He had thrown himself at Castiel earlier, willing to completely give himself over. Did he know what he was doing? Submitting to such a low ranking angel? Even Castiel had thought it was strange.

But now…here Castiel was, hovering above him, reminding Dean of what they would be entering into. He had been in a similar, more formal, position with Lucifer. He joined with Lucifer. Rebelled for him. Killed for him. Stood by his every choice, even when he thought there were better ones. Certainly, Lucifer's first choice in a companion would have been better than Seraphiel. Definitely more vocal about his opinions than Seraphiel had been.

But Seraphiel had been made for Lucifer. He was the consolation prize, but he never let it get to him. Too much. He had always stood by Lucifer's side and decisions. If he did it for Lucifer, could he do so for Castiel? Castiel had already Fallen for him. He gave up Heaven. Seraphiel had done the same for Lucifer, but he was turned away. Forced to return home and receive his punishment.

He couldn't turn Castiel away. Couldn't force Castiel to be on the run alone. Not when things in Heaven were so messed up. But he also had to make sure that Sam was safe with his own eyes.

He whined as Castiel shifted and placed a knee between his legs, forcing them apart. He panted as he spread his legs for Castiel and arched his back. He squirmed under Castiel, moaning for more as Castiel's Grace pulsed against him. He cried out when Castiel ground against him.

'Will you listen to me?' Castiel asked huskily into Dean's ear.

Dean nodded, writhing under Castiel. 'I-I'll listen,' he replied. 'No…promises, but…listen… Mmm…' He moaned loudly when Castiel's teeth ghosted over his neck, imitating what they would do in their true forms. He bared his neck tried to remain still as Castiel kissed and licked his way to Dean's collarbone.

'Do you submit to me?' Castiel whispered. He frowned when Dean freed a shoulder from his grasp. Dean's hand grabbed him by the back of the head and he was forced back up to meet Dean's face. 'Ser—Dean?'

Dean breathed raggedly, surprised by his sudden surge of energy. It was fading quickly, so he used his time as wisely as he could. 'No,' he grunted, stamping down the heartbreak he felt at Castiel's sorrow. 'No… Not this time. We stand as equals. We submit to each other or not at all.' He held his breath as his eyes flicked between Castiel's. No other angel had done such a thing. In Heaven, it was all about rank. Obeying. Following. But they were on Earth. They didn't have to follow Heaven's rules. Not that Seraphiel was any good at that anyway.

Castiel caught Dean's thoughts through his Grace and swallowed. Slowly, he reached up and tugged at his tie then moved his collar aside. He let his eyes fall shut as Dean pressed his lips against his collarbone, his Grace searing into Castiel's, leaving a bright, burning mark behind.

Dean clung to Castiel, rubbing against him as the young angel made his way back down his neck. 'Oh, God!'

In a moment of pain and bliss, Dean's Grace was marked by Castiel. He didn't know how he felt about Castiel leaving Lucifer's own mark untouched.

'Because it's a part of you, and I love every part,' Castiel whispered.

His body gave out, and he collapsed back against the bed, blinking slowly at Castiel. 'You…don't hate me for still loving him?' he asked weakly.

Castiel leaned down, placing a soft kiss on Dean's lips. He let his wings relax. 'No. Father filled you with so much love. There's plenty for everyone. And I know you don't love him in that way. Not anymore.' His Grace sifted through Dean, leaving traces of love in every corner. 'I know you're still worried about Sam. Believe me…if anything happens, I'll take care of it,' he promised. 'I won't let anything happen to your brother.'

Dean swallowed as he nodded. As much as Castiel meant it, he was no match against War. Or any of the Horsemen. They were old school. Castiel was…Castiel. At least Dean had some previous experience with them. 'Can I get some food?' he asked.

Castiel nodded and quickly removed himself from Dean.

Dean watched as Castiel disappeared into the hallway. He had about a minute. With everything he had, he pulled himself out of the bed and made his way to the window. He caught his breath before unlocking the latch and lifting the window up.

Leaning over the windowsill, he eyed the ground. Would he be able to land safely? Did he have enough strength to slow his fall? He brought his knee up and began climbing out the window when a light pressure touched the back of his head.

Dean's head snapped around. No one was behind him. He cautiously reached out, finding Castiel was still in the kitchen. He grinned and jumped out the window, landing heavily on the ground below. He grinned to himself as he hurried around the corner of the house and to his car.

Which was not where it was supposed to be. In the Impala's place was a large, pumpkin-shaped carriage.

Dean's wings and shoulders slumped in defeat as an obscenely pink and green flamingo skated by. 'Oh, fuck you.'

He glared at the carriage. 'Might as well make the most of this,' he said as he opened the door and climbed inside. He grinned as his eyes traveled over his concocted dream-Castiel, dressed up in a red corset and devil horns. He straddled his dream-Castiel's lap and fingered the horned headband. 'This kinda suits you…'

Castiel raised his brow and cocked his head to the side. 'I may have Fallen, but I have yet to join the ranks of Hell,' he replied. 'Or understand why you have me wearing this…costume.'

Dean frowned as he stared at Castiel. 'You're you? You're here?'

Castiel nodded, his Grace brushing against Dean. 'Partly.'

'You zapped me,' Dean said in a light, accusing tone.

'You need to rest.'

Dean ran his hands over Castiel's chest, not quite feeling the fabric of the corset. He tried to wake himself up, but could feel Castiel's power keeping him unconscious. 'Tell you what. I'll rest if you go help Sam. Right now.'

He glanced up when he didn't hear an answer. He reached out to find that his dream-Castiel was just a dream. A small plea drifted through his Grace, begging him to stay asleep. He didn't know if it got through, but he sent a reply with everything he knew about War just as dream-Castiel pulled him forward and began nibbling on his ear. Castiel was right. He could use a few minutes of rest. Or an hour.

Dream-Castiel pushed Dean to the floor and started nuzzling his crotch. Definitely an hour.