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Chapter 1: Four years on...

Rainbow Dash awoke suddenly as a blue blur jumped on her.

"Mummy, mummy, mummy mummy mummy! Get up!" it yelled excitedly.

"Ergh! Haven't you ever heard of an inside voice?" Rainbow asked her son, Silver Star. She could hear that Soarin had received a similar, if not rougher, treatment from her daughter, Patchwork.

Opening an eye cautiously, she saw Star standing on her, his eyes gleaming with excitement.

"First day of school, first day of school!" he yelled again, he started bouncing up and down on top of his mother.

"Ow… Ow… Ow..." Dash intoned dryly.

"Come on! Get up mum!" Silver Star complained.

"Yeah, both of you lazy flanks get up." Patch added.

"Language missy" Soarin remarked sternly, his eyes still firmly closed.

"Sorry dad." Patch huffed

"You two run along, we'll be up in a moment okay?" Soarin said. Dash silently threw him a 'thank you' look.

Both of their children grumbled slightly, but filed out of their parent's bedroom without further complaint.

"Good to see Star is so enthusiastic." Soarin said cheekily.

"Yeah… He wasn't… jumping up and down on… you though" Rainbow said arching her back, popping a few joints as she did so. She massaged her back to ease the pain slightly.

Soarin chuckled a bit before lifting himself out of bed, in the four years since Patchwork had been born, Rainbow and Soarin had been married and had another child. The pair had handled the strains of parenthood remarkably well. Soarin had still maintained his position as Captain of the Wonderbolts, but took less of an active position in the team shows. There were some whispers going around that he would become the team's new manager and that Juggernaut would be bumped up to captain. Rainbow was still officially a member of the team but had only been performing a in a reserve position. During the time when she had been pregnant, she had moved back to her position of managing the Ponyville weather team, a job which she still occasionally found herself doing in her spare time. She had yet to retake her old position on the team as she had insisted very uncharacteristically to instead take the time to raise her children.

"Suppose we'd better get up eh?" Soarin suggested. "At least before the kids come and attack us again." He added with a wry smile.

"Star, please stop bouncing around, you look ridiculous." Rainbow asked nicely.

"What's ridiculous?" he asked innocently

"You look silly."

"Oh… Do I look funny?" he asked hesitantly.

"You look beautiful, just stop jumping around ok?" Rainbow said. She ruffled his navy and light blue mane affectionately.

"Mum! Cut it out." He whined, styling his mane back into shape.

The pair was walking to the schoolhouse in Ponyville after a short flight down from Rainbow's house. She and Soarin had deliberately moved the house closer to the ground before Patchwork was born so she could learn to fly down to ground a little more safely. Patchwork was now old enough to fly without assistance, but Silver Star was still a little too young and nervous (Not that he'd ever admit that) to fly down by himself.

They trotted towards the red building causally; Rainbow could already pick out the small crowd of gathered parents and foals, some eager, others nervous about starting school. Inside the grounds, a few of the slightly older children watched the proceedings with a lazy interest.

"Hey mum, will Aunty Twilight be here?" Star asked eagerly. He and Twilight's child, Midnight Shine, had grown up together and were virtually best friends.

"She'll be there. Midnight is starting this year as well isn't he?"

"He sure is!" he squeaked back adorably.

As they approached the low murmuring of ponies filled the air, punctuated occasionally by the higher pitched squeal of a couple of foals playing around. A midnight blue streak darted out from a nearby bush and tackled star. The small tumbling ball of chaos was broken up by Rainbow a moment later.

"Hey! I had him fair and square." Protested Midnight Shine.

"You boys and your games." Rainbow muttered as she put Midnight back down on the ground. He ran around Rainbow and re-joined his friend. They whispered a few words between them and giggled a little.

"Your mum here Midnight?" Dash asked the colt.

"Yeah, she's over there somewhere." He pointed towards the school house.

Leading the way, Rainbow took the two colts through the small crowd towards the red building. As Rainbow moved through the crowd, Twilight came into view. She was talking animatedly with Cheerilee.

"Morning Twilight, Cheerilee." She said as she walked up to them, the two children in tow.

"Hi Rainbow." The two ponies said in unison. Silver star wasted no time in jumping on Twilight with a yell of "Aunty Twilight!"

"Hello Star, you ready for your first day?"

"Sure am!" he replied enthusiastically.

"Since I think that's about everypony, maybe we should get started." Cheerilee said. She was clearly excited to have new students to teach.

Silver Star practically bubbled with excitement.

"Alright, I'm going to leave you here kiddo, I'm sure you'll have a great day." Rainbow said hugging Star tightly.

"You'll pick me up after school?" he asked.

"Actually your father said he would come and get you." Rainbow said.

"Okay." Star chirped brightly. "See you later mum!"

He shared a quick glance with Midnight before running inside.

"Bye, have a good day" Rainbow yelled out

Rainbow stood and watched for a moment for turning around.

"Grow up so fast don't they?" Twilight said

"Yeah, tell me about it."

Soarin flew through the air, effortlessly keeping pace with his daughter. 'Step-daughter technically' he reminded himself for the millionth time. Unusually, he was taking her to the flight school in Cloudsdale. Normally Rainbow Dash would take her in the mornings and fly home with her in the afternoon, but as Silver Star was old enough to go to school now, she had taken him there instead leaving Soarin to take her to Cloudsdale.

"I don't see why you guys always have to take me to flight school." Patch protested. "I'm old enough to fly fine by myself."

"Of course you are champ. What wrong though? Don't you want to spend time with your old geezer? Are you already sick of us? Want to leave us already?" Soarin teased.

"No way, you and mum are the coolest parents ever." Patch proudly stated. "I mean nopony else at flight school has two Wonderbolts for parents."

"I don't think many ponies could boast that at all." Soarin replied truthfully.

"Yeah! And All those flying lessons you gave me are great, I'm undoubtedly the best flier around. Another good thing about you and mum being awesome." She quickly added doing a lazy backflip to prove her point.

"You sound just like your mother when she was younger, Best flier in Equestria this and Fastest Pegasus ever that. It was quite funny actually, first time I met her, which was at the Best Young Fliers Competition, she was a nervous wreck." He chuckled heartily. "Did I ever tell you that story?"

"Mum has told me that one so many times. I want to know though; did she really do a Sonic rainboom?"Patch asked curiously.

"Well apparently so, I was kind of like this at the time so I wouldn't really know." He pulled a cross eyed, crazy look which made Patch giggle.

"Yeah, then mum had to save your scrawny flank." She teased.

"Ahem. Language again." Soarin admonished.

"Well Sooorry, Dad. I'm just telling it as it was told."

Soarin circled around her once. "Oh really?" He asked a hint of amusement in his voice. "Scrawny flank she said eh? Might have to mention that to your mum next I see her, see what makes of it hey?"

Patch giggled again at the thought.

"So how's school going for you patch?" Soarin asked

"Ergh... Boring." She said. She elaborated when Soarin gave her a curious look. "I mean. I'm not learning anything! Nothing important anyway. I mean I'm the best flier around and I don't care about of the other stuff. It's all useless boring stuff anyway." She pointed to her cutie mark, a small wing embossed on a golden boot. She had gotten her cutie mark after winning a long gruelling endurance flight race. "I'm obviously good at long distance races and stuff so why do I still have to go to stupid school?"

"You can't race your whole life. So you have to know other things in life." Soarin said. "Imagine this, if you can't race and that's all you know, how will you be able to make any money, buy food so on and provide for your family?" He asked wisely.

"Oh yeah? What else are you good at then huh? I didn't think you could do much more than fly fast." Patch replied, ignoring his piercing question.

"I'm actually a very talented cloud mason thank you very much, and I spend some of my free time philosophising. Maybe you should try it some time." Soarin said proudly.

"Sounds egg-heady to me." Patch groaned back.

"I wonder who that reminds me of." Soarin said dumbly.

"I'm more like mum than you, haven't you noticed?" she said as she stroked her windswept rainbow mane with a hoof.

"Nope, never realised you had a rainbow coloured mane. Never once." Soarin joked, hoping Patch wouldn't see the pain he was trying to hide.

"Haha real funny dad."

"You want to hear a better one? A pony walks into a bar, the barman says, 'Why the long face?' the pony rubs his neck and replies 'Sorry I'm just a little hoarse.'"

"Daaaaad! That's terrible!" Patch whined.

"They're called dad jokes for a reason you know." Soarin said, stifling his laughter.

"Why's that?" she asked, sure she regret the answer.

"They're really quite punny jokes!" He said laughing.


Soarin quickly dropped Patch off at the flight school before shooting off. He wasn't particularly fond of the idea of being accosted by fans or the media at the moment. He'd had enough run-ins with them that week alone to last a lifetime. Darting skilfully between a pair of clouds he regained sight of Ponyville. A few small wisps of cloud covered the town and dozens of ponies milled around the small but busy town. Spying a pair of familiar mares in the crowd, he pulled his wings in close to his body and went into a steep dive. Hurtling through the air fast enough to make his eyes water, he snapped his wings out at the last moment to stop his descent. A sudden air pocket made him lurch wildly and instead of landing gracefully next to the pair, he crashed into them like a bowling ball.

Shaking himself off, Soarin grinned down at the pony he was now lying on top of.

"Hey Dashie, how was your morning?"

"Better before you crashed into me you great oaf." She replied snarkily.

Soarin chucked before looking over at the purple unicorn that was sprawled over the ground.

"Sorry about that Twilight." Soarin said struggling to suppress a grin as Twilight's eyes spun around lazily.

"Oh that's quite alright Soarin. Maybe just be a little more careful next time?" she said, straightening her eyes out.

Avoiding the withering look that Rainbow was giving him, Soarin rolled off her and smiled sheepishly. "Won't happen again."

"Better not buddy." His wife remarked sourly.

"Sure thing Sweetie." Soarin said teasingly. He knew that Rainbow hated it when he called her sweetie. She visibly shuddered as he said it.

"Don't push your lu-."

"Ahem" Twilight said, breaking the verbal sparring. Although Twilight knew the pair of pegasi loved each other very much, they were prone to throwing insults and teasing each other on a regular basis. "If you don't mind." She continued. "I'm right here, and I'd rather not have you two throwing down this early in the day. And in the middle of town no less." She said sternly.

"What are you, my mother?" Soarin asked.

"No, but I'm sure your mother would be very disappointed to find you sparing with your wife." Twilight snapped.

"Actually, I'm sure she would be rooting for him and cheering him on from the sidelines." Rainbow said springing next to Soarin to back him up.

Twilight scowled at Rainbow for seemingly suddenly switching sides. She shook her head and sighed explosively. "You two are impossible."

"No, just highly improbable." Soarin said cheekily, winking at Rainbow.

Twilight hid her face with a hoof and shook her head. Muttering something about her head and how much Soarin made it hurt, she took her leave and trotted off towards the library.

"You're a real pillock you know that?" Dash said to Soarin with an amused smirk.

"And you love me for it." Soarin said back. His voice betrayed no hint of doubt.

Rainbow let out a derisive snort. "Yeah… Right." She set off at a steady trot, Soarin close behind her.

"Oh my little Dashie," he teased, ruffling her windswept mane with a hoof. "When did you become such a snarker?"

"Wouldn't have anything to do with you would it?" Dash stated, throwing Soarin an accusing glance.

"Me? Giving you a sarcastic streak a mile wide? Never."

"Don't push it buddy."

"Alright, alright." Soarin muttered. An awkward silence hung over them as they trotted through the town. "So…" Soarin said in an attempt to restart the conversation "How was taking Star to school?"

"He was excited, I wasn't. Good enough for you?" she said in a bored voice. A small wave of irritation passed over her face as a small gaggle of colts shoved their way past her. "Hey watch it!" she yelled after the fleeing colts. "Damn kids."

Soarin quickened his pace and planted himself in front of her. "You ok Dash? You seem to be a bit of a grouch today."

"I'm fine, really." She tried to move around him. He quickly moved in front of her again.

"No, you're not." he said sternly. "What's wrong?"

She sighed and drooped her head. "I'm just getting a bit sick of all this. I mean, I love our kids and stuff, but I really want to get back into the Wonderbolts. With all the running around I do, I barely have time to practice flying." She kicked a clump of dirt dejectedly. Soarin's gaze immediately softened. "That unfortunately is what we sacrifice as parents. I miss the team as well." He sighed. "Look on the bright side. Patch is old enough to look after herself and if we're lucky, maybe we'll be able to get her to look after star. Another few months and maybe you'll be able to re-join in a more permanent role." He said encouragingly.

"It won't be the same though. I liked the days when we could fly together in the shows. I really wish we could perform together again."

"We both know that can't happen." Soarin said. They were both well aware of the anti-fraternisation rules the Wonderbolts had to follow. They were already bending a few rules as is.

"Yeah I know…" Rainbow said wistfully.

"Enough moping you sad sack, you want to go grab something to eat?"

"Yeah sounds good."

"Come on, let's go then." Soarin said cheerfully.

Rainbow stood still for a moment reminiscing about the past before following. 'It is ever so simple?' she thought to herself as she followed Soarin.

"Hey mum!" Star yelled enthusiastically as he trotted inside with Soarin behind him.

"Heya squirt! How was school?"

Somehow Star's already wide grin grew wider. "It was so fun! Ms Cheerilee is such a good teacher and all the new colts and fillies are cool and I learnt so much new stuff and I have lots of fun stuff to talk about."

"Calm down, Star. You do need to breathe you know." Soarin said jokingly from behind him.

"Look at this mummy!" Star said, pulling a book out his saddlebag. "I saw it and Ms Cheerilee let me borrow it. I read a bit and I really like it! Are all books so fun to read?"

Rainbow's eyes opened wide. She let out a quiet meep before fainting like a goat. "Oh dear Celestia… I've raised an egghead." She groaned.

"What's an egghead? Why am I an egghead?" Star looked at his mother curiously. Not getting an answer, he looked at Soarin with a genuine look of concern. "I don't have an egg head do I dad?"

Soarin couldn't help but burst out laughing. "No star, it's an expression. It means someone who's into books and reading. I know your mum thinks Twilight is an egghead."

"Cause she is!" Rainbow stated defensively.

"You think anyone who reads is an egghead." Soarin said back.

"Well… yeah…" Rainbow fumbled, not quite sure how to respond.

Star looked back and forth between his parents, confusion etched on his face. A moment later, it was forgotten and the so-large-it-shouldn't-be-healthy grin returned. "Look what else I got!" he scrambled around his saddlebag for a moment before pulling out a slightly crumpled form. He shoved it under Dash's nose with unchecked glee.

"Star stop bouncing please, I can't read it if you're jumping around like Pinkie."

Able to now read the note, Dash saw that it was a permission form for some sort of camp. Scanning through the form, she looked back at her son. "You seem pretty excited about it. Camping this weekend in the woods sounds fun."

"I reckon it'll be great! Maybe I can make some new friends!" he chirped

"You happy with this Soarin?" she asked only to find that Soarin had vanished. Shrugging she signed the note and gave it back to the excited colt running around her legs.

"Thanks mum!" he said around the note in his mouth. He stopped suddenly as if he was forgetting something. He turned back to his mum. "Umm… Mum? One other thing… Ms Cheerilee was looking for some Parents who could go along… I mean… if you wanted to… would you go along?"

"Of course I would champ, sounds like good fun." She smiled broadly. She was nearly bowled over as Star leapt at her and hugged her with surprising force.

"Make sure you ask dad if he wants to go as well." She said as he hefted his saddlebag.

"I will! Thanks mum!" he dashed off to find Soarin. A loud crash and a muffled yelp announced he had found his father and attacked him with similar gusto.

"You boys play nice; I'm going to go get Patch." Dash yelled up the hallway. Soarin's head poked out a doorway with Star dangling precariously from his mane. A look of fake distress crossed Soarin's face.

"Don't leave me Dash! The monster has got me!"

"Oh stop whining you big wuss." Rainbow retorted as she walked out the door.

"Oh Celestia what now?" Rainbow fumed as she approached the flight academy in Cloudsdale. She had deliberately left early so she would have a bit of time for some stunt flying. Her high spirits after the exhilarating stunts had come crashing down the moment she had seen Patch sitting crossly out the front of the academy, an angry looking member of staff next to her. She landed a short distance away and stomped over to her daughter. "Is there a problem?" she asked already knowing the answer

"A problem Mrs Dash? A problem? Only the most disrespectful, brash and violent Pegasus I've ever had the misfortune to teach." The teacher scathed. A few nearby parents hearing the commotion looked on curiously.

"What has she done now?" Dash asked.

"I didn't do anyth-." Patch started but she was silenced by a look from the teacher.

"She started a fight with another student. Apparently he called her a 'Stuck up airhead with an ego the size of the moon'." The teacher said, quoting a small piece of paper he held.

"He didn't just call me that! He a-." Patch protested.

"Be quiet." The teacher snapped. He returned his attention to Rainbow dash. "The other student is still in the hospital with…" he checked the paper again. "A broken wing, two cracked ribs and apparently a sore hoof."

"Maybe he should learn to fight proper" Patch mumbled under her breath. The teacher scowled at her. He looked back at Dash.

"I have no choice but to suspend your daughter. The student's family also wants you to pay the hospital fees or they will press charges. I recommend you take the former. I also think you should teach your daughter a thing or two about discipline."

"I'll raise my daughter as I see fit thank you very much." Rainbow said coldly.

"I find your lack of discipline disturbing." The teacher shot back.

"Look you stupid git, I'm a fething Wonderbolt. We're the most disciplined team in all of Equestria. I reckon I could teach you a thing or two about it." Rainbow snarled, prodding him in the chest. She gave him her best glare before turning back to Patch.

"You haven't done a good job of handing it down to your offspring." the teacher snapped

Rainbow's eyes shot daggers at him. Resisting the urge to sock the pony in the mouth, she turned away from the academy "Come on young lady, you have a bit of explaining to do." she snapped at Patch.

"He had it coming, stupid git." Patch muttered as the pair flew home.

Rainbow rolled her eyes. "What did he do exactly?"

"Exactly what my stupid teacher said." Patch muttered reluctantly. "He was also you guys jumped-up, egotistical, self-centred show ponies though." She added.

Rainbow let out a long sigh. "Look Patch, sometimes ponies say stuff and it hurts or you don't agree with it, whatever. You can't just go jump on them for name calling though. I was a lot like you when I was your age. Always a rebel and a bit of a hothead. Already the fastest flier in the whole academy" she added. "Drove my mum crazy I'll give you that. I was eventually kicked out for being such a pain in the flank."

Patch's eyes widened "Really? You got kicked out? Dad always told me you dropped out."

"Close enough, I was tired of the dump by that time anyway."

Patch fell silent as she digested this new information. As if by telepathy Rainbow turned to her. "I will not let you drop out though. You've got too much ahead of you to throw it away. Look at me for example. I left flight academy and where did I end up? In a dead end weather job."

"You're in the Wonderbolts mum." Patch reminded her.

"I got lucky." Dash replied, suddenly aware of how her life story wasn't the best example. The pair lapsed into silence again.

"I must say though," Rainbow said, looking over Patch. "You had what sounds like a good fight with this guy and you are practically unscathed. Don't tell anyone else this but I reckon you did a pretty good job."

"What?" Patch asked disbelievingly.

"Nothing, nothing." Rainbow lied.

Unsure if she had heard her mother correctly, Patch fell silent again and continued flying.

"She what?" Soarin said dumbstruck. He lowered the book he was reading to look at Dash. After returning home with Patch, Rainbow had decided to not tell Soarin straight away and rather tell him that evening.

"Check your hearing Soarin." Dash teased.

"She beat up another guy? What did he do this time? He didn't say the three dreaded words like the last one did he?" Soarin remarked, flicking a page casually.

"No… the stupid colt was making fun of her… and us. Apparently."

"That girl has some real temper issues Dash. What are we going to do about this? I mean we can pay the fees without problem but what about Patch. She can't just be unpunished for what she did."

"What she did was a bit excessive yes, but I think that being suspended is enough."

Soarin looked up from his book and scowled at her.

"Dash, I think you need to realise we can't just not discipline our kids."

She poked her head out from the ensuite attached their bedroom.

"I think what she did was justified."

"So it's fine for our kids to go around and beat up other ponies just because they call them names?" Soarin admonished.

"No, I didn't say that… I think that she has learnt her lesson though."

"Whatever. I'll talk with her about it later anyway." Soarin sighed. Arguing with Dash was virtually impossible. "I just feel that you don't take things like this seriously enough."

"Don't take them seriously enough? Look chum, I'm pissed off that I had to have a yelling contest with a teacher today. I talked with Patch about it on the way home I think that's enough."

"That's the point Dash. You never want to take anything past a talk. That's fine to a certain point I think, but this is the second time Patch has beat up a kid at school. I think this is getting a bit more serious now."

"What do you want to hit her?" Dash snarled.

"What! No!" Soarin protested "I just think we need to be a bit stricter."

"I had strict enough parents Soar, I don't want to pass that treatment onto my kids."

"They're my kids as well." Soarin reminded her

"Only one of them." Dash snapped without thinking.

A sudden gulf of silence filled the room.

"Thank you for reminding me." Soarin said icily. "It's not like I have to deal with that every damn day I'm with her you know."


"Don't bother, just drop it." he snapped. He put his book down and turned his bedside light off. He rolled over so he wasn't looking at Dash.


"I said drop it." he snarled.

"Touchy…" Dash muttered

"Shut up." Soarin growled.

"Just listen to yourself. Maybe that kid wasn't entirely wrong." Rainbow said, her temper rising slightly.

Soarin's nostrils flared "That I'm some arrogant, self-centred showoff?" he yelled.

"You're sure acting like it. That's all you're thinking about. Me, me, me."

"Why can't I voice my damn opinion without you saying I'm being an egotistical snob?"

"Why do you care so much, she's not even yours?"

"She's my daughter as much as yours." Soarin snarled back. Both of the pegasi's tempers were now well and truly fraying like a rope under strain. Soarin had stood up and was now face to face with his wife.

"How about we both just stop this before one of us says something they'll regret." Rainbow said slowly.

"You already did." Soarin snapped. He broke the deadly staring contest they were having and returned the bed. He rolled away from Dash and was silent.

Rainbow shook he head in confusion and climbed into bed as well. She didn't even bother trying to reason with the seething stallion next to her and instead focused on trying to sleep. 'Big softie' she thought as she drifted off.

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