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Chapter 4: Don't chase the squirrel kids!

Soarin messily devoured his breakfast, sending a shower of crumbs and assorted foodstuffs to the floor. Patch threw him a disgruntled look at him from across the table where she was eating slightly less rabidly.

"Do you really have to go today?" she asked pleadingly, setting her food down.

"Yes, it's very important." He said firmly.

"But it's the weekend, and you said you were going to spend time with me!" she protested banging her hoof down.

"Sorry darling but I can't, it's important!" he insisted

"Important enough that you haven't told anypony else?" Patch asked accusingly. A flash of irritation flashed across Soarin's face at her incessant probing.

"Can you just leave it Patch?"

She jumped up angrily and snorted. "No! I want to know why you think that everything is more important than me! You've hardly been home for the last few days and mum is off camping with Scar. I hate being left alone! You said you wouldn't work this weekend!" she yelled. "You promised!"

"Sorry Patch, but I have no choice."

"You always have a choice." She growled.

"When you're older you'll know what I mean, we can't always do what we want. I have my responsibilities to the Wonderbolts and I, as their captain, have to uphold them."

"You know what? Screw you dad! You're never here when I need to be. I hate you!" Patch yelled. She reached into the fruit bowl in front of her and threw a tomato at Soarin in anger. The unfortunate fruit let out a dull squelch as it exploded against Soarin's face.

Soarin visibly winced. "Go to your room. Now."

Path growled in frustration but obediently stomped out of the room. A few loud crashes came from the hall before her door slammed shut.

Soarin sighed as he washed the tomato off his face. "I just don't know what went wrong." He muttered before scoffing down the rest of his meal. Walking towards the door, he paused for a moment, his paternal instincts telling him to go talk to Patch. Trudging reluctantly back towards her room he paused outside the door before knocking.

"PISS OFF!" she yelled angrily. "I don't want to talk to you!"

Ignoring her, Soarin nudged the door open gently only to recoil in surprise as a heavy book slammed into the wall just in front of his face.

"I said go away!" Patch yelled her voice choked by tears. "I hate you!" Soarin wordlessly retreated from the doorway and left the house with a heavy heart.

"She'll come to… eventually." He assured himself as he powered through the early morning sky.

"Morning sir." Juggernaut piped as he entered Soarin's office. He looked Soarin up and down. "You look like hell. Again."

"Thanks." Soarin said bluntly.

"More family issues?" Juggernaut inquired.

"You remember Patch? Rainbow mane, bit over-zealous. She was at the last Hearth's warming eve party."

Juggernaut nodded.

"She got a bit emotional this morning, typical for fillies of her age… Know what I mean?" Soarin mumbled, running a hoof through his mane.

"Not really sir, I don't have kids of my own."

Soarin snorted. "It's rare for any one of the Wonderbolts to have kids before they leave the team. Too hard for them to stay committed to the team and to their kids…" he let out a hollow laugh. "Now I see why." He let out another laugh. "And there are two of us! I barely have enough time to spend with Dash, never mind my kids."

Juggernaut was momentarily surprised; Soarin never talked much about his personal life openly. "I'm sorry to hear that sir."

"Don't be, there's nothing you can do about it.' Soarin said waving a hoof dismissively.

"It's not your fault it's all starting to fall apart." He laughed again morbidly. "Come on, I'll buy us a drink and tell you all about the great life of Soarin the Wonderbolt! It's not like I can do anything else right." he exclaimed sarcastically. Juggernaut shuffled his hooves awkwardly and remained silent. A sharp knocking came from the door.

"Enter." Soarin barked dropping his enforced demeanour. A young member of the administrative staff walked in, a bunch of letters clutched in his mouth.

"Mail for you sir." He said aware that he was probably interrupting something he'd get fired for if he ever caught wind of it.

"Just leave it over here thanks." Soarin muttered motioning to his desk. The pony walked as fast as he could over to the desk, dropped the small stack off and retreated from the room.

"Bit early for a drink isn't it sir?" the burly Pegasus asked once the door had slammed shut.

"Never too early for a drink Jugs." Soarin said moving towards the door.

The small bar dingy bar just off premises was virtually empty, a few pegasi dedicated to their drinks were slumped in the corners and ignored the two newcomers. A few more sober ones were clustered around a grimy table playing some variant of poker. Apart from the occasional murmur or raucous laugh, the bar was quiet.

"Nice place you've got here." Juggernaut mumbled quietly to Soarin.

"It's small enough to avoid attention. Drinks are dirt cheap as well." Soarin explained.

Directing Juggernaut to an empty booth, Soarin walked over to the bartender, spoke a few harsh sounding foreign words and returned with a pair of grimy glasses and a bottle of clear liquid covered in strange Cyrillic markings. Soarin uncapped the bottle and poured a reasonable amount into each glass.

"What's this?" Juggernaut asked giving the drink an experimental whiff. He recoiled as the strong drink burnt his sinuses.

"It's vodka, very potent as you just found out." Soarin said with a hint of amusement. "Pony over there is from the far north. They like their drinks strong there." He threw back the glass in a single draught. "Bottoms up…" Soarin muttered wiping his mouth.

Following his captain's example, Juggernaut threw the glass back and drank. He gagged as the strong drink burnt his throat.

"Why did you drag me down here again?" he asked, fighting back tears. "Hope it wasn't just to get drunk."

"To complain about how screwed up everything in my life is." Soarin mumbled, rubbing the rim of his glass with a hoof. He looked mournfully at his now empty glass.

"Shoot." Juggernaut wheezed trying not to cough from the fire like drink running down his gullet.

Soarin poured a respectable second helping of the strong liquor into his glass before continuing. "The last year. That's when it started getting bad with Dash… with everything really. Little squabbles here and there. You know what I mean right? Nothing really serious. You know, just little things. Like not putting things away or not being ready for this or that. Normal stuff." He paused to examine a smudge on his glass before quaffing the liquor down in a single gulp. "Then things started changing. Patch started getting in trouble more often, I was home less because of… this." he gestured down at uniform he was wearing. "Star, bless his little heart didn't seem to notice. Always happy and cheerful but Dash… She started losing it a bit. I'm not sure if it was the fact she had been away from the Wonderbolts for so long or whether the stress of having two kids had started catching up or if we were doing something wrong. I don't know. Maybe it was a bit of all three. But we started drifting apart a bit. I saw her less often and when I did see her, we always seemed to be arguing over something. There were a few moments that we were happy together but everything else just seemed miserable." He poured another glass but didn't drink it. Instead her stared deep into the clear liquid as if he would unravel the answers to life, the universe and everything if he stared hard enough.

"It was mostly about the kids. We both thought we should be raising them differently. I always wanted to be a bit stricter than Dash, she would never want to punish them for anything. Something about when she was young or some shit is how she justified it. Always wanted them to grow up without us." He groaned. "We managed a compromise but it was strained. We loved each other but I think we could both feel it pulling apart at the edges. No matter how hard we tried, nothing ever seemed to work out. I was like world didn't want us to be together. And then just a few days ago, we had this fight. And you know what she did?"

Juggeranut shook his head.

"She pulled the lowest thing out on me. Said that I had no say in my daughter's upbringing because she wasn't even mine. I raised her. I cared for her. I love her. That's a good a reason as any." Soarin mumbled. "Just because I'm not her real father means nothing."

Juggernaut's eyes widened in surprise. He leaned in close. "Patch isn't your biological daughter?" he asked, sure that Soarin had gotten his facts muddled up.

"No she isn't. She belongs to that stupid bastard Silver. Remember him?"

"Yeah he joined with Dash and Torchie… How the hell did that happen?"

"Well turns out he was a total wacko. Night of the gala he abducted Dash, beat her up a bit and raped her. Princess sent him to the moon. He deserved worse." Soarin growled, already slightly inebriated from the strong liquor.

"That's horrifying." Juggernaut breathed.

"You're telling me." Soarin grumbled gulping down his third glass.

"Shit…" Juggernaut said leaning back. "And you guys just lived with that?"

"Yep. And now Patch hates me. How could this get any worse?"

"She doesn't hate you…" Juggernaut said supportively.

"She threw a damn book at my head this morning. And a tomato." He added.

"It could be worse." Juggernaut said helpfully. "Dash could be cheating on you. Or Patch could have thrown two books. Family should always be able to forgive and forget."

"You are not helping." Soarin snapped. "I blame myself. You know that? Now that I think about it. I'm the one who messed up. I'm the one who was never there. I'm the one who was always wrong." He slammed his hooves down the table attracting the looks of a few of the other patrons. They quickly returned their attention to their game, dismissing his behaviour in favour of their cards. "I blame it on this." Soarin said, tugging at his uniform. "I hate it so much. Everything it's done. Pulled my family apart. Nearly killing me. Damn it. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!" he yelled pulling off his tie viciously and throwing it down on the table. He placed a hoof on his temple and rubbed it gently.

"Woah boss. Calm down." Juggernaut said. "I think you've had a bit too much too quickly. It's getting to your head." He reached out to grab the bottle but Soarin snatched the liquor away and poured another glass for himself.

"I'm fine" Soarin lied. His anger had vanished and was replaced by a look of self-loathing. He slumped back into his chair and stared down into his glass. The two pegasi were quiet, each content with their own thoughts.

"I wish everything wasn't so messed up." Soarin whispered. "I just want it to work. For everything to be simple. Just for once." He took a sip of his drink. "I've already lost one pony I loved to this job, and now I'm losing another. Maybe I should just quit. Hang my wings up and leave."

"Already lost one?" Juggernaut asked, eager to find out as much as he could about the normally reserved pegasus. He didn't enjoy probing Soarin for information, but his curiosity overwhelmed his usual discipline. Soarin glared at his drink, painfully aware that the alcohol was loosening his tongue. He considered lying but concluded in his slightly reduced mental state wouldn't come up with a convincing one. He snorted in amusement. "I had a thing for Spitfire a while ago. I really liked her. Now that I think of it though I think it was more like 'friends with benefits'. She had no genuine interest in me. I think. At least if she did, she didn't show it." Soarin briefly considered that he shouldn't be talking to Juggernaut about Spitfire, but that thought was quenched as he downed another mouthful of the potent liquor in his glass. "Anyway, something went wrong though and she ended up getting pregnant. We managed to cover it up amazingly well and she gave the foal away as soon as it was born. Something I wasn't happy about. I really wanted to be a father. Good thing she give it away, turns out I'm rather shit at it."

"How did your job cause that to fall apart though? Sounds more like a disagreement between two ponies rather than the job." Juggernaut asked, not quite believing that his former captain and vice-captain had done the dirty deed together.

"You really think she would give up flying for the Bolts for a child?" Soarin asked. "A child would have ended her career. The press would have a field day and she'd be out faster than a barrel of cider at an Apple family reunion. I was thoroughly ticked off that she put her career before her offspring. We never quite saw eye to eye with her after that."

"As is happening to you now." Juggernaut remarked.

"Dash made sacrifices. I didn't. Again, it sounds just like me, never thinking of anyone but myself." Soarin said depressed. "I'm a damn hypocrite. Hating Spitfire for abandoning our child and here I am doing the same."

"And I guess this is why you're so desperate to find Spitfire right? Some shred of you cares for her enough that you want to find her right? Help her out or something?" Juggernaut asked hopefully.

Soarin laughed loudly. "No, I want her to be found before I find her. I hate her; hate her with every fibre of my being. If I saw again I'd kill her. Snap her neck and be done with it. She has messed up far too much of my life for me to get any forgiveness from me."

Juggernaut stared blankly at him.

"Holy shit." He muttered after some time.

Soarin mumbled unintelligible back and slumped further into his chair. He reached out to pour himself another glass but Juggernaut managed the grab the bottle before he could grasp it. Soarin scowled at Juggernaut.

"Look, having a few drinks is well and good but when somepony starts having murderous thoughts when they hit the booze, that's too far." Juggernaut said sternly. Soarin pouted abashedly as Juggernaut took the half-full bottle back to the bar tender. "You need to come back to base and get your head screwed on straight." Juggernaut said when he returned. "Come on." He gestured towards the door.


"Don't make me…" Juggernaut threatened.

"Make me." Soarin said gruffly.

"Okay. Don't say I didn't warn you. Sorry, but it's for your own good." Juggernaut sighed and lunged towards Soarin. Before he could even react, Juggernaut had delivered rough blow to side of his head and knocked him out cold. His head crashed down onto the table sending the two glasses flying. A few yells of surprise came from the other patrons as the glasses shattered across the floor.

"Warned you…" Juggernaut said to the now lolling Soarin. Sighing he placed the captain over his back and walked out, throwing the bar tender a few extra bits on the way out.

"Sorry about the mess."

"Omf!" Dash cried out as she was tackled to the ground by a mixture of colts and fillies.

"Dash over here! I'm open!" Scar yelled out as he ran along the field. Before the ball could be taken from her, she threw it to Scar. He expertly leapt into the air, caught the ball and ran off with it, a small trail of younglings following him. A few shouts of protest and squeals later, he too had been tackled into the mud by the apparent horde of children. "Alright, alright! We suck at football." Dash said, shaking herself off as the kids cheered. "Well at least we do when it's two against about twenty!" A few of the other parents laughed from the sidelines of their impromptu field. They had for various reasons chickened out of playing. In retrospect though, having an extra few players probably wouldn't have helped their chances much.

"Dinners ready eveypony!" A cheerful voice called out from amongst the tents. A sudden clamour came up from the children as they forgot the game and jostled amongst each other to get dinner first.

"Dash, think fast!" Scar called out.

Whipping around, Dash expected the ball to hit her but was pleasantly surprised when a soft dry towel fell over her head instead.

"That was a rubbish throw." She complained pulling the towel off her head.

"Better than your last one." Scar snickered

"Hey, you take that back! I was swarmed by a horde of kids!" she protested slugging him hard on the shoulder.

"You're calling three a horde? I was tackled by the rest of the team!"

"Close enough, near enough." She muttered. They set off at a more sedate pace towards the camp fire. A few streaks for pink were lighting up the sky as the sun inexorably drooped towards the horizon. Dash looked at Scar out of the corner of her eye. Despite all the drama the previous night, he had acted like nothing had gone between them. If he was hurting, or happy, he wasn't showing it. Dash had expected the day to be awkward around him, but Scar hadn't brought up the previous night's conversation at all. Instead they had preoccupied themselves with taking the kids on walks and exploring the nearby woods. After a quick lunch, they had ventured down the creek to discover a small lake where the children spent the afternoon swimming and splashing. Naturally, by this point Rainbow had found a cloud high enough to avoid any mischievous ponies and had taken, in her opinion, a well-earned nap. A brief spell of heavy rain had forced them back to their tents and muddied the bare patches in the open clearing. Dash shivered as a cool breeze blew through the clearing, after playing the football game she was plastered with mud and grass. She pulled the towel around her a little tighter.

"Cold?" Scar asked, drawing a little closer.

"Yeah, a bit." Dash replied. A few loud shouts reached their ears as the colts and fillies tucked into their meals with gusto.

"Hey Dash, can I talk to you for just a sec?" He said motioning with his head away from the messy jumble of tents where dinner was being noisily served and consumed.

"Could it wait until after dinner? I'm starving."

He sighed a little disappointedly. "Sure I guess."

"Thanks." She said, giving him an approving smile. She let out a silent sigh of relief as her desperate play to get more time worked. She wanted to know what her feelings were before she talked to Scar.

Dinner seemed to last an eternity, the soup that one of the parents had made was delicious and Dash was reluctant to finish it off to talk with Scar. She noticed that Scar was more reserved than usual, keeping away from most of the kids and throwing at her glances every now and then. Dash thought she saw Star and two other colts sneak off into the night but when she looked again, there was nothing. After dinner had been eaten and a few of the more tired campers had gone to sleep, Dash approached Scar. "You wanted to talk? Let's talk."

"Thanks, I've wanted to talk to you all day but I just couldn't with everypony around. Could we go somewhere a bit more… private though? There's a rise just through the woods there which should be mostly dry."

Dash shrugged as calmly as she could. Inside, she was a little apprehensive. She wasn't worried about what Scar might do or say, but what about she might do. Her thoughts had lingered on his question from the previous night and the conclusion she had arrived at while eating dinner frankly worried her. She knew, being the element of loyalty, what she should do, but that's not want she wanted to do. She faced a moral dilemma unlike one she had ever faced before. Do what was right and ignore the feelings she had for Scar or do what she wanted and reciprocate the feelings she felt for him. Putting her indecisiveness aside she announced she was going to bed and left the small camp. Once she was beyond the perimeter, she flapped her wings and met Scar who was already airborne above her and glided over to the large hill which Scar had mentioned after dinner. They flopped down to the grass on their backs and stared up at the clear night sky. The only sound was a light breeze rustling the leaves in the trees and the chirps of crickets. A few loud chitters came from a large tree further down the hill. She imagined she heard a soft thump of something hitting the ground but dismissed it. They were alone.

"So…" Dash said awkwardly after a few minutes had passed. "What did you want to talk about?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

Scar sighed softly, happy that he hadn't had to break the uncomfortable silence.

"Look Dash, I apologise for doing what I did last night… I understand if you've moved on. Eight years is a long time. It was wrong of me to come back into your life and expect for you to welcome me back with open arms." He looked over at her. "I am really sorry, it was stupid of me."

"It's alright." She whispered, resisting the urge to rub her wing against him. "No big deal." she managed to say without her voice breaking.

"Dash are you alright?" Scar asked, wriggling a little closer to her.

"I'm… I'm fine." She mumbled. Inside her head, a battle of epic proportions was being fought as her morality battled her desires. She scowled at her conflicting thoughts.

Scar blinked several times. He could tell she was lying but decided not to pursue the issue. He looked back into the night sky, his gaze lost in its vast inky depths. Hundreds of pinpricks of light dotted the heavens. A small trail of light whipped through the sky as some piece of space debris burned up in the atmosphere.

"Dash…" he started but was quickly cut off by Rainbow

"I like you Scar." She blurted out suddenly "I really do. I like you a lot."

Star slinked through the open forest silently, Midnight and one of the colts he had met on the camp, Rust, followed silently behind him. During dinner the young colt had seen a squirrel crawl out of one of the tents with a large bag of lollies. He had quickly rounded up to the other two colts and set out to catch the furry thief and take his ill-gotten spoils for their own.

"You sure it went this way?" Rust whispered scanning the ground with his bright blue eyes.

"Sure I'm sure." Star whispered back.

"Why are we whispering?" Midnight asked

"So we don't scare the squirrel you silly."

They had emerged from the forest again and started climbing a large hill when the faint sound of munching reached their ears.

"See told you!" Star said throwing himself to the ground. He pointed a hoof up at the lone tree near the bottom of the rise. In one the upper branches, a squirrel could be seen happily munching away on it's newly acquired treats.

"Rust, you reckon you can get it with some of your magic?"

"Umm… I dunno… I can try I guess." The colt concentrated, a faint shimmering aura appeared around his horn as he focused on levitating the bag out the squirrel's paw. A sharp chittering followed by a quiet squeal of surprise as the inexperienced spell caster's spell told hold on the squirrel rather than the bag.

"Rust, you got the squirrel not the bag!" Midnight said quietly.

"Huh? What?" Rust said back, his concentration broken. The squirrel let out another cry of surprise as the magic aura around it vanished and it fell to earth at Rust's hooves. It chittered angrily at the three of them before scampering off into the night.

"Hey where's the bag?" Rust asked

"Still up in the tree, let's go get it!" Star whispered, flapping his wings. "Last one up there is a rotten egg!"

"Hey that's cheating, we don't have wings!" Midnight complained quietly.

Star poked his tongue out at him and landed on the thick branch. After a small amount of scrambling and climbing the two unicorns joined him.

"Share em around." Rust protested.

"Hey guys, what's that?" Midnight asked, cheerfully munching on a sweet.


"Over there on the top of the hill, about a hundred meters away. Something just landed up there." he pointed.

"Dunno… Looks like a pony… Two ponies actually." Rust said returning his attention to the much more interesting lolly bag.

"Hey Star, that's your mum!" Midnight whispered as the figure on the hill moved, revealing a rainbow mane under the moonlight.

"Who's she with?" Star asked peering intently, the lollies momentarily forgotten,

"Can't tell… Kind of looks like Scar… Looks like the right colour. Bit hard to tell though. "Can you see his flank?" Star asked.

"Too far away."

"Hold on, these could be useful." Star said pulling a small pair of binoculars out of the equally small bag on his hip.

"Why do you have binoculars?" Midnight asked curiously

"I thought it might help us find the squirrel…" Star mumbled as if made perfect sense to be carrying a pair of binoculars at all times.

"Whatever, give them here." Midnight said.

Star handed his friend the binoculars and looked intently over at the hill top.

"Yeah that's definitely Scar. It's pretty dark though, good thing the moon is out or we could see anything." Midnight whispered, giving Star the binoculars so he could look. Star peered through the binoculars and confirmed that the stallion on the hill was Scar. The ugly chunk of flesh missing from his flank was obvious.

"But what would they be doing out here?" Star asked.

"Hey guys… Lollies… Right here… Much better than spying on your mum." Rust reminded them, his mouth full of the tasty treats.

"Shush!" Midnight and Star said together.


"We don't want them to hear us!" We're not supposed to be out here." Midnight whispered.

"Oh right." Rust said before munching on another lolly. He suddenly looked up dumbly. "Wait… who?"

"Wha… You do?" Scar was slightly taken aback. He looked up at the night sky, slightly surprised but happy.

She nodded silently.

"I… I like you to Dash." He said turning to look at her. It was his turn to be surprised by how close she was to him.

"I know." She whispered before leaning and kissing him gently on the mouth.

"Hey what are they doing?" Star asked as the gap between the two figures closed

"They're doing somethin… wait… are they kissing?" Midnight said, making a soft gagging sound as he watched through the binoculars.

"Eww…" Rust said quietly. "Doesn't he know you get weird stuff from kissing girls?"

Midnight spun around and looked him dead in the eye. "What about you mum?"

"She doesn't count."

"She's a girl." Midnight countered

"That's different!" Rust protested crossing his hooves.

"Shut up you two." Star intently watching on in horror. "Why is my mum kissing Scar?"

"Why would we know?" Midnight asked, turning back to face the unfolding spectacle.

"Can we get out of here? Please? I don't want them bumping into us. We're lucky enough they haven't heard us." Star whispered, he started to unfurl his small wings but was stopped by Midnight.

"If we go now, they'll see us. We've got to wait till they are gone." He said

"Damn." Star whispered, trying to focus on the tree branch rather than his mum.

"Hey Star!" Midnight whispered urgently, hitting him lightly to get his attention. "I think your mum is crying!"

Scar's eyes widened at the pleasant, but unexpected move. The kiss lasted for a few wonderful seconds until Dash suddenly pulled back, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Dash? What's wrong?" Scar asked concerned.

"I can't Scar! I just can't! I want to but I can't!" she sobbed quietly. She hid her face so he wouldn't see her tears. "Damn it why is this so hard? I know what I want but I just can't do it."

"It's okay Dash, it's okay." He said, embracing her gently to try and calm her down.

"No it's not! I'm a terrible pony Scar." she wept quietly.

"What's gotten into you Dash? Tell me please." Scar said soothingly. He let her go and looked into her eyes. "Tell me, Please. What's wrong?"

"I'm married Scar! I have a husband. And I love him. He might be an idiot and insufferable sometimes and we might fight all the time and not get along perfectly, but I love him. I shouldn't be having these feelings for you Scar! It's wrong! I shouldn't but I am. I want to be with you and love to you, but I can't… I just can't… I can't love two ponies at once…" she sobbed.

"You're married?" Scar whispered softly.

Dash nodded again.

"Then forget me, leave me before you break his heart."

She shook her head, a sniffle escaping her as she calmed down a little.

"I don't want to break yours" she said back "I don't want to lose you Scar. Not again."

He sighed, realising the predicament she placed herself in. "I understand. I don't want to lose you either." He took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, I really am."

"Don't be, it's my fault this is happening."

"No it's my fault. I should have never come back."

"Of course it is. It's always your fault" Dash joked, an element of her usual personality coming back.

Scar laughed softly. "You sound better already. What do you want to do then? Go back to the camp?"

Dash shook her head. "I don't want to leave yet Scar. I just want to be here with you."

"Dash, you're married. You can't do this." Scar pointed out.

"I want to be with you Scar. Just for tonight" Dash said with growing confidence as her desires overpowered her morality. "It might feel bad on my conscience but I don't care. I want you right now."

"Dash, how does this do anything in the long run? You'll go back to husband feeling you've betrayed him and you'll have to love him knowing that I'm here as well."

"Scar. Shut up." Dash said quietly. "I know what I want and I don't care about the consequences." She laid her head on his chest and cuddled up next to him, a pleasant warmth radiating from his body. She stayed there for a few moments before rolling over and perching herself on top of Scar. "Besides, you'd be lying if you said you didn't want me Scar."

"You've got a point there." He purred, staring lustfully into her magenta eyes.

"Then kiss me." She whispered seductively.

"My pleasure." He said, pulling her head down and kissing her passionately.

Star felt a cold chill run down his spine as he watched the show on the hill. He couldn't quite place a hoof on it, but something felt wrong about it. Really wrong.

"What about daddy?" he whispered. "You're supposed to love daddy." He handed the binoculars to Midnight, he wasn't sure if he wanted to watch this.

"This is weird. I kinda want to stop watching but I can't." Midnight whispered gazing intently at the two locked ponies on the hill.

"Dude, that's disgusting." Star said shaking his head, he was wishing now that they had never gone after the squirrel.

They watched with a mix of horror and fascination for several minute as his mum and scar became more animated.

"Eww.. What in Equestria are they doing now?"

"I don't know, but whatever it is, it looks like it should be illegal. I think I once walked in on Mum and Dad doing something similar." He shook his head, "Never explained what it was though." Midnight said back. He handed Star the binoculars to Star so he could get a better look.

"You guys know there are still heaps of lollies here right?" Rust interjected, oblivious to the proceedings on the hill the other two were infatuated with. He shrugged as both Star and Midnight ignored him.

"Hey Star, do you know where foals come from?" Midnight whispered

"I don't know... This kind of makes me wonder though…" Somehow he could feel his innocence slipping away from him as watched the two ponies writhe together. He silently lowered the binoculars and shuddered. He didn't know what they were doing, but some instinct inside of him told him it was wrong. Very wrong.

"That's… just… urgh…" he whispered. He gave back the binoculars to Midnight. "Keep them, I don't want them back."

"I don't really want them either." Midnight said.

"You reckon we could go now?"

"Yeah probably… They don't seem to really be paying attention."

"Okay, let's go. Come on Rust!" Star whispered urgently, desperate to get away.

The unicorn let out a muffled affirmative.

The trio quietly climbed down from the tree and snuck back towards the tree line, Star and Midnight wondering if the somewhat depleted bag of lollies would be enough compensation for what they had seen.

Scar rolled off Dash with a gasp. Despite the cool night, they were both covered in a thin coat of sweat. The two lay in the grass, panting for breath after their intense lovemaking.

"Well that escalated quickly." Scar remarked playfully.

Dash let out a genuine laugh from next to him. She leaned over and gave him a quick nuzzle.

"Yeah. It did. But it was good." She moaned.

"I'll always be here for you Dash." Scar said.

"And me for you Scar." She whispered back.

"We should go back now before somepony misses us. It would an absolute buzz kill if somepony found us out here."

"Yeah good idea." Dash said looking at him with a mournful expression.

"What?" he asked.

"Just this is last time we'll be together. It's sad." She whispered

"Well… If you really wanted we could see each other every now and then…" Scar said suggestively.

Dash's ears perked up slightly but drooped just as quickly. "I'd like that Scar… But I don't think I can… I've already destroyed so much of what I am and what I represent tonight. I don't think I could keep doing it."

"Oh… ok…"


"No, I understand. This isn't you. I'm the villain here."

They lay on the ground for a few moments more before Scar hauled himself up.

"Come on, I'll race you back."

"Oh you're on!"

Soarin opened his eyes but shut them quickly to block out the bright light. His head throbbed painfully and his breath smelt of liquor.

"What the hell did I do last night?" he muttered to himself

"Actually it was yesterday last morning." A voice said across from him making Soarin start in surprise.

Soarin opened one of his eyes a fraction and spied Juggernaut lazing on a longue across from him. Peering around cautiously, he realised he was in the team lounge.

"Good to see you awake though Princess; I was starting to wonder if I hit you a bit too hard."

"What day is it?"


"How long have I been here?" Soarin croaked. He suddenly realised just how thirsty he was.

Juggernaut consulted a clock on the wall. "You've been out for probably around nineteen hours or so."

"Shit." Soarin rasped into a cushion.

"I'll get you a drink, I'll be right back."

'I'm never drinking again.' Soarin thought as he rolled tried to sit up. A wave of dizziness swept over him as pulled himself upright.

Juggernaut returned with a glass of water. "Here you go." He offered

Soarin mumbled a quick thanks before taking a few small sips. In his opinion, it was the best tasting water her had ever had. He winced as he suddenly that remembered that Patch would have been left alone last night if he was unconscious here. He would definitely have to make it up to her later.

"Anything I should know about happen while I was out?" he asked.

"Well I took the liberty of going through your mail…" Juggernaut said with a smirk.


"A few invitations to some high class gatherings that you would hate, a few pieces of fan mail slipped in… as always, and this." He handed Soarin a small plain envelope.

"Who's it from?"

"No idea. No return address either."

"Curious and curiouser." Soarin muttered, tearing the letter open. As his eyes fell on the first letter his heart rate suddenly increased.

"It's from Spitfire." He said softly. "I'd recognise her hoof writing anywhere."

As he read, a growing sense of anger overtook him. "Jugs, stay here and look after the place."

"Where are you going?"

"To get my daughter back." Soarin snapped, stumbling out of the room.

Ambiguous ending is ambiguous

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