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Brook hadn't noticed when she suddenly became her Fusion Fall character, Dark Angelninja. All she knew was, she was suddenly facing three Hydro Hammers and they were pretty steamed.

With her Super Slayer Slasher gripped tightly in her hand, she took a fighting stance and was soon slashing away and dodging the big hammers trying to squish her flat.

By the time she finished two of them off, she was breathing heavily and sweating, her deep-purple eyes set on the last Hydro Hammer standing.

It swung its hammer at her, she ducked, but it hit her sword, sending it flying. Her eyes widened as the Hydro Hammer advanced on her, ready to take another swing.

Suddenly, a blast came out of seemingly nowhere and nailed the Hydro Hammer, making him dissolve into Fusion matter.

Brook turned her head and saw Ashley blow smoke off the barrel of her Zip Zapper. "Thanks for the save," she breathed a sigh of relief as she went to retrieve her slasher.

The redhead grinned. "I recalled you saying something about needing help in Peach Creek, so here I am."

The brunette's eyes widened as she suddenly began to take in what just happened. "We're in the game . . . we're in the game." She gasped. "Oh my god, I just took on a trio of Hydro Hammers for real and . . . I totally wasted them!"

"You had some help," Ashley reminded her with a dry look. "Did you just realize this?"

"Well, I was kind of focused on saving my butt," she looked around. "I just can't believe this is happening."

"It's weird," Ashley nodded in agreement. "I wonder how Violet's holding up."

"She said she was in Endsville," Brook reminded. "She's probably not tripping out. She . . . assesses situations before taking action."

"Maybe I can contact her on my NanoCom," Ashley said as she went to her friend list and clicked on one of the two names, Bright Geniusphantom –the other being Dark Angelninja- and sent her an e-mail.

She got a response barely two seconds later. "What does it say?" Brook asked anxiously, twirling a strand of dark-brown hair around her finger.

"It says: 'I'm fine. Meet me in Sector V'," Ashley read aloud.

Brook groaned. "I'm guessing we have to walk?"

The redhead glanced at the cardboard castle. "There's a ranger in there that sells vehicles, remember?"

"Alright, who needs a car when you can get a hoverboard?" with that being said, Brook took off around the castle.

Ashley rolled her eyes before following.

Once inside the castle, the two went up to Ranger Brett and purchased two KND hoverboards. "If you girls need anything else –and I mean anything, don't hesitate to ask," he said coolly, his eyes on Ashley.

She leveled him with a glare. "Watch it, ranger boy, or Fuse might be the least of your problems."

His smirk faltered, but one last murderous look from Ashley made it diminish completely.

Brook smirked as the two boarded their boards and headed to Sector V. "Look at you breaking hearts," she joked.

"I'd rather break something else . . ." Ashley trailed off as the two took a turn and entered the area where Peach Creek Commons ended and Sector V began.

The two searched for any sign of Violet after putting their boards away and jumping on a launch pad, sending them to the tree house.

Ashley had waited for Brook to snap out of her spaz-attack from seeing the "real-live" Blossom giving out missions to other gamers before they began their search.

Violet was suddenly dropped off by a Monkey Skyway Agent and the two ran to her. "You're acting pretty nonchalant for someone who just arrived via monkey," Brook noted.

She shrugged. "After completing my mission for Paradox –and I mean doing it personally-, nothing really surprises me anymore."

"But how did we get here?" Ashley asked.

"There's only one person who can tell us that," Violet said with a knowing look.

"Is he short, redheaded, and speaks with a Russian accent?" Brook asked.

The dark-haired girl nodded in confirmation. "He should be in Dexlabs in Genius Grove."

"He better have an explanation for this," Ashley's already bright-green eyes brightened immensely, looking as if they were glowing. A sign that said she was getting angry.

"Yeah, um, we already have hoverboards, but how are you going to get there?" Brook changed the subject, glancing at Violet. "Taking the monkey again?"

Violet shook her head. "It was just a shorter way to get here from Endsville, but I still have the hoverboard I bought three days ago when I was playing Fusion Fall."

Ashley suddenly smirked, her anger fading away. "Come on, girls, looks like it's time to visit everybody's favorite boy genius."