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Blaine's eyes widened as he watched the colour drain from Cooper's face with every step the man took. Before either boy could say anything, a loud bang shook the house. Everyone in the room was jolted, including the intruder. His hands paused, looking around the room for a moment.

After the air quieted, he looked from one brother to the other and then chuckled. As his hands began to move again, a light flashed outside of the window and the lights went out. The room was silent and dark. The three remained that way for what seemed like forever, but was probably only a minute or two.

Having been facing the ceiling light, Blaine's eyes refused to adjust to the darkness. He gripped the bars of the headboard as he heard something moving across the room. The bedroom door squeaked open and the floorboards in the hallway creaked. As he put the pieces together, he thought that maybe the man had decided to leave.

Before he could get his hopes up, he heard the footsteps coming back. The door clicked shut and he heard a noise he couldn't place. "Let there be light..." The man mumbled as he struck a match against the box, pulling it back after it caught fire. He brought the stick down to a large candle on the nightstand that wasn't there before.

Blaine recognized it as the big white candle that his mom kept beside her bed. She would light it to read at night, since the lamps were too bright. It wasn't white anymore. The light of the candle flickered across the bed, barely reaching the other side, leaving Cooper sitting in the shadows.

The man noticed the shocked look on Blaine's face as he realized the candle was covered in blood and that the blood had rubbed off on his fingers. He set the book of matches aside and returned his hands to the waist of his pants, where they were before the disruption. He wasted no time in pushing them down to the floor, along with his underwear.

Blaine wished they could go back to the darkness from before. He had a vague idea of what was going to happen before the night was over, but he wasn't prepared to be so blatantly confronted by the intruder's body in front of him. He closed his eyes, wishing that he would open them and be alone, the entire night having been a terrible nightmare.

He felt the matress dip down with the weight of another person and he wanted to hit himself for wanting something so stupid. For wanting something that obviously wasn't going to happen. He kept his eyes closed until he hear the man whisper in his ear. "Open up." He took a deep breath and opened his eyes, finding himself nose to nose, staring into the eyes of the man he thought could be the devil himself.

"Nice to see you again, but that's not what I meant." He flicked his tongue out, running it quickly across the trembling lips beneath him as his hands rested on Blaine's knees. Without much effort, he pushed the small knees apart and slid between them, fingers digging in when met with resistance.

"Remember our deal, Blaine. You make me happy and I won't hurt you." The small boy let his legs fall aside, nodding to be sure that it was understood that he didn't want to be hurt. "Don't worry, I want you to enjoy this too." He leaned back, taking in the sight as he opened a small bottle of lotion, squirting a small amount into his left palm.

"I was going to have your brother help me get started, but I don't think I can wait that long to have you." He rubbed his hands together before reaching out his slick fingers. Blaine cringed and tried his hardest to stay still as he felt the slippery hand grabbing him. His heart started to beat faster as the man gripped him gently, stroking up and down in a slow rhythm.

It felt weird to be touched like that, but his body was confused, feeling things it had never felt before. His face burned red as he let out a small gasp when the man twisted his had around his sensitive tip.

While one hand was on Blaine, the man mirrored his movements with his other hand on himself. Hearing the noises the young boy was making, he scooted closer, aligning their bodies, grabbing both of them in his left hand, continuing to stroke. Blaine's eyes widened at how big the man was compared to himself.

Revelling in the feeling of being flush against the boy, the man leaned over, breathing heavily against Blaine's chest. He dragged his teeth across the smooth skin, biting down as he moved his hand back to the boy's swollen, tender tip causing what would have been a cry of pain into a surprisingly obscene moan.

He let go of them both immediately, not wanting to push himself over the edge before they had any real fun. His hand didn't roam far, getting a firm grab on Blaine's small, supple cheeks. He grabbed the lotion, applying a hefty amount of the cold liquid directly onto Blaine's skin, watching it drip down into the crevice.

He continued to play for a few moments, rubbing some of the lotion in, before he pressed his fingertip into the small hole. He had barely entered at all when Blaine jerked back, attempting to pull his legs to his chest and roll over. "Please, don't!" The intruder grabbed him by the hair as he squirmed, scooting forward so that Blaine was sitting against the headboard. The angle made it impossible for the shorter boy to move any further away. As he continued to struggle, the man pulled his hand back, slapping his begging victim across the cheek.

Blaine stopped moving instantly as the sharp pain stunned him. "That was your only warning, Blaine. I'm starting to remember why I wanted to hurt you in the first place." He leaned in close, seething as he spoke. "Do you want me to hit you again?"

Blaine shook his head timidly, not prepared for another blow when it came.

He raised his voice after the second, harder slap. "I said 'do you want me to hit you again?'!" His grip on the messy curls tightened.

"No..." He couldn't bring himself to speak above a whisper.

"Do you want me to hit you, Blain?!" He practically screamed as his hand connected to the bright red skin again.

"No!" Blaine cried out, tears welling up in his eyes again.

"Do you want me to hit you or to fuck you?" He yanked the hair back, forcing their eyes to meet.

Blaine was stunned, not knowing what to say. He flinched as the man hit him again.

"Which one is it, Blaine?!" He didn't wait for a reply before he struck the boy again, hearing a louder smack from the wetness on his face. "Hit you or fuck you?!"

As the man drew his hand back once again, Blaine squeezed his eyes shut and cried out. "Fuck me!" He waited for another blow that didn't come while he pleaded. "Please, don't hit me again... Please!"

After a moment of silence, he peeked his eyes open as he felt the hands leave his hair, thumb now running across his swollen cheek. The man's hands ran down his body to his hips, where they grabbed and pulled him back down to a lying position. "I haven't decided if I still want you to enjoy this or not. I suggest you make it up to me."

Without reapplying any more lotion, the man went back to where he was before. This time he pushed his entire finger in, not simply teasing, but punishing. As angry as he was, the feeling of the small boy clenching around him was bringing him back to his good mood.

He moved in and out several times before almost completely removing himself. His second finger began to tease the entrance, joining the first. Blaine's breathing was erratic, partially from the crying, partially from how incredibly uncomfortable the situation was.

As a third finger was pushed inside him, Blaine did everything he could to stay silent, but every time he could feel the man entering him, it hurt more. He had to find a way to make him happy again, or at the very least to distract him. Anything to stop the brutal pressure he was feeling.

Wanting to get back in the man's good graces and ease some of the soreness for himself, Blaine tried to play along. "Please, go slow." He tried to steady his voice before he finished. "It hurts. I want it to feel good like you promised." It was harder than he could have imagined to say those words, but he hoped that it would be worth it. He looked up, peeking from behind dewey eyes, hoping that it had worked.

The man stilled his fingers, looking up at the small boy, caught a little off guard. His surprise quickly turned to a smile as he pulled his fingers out slowly. "You want it to feel good?" He bent forward, lips brushing against Blaine's skin as they travelled upwards.

Blaine shivered, pleased to have a break from the bruising pressure, but still stuck in a difficult position. He knew that he would have to throw all caution to the wind to finish this encounter and survive. He had dug a hole and it was going to be harder than ever to please the man now.

"Mhmm.." He hummed instead of speaking, voice shaking in anticipation of what was to come. As the man gently kissed his way from Blaine's smooth navel to his collar bone. He took a moment to lightly tease the skin, sending a chill down the boy's spine before moving up the thin neck.

Blaine's eyes fluttered closed as the lips closed around his ear lobe, sucking the flesh in, warm breath ghosting across the damp skin. He sighed, tilting his head back, ashamed that he was allowing the man better access to himself. He insisted to himself that he was just relieved to have the rough motions halted, but knowing deep down that what the man was doing felt good for the first time. Before, there were some sensations that caught him off guard and made him react, but that's all that his movements were. Simple reflexes.

For a moment, he really thought about his situation and what was happening. Did he really have to be embarassed? No one but him would ever know that he was enjoying himself. Even though the man was trying to make him feel good, he must know that Blaine is only playing along, doing what was forced of him. Cooper too. He would believe Blaine when he said that he hated it and was just trying to save them both.

For the first time, it occured to the boy that he could actually like what was happening without having to feel guilty. He was embarassed and a little ashamed at what he was thinking, but as the man pulled back slightly, running his teeth and tongue against the edge of Blaine's jaw, he trembled.

If him enjoying what was happening would make it easier and would make the man happy, then he was going to try his hardest. As long as he kept being gentle, it didn't seem impossible anymore.

"You like that, don't you?" The intruder smiled, having noticed Blaine's reaction to that particular area. Blaine nodded, trying to seem still that he was only obliging rather than actually liking the sensations.

He licked his lips, biting the bottom one nervously. The older man stared down at him, not upset by his lack of words for once. The way that Blaine was watching his lips was enough to say what the boy wasn't able to. The wide hazel eyes slid shut as the gap between them closed, the lips he was staring at touching his own.

Again, when the man was gentle, Blaine found himself to not be disgusted by the act they were commiting. He found that he didn't mind the feeling of other lips on his, but was less enthusiastic about the tongue that probed at his mouth, seeking entry. He copied the motions to appease the man until he had gotten enough.

Before the kiss was over, strong hands ran back down his body, resuming their previous task. He felt the fingers returning to push inside of him and automatically tensed slightly before he knew what he was doing. Lips pulled away from him and smiled. He paused in his motions to apply more lotion before continuing.

"Thanks." He whispered out, not sure why. The feeling of being touched from the inside was still very weird, but was much easier to endure when the man wasn't purposely trying to make it feel bad. He wasn't complaining about the change of pace, but was confused by the motions. It felt now like he wasn't trying to open him up, but was simply exploring.

As he was getting used to the sensation, his body jerked suddenly. His fingers and toes tingled as the man chuckled. He gasped, a confused look on his face. "That's what I was looking for." He repeated the motion, causing the small boy to moan, burying his face in his arms.

"What...?" He was confused about what was happening. It felt like electricity was running through him like a lightning bolt. His knees jerked as the spot was hit again while the man's other hand began to stroke him. His body was reacting and it was making the man very happy. He smiled as he slowly removed both of his hands.

His slicked right hand moved to touch himself, spreading the leftover lotion as he positioned himself just outside of Blaine. His left was tugging at Blaine's skin, revealing the opening he was soon to penetrate.

As he sat, pressed against, but not pushing in, he spoke sweetly. "This might hurt a little, Blaine." He began to push forward, breaking the barrier and seating himself fully in the small boy. He moaned to himself at the tight feeling of the virgin below him wrapped around him. "I'm sorry.. Let me know when it's okay to move." He sounded genuinely apologetic as Blaine winced. His fingers hadn't been wide enough to fully prepare him for what was happening.

Blaine was grateful when he pushed in very slowly. It wasn't as painful as the boy expected, but it was uncomfortable and awkward and it made his breath come faster. He bit his lip and shut his eyes, waiting for the worst to be over. As they sat still, Blaine adjusted to the feeling and began to breathe normally again.

He opened his eyes and stuttered a bit. "I think... It's okay now." He tensed, expecting the movement to hurt, but it wasn't any worse than before. As he pulled out and pushed in a few times, the small body began to adjust to the feeling. Each time, it was a little less sore and that feeling of lightning was coming back, little by little.

The man above him was building in a thin sheen of sweat as he moved in and out of the warm body. His breathing was quickly becoming rapid and his thrusts weren't so slow or rhythmic as he continued. He propped himself up on his left hand, leaning forward over the boy. His right hand moved from the bed to touch Blaine.

The boy gasped again, his body made sensitive from all of the motions and attention it was getting. His own breathing was getting heavy, his back arching at the touch, he was fully hard. The strokes were rough, but more because they were erratic than because of the pressure. He was confused by the way his body was reacting to the intruder. How could he enjoy what was happening? It confused him because the feelings were driving him crazy. He knew that he shouldn't like what was happening, but he did.

He didn't know how, but he could tell that the man above him was getting close to the end. Maybe it was the way that he gripped the sheets hard enough to turn his knuckles white. Or maybe it was because Blaine himself felt like he was close. To what, he didn't really know, but he felt it.

Apparently he wasn't the only one because the man above him adjusted his position. He leaned back, sitting almost upright, moving his left hand to rest on Blaine's chest, using only for very light support. He was beyond moving slow for the boy, pushing in with all of his might on every thrust.

He felt the boy twitching in his hands and could see his back arching, knowing he must be getting close. A few seconds before his release, the hand on Blaine's chest began to slide upwards. His head was too fogged to panic as the fingers moved back into their favourite position around his delicate neck.

There was no pressure this time, the hand just rested there, feeling the quickened pulse against its fingers. The young boy whimpered as he came, toes digging into the sheets as his mouth dropped open. The man continued to move within him, dragging out the feeling.

As Blaine's body released itself, he began to settle down. Face flushed and body sweating, he closed his eyes for a moment, waiting for the man to be done. The man had been polite enough to keep his grip light while Blaine was coming, but now that it was his turn, his free, sticky, hand grabbed the barred headboard, leaning him over further. He put all of his free weight on the defiled boy's throat, fingers digging in more violently than all of the other times combined.

Blaine's eyes shot open and he began to panic immediately. The man had gotten what he wanted, or was about to and after that, he didn't need Blaine. His bruised lips fell open, gasping for air, but getting less than nothing. He panicked like never before, kicking his entire body the best he could, shaking and pulling on his hands.

The man above him growled and thrust harder twice more before releasing his grip on the terrified youth. He followed up with a few more shallow movements as he dragged in long jagged breaths, having thoroughly exerted himself. He rubbed Blaine's cheek. "Sorry..." He ran his lip softly over the bruised neck and up to Blaine's ear. "I just had to see that face one more time."

He sat up as he moved back, pulling out of the small body. Blaine felt so stupid. He had gotten caught up in the things he was feeling that he had almost forgotten that the man violating him was almost certainly pure evil. He had thought for a moment that he and Cooper would survive, but now he wasn't sure again.

He drew in a few deep breaths before whispering, "..Are you going to kill me now?" He shook as he asked, but he couldn't stand it anymore. If he was going to die, he was ready to just get it over with already.

"I thought about it." He sounded so nonchalant about it, sitting back on his heels, rubbing Blaine's leg absentmindedly. "But no. You did very well, Blaine." He leaned in, whispering so that only the one brother could hear him. "Besides, I might want to do this again sometime."

Blaine's blood ran cold at those words. What did he mean again? His eyes were wide, but he didn't say anything. He had said that he wasn't going to kill them, Blaine focused on that thought alone, sliding his knees closed.

The man got off of the bed, putting his pants on, rummaging through pockets for a moment. He put a small key on a bookshelf across the room before he went back to the bed and nudged Blaine's legs back open. The boy stiffened as the fingers entered him again, this time only briefly.

The man stepped off of the bed one last time, picking up his shirt and gloves, putting himself back together. He walked over to Cooper, who had been deadly silent the entire time. He stared as if in shock. He bent down, whispering this time only so that the older brother alone could hear him. "That's the key to your cuffs. Blaine's are on the shelf."

He turned around without another word and walked out the door. Both boys sat silently as they waited to hear the stairs creaking, followed by the faint sound of the back door shutting. Then they waited some more, not sure how long before they should risk talking, not sure if they had anything to say if they did speak.

Blaine had no idea how much time had past or what was going to happen now. All he knew was that he wanted to be uncuffed and held by his big brother, wrapped in a big blanket. "Cooper..." His voice shook, having been unable to speak to his brother for what seemed like an eternity.

That seemed to bring the older boy out of his daze. "I want out." He wiggled his hands, motioning to the cuffs. He had seen the key on the table, but didn't know how they were going to get to it.

The brother on the sidelines slowly scooted the chair over to the edge of the bed. He put his hand slowly on his brother's leg. "It's okay, Blaine. I'll get you out. It's just..." He didn't know how to tell his brother that they needed the key that was inside of him.

Blaine looked confused and scared that after everything had happened, they would be stuck like this forever.

"Blaine, the key is..." He motioned with his eyes, trying to explain without having to say. The boy just furrowed his brow, still not sure what he was saying. "It's in you."

"But..." He understood what Cooper was trying to say now. "On the shelf...?"

"That's the key to yours. You have my key." He looked across the room and contemplated. "There's no way we can reach that key, Blaine. We need this one."

"How?" Blaine was so tired. He just wanted this night to be over already and he was willing to do almost anything to get it over with.

"I... Can you push it out?" He suggested, but sighed when Blaine was unable to do so. He knew how to get the key, but after what his brother had gone through, he didn't want to violate him further.

"Just get it, Cooper." His eyes were flat and emotionless. He knew what his big brother was thinking and if it was the only way to get them out of this situation, then he would endure it. The man had done worse to him and at least he knew and trusted Cooper not to hurt him.

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you..." Cooper slid the chair as far as he could towards his brother, not quite able to reach his hips.

Blaine shifted his body to the side of the bed, giving a necessary couple of inches for Cooper to be able to reach him. "It's okay. I know you won't." He tilted his head, looking away from his brother as he spread his legs open.

Cooper took a deep breath as he slowly spread Blaine's cheeks apart, entering him slowly. He wanted to be quick, but most importantly he didn't want to hurt his baby brother. He moved around with ease, both from the stretching and the fact that it was very slippery. He tried to feel for the key without pushing it further in. When he felt it, he curled his finger slightly to drag it out.

His brother leaked as he pulled his finger and the key out and he almost cried. What had he done to deserve something so disgusting? Why sweet little Blaine and not him? It wasn't fair that he had to subject his brother to further prodding after he had been so mistreated already. He couldn't wait to uncuff and hold his brother.

He unchained himself immediately, bolting across the room for the other key. He sat next to Blain and he fumbled anxiously. At first, he thought that the key didn't work, but he realized that his hands were just shaking too badly. He took a deep breath and tried again, relieved to hear a soft 'click'. Before he could get both sides open, Blaine pulled his hands apart and threw himself into Cooper's arms.

Cooper wrapped his arms around Blaine as tightly as he could without hurting him. They held each other for a long while, until the smaller boy had fallen asleep, exhausted. Cooper pulled up the blanket and wrapped it across the two of them, resting his head on Blaine's, unable to sleep so soundly. He worried mostly: about how Blaine would handle what had happened, what would happen to them without their parents and if the man responsible would be caught or not.

He held his baby brother tighter. No matter what, if they had each other, they would be okay. Eventually.