Part Twenty-eight and Author's Notes

In another part of the building Kitty turned, her white dress swirling around her. "Be honest," she demanded, "how do I look?"

"Rogue may not be able to speak when she sees you coming down the aisle," Ororo said with a gentle smile.

"Thanks," Kitty laughed. She took a breath, "Do you think the professor minds, my asking you to be the one to give me away?"

"He understands," Ororo smiled, "though I was pleasantly surprised to be asked."

Kitty smiled up at her, "If I could choose a mother not of my blood, you'd be it." She paused, "Even with the sexual confusion you caused me in my teens."

Ororo just couldn't let that go, "Oh?"

"The first time you showed up in your leathers," Kitty was blushing, "after your night out with Yukio. I was just a bit startled by how... attractive, you were to me."

"That was the point of that outfit, more or less," Ororo agreed. There was a sound of music outside and she offered her arm, "Ready?"

"Yes," Kitty flipped her veil down and took Ororo's arm.

Kurt Wagner smiled down at Rogue as they stood waiting in the back yard. "Take deep breaths," he advised his adopted sister in his role as priest, "fainting would be a very bad idea right now." He paused, "Not that it hasn't been known to happen..."

"That's easy for you to say," Rogue muttered. Raven stood beside her as the best woman, and across the lawn the members of the X-men sat, silent and ready; the Prof, Jean and Scott, Neal, Sage, Heather, Yuriko with that quirky little smile, Bishop and Cat sitting close together, Heather's brother Davis, Logan, and finally Emma.

There was motion from the house, and Rogue felt her throat tighten as Kitty walked out with Ororo. She strode up the row smoothly to where Elizabeth stood as the maid of honor. "You all right?" Kitty asked her softly.

"I'll manage," Rogue croaked.

Kurt smiled, raising his voice to say, "Dearly beloved... " Rogue didn't register everything he said, just the cue for the rings. She slipped the gold circle on Kitty's finger, then with much more smoothness Kitty slipped hers onto Rogue's finger. "You may kiss the brides!" Kurt declared joyfully.

Rogue flipped the veil up, drawing Kitty into a gentle but firm kiss. "If that's the start," Kitty managed breathlessly, "I may not live through the honeymoon."

Rogue laughed as they ran down the aisle together. The paused by the house and Rogue whispered to Kitty, "The flowers!"

Kitty kept her back turned and called out, "Is everyone ready?" A chorus of female voices and Kitty flung the bouquet over her shoulder.

The flowers arched up into the air, seemed to hand there a moment, then dropped suddenly. Ororo blinked in shock as the bouquet fell into her hands, laughter ringing out as Raven hugged her with a happy smile.

"You didn't aim that, did you?" Ororo demanded.

Kitty just grinned at that. She and Rogue paused in the doorway, a smile on Rogue's face as she vowed, "We will be back."

"Count on it," Kitty agreed.

They ran through the house to the front door, picking up the suitcases that were waiting for them. They could have gotten a ride back to the States in the Blackbird, but had decided to go back the way they had arrived here, by commercial plane. The walk down the front steps to the jeep went more slowly, pausing to look back at the house.

Rogue loaded the luggage into the back at the jeep, then turned to help Kitty into the vehicle. "I'm going to miss this," she said softly, settling into the driver's side.

"Me, too," Kitty agreed as she took her seat, tossing the veil in the back with the luggage. She took Rogue's hand in hers and leaned over to kiss her, "But we won't be gone long, I think."

"Oh?" Rogue asked, starting up the jeep.

Kitty grinned, "We're both too into getting into trouble, love."

"You got that right," Rogue agreed as they headed off down the road together.

The End.

Author's notes: You know, for a one-shot this ended up being one hell of a story. 130 some pages, 62 500 words, and it all started out with a simple what if question. Was there an X-man whom Rogue could have a physical relationship with? After some thought I came up with Kitty, who also had some possibilities for romance in their background. I had intended to end after chapter one, but the idea of hooking them up with the Xtreme X- Men was just too attractive... I may or may not continue this, depending on how I feel. I want to take a little break, then I may take it up once again.

This is set outside of the regular X-men's continuity, a litte 'what if' story set after Rogue's powers underwent a major change. It seemed to me that a leave of absence would have been a good idea for her, considering all of her current power related problems in the regular comic book series. I used to be a big X-men fan, but now I'm just a casual reader, so if I get any technical bits wrong, let me know so I can try to change it.

I'm not sure how much real evidence there is in the comic series itself for there being any possible romantic relationship between these two characters. Kitty did put her own life in serious jeopardy to save Rogue's, but that's something many X-men have done for each other over the years. I've included that in the new prelude, as well as a Rogue/Kitty moment afterwards. I do think that Rogue would be more open to a relationship with a girl than most X-women might be, but other than that, I really just don't know...

About Kitty's fighting skills: No, she's not quite that good in the comics series, though she probably really should be by now. She's had years of training under Wolverine and the X-Men, along with all the Ninja skills that she aquired from 'Ogun. The hand attempted to turn her into an assasin once, and she underwent a soul-merge with both Wolverine and Sabertooth at that time...

Chapter Three Notes: The bar meeting I described between Storm and Raven actually did happen in the regular comic books. Published in the 'Marvel Fanfare' series to slip it by the usual editorial restrictions, it's a little known and very rarely reprinted tale of the X-men. It's also the first time that Raven and Irene are implied to be a romantic couple, as well. I only know about it because it showed up in a book called 'X-Men Rarities'.

Interlude Notes: What actually happened in that single night between Storm and Yukio must be one of the great mysteries of the X-Men series, the topic of years of fan speculation. The alley sequence happened in the comics, then they just faded to black. The next time we see Storm is the next morning, and she's been seriously transformed. She appears at Logan's wedding to Mariko dressed in her skin tight leathers and with a mohawk, to everyone's surprise and poor Kitty's horror. Update! In X-Men Unlimited, they are doing a story on what happened that night. However, much is still left to the imagination. Sigh...

I'm generally not covering the all superhero battles in Xtreme X-Men, unless something in my story is significantly different than in the comics. Like Kitty being able to take down Vargas, for instance. In the original story, Vargas kills Psylocke, but I thought it would be more interesting if Kitty could beat him, instead.

I do hope that I haven't made this a fic non-X-men fans couldn't follow, but I will summarize the characters and terms mentioned in the story below. If I missed something, let me know and I'll try to add it in as well.

Footnotes: A newbies guide to characters and terms.

Kitty Pryde, a.k.a. Shadowcat: the youngest X-man for many years, she has undergone many changes in her career. Highly intelligent, she has been years ahead of her classmates, both educationally and in her emotional development. However, she's had extremely bad luck in love, with a falling out with Piotr Rasputin, the transformation and death of her roommate, Illyana, falling for and breaking up with Pete Wisdom, and finally the death of Piotr Rasputin. On a trip to Japan, Kitty was transformed into a 'demon ninja' by the villain 'Ogun, and retained many of those abilities afterwards. She has also honed her fighting abilities under Wolverine's training. She had left the X-men for a time, when Rogue comes to visit her.

Rogue Darkholme (?): A former member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, she was raised by Raven Darkholme (Mystique) and Irene Adler (Destiny), the two leaders of that group. Raven and Irene were lovers, and raised Rogue as their own daughter. Rogue and Kitty have been close friends, Rogue even asking Kitty to come with her when she went to go help her mother, Mystique. I don't know what age Rogue was adopted by Raven and Irene, and I'm assuming she was a fairly small child at the time for story purposes only.

Nightcrawler a.k.a. Kurt Wagner: the 'fuzzy elf" of the X-Men, he has only in the past year or so discovered that he is the biological son of Mystique. He and Rogue are still getting used to the idea of being members of the same family. A Roman Catholic Priest in training, one wonders about his reaction to Kitty and Rogue's relationship.

Danger Room: the X-Men's specially built training center equipped with highly advanced holographic technology and humanoid combat drones, allowing it's users to develop their powers under different conditions with simulated foes.

The Blackbird: One of several high powered stealth transport jets used by the various X-men teams. The first one was an SR-21 Lockheed Martin Blackbird, modified by Prof. Xavier and the team. It was later replaced by a series of various custom built black aircraft created by the X-men's ally, the mutant inventor Forge.

Mystique and Destiny, a.k.a. Raven Darkholme and Irene Alder: Long time lovers (see Xtr. X-Men #1), they raised Rogue together as their own daughter. They both cared for her a great deal, and, in Mystique's case, very reluctantly let her go to the X-men when her powers went completely out of her control. Destiny was killed in a fierce battle several years ago, something that Mystique has never really gotten over.

Gambit, a.k.a. Remy Lebeau: the on and mostly off romantic interest for Rogue. A charming thief, he has kept many grave secrets from Rogue, and has been regularly pulled away from her side by his obligations as the leader of the Thieves' Guild. The greatest secret he kept from the X-men was that he was the recruiter who created the Marauders for the villainous Mr Sinister, as well as showing them the way into the Alley.

Stevie Hunter: Dance teacher and friend of Kitty Pryde, also an old friend of Prof. Xavier. Knows alot about the X-men. Sadly, she hasn't been featured in the series for a while. Her being an anime fan is something I just made up, though.

Illyana Rasputin, a.k.a. Magik: Kitty's best friend and roommate at the mansion, Kitty was extremely distressed by Illyana's transformation into a young child, and then her later death due to complications of the Legacy Virus. Illyana had powerful mystical abilities and developed a link of souls between her and Kitty, so much so that after her apparent death, Kitty began to show magical powers of her own until choosing to completely give them up. Magik has recently reappeared, separate somehow from Illyana and much more demon in her appearance and powers.

Ororo Munroe, a.k.a. Storm: Longtime leader of the X-men, she has also been a mother figure to Kitty. That changed somewhat when she went through her punk phase, but eventually they managed to patch things up between them. Storm has both led and followed through some of the most difficult periods of the X-men's turbulant history. She is someone who Kitty has always looked up to, and she greatly values her opinions.

Wolverine a.k.a. Logan: Kitty's father figure in the X-Men, her mentor in the martial arts and in some ways her sensei. Logan helped her recover from the psychic rape preformed by the ninja 'Ogun, and regain her true personality. At one point in his life, he intended to marry Mariko Yashada, but duty and responsibility seperated them.

Yukio: A former enemy and lover of Wolverine's and a self-styled 'ronin', or masterless samurai. An on and off ally of the X-Men, with a visible bond with Storm.

Heather Cameron a.k.a. Lifeguard: Her and her brother Davis were both introduced in Xtreme X-Men. Their father was a crimelord, who put them up for adoption to keep them from being pulled into his dangerous way of life. When she first appeared in the comics there was an interesting chemistry between her and Sage, something I'm following up on.

Jean Grey, aka Phoenix: the X-Men's current telepath as well as a close friend of Storm. Storm has described her as being as close to her as a sister. The idea of anything else between them is the product of my over- active imagination...

Sabertooth aka Victor Creed: one of the creations of the Weapon X project, he has pursued a vendetta against Logan for many years. Possessed of a similar healing factor to Logan he has also recently acquired adamantium laced fingernails similar to Logan's claws. At one point he, Kitty and Logan were captured by the Hand, who attempted to corrupt them into their service. The Hand temporarily exchanged a piece of each of their essence into the others, Kitty receiving his savagery while he gained Logan's sense of honor.

Stryfe: the clone of Nathan Summers aka Cable, raised in the far future by it's ruler the villain Apocalypse. He traveled into the past to destroy the X-Men, using the Mutant Liberation Front as a cover. Even death couldn't stop him, his spirit possessing Cable's body for a time, then ultimately creating a new body for himself.

Polaris, aka Lorna Dane, the mistress of magnetism. An original X-Man, she left the group along with Havok when the second generation of students arrived. But again and again events would pull her back into the battle, until she and her lover were separated by tragedy. Now she wants to find him, and will do whatever she must to accomplish this...

The Brotherhood: Stryfe's new foot soldiers, each chosen for their ability to assist with his future plans. McCoy: the Dark Beast of an alternate world, Feral: a former member of X-Force who committed a murder, Plasma: the daughter of the Living Pharaoh and his sworn enemy, Nemesis: a living engine of fiery destruction, Polaris: an X-Man fallen from grace, and finally Sakura: the assassin in Stryfe's employ.