So, first of all, I know that full chapters of author's notes are against the rules. But I'm a little neurotic and cringe at the idea of shoving this thing into the same chapter as one of the ficlets, so...yeah, I'm going to do it anyway. WHOOPS

If none of you are aware, over on tumblr there's a little thing called Shakarian Sundays. Basically, once a week, people will post fanart or fics of anything and everything Shakarian! I myself fall into the fic category - or more specifically, ficlets - but I have one problem: I suffer from chronic writers' block and eternally struggle to come up with ideas of my own.

So, that's where I ask for the help of the fandom. In your reviews, just as an aside or whatever, please give me prompts! They don't have to be in-depth; in fact, the simpler the better, as it allows me to run with my imagination. Not to worry; if I choose your prompt, I'll give you credit at the beginning of the ficlet.

Please note that I'll take whatever prompts strike my fancy at the time, not necessarily what order they come in...and I can't promise that I'll update every Sunday, because real life and all that. Or I might fill more than one prompt a week! It all depends on my mood. But hey, I really love this pairing and I want to show it, and I know there are those of you out there who really want to see things done but don't have the time to write yourselves.

I'm pretty versatile in what I write; the only thing I don't care to do is smut, but I may take a crack at even that every now and then! Just put forward a prompt and let me do the rest |D

I think that just about covers it. Please enjoy, and I wish you all many happy Shakarian Sundays to come!