Final chapter... I think. Unless the Tardis wishes to make an appearance. Perhaps an epilogue may make itself known. But for now, this is it. Hope you've enjoyed :)

Rose Tyler opened her eyes.

Shock, disbelief, hope… Agony.

Her eyes scrunched tight once more.

No more, please I can't bear it anymore. Enough.

Yet when she opened her eyes once more, she knew she'd finally lost it.

For before her very eyes was the walls of her room… On the TARDIS.

Impossible didn't begin to cover it.

She pinched herself and was rewarded with a sharp burning pain on her skin, yet the scene before her did not waver.

Well, when had that ever worked anyway?

Pulling herself to her feet, Rose glanced around the room she used to call home, before torchwood and the daleks and the cybermen and… Norway.

Before the 117 years she had spent 'living' in Pete's World.

Shaking her head to clear it of the fog of sadness that had become a familiar presence in her thoughts in the past century, she took a tentative step forwards hoping the movement wouldn't disturb her clearly wonderful delusion.

I really ought to give that imagination of mine more credit…

She had the sudden, rather ridiculous urge to laugh at the absurdity of it all. It felt so real.

Her giggle bounced around the cavernous space and she clapped her hand over her mouth.

Silence greeted her. Even the TARDIS was without her usual tingling hum as if she to was holding her breath.

Well, if this was truly her imagination, she wondered when her Doctor would make an appearance. Usually he was there waiting for her in these situations. Bit odd that really.

What if…?

No, not possible. Nope. No, no, no, absolutely not. No chance. Zilch, zip, nada.


She laughed again.

"Bad Wolf."

"Indubitably this is the 'Bad Wolf' scenario."

"The things you've seen… The darkness…The Big Bad Wolf!"

"The UN's decision, Mal Loup..."

"Bad Wolf One descending."

"And on BADWOLFTV..."

Schlechter Wolf

"Blaidd Drwg."

Bad Wolf Corporation.

"Two words, following us across the universe…"

"A message, to lead myself here… I am the Bad Wolf."

"I see something of the wolf in you… You burnt like the sun."

"Corrupted by a bad wolf virus…"

"Dårlig Ulv-Stranden, it means Bad Wolf Bay."

But that meant…

Suddenly, the song of the TARDIS filled her mind, it was like 'welcome back', I've missed you', and 'you're finally home' all rolled into one. Her heart swelled, filling her chest like a balloon.

She was here, on the TARDIS, and her Doctor was-

Standing in the doorway.

Just standing there. No 'Rose Tyler!' or 'nice to see you' or 'I've missed you' or even 'I lo-

Let's not go there again.

Suddenly feeling out of place and out of her depth, Rose gave a tentative smile. After all, she'd been gone a while. He was sure to have had other companions. Perhaps he'd moved on… Her heart constricted at the mere thought and yet he was still standing there in the doorway with that Look on his face. Whatever the Boe that particular Look was, Rose wasn't sure if it was good or bad.

"Hello Doctah. S'been a while, yeah?" He was still standing there, as if the words had to travel across the void to reach him. It was so strange to see him speechless. Perhaps more had changed than she thought.

Finally, he spoke. "Rose? Are you… I mean you're not…You're can't actually…But that's impossible." He shook his head and her heart sunk slightly.

"Someone once told me nothin's impossible, ain't that right Doctah?" She couldn't help the sad sense of irony. She finally made it back and he didn't believe it. What if didn't want to?

"But I tried! I did everything. There was nothing else! But you… You're… And I…" His hands were in his hair, which had been sticking up in so many different directions already that it no longer mattered what he did. He was the epitome of a mad scientist.

"Jus' can't seem to get rid of me?" Rose couldn't help but smile at his face, the face that had plagued her dreams for the past one hundred and seventeen years. She allowed herself to feel just how good it felt to be back in the right universe, on the TARDIS, with her Doctor.

Apparently, her smile was all the Doctor needed.

He was across the room in less than 2 strides, pulling Rose into his arms as if he were pulling her home. The hug was everything their hearts had waited for wrapped in arms and sighs.

Rose Tyler was no longer lost.