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About twelve days north of hopelessness and a few degrees south of freezing to death you'll find the village of Berk. It's where I've lived my whole life and it's an okay place. It's been here for seven generations, but every building is new.

We have fishing, hunting, and a charming view of the sun set.

The only "problems" are the pests.

You see while most places have rats or mosquitos, we have…

The smell of smoke made fourteen year old Hicca wake up in her bed just as fire started to get through her roof.

"Dragons," She said as a smile broke out on her face. She quickly got out of bed to run down stairs and left her house. What she entered was a battle field between Vikings and dragons.

Most people would leave, but almost all of Berk's villagers are Vikings. They have stubbornness issues.

My name is Hicca. Yeah weird name, but it's the name my mom wanted and it is a lot better than getting named Hiccup like your grandfather and great-grandfather.

Hicca ran through the village trying to avoid everyone as she ran to the bridge and she pretended not to hear what everyone said.

"Get inside!"

"Go away bad luck!"


That's how people see me.

Bad luck...

I get it from the mark on my hand that I was born with. It looks a lot like a dragon so a lot of people think it's a sign from the Gods that I am a person to avoid. It also doesn't help that I am always there when something really bad happens and it's not even my fault, most of the time.

Everyone blames me just because they can and I have a habit of running into trouble

Hicca ignored them and continued running, not really paying attention, until she ended up in the middle of the path while a Monstrous Nightmare breathe fire in the path.

"Hicca!" Hicca was pulled back from the fire and held in midair by the back of her leather sash "What is she…? What are you doing out? Get inside! Now!" Stoick yelled before throwing her off toward the forge.

That's Stoick the Vast, chief of our tribe. They say that when he was a baby, he popped a dragon's head clean off its shoulders

Do I believe it?

Hicca turned around and watched as Stoick threw a wagon into the air, knocking a Gronckle to the ground. She ran off to the forge before Stoick could see her still out.

I kinda have to around here.

"What have we got?" Stoick asked one of his fellow fighters and friends.

"Gronckles, Nadders, and Zipplebacks. Oh and Hoark saw a Monstrous Nightmare." Sr. Tuffnut listed off before a fire ball hit the ground. Stoick stood still as the other Vikings covered themselves with their shields.

"Any Night Furies?" Stoick asked brushing a flame off of his armor.

"None so far." Sr. Tuffnut answered.

"Good." Stoick said, but sounded like he had a bad feeling. His gut was telling him that something was going to go wrong tonight.

Meanwhile as the torches were lit Hicca ran into the forge where Gobber was working on a sword with hammer hand.

"Well nice of you to join the party! I thought you'd have been carried off!" He said as Hicca quickly ran in and stumbled as she threw her leather sash off and got on her blacksmith apron.

"O-oh tha-thanks," Hicca said lifting a heavy hammer up onto the weapons shelves "For worrying about me." she said and then got to work on sharpening some other weapons.

The meathead with attitude and interchangeable hands is Gobber. I've been his apprentice since I was little. Well, littler.

Gobber says that I was always coming in when I was younger and giving him a hand with some things. I would love to be the next blacksmith, since it's something that I'm good at, but can't really take his place after he dies for two reason.

I'm a girl and on-top of that my family is not like most people on Berk, despite what my family means to Berk. I come from a warrior family that means a lot to Berk even though I don't mean anything here, and I can kill dragons as well as I can fight, which is really bad.

Ever since I was a kid I've been the only one who has had a super crazy dream.

Most girls here dream of killing many dragons and marrying a strong man, but I want one thing more than anything in the world.

I want to ride a dragon.

A Nightmare pasted over the forge and lit some of the houses on fire.

"Come on!" Hicca looked out the window when she heard Astrid's voice.

"Hurry it up!" Snotlout yelled running over to some of the burning house with a bucket full of water.

That's Snotlout. Believe it or not we're cousins, shockingly. He's really dumb and mean, he likes to pick on me all the time because of my birthmark and because I don't act like a true Viking, something I'm a little proud of at sometimes.

"Ruffnut! Get the house on the left! I've got the right!" Astrid yelled and then ran over to a house that was on fire.

Astrid is the toughest girl in the whole village. Anything a boy can do, she can do better. She's super cool and really tough, but she's also mean. She hates being told that she isn't the best and will do anything to be the best.

"G-guys! N-Na-Nadder!" Fishlegs yelled and then ran off away to find some place to hid from the Nadder.

There's Fishlegs. He might be big and strong looking but he's a bit of a wimp but he's also the only person I can talk to. He reads the Book of Dragons all the time because he likes them and that's something I can talk to him about.

"Fishlegs! Quit being such a baby!" Ruffnut yelled as Fishlegs ran off to the barns.

That's Ruffnut. She's the female twin of the Thorsten family. She fallows Snotlout and her brother around a lot and picks on me only because Snotlout does. I don't really know much about her or her brother because I avoid them.

And then there's…

"Hey! Dragon breath!" Tuffnut yelled and threw his bucket at the Nadder. The Nadder shook its head and then dove at Tuffnut, who quickly began running away to the fields where the other Vikings were.

Tuffnut. He's Ruffnut's twin brother and he's Snotlout's best friend. He's just as annoying as his sister and mean, but there's something strange about him that makes my heart pound like a drum while twisting in a knot.

Hicca looked out the window as she watched Tuffnut run into the fields. She hated what she saw. Nadders were being roped and attacked brutally.

I can't explain what makes me hate… This. I hate fighting dragons, I hate watching them be attacked, and I hate that I was born into a world of Vikings where killing amazing creatures is the price of fame.

"Hicca," Hicca turned around to look at Gobber as he put on his axe hand "They need me out there so hold down the fort." he said.

"Okay." Hicca said and Gobber turned around.

"Stay… There, no, in here," He said and Hicca looked annoyed at him. Gobber was really the only person, aside from the elder, Hicca actually listened to. "You know what I mean." He said before making a war cry and running out into the crowd.

I will never understand why we kill dragons; all I see in them is beautiful amazing creatures.

A Nadder head is colorful and bright like a rainbow.

Gronckles aren't as pretty as Nadders, but they are very tough and they looked kind of cute.

A Zippleback is exotic. They have two heads that work together like a family. Wish I could get along with my family like that.

"They found the sheep!" A Viking told Stoick what he saw.

"Concentrate fire over the lower bank." Stoick told him then help move the catapult.

"Hurry up!" Someone yelled.

"Fire!" Another Viking yelled once they were in position.

And then there's the Monstrous Nightmare, which is an amazing dragon that can lit its body on fire. It's so cool, but everyone kills it to use it as a trophy.

"Reload!" Stoick yelled and picked up his hammer "I'll take care of this." he said looking down at the burn Monstrous Nightmare. He started bashing its head but when he heard something.

But the ultimate prize to the Vikings is the one that nobody has ever seen. We call it the…

"Night Fury!" Someone yelled.

"Get down!" Another person yelled and everyone ducked. Hicca hid underneath a table in the forge as the Night Fury hit a catapult with its fireball.

This thing never steals food, never shows itself, and never misses. No one has ever killed a Night Fury, and I want to keep it that way.

Hicca threw off her apron and grabbed her leather sash before pulling out her Bola Launcher from the backroom of the forge before leaving to catch the Night Fury.

I'll break down my plan for you. I'm going to use my Bola Launcher to capture the Night Fury and keep it safe in the forest for a while and hopefully convince it to leave Berk alone so nobody will kill it. An amazing dragon like that should live, not be killed and used as a trophy.

As Hicca ran through the crowds Tuffnut grabbed her and pulled her to the ground just before a Nightmare lit the houses behind them on fire.

"What the Hell are you doing out?" He asked yelling and Hicca glared at him as her heart started pounding like it always did when he was close by.

"N-Nothing! Get off!" Hicca yelled pushing Tuffnut off of her so she could get back up off the ground and make sure her Bola Launcher was okay. Tuffnut scoffed as he glared at Hicca.

"You know you're not supposed to be out during an attack." He said and Hicca shot a glare at him from over her shoulder as she got her Bola Launcher up on its wheel.

"Just leave me alone!" Hicca yelled and then started running off while Tuffnut growled annoyed with Hicca.

"I would if I could." Tuffnut said and then started running after Hicca.

Oh yeah… I forgot to mention something. Tuffnut as a little bit of a different job then the rest of his friends. While their main job is to put out fires and help anyone during a dragon attack, Tuffnut has to watch me whenever he's done with his main job. Don't ask me why he has to do it. Our families agreed on it and he's forced to do it, which interferes with my plans to save the dragons.

Hicca made her way to the peak thinking she had lost Tuffnut in the crowd. She opened the Bola Launcher and pointed it into the sky.

I don't what to do this, but I have no other way of getting the Night Fury without doing this.

"Mother give me strength." Hicca prayed and looked at the dragon birthmark on her hand.

I never knew my mom. She died during birth and there isn't very much of her. Gobber told me that my mom washed up on the beach with no memory of where she was from but she knew who she was. She married my dad and died when she gave birth to me and everyone blamed me and my birthmark.

My birthmark isn't bad luck. I know that it isn't because my mom had a birthmark like it. My dad told me that my mom had a dragon birthmark on her shoulder when I was little and actually believed that I was bad luck.

Now he thinks I'm bad luck and I don't.

My birthmark isn't a sign from the Gods of bad luck; it's a gift from my mom.

There was another Night Fury cry and Hicca aimed her Bola Launcher at the nearby tower. The Night Fury always hit the towers. When the tower went up in flames Hicca worked quickly. The fire gave her light to see the Night Fury.

She found it and shot.

The Bola Launcher threw her back as the large bola wrapped around the Night Fury's body. From the ground Hicca watched the Night Fury fall to the forest. Sadness filled Hicca, but was quickly filled with excitement when she realized her plan worked.

"Yes! I did! Thank Thor nobody saw that!" Hicca screamed happily jumping around and then heard a deep growl from behind her "Except you." she said as her arms fell to her sides as she looked at the Nightmare behind her, which was on fire.

Note, just cause I like dragons, doesn't mean that they like me.

Hicca's screams filled the village as she ran with the Nightmare fallowing right behind her. Stoick looked up to see Hicca leading the Nightmare to the center of the village.

"Make sure they don't escape!" Stoick yelled and then ran to go save Hicca "I thought Tuffnut was keeping an eye on her." he mumbled under his breath as he ran to the village.

Hicca ran without really thinking about what she was doing until Tuffnut grabbed her and pulled her behind the large torch just before the Nightmare breath fire at the torch.

"You are really nothing but trouble." Tuffnut said glaring down at her. She glared back up at him as he looked around the pole to see where the Nightmare looking around. Suddenly Stoick tackled its head and started punching it. The Nightmare tried to breathe fire, but it spit up lava instead.

"You're all out." Stoick said and then started punching and kicking the Nightmare until it gave up and flew away. Other dragons fallowed the Nightmare as it flew away and Stoick turned at the torch just before it broke down on itself revealing Tuffnut and Hicca behind it.

Stoick sighed and looked at the flaming torch as it rolled down the hill and through the village. It rolled over the nets holding the Nadders down and released them into the air. A few grabbed some sheep and a couple of fish.

And there's one more thing that you need to know.

"Sorry… Dad…" Hicca said and Stoick sighed annoyed with his daughter. He just shook his head and turned to Tuffnut.

"Take her home." Stoick said pushing Tuffnut over to Hicca. The two glared at each other but did what Stoick said.

"Wow I feel bad for you buddy." Snotlout said patting Tuffnut on the back as him and Hicca walked past the group. Hicca glared at her cousin while Tuffnut glared at his twin, who was laughing and teasing him about walking Hicca home.

Welcome to Berk, my living nightmare.

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