Author- Oliver T Gates AKA Ollieboii

Posted- 27 May 2012

Rated- K-T

Warning- Contains slash

Pairing- Charlie Weasley and Viktor Krum

A/N: Random pairing I know. But I just suddenly wanted to write for some unusual pairings, so there will be more of these to come.

At The World Cup

It began at the Quidditch World Cup. While watching Krum soar across the pitch Charlie became entranced by the man. His dark brown eyes never leaving the muscled form clasping the broom with an iron grip. For a second Charlie could have sworn that the Seeker's chestnut eyes flickered to meet his own before Krum rocketed forwards for the snitch.

Charlie couldn't quite remember if he'd caught it though, he was far too flustered from the momentary eye contact to care about the results.

The rest of the evening passed in a hazed blur and soon Charlie found himself curled up on his make-shift cot, with sleep coming no time soon. A walk will clear the mind, he decided.

Not bothering to even put on a shirt - a decision he would later regret – he began his stroll through the barrage of tents.

After a while he grew weary. And cold. Perhaps leaving the tent in just pyjama bottoms wasn't very intelligent.

But at that exact moment a far larger problem arose. Charlie Weasley, for the first time in his life and at the worst possible time, was lost. And he couldn't just knock on the nearest tent as it was past midnight. Also anyone who was still up was probably drunk from partying, even if they weren't Charlie couldn't guarantee they spoke English.

So he settled down at the base of a nearby tree, huddled in on himself as best he could and prepared to shiver till dawn.

When the morn arrived he found himself not suffering from frostbite at the base of a tree but tucked into a toasty bed.

He sat up while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and pushed back the warn duvet – which appeared to be furry.

"I see you're awake."

Charlie's eyes snapped up to the doorframe where the Bulgarian Seeker stood with a smirk.

"Viktor." A grin made its way onto Viktor's face at that and he slowly made his way towards the bed.

"I saw you staring at me." Charlie's eyes widened and he shivered when he saw the grin grow.

'This will be fun' Viktor thought.

2 A/N: Meh, I'm not happy with the ending, or in fact any of it but I thought I'd post it any way.

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