Hello folks! This was a random idea I had one day and was surprised to find it had never been done before. I have no idea if it's going to work but thought I would give it a go. In general it will be cannon but I will have to change some things to work with the change in class and sex of the characters.

This idea was inspired by the awesome stories of MissPixieWay and how she integrates the dialogue so well into her stories. When I grow up I want to write like her and make videos like Lilabut!

Dedicated to those two for being awesome and Bellelitteraire for her brilliant feedback on the story and late night chats.

As she stepped off the platform at Downton station, Sybil was filled with anxiety. Her stomach was bursting with excitement but also naivety; she had no idea what this journey would bring. She was about to start a new life in Ireland as a housemaid to one of their richest families and she knew she had been given a privileged opportunity. However in her heart Sybil had bigger dreams, bigger ambitions but was going to make the best of the life she'd been offered.

As she took several confident steps towards the exit she bumped suddenly into a strong torso...

"Will you watch where your...going" His tone softened as he noticed his opponents features, she was stunning. Chocolate soft tendrils appeared under her sky blue hat and dazzling cornfield blue eyes to match, he was under her spell.

"I'm so sorry sir; I apologize, if there's anything I can do..." Sybil replied, flustered and apologetic. She noticed the man was extremely handsome and wore very fine attire brushing his hand through his thick fair hair whilst he spoke.

"No worries Miss just be on your way" only a couple of minutes in this town and she'd already managed to make trouble.

As she walked away the unfamiliar Irish brogue filled her ears, making the hairs on the back of her neck rise up.

As she reached the car that had come to collect her she loaded her very small amount of luggage onto the car and allowed the chauffeur to welcome her inside. "Sybil Crawley, welcome to Downton, we won't be long, we're just waiting for one of the men of the house, he's been down in London on some business, should be here any minute now"

Great! So now she had to endure a swift introduction to the aristocratic family she was to work for. She took this opportunity to discuss the possibly more important people she would work with...the other downstairs staff. She inquired to the chauffeur what she was in for, to this he replied "they're not bad, you've got some bad eggs but in general, they're a lively lot. They're all going to the town fair tonight, you should go along, introduce yourself. Get yourself all dressed up, who knows who you'll meet..."

Great, so that's the assumption the chauffeur had already made about her, a lonely English housemaid that's come to Ireland to find a husband! "I assure you, I can have fun without a man by my side" she replied in earnest. The chauffeur looked back at Sybil whilst stepping out the car, the upstairs passenger arriving as they finished their conversation. As the chauffeur passed her door he muttered to Sybil "So Women's rights begin at home, I see" which made her giggle slightly.

She felt the car tremble slightly as the extra passenger entered through the back door; it was only when she turned around that Sybil felt her heart stop.

There was the mysterious stranger from moments earlier.

In her bewilderment she almost didn't notice his arm stretched out, a gleam in his eye and an introduction:

"Tom Branson, youngest son to Lord Branson, nice to meet you...properly"

Tom cursed himself slightly for being so informal, to the staff he should be known as Thomas, but the long journey had left him off guard and tired.

She took his hand briefly, mirroring his introduction "Sybil Crawley, housemaid" her head bowed slightly, already fitting into her role as a below stairs staff member.

It was a long silent journey to the house and the eerie hush extended the tension ever more until Sybil heard Tom break the silence with his deep Irish tone.

"I couldn't help overhearing; but it sounds as if you support women's rights"

Sybil's ears pricked up like a cat's to question if the handsome Irish Lord in the back seat was indeed talking to her. She was absorbed in her Hardy novel, too absorbed to assess who was invited to the conversation. After a breath of silence she closed her book and muttered "I suppose I do" Shock rang through her vocal chords at her confession, but she was even more shocked to hear his reply.

"...because I'm quite political, In fact, I've got some pamphlets that might interest you, about the vote" He dug his fingers deep into his bag and produced a bundle of pamphlets and passed them forwards to the new housemaid, their digits brushing ever so slightly for a moment.

Sybil rushed a thank you in her flustered state "...But please don't mention this to your father..." Sybil looked back at him; a sincere expression masked his face that became a chuckle:

"I won't, don't worry...or my grandmother, one whiff of reform and she hears the rattle of the guillotine"

Sybil felt brave and comforted by his humour "It seems rather unusual, a revolutionary aristocrat?" then cursed herself for asking her employer such a personal question, so was surprised to hear him reply with such honesty.

"Maybe, but I'm a socialist, not a revolutionary..." The chauffeur next to her chuckled with his employer, Sybil could see they had an understanding, a friendship even, like they shared the same ideals, like in a different world they would have something in common. "Yeah, and I won't always be a chauffeur!" Pratt exclaimed sarcastically. The two men's soft laughter erupted through the vehicle.

Sybil tried to involve herself back into the world of Hardy but thought to herself ...and I won't always be a housemaid.

She had dreams and ambitions that people in her position shouldn't have and annoyingly the introduction of her new employer had stirred something inside her. He was different, not what she expected, she was thrilled by him and the way he spoke to her. She had a feeling she was going to be in trouble...