AN: I don't know what to say really (aside from I don't own anybody). Raini started writing a lot of TR poetry so I guess this is me doing my part or something. Or that she got the poetry bunny bouncing and is responsible for whatever terribleness occurs, either one XD

(The haiku's are in no particular order, aside from the order I wrote them in)


Stumbling on slopes
Kurtis is less than amused
(Am laughing at you)

Look at the mutants
Really need better weapons…
Yay, Rocket Launcher!

Ragdoll is stupid
Legend deaths are even worse
Lara went kaboom!

Can fail frequently
Look at that, another death
Still a TR Nerd

Zip's shouting at you
In a van, through a headset
Shut up and listen.

Croft Manor on fire
Lara has an evil twin
Die Alister, Die!

Blond lady with wings
Is annoying, forgets that
I has a hammah.

And that's about it. Maybe I'll write some more sometime. Reviews, hugs and cookies all appreciated.